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STP cannery’s full operation eagerly awaited


Tri Marine International is awaiting additional equipment to arrive from the U.S. before its Samoa Tuna Process (STP) Inc., cannery operations go into full mode, while local residents who have applied for jobs are eager to see the cannery start increasing staff.
Additionally, bus owners and operators are looking forward to the time when the cannery has three shifts so they, too, will get extra business for charters transporting workers to and from the cannery.

Court Report


A young man made his initial appearance in the District Court on Monday on charges of public peace disturbance and third degree assault, both misdemeanors and each count is punishable with up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

Community Briefs


Chief Election Officer Tuaolo Manaia Fruean says that tomorrow, March 5, at 4:30 p.m. is the last day to request an outside absentee ballot for the March 20 special election for registered voters of District #6, Sua #2.

Acting governor Lemanu signs key bills for charter bank into law


American Samoa can move forward with the establishment of a government owned charter bank, as well as setting up the Office of Financial Institutions (OFI), now that Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga has signed into law the administration bills, which were approved last month by the Fono.
Lemanu, who is currently the acting governor, also signed into law, legislation which amends current laws dealing with the sale of bonds by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority (ASEDA).

Changes in Corporate sponsorship of foreigners signed into law


Corporate sponsorship was intended to foster local investment such as in the tuna processing industry, but over the years it has changed, with foreign nationals now owning small businesses in the territory instead of American Samoans, said Acting Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga, as he signed into law on Mar. 2, an administration bill which amends current immigration laws when it comes to local companies sponsoring foreigners to work here.

Nepotism claims surround LBJ hiring practices

These hirings “create morale issues” says CEO

Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Taufete’e John Faumuina has confirmed that he is looking into the hiring process which brought the LBJ Board Chairman’s son to work for the hospital, to see “if that position was, in fact advertised internally and publicly.”
The CEO told Samoa News when he came on board there were a lot of complaints, and among those was the hiring of Mase Akapo’s son to the Procurement Division of the hospital.

Changes in Customs fees raises ire in biz community


Two memos issued last month, February, by the Chief of Customs Moetulu’i S. Fuiava to all Customs Supervisors are causing anger in the business community, as the memos raise the cost of doing business in the territory by changing the way the Customs Inspection fees are charged to businesses, and in the case of loose cargo, charging an inspection fee to shipping companies that will be passed on to their customers.

Man from Samoa first sex offender ordered to register with SORNA


Tele’a Vaifale of LeAuva’a, Samoa who admitted to sexual assault and sexual abuse against a 14-year-old girl, was sentenced to serve eight years in jail, and is the first man ordered to register with the territory’s newly established Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

Fuel prices begin to creep back up

MAP is seeing an increase

The new maximum allowable price (MAP) or wholesale price, for all petroleum products sold in American Samoa is seeing an increase — including for gasoline, according to data released by the Office of Petroleum Management, which releases the MAP on the 1st and 16th of every month.
Local motorists have enjoyed a drop in gas prices since the beginning of the year, but the new MP — effective Mar. 1 — shows an increase of just over 25 cents for gasoline, according to OPM data, which shows the new MAP for gasoline is a little over $2.56 per gallon.

Complaints voiced about high entrance fee for Flag Day fautasi race


Last Friday, fautasi captains and village representatives gathered at the Office of Samoan Affairs for a meeting to discuss the upcoming Flag Day 2015 fautasi regatta.
There, OSA officials were asked to reduce the proposed $1,000 entry fee, with captains and village officials pointing out that thousands of dollars already go into building the long boats and maintaining them, in addition to other expenditures related to preparations for the Flag Day race.

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