Cool Stuff: Halfachance, Redemption, Junglas

Buddy, pal, and extraordinary knife designer Ken Onion will be ecstatic to see the image of my Halfachance CRKT knife he designed sorta beat up, worn, and chipped. If you know Ken, he doesn't intentionally design things to end up being collectors items or museum pieces, which they inevitably do become. He wants his knives to help you to make a difference, to save a life (possibly your own), to give you a shelter, or firewood in a pinch... but could Ken ever envision making you a better gardner?


Taiwan's roads are good, the people are happy; food is high quality as well as a real low priced value.  Taiwan is a proud nation that honors family, its military, and its unique ethnicity of Taiwanese and Chinese heritage — with some of the older folks still fluent in Japanese.

Cool Stuff Quick Hit: United’s Friendly Lounge

A $50 fee gets you into the United Airlines San Francisco Club Lounge for Cheerios, bagels, yogurt, fruit, granola, Latte, cappuccino, soda, juices. No hot food, no showers (yet Houston United has), but it is definitely a quiet, safe environment.
It’s noon, whoopee, more goodies. Now we have yogurt raisins, pretzel mix, cheese & crackers, oatmeal raisin cookies, fresh baby carrots with buttermilk ranch dressing.


Bluesky celebrates 15 years of service

On July 10, 1999, Governor Tauese Sunia placed the first phone call from Bluesky’s cellular network and the Champagne was uncorked as American Samoa entered the digital age of wireless communications.

Cool Stuff: JBL Micro Wireless

Akihabara, Japan; Kowloon's Night Market, Hong Kong, and Inchon International Airport, Korea are my hunting grounds for mini bluetooth speakers on my usual one free day after covering Manu & Talavalu at the Japan or HK 7's rugby. It’s been my good fortune to find a few good mini bluetooths in Hong Kong. But as Dorothy said when she clicked her ruby slippers together, “There's Cool Stuff near home” —which is where I found my sweet JBL Micro Wireless.

The tragic state of the Mt. Alava Tramway or cable car

I had been to the island several times, but I had not been a tour guide to some family members from California who had not experienced the many sites on the island of Tutuila. We toured the East and the West, as far as the historic village of Leone to the mystical village of Vaitogi, and to the east where the scenic village of Vatia and equally photogenic village of Aoa, seemed to encompass the overall beautiful Polynesian place call American Samoa.

Cool Stuff: TMO Sevens is a signature event

The American Samoa Marist TMO Sevens is a wonderful event that was growing and was beginning to take on its own special identity. It’s an international regional sevens that acts as a springboard for future IRB International Sevens players, and provides a level of competition for those who are excellent, but just don't make the higher level cut.

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