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Special kids Healthy Athletes program

Lions Club, Boy Scouts, DOH, LBJ, FFAS, and Athletic Assoc. all lend a hand

It’s all about teamwork. On Monday, August 18, several community groups joined forces to help our Special Athletes, who are looking forward to the Special Olympics World Games scheduled to be held in Los Angeles next summer. From July 25- August 8, 2015, our athletes will join their fellow hopefuls from around the world on the University of Southern California and UCLA campuses to test their mettle, and show the world their strength.

Lawmakers postpone hearings following budget confusion

Seek further explanations from Medicaid and Admin. Services

The Department of Administrative Services as well as the Medicaid Office, which is under the Governor’s office, will both appear before lawmakers again, after lawmakers motioned for postponement because they are seeking additional information to clarify some issues in the two agencies’ respective budgets.

TAOA budget hearing reveals Fono objections to cooked meal program


Several lawmakers, for the first time, have voiced directly to the head of the Territorial Administration on Aging (TAOA) Tifimalae Ale, their objections to the use of cooked meals replacing the food vouchers for senior citizens, despite the director explaining that cooked meals are a requirement by the federal grantor, which provides just over $1 million for this program.

Fono adds one more member to Retirement Fund board: Aloma Aumua Langford


The Fono has officially confirmed a fifth member of the ASG Employees Retirement Fund board of trustees, while two nominees, who have been confirmed by the Senate, are awaiting a House decision, which is expected today.
Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga had nominated three more board members: Aloma E. Aumua-Langford; ASG Treasurer Ueligitone P. Tonumaipe’a; and Fanene Morris Scanlan, who stepped down from the board early this year.

Independent audit of 2013 financials shows shrinking deficit, but lack of oversight


Following an audit of the government’s financial statements for fiscal year 2013, independent auditors Moss Adams has reported a deficit of $4.80million, a decrease from the $8.4million deficit at the beginning of FY2013.
According to the report, which was released in June, the overrun for the American Samoa Government, came up to $10.43 million with the Department of Education’s overrun the highest — at $979,210.

Marine Sanctuary opens DIVE display


The National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa has a new exhibit inside the Tauese P.F. Sunia Ocean Center in Utulei. Called “DIVE American Samoa”, the exhibit is meant “to inspire people to explore the underwater world of our islands, and more specifically, the units within the National Marine Sanctuary,” said LT Charlene Felkley, Marine Operations Coordinator for the NMSAS.

Hokule’a voyagers make port in Pago harbor today


The long awaited Hokule’a voyage will arrive in the territory today and an elaborate — but traditional — welcoming ceremony will be carried out at the Suigaula ole Atuvasa Beach Park in Utulei.
The traditional vessel, Hokule’a, is being accompanied by the Hikianalia, a floating laboratory powered by solar panels.

Gov. comes down hard on abuse of gov’t-funded travel

He and Lt. Gov will personally review every TA from now on

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has put his foot down concerning government travel, telling his cabinet last week that government employees who travel on government funds must file expense reports and give their mileage to the government’s airline mileage program if they want any of their future travel authorizations to be approved.

Court frees four Indonesian men detained at TCF

Judge signs writ saying they were improperly detained

Department of Public Safety Commissioner, William Haleck dismissed allegations that the four Indonesians were being held as prisoners. Instead, he said, “They were staying in one of the offices here at the jail.” In response to Samoa News queries, Haleck stated that the four men were released Tuesday afternoon following an order from the High Court to their sponsors.

Fono News


House members offered differing views on an administration bill which seeks to amend provisions of local election law. If passed by the Fono and signed by the governor, the bill will be effective in this year’s Nov. 4 general election.

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