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DoH: LBJ Emergency Room packed with flu cases

American Samoa is experiencing an outbreak of flu cases which has prompted the Department of Health to issue health warnings.

The LBJ Hospital's Emergency Room has been filled with patients with symptoms of the flu after two weeks of wet weather.

The Director of Health, Motusa Tuileama Nua, said those affected should avoid contact with others and practice good hygiene such as regularly washing hands.

The Director said if people's symptoms didn't go away after three days or if conditions worsened patients should seek medical attention at any health center or the hospital.

FEMA pre-deployed early response team to the territory


As Hurricane Amos was slowly heading toward American Samoa late last week, the federal government and the American Red Cross pre-deployed some 50 officials to the territory, which is located far from Hawai’i and the US mainland, in the event the storm became catastrophic.

Seeking to improve transition to civilian life for Veterans

Source: Media Release, Aumua Amata's office

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Aumua Amata and the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) conducted a legislative hearing on several bills that have been brought before the committee.

Court Report

Samoa News staff translation

A man in his 30s is facing three felony counts in connection with the alleged rape and sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl, and information received by Samoa News states that the defendant is the victim’s uncle.
Because the victim and the defendant are relatives, Samoa News is withholding the identity of the accused, who remains at the Territorial Correctional Facility not yet able to post the $20,000 bail.

American Red Cross had 50 volunteers ready to deploy to the territory if Amos hit


The American Red Cross had some 50 volunteers ready for deployment to American Samoa in the event that Hurricane Amos, which was forecast to bring winds of up to 100mph, became serious for the territory, according to a Red Cross official.
A three-member Red Cross team was deployed ahead of the storm and arrived last Friday night along with a 34-member US Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) team and their federal partners.  (See separate story in today’s edition).


The long awaited comedy/drama will be in theatre for 6 days only

The Samoan based comedy/drama, “3 Wise Cousins” will finally show tonight at the Regal Nu’uuli Twin Cinema – the first release of the long awaited movie in American Samoa. Its film script is delivered in English & Samoan with a focus on Pacific humor to deliver its uplifting message to all movie goers.


See video
See video

USDOJ petitions feds to dismiss LVPA lawsuit


The US Justice Department has asked the federal court in Honolulu to dismiss with prejudice the Territory of American Samoa’s lawsuit, which seeks to overturn a ruling made in February this year by the US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) that reduces the Large Vessel Protected Area (LVPA) from 50 miles to 12 miles in the waters of American Samoa.
(A dismissal “with prejudice” would mean the plaintiff — in this case, ASG — would be barred from bringing action on the same claim again.)

Celebrating UN Int'l Jazz Day — Samoan style


Music as a force for good — what a concept. Yet, given its ability to bring people together in unique forms of cooperation and understanding, Bob Marley’s words may ring true — he said that if we let it, music could heal the world.
The iconic American jazz musician Herbie Hancock concurred. He said, “Music has throughout the ages proved to be a powerful vehicle for communication.”

Bluesky will turn down its 2G network on May 2, 2016

Customers asked to check on phone compatibility
Source: Media Release, Bluesky Communications

Bluesky announced on April 18, their network improvement project that will involve retiring older equipment to replace with upgraded equipment. The impact of the upgrade is that some Bluesky mobile customers, whose phones are only compatible with the older network, may find their phones do not work after May 2, 2016.
Currently, Bluesky operates both a 2G (2nd Generation or older technology) and 3G (3rd generation or newer technology) network. Bluesky confirms that most of their customers are already using their 3G network.

Court Report

Samoa News staff translation

A man who allegedly used a butcher’s knife to attack another man at the Fagatogo Market Place entered a not guilty plea in High Court yesterday. His pre trial conference is set for June 10.
Pouena Malo is charged with one count of first degree assault — a Class A felony punishable by life imprisonment, or less than 10 years and not more than 30 years in jail, and unlawful use of a weapon, a Class D felony punishable by a prison term of not more than 5 years, a fine of $5,000, or both.

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