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Video: Celebrity fish cleaning — no easy task


During Saturday’s “official inauguration” of Tri Marine International’s  Samoa Tuna Processors Inc., $70 million state-of-the art cannery plant in Atu’u and part of the ceremony included a “celebrity fish cleaning” segment which took place before the celebration got underway at 12noon.

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Amata’s Journal: State of the Union

In Washington, there are not many occasions of British-style pageantry, pomp and circumstance, however, the quadrennial Presidential Inaugural is an exception and so is the annual State of the Union address that the President delivers in the House chamber before the Members of the House and Senate.


The audience also includes the President’s cabinet, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the diplomatic corps. Each Member of the House receives one ticket for a guest to be seated in the balcony. I took my daughter Kirsten.


Senators acknowledge widespread drug problem in territory

Call for mandatory drug tests of police, Customs and Immigration

Sen. Mauga Tasi Asuega described the culprit(s) who targeted police officers in two separate shootings late last year, as “cowards”, and he also joined a handful of senators calling for drug testing of police officers, as well as others considered law enforcement officers in American Samoa.

Baby Mel is now home


Baby Melchizedek (Mel) Soli was finally discharged and allowed to go home last week. This is after the infant was hospitalized for a total of 51 days, intubated about five times, underwent four surgeries, flat-lined once, had about three central lines put in at different times, endured a five-hour plane ride, and poked countless times, not including an estimated 6-8 insertions of the NG tube (feeding tube through his nose).

Completion of airport road project delayed


The long awaited Airport Road Project, which was set to be fully completed by mid-January 2015 will not be ready until the end of February or early March.
The delay is due to the recent heavy rains.

Fono News


Manu’a faipule, Toeina Autele has asked House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale to look into the law that prohibits dark tinted windows for vehicles. This issue was brought up during the House regular session last week when Toeina pointed out that he came across an animal that was stuck by a vehicle, and he was unable to see who was driving the vehicle because the vehicle’s windows were tinted.

Community Briefs


If everything goes as planned, traffic patrol vehicles for the Dept. of Public Safety will be equipped with laptops, to be used for collecting important data that will play a crucial role in the compiling of traffic records.
Femi Bajamo, a contractor from Ledgelight Technologies is on island to tie up some loose ends and get everything going.

Church ministers' “alofas” will be taxed says ASG


The Department of Treasury will be taxing the church minister’s salaries or “alofas,” said ASG Tax Office Manager, Richard Jimmerson in an interview with Samoa News over the weekend. He told Samoa News that church ministers are considered “self employed” and they need to pay their dues and taxes to the American Samoa Government.

Tri-Marine CEO warns of competition from EU

“Celebrity Fish Cleaning” segment adds focus on skilled work force

While the canned tuna industry is already faced with the low price of fish affecting the cost of canned tuna products — and stiff competition from low wage countries — the local industry is facing a new threat that Tri Marine International chief executive officer Renato Curto says will “create for us a new power competitor” — referring to the European Union (EU).

Update: 17-year-old Vailoa girl drowns in Sogi


A 17-year-old girl from Vailoa drowned after she and her two friends were swept into the ocean when they were struck with a wave in Sogi, say police officers, who are currently conducting further investigation in this matter.
There are conflicting stories as to the account of what occurred. According to reports from authorities, police received a call last Friday afternoon from a family member informing police that his sister and two friends who were taking photos on the rocks fell into the ocean when they were struck by a wave.

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