Biz Beat: TSM, everyday prices that won’t break the bank


Time to stock up and save on frozen goods from TSM Mart in Tafuna, known as “ the Powerhouse” store to many local residents.
Located next to ASPA’s Tafuna offices, TSM offers fresh fruits, vegetables, and a whole lot of different items from the US mainland.

Cool Stuff: Samoan sized Solo Stove

Our friend Jeff at Solo Stove listened to you Samoan Coolios that asked for a family Samoan sized efficient bio-fuel stove... yessiree... burn the cuttings from your Silky Boy saw, choppings from your Ken Onion CRKT Halfachance, your ESEE 6, ESEE Junglas, ESEE Laser, ESEE Camplore, or the classic Woodman's Pal.  


The new Solo Stove Campfire will be the ultimate sing around the campfire unit for fun at the beach, or a tafao up to the maomaga.


Biz Beat: Paradise Inc. has everything for last minute White Sunday shoppers


Right now, all White Sunday items at Paradise Inc. in Nuuuli have been slashed 10% and that means more money in your pocket to buy other things and pay some bills.
For the little girls, Paradise has in stock right now, beautiful white dresses, elegant headpieces, sparkling hairpins and barrettes, gloves, shoes, stockings, and even tiaras - perfect for your little princess.

Biz Beat: KS Mart is your one-stop-shop for White Sunday


If there is one store on island where you can find everything from clothes, shoes, and fabric to household cleaning items, frozen food, and fresh baked goods —it would be KS Mart in Ili’ili.
White Sunday is just around the corner and KS Mart has available right now a large selection of shirts and ‘ie lavalavas for the boys, as well as ready-made puletasi ensembles for the girls, and priced way cheaper than having to buy the fabric and getting it sewn yourself.

Transit Motel offers convenience, affordability and service


Travelers planning to visit independent Samoa for a mini vacation, or to check out the newly opened Whitesands Casino, can save money and enjoy comfortable accommodations at the nearby Transit Motel, which is conveniently located only several yards away from the Whitesands doorstep, one minute from the inter-island wharf, and three minutes to Faleolo Airport.

Award winning Samoan chef at Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s


Chef Kit Foe is a success story that needs to be told, as he definitely proves that “dreams do come true”. Born into modest means in Tuana’i, Samoa, Chef Kit has used his love of Samoa and passion for food to experience the world and cook for global leaders and celebrities.
Chef Kit is the executive chef at Sheraton Samoa — Aggie Grey’s Resort, and his menu can only add to a Pasefika stay in Samoa — which promotes itself as ‘a paradise on earth’.

Biz Beat: The Orator Hotel — a jewel in the South Pacific


Tourism is a multi-million-dollar global industry and in independent Samoa, it couldn’t be more true. Nestled in the south Pacific Ocean with tropical temperatures year-round, Samoa has become the destination of choice for travelers from Australia, New Zealand, the Orient, and  places around the world.

Biz Beat: Lose weight and get healthy with Liquid Nitro


Check out the beverage section in one of your favorite local stores and you’re sure to see a display of Liquid Nitro, the energy drink that has taken the territory by storm.
It was about three years ago that Howard Helg and the incorporators of Plaza Department Stores introduced the fruity-tasting herb-based energy drink to the territory and since then, Liquid Nitro has developed a following that includes people of all ages.

Cool Stuff: Nanuk cases, an evolution of protection

Our island life and travels require greater attention to detail than most locales.  We know it will always rain, it will always be extremely sunny, we will always be in or around the ocean, relatives will sit on our stuff, and of course you have definitely seen an occasional uncaring baggage handler toss your precious luggage around while watching helplessly through an airline window. Nanuk, a Canadian line of Plasticase Inc, Quebec, has come to the rescue, anticipating all our needs, and innovating with upcoming future refinements.

Biz Beat: Everything’s on sale at Best Buy in Nuuuli


If you’re building a new house or repairing an existing one, visit the folks at Best Buy in Nuuuli where everything is currently on sale.
With the prices for food and gas to building supplies going up, rest easy knowing that you can walk away from your big project with some money left over in your wallet, thanks to huge discounts and savings currently at Best Buy.

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