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Customs canine sniffs out gun and drugs in vehicle

Vehicle still released by DPS to consignee — a local resident

Several days ago, the canine unit for the Customs Division of the Treasury Department uncovered a firearm and drugs inside a vehicle that was imported to the territory, and manually searched inside the Customs warehouse.
Investigators from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) were contacted and a ‘change of custody’ resulted in the weapon and drugs being transferred to the DPS.

New shipping link launched between Hawai'i and Samoas

Matson Shipping will soon provide a direct shipping link between Hawai'i and the two Samoas.

At present there's no direct link from Hawaii to American Samoa and goods have to be sent via the US mainland.

Matson will officially announce the service from Hawaii to Samoa and on to American Samoa at a reception featuring former All Black rugby great Michael Jones, who is promoting the move.



Littering is a problem that ravages the planet, and affects the natural world and wildlife, as well as the human population. No community, whether on land or in the sea, is immune from its destructive and unsightly effects.
Here in American Samoa, we have numerous projects, outreach events, awareness movements and clean up days in order to keep our island beautiful. One of those events was held recently: the American Samoa National Olympic Committee’s Sport and Environment Commission’s summer Pala Lagoon cleanup, which began last Friday.

Just Asking ...


What ever happened to the federal government case against Faoa Aitofele Sunia during the time he was lieutenant governor in the Togiola Administration? Wasn’t he convicted? There was no mention of the case and his conviction in recent Samoa News stories on Faoa seeking the governor’s post. What’s the deal Samoa News?  Just asking...
Samoa News response:

Amata speaks on behalf of VET Act following passage through House

Source: Media Release, Aumua Amata's office

Washington D.C. —Congresswoman Aumua Amata and a few of her colleagues from the House Veterans Affairs Committee spoke to the press regarding the passage of H.R. 3936, the Veteran Engagement Team Act (VET Act), Wednesday afternoon in front of the United States Capitol.

Samoa Fa’afafine Assn responds to Samoa Observer

Asks for community to stop persecution of LGBTI under the guise of religious correction

PRESS RELEASE — The article by the Sunday Samoan (published and owned by the Samoa Observer newspaper) of 19th June 2016 was in our view an indecent document and publication because it not only misgendered a member of the SFA, it went beyond the acceptable code of ethics in journalism and published an image of Ms. Tuivaiki in her final repose at death.

Fono: ASG projected FY2016 deficit over $11Million

Administration predicted underspending of $4.31 million

Based on the trend of revenue collection and spending during the first six-months of fiscal year 2016, the American Samoa government’s projected deficit at the end of the fiscal year stands at over $11 million, according to an analysis by the Legislative Financial Office staff, following requests by lawmakers, who sought such information as the Fono prepares to convene on July 11 — with a top priority of the debate and review of the new fiscal year 2017 budget.

Bad blood between longliners and Lolo Admin apparent at “research sharing event”


Local businessman and owner of longline vessels, Carlos Sanchez says the current Administration considers locally based US flagged longliners, owned by American Samoans, as “foreign flagged” vessels.
On the other hand, Commerce Department official Tony Langkilde says the Large Vessels Protected Area (LVPA) in waters of American Samoa is very important to the territory for the continued development of local fishermen.

Court Report

Samoa News staff translation

An arrest warrant has been issued by the High Court against Faumoli Vaisagote after she twice failed to appear in court for a status hearing on her probation.


Bluesky continues its scholarship program — in its 2nd year

Three high school graduates, along with one graduate of the American Samoa Community College, were nominated as recipients of the 2nd Annual Bluesky “Future of American Samoa” Scholarship – and the qualified students will receive $3,500 each academic year for four years, a total of $14,000 to go toward their bachelors degrees. They must maintain the standard academic criteria each year.


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