Biz Beat: Book your next trip with Oceania Travel and Tours


Since February 1994, Oceania Travel and Tours has been helping people from all walks of life with their travel arrangements. Whether it is a quick hop over to independent Samoa, a group malaga to the US mainland, New Zealand, or Australia, or a vacation to the Orient - Oceania Travel & Tours has done it all.

Biz Beat: Auto Nation offering quality products at unbeatable prices


For the widest selection of genuine, aftermarket and used automotive parts, look no further than Auto Nation, located in Nuuuli across from the movie theatre.
For ten years, Auto Nation has been offering quality items at such low prices, that they have become a household name.

Biz Beat: Cool down and get hydrated with purified water from Island Breeze


If you want to stay healthy and quench your thirst at the same time, call the folks at Island Breeze and get bottles of purified water delivered to your home or office.
For a decade now, company owners Pete and Erika Galea’i have been supplying purified water for hundreds of local residents, government offices, and businesses in the private sector.

Biz Beat: CG Electronics has all the electronic items you want and need


Looking for an affordable laptop, smartphone, desktop computer or a HDTV? Then head over to see Cris Florido at CG Electronics, Accessories & Internet Cafe, located in Tafuna behind Cost-U-Less.
Since 2012, CG Electronics has been offering high tech items at prices that everyone can afford. It’s no wonder the company had to move to a bigger building.

Biz Beat: Salon Sophia offers super savings for White Sunday


White Sunday is two weeks away and it’s definitely a time when every parent wants their child to stand out and be the star of the show.
So along with that new white outfit and shoes, why not top it off with a new hairdo?
From now until White Sunday, Salon Sophia in Nuuuli is offering 10% off all chemical treatments, including color (highlights and low-lights), curly perms, thermal “Japanese” straightening, and relaxers.
For the boys, all haircuts are priced at a low $8.00

Biz Beat: MacDow offering concrete and sealing supplies for every job


Since 1990, McConnell Dowell— known to many as just MacDow—has been serving the territory and people of American Samoa, delivering quality service that is evident almost everywhere on island.
The company is currently working on the long awaited Airport Road Project that is slated to be completed by the mid-January 2015 deadline.

Cool Stuff: Goal Zero USB Fan

Goal Zero only hits home runs.  They are my go to guys on a daily basis. Last week’s East Oahu power outage was no different.
The Devine Mrs Cool Stuff, as usual was at 2% on her iPhone.  So I whipped out the Goal Zero Guide Plus 10, plugged her phone in, and walked out the door to shoot an apparent electrical power box explosion, or car crash, or boulder knocking out stuff.... who knew...it was a big noIse and no more power.  

Polynesian Tattoo Factory sets standard for award-winning body art


If you’re looking to get inked up by a world class, award winning tattoo artist, head over to $2 Beach in Avaio and set an appointment with Suluape Riccy Boy Lamositele Novera Jr., owner of the world famous Polynesian Tattoo Factory in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Whether it’s a tauvae, taulima, sleeve, or even a traditional tatau or malu, Suluape Riccy can do it all.

Biz Beat: “Here’s to Your Health!”

Tutuila’s newest restaurant—“Herbn’ Juice” points the way

A landmark book first published in 1965 by Henry G. Bieler, M.D. had a title which made history—if only because it flew in the face of conventional wisdom at the time. He called it “Food Is Your Best Medicine”. The book went on to become an international best seller many times over, and is considered a pioneering classic in the field of nutrition.

Cool Stuff: Steel Flex — Safety & Comfort

In our islands we usually compromise. Often we have the tala but nobody has the stuff in our size, in our style, or it just doesn't meet our rugged requirements.
Steel Flex allows us to retrofit any shoe to one featuring puncture protection and great comfort at only $30 (http://workingperson.com/steel-flex-unisex-puncture-resistant-insoles.html). Work boots, sport shoes, dress shoes... any kine shoe.

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