17th Steinlager I'a Lapo'a Game Fishing Tournament

all photos: Tony Gasu
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Cool Stuff: SSAB

Love my turquoise microwave NZ cup I bought in Savaii from SSAB. So much so, I had planned to run a Cool Stuff column about it after my Jason Scott Lee aka Bruce Lee column was run.
SSAB has incredible variety, very fair prices and extremely kind workers.  I only wish I could arrive from Savaii or Tutuila in time to visit their superstore (always get there late, nose to the window, tala burning in my pocket)

Cool Stuff: Coolio deals in Singapore

Jess superbly represents the hard work ethics and friendliness of the residents of Singapore.  An environmental engineer by training, Jess does her tech job skillfully and shares her pride in all things Singaporean.
My Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket needed a new sim card receptacle, that my Hawaii techs weren't comfortable with soldering... Jess to the rescue, for $35 Singapore dollars, saved my phone with a shiny new part.

Cool Stuff: While in Singapore enjoy some “Laksa”

With all the heaps of Samoa News per diem, food & travel tala showered on me... I am required to spend it. Little did the big bosses know we would be squandering that siliva on Coolio treats.
Laksa is the soup base made up of coconut milk, chili, dried shrimp and herbs in which seafood like prawns, fish, cookies, and noodles of your choice are added.  
Purists love their Laksa in a clay pot.

Cool Stuff: Japadog Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is almost an opposite hemisphere clone of Auckland, New Zealand... pub culture, pub food, and a 30% greater US dollar value. What sets Vancouver apart from Auckland... is an addiction to Ice Hockey, Curling (I'll explain later) and tasty Japadogs.

Cool Stuff: Brussels & Us

The Samoa News' owners have just increased Cool Stuff's generous pay package to “combat pay”. Covering the next phase of Manu Samoa's comeback, Cool Stuff will be traveling through Hawai’i, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, with a possible day trip to Muslim Malaysia (Cool Stuff's plan to further an understanding of the oft forgotten peaceful Muslims). We are all aware the World is on high alert.


Source: Media Release

Peseta UTA — The Afalava Family of Aoloau will not only perform this Thursday during an Easter Concert, they now belong to a group of local musicians and artists who are honored as guest artists for Dancing Fingers Production, a piano-studio-turned-music ministry envisioned by Poe Mageo.
“Besides teaching music, one of my goals is to pay tribute and recognize the amazing contribution of local musicians,” said Mageo.

Cool Stuff: Moana, RLS, & Princess

Under the old Banyan Tree at the Moana Surfrider Hotel, Waikiki, our own Robert Louis Stevenson (RLS), used to talk story and learn from the young Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani. 
Any good connection to Samoa we adopt, anything junk, we assign to their other place (which is why ASG guys call me an LA Boy, while Coolios refer to me as that ta'a Savaiian). RLS has plenty of other places... his home in Scotland, a residence I visited in Monterrey, California, Waikiki's Moana Surfrider and of course Vailima, Upolu, Samoa.

Cool Stuff: AmSam Center of Presidential Universe

Cool Stuff has patiently waited for input from American Samoa's Congresswoman regarding the bizarre Republican race for their party's nominee. We received a clarification request, promptly answered of course, but no input from Amata (a highly knowledgeable participant in Republican affairs even before taking office.)

Cool Stuff: Pago does Costco

Cool Stuff feels like a proud uncle as Tri Marine/STP's free school caught skipjack is in a Costco store near your cousin's house (not yours) all over the 50 states.
Several months ago I got to shoot the inner sanctum of STP, as the product was first being unloaded, butchered, cleaned, canned, labeled and packaged. The only image released to date was my shot of a butchery shop worker in Bloomberg's "Business Week."

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