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The USA reached their first Cup quarter-final of the 2013/14 HSBC Sevens World Series at the end of an enthralling day of action at the 2014 Tokyo Sevens where sixth placed Samoa, who will lose points on the leaders in the Series standings having dropped to the Bowl, will face the hosts Japan while Portugal awaits Scotland, Wales meets Spain and Argentina plays France.

Cool Stuff: ESEE Recovery Bag for smart travel

Nobody travels as smart as we in the islands.   But now with airline weight limits down from 70lbs to 50lbs, and fees for everything including luggage going up, up, up...thanks to our friends from Randall Adventure Training (ESEE) we will again beat our insufferable increasing costs.  Drum roll please....welcome to the ESEE Recovery Bag...the do everything, magic bag.

Cool Stuff: Winter Games; Booq Adventure

The Winter Games, the Olympics every night in Samoa... your kids want to go snowboarding on the next trip to see relatives in California or Utah. You'll pass on snowboarding, but have volunteered to shoot their crazy enthusiasm while your wife schleps around blankets and Koko Samoa. Y

Cool Stuff: Black Fire Clamplights

At amazingly affordable prices, the entire line of Black Fire's Clamplights are great for home, car, boat and disaster prep due to their superior quality and intelligent design. The Territory's local hardware stores may already stock them on island as they are easily found at Home Depot and Lowe's. Amazon’s lists my favorite Clamplights between $17-$37 street price.

Cool Stuff: Mufi for Gov

According to a recent Star Advertiser Poll, Mufi Hannemann still has a loyal following, while the current Gov. Abercrombie is losing his. Lesser known candidate, Hawai’i Senator David Ige has announced his candidacy, but it is an uphill battle for this under funded relative unknown. http://www.staradvertiser.com/newspremium/20140217__Abercrombies_rivals_close_in.html?id=245798681


We islanders are the most resilient Peoples in the World. Approximately every four years we get hit by a major natural environmental disaster, but we go on. It’s expected, it’s part of the give and take of our bountiful Pacific Ocean, of our blue skies, of our islands' birth in volcanic origins. And, Wise Company is a great bridge to get us back on track, faster and better, and much, much more... Wise doesn't even realize how much more.

Cool Stuff: Coldpruf — Islander Travel Must

Last year in Las Vegas at an outdoor trade show demonstration it was 24 degrees, with icy winds creating a near zero chill factor. I kept wanting to buy Coldpruf bottoms, but Vailima and those $9 juicy Vegas Prime Rib dinners kept Coldpruf a second priority. No more after last year. It was so cold that my pant legs stung the back of my legs with every step.

Cool Stuff: Goal Zero, Lighthouse 250, Nomad 7

Goal Zero is a very special company. Within hours of storm damage in the Philippines, the management was inquiring ways to ship gratis product to help Filipino victims in Tacloban. Here in Hawaii, we were Relief Central, due to our large proud Filipino Community and our well prepared military.

Cool Stuff: Snugpak Poncho & Jungle Bag

We photojournalists always have too much to carry, yet have to perform in the worst possible conditions. Half the time we don't know what the weather will be, or if we even have a place to stay. Snugpak is a dream come true for my work challenges, the island adventure travelers, or all of us that live in the islands where every month a melodrama pops up if we are not prepared.
My wife's hand painted coconut is a good size-reference. The Snugpak Jungle Bag ($75.65) is clearly around the size of a coconut, but opens up to over 7' long, 5' wide.


Everybody in our family won and so will you.
After checking into the Palace Hotel and Casino our family was on a roll.  My wife won $500 on the slots, my son won glitzy serious hardware as the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl Offensive MVP ("Outperformer"), and I got to eat that huge T-bone steak, eggs and hash browns anytime I wanted (and a coupon at check-in for a free dessert to boot).

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