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Whitehorn contests move to end Airport Road contract… 2 Faipule want report and inquiry into LBJ reorganization… 3 Crash kills Texas A&M lineman, Utah recruit and teen B1
Mose Papali’i of the ASCC Associated Students for Faasamoa presents WorldTeach instructor Christopher Jackson with a ceremonial cup during an ava ceremony to conclude a special course in conversational Samoan offered by the ASCC Samoan Studies Institute. Read story inside. [Photo: J. Kneubuhl]
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Sauni se tina e molimau fa’asaga i lona to’alua… 10
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
Law to criminalize Human Trafficking submitted… again
FBI agents arrive to probe 1602 Program
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
The Lolo and Lemanu Administration is submitting legislation to outlaw Human Trafficking and Involuntary Servitude in the territory, as outlined in a letter sent to Fono leaders last week, from Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga. “While slavery and involuntary servitude are unconstitutional under the Revised Constitution of American Samoa, we have never adopted a law that criminalizes such conduct,” he wrote. “For too long this has been an issue in American Samoa. It’s been 15 years since the Daewoosa Garment Factory opened its doors, ultimately leading to American Samoa making international headlines as a result of what was then the largest trafficking prosecution in United States history,” said Governor Lolo. The Daewoosa Samoa garment factory case, which came to light in 2001, was the first time many local residents became aware of human trafficking in the territory, described by the U.S. Government as mostly underground operations, making it difficult to determine the actual number of known victims. The Daewoosa garment factory, which operated in the territory from 1998 to 2001 enslaved over 200 immigrant workers recruited from China and Vietnam, who were forced to labor without pay under what proved to be inhumane conditions. For several years now, local law enforcement officials, supported by the U.S. Justice Department, have been calling for American Samoa to enact a human trafficking law, due to the lack of one in the territory. Several bills were introduced in the Fono over the years to criminalize human trafficking, but none were enacted as the measures failed to make it out of committee. One attempt to enact such a law was in 2010 and was cited in the 2011 Human Trafficking Report by the U.S. State Department released last summer, with the latest proposal to criminalize human trafficking introduced in March, 2013 and co-sponsored by several House Representatives, but that bill did not make it out of the Judicial Committee. According to the governor’s letter, Daewoosa’s owner was tried, convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison for the atrocities he committed, yet the issue persists. “Recent news reports evidence human trafficking on Tutuila and in the Manu’a Islands,” wrote Lolo. “Our Department of Homeland Security is investigating Human Trafficking allegations as this letter is being written. It is time we gave our law enforcement authorities the weapons they need to combat this insidious business and by not criminalizing human trafficking, we can be seen by some as condoning it,” said Lolo in his letter. According to a government official, this bill differs from legislation previously introduced that didn’t make it out of committee. It contains provisions for the protection of victims from their traffickers and their associates, which was missing in previous measures, as well as a provision that calls for the local government to provide financial support and counseling to victims. Included,
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Remember the 1602 Program, the lowincome housing grants administered by the Development Bank of American Samoa? A factfinding mission into the program is why agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are in the territory, arriving on Monday night’s flight, says Special Agent Tom Simon, a spokesman for the Bureau in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Agent Simon told Samoa News the agents are here to ensure that alleged misuse of federal funds in American Samoa will be fully investigated. “There are currently a few federal agents in American Samoa speaking to community members we view as potential witnesses in our cases, including our investigation of low-income housing grants commonly known as the 1602 Program. This is simply a fact-finding mission.” Samoa News understands that the agents are on island looking into four 1602 projects under the names of a former Director, an ASPA official and two members of the current Legislature. The former Director received from the 1602 program a total of $1,081,680, the ASPA offi-
cial received $106,250 and a member of the Senate received $457,781 while the House member received $189,210. Samoa News understands the agents are looking into possible misappropriation of the money. Samoa News further understands that there are a total of eight FBI agents on island, some of whom who are involved in the 1602 investigation while others are here for unspecified purposes. In addition, Samoa News understands the agents planned to serve the officials in question with subpoenas regarding documents needed for their investigation. Simon told Samoa News that although the FBI office was closed in the territory, they have promised not to abandon the relationship. “A year ago when we announced the closing of the FBI’s American Samoa office, we promised that the FBI would not be abandoning the island’s residents.” “This week’s visit by Honolulu-based agents underscores our commitment to ensuring that alleged misuse of federal funds on American Samoa will be fully investigated.”
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Women in leadership: All the female Directors of the Lolo and Lemanu Administration during the Manu’a Session Day in Ta’u, Manu’a earlier this month posed for a Samoa News photo. L-R are Budget Director, Catherine Dora Aigamaua-Saelua; DMWR Director Dr. Ruth Matagi; DOE Director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau; DPW Director Faleosina Voight and [photo: JL] Port Director, Dr. Claire Tuia Poumele.  
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samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013
OPM: Gasoline goes up eleven cents per gallon tomorrow…
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
American Samoa will be faced with another increase in petroleum products sold in the territory when the new maximum allowable price goes into effect tomorrow, Aug. 1. Data released by the Office of Petroleum Management shows gasoline with the highest hike of 11 cents per gallon, putting the new MAP for gasoline at $3.77 per gallon, which could bring our average retail price to $4.20. The average retail price of gasoline in American Samoa sat at $4.09 per gallon, during July, says OPM that also states that retail prices for the west coast of California average at $3.95 per gallon, while average for Hawai’i is around $4.29 per gallon. Average for Fiji is at US$5.38; Samoa at US$5.08 and Tonga at US $6.39. OPM says price calculations for Tonga and Samoa are done once a month, Fiji is done quarterly while American Samoa is calculated on the first and 16th of every month. For jet fuel and kerosene, the new MAP has an increase of 7 cents per gallon, according to OPM data. For diesel products — road diesel is $3.89 per gallon; boilers/generators (used by the Tafuna Power plant) at $3.57 per gallon; commercial fishing vessel diesel is at $3.42 per gallon and other marine diesel at $3.70 — an overall increase of six cents.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 6.0105 of the Revised Code of American Samoa that a claim of succession which has been filed with the Territorial Registrar’s office for the registration of the Matai Title FAIAIPA’U of the village of ONENOA by VA’AALUTASI F. LELE’A of the village of ONENOA, county of VAIFANUA, EASTERN District. THE TERRITORIAL REGISTRAR is satisfied that the claim, petition by the family and certificate of the village chiefs are in proper form. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone so desiring must file his counterclaim, or objection to the registration of this matai title with the Territorial Registrar Office before the expiration of 60 days from the date of posting. If no counterclaim, nor any objection is filed by the expiration of said 60 days, the matai title FAIAIPA’U shall be registered in the name of VA’AALUTASI F. LELE’A in accordance with the laws of American Samoa. POSTED: JULY 29, 2013 thru SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 SIGNED: Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar O le fa’aaliga lenei ua faasalalauina e tusa ma le Maga 6.0105 o le tusi tulafono a Amerika Samoa, e pei ona suia, ona o le talosaga ua faaulufaleina mai i le Ofisa o le Resitara o Amerika Samoa, mo le fia faamauina o le suafa matai o FAIAIPA’U o le nu’u o ONENOA e VA’AALUTASI F. LELE’A o ONENOA faalupega o VAIFANUA, falelima i SASA’E. Ua taliaina e le Resitara lea talosaga, faatasi ma le talosaga a le aiga faapea ma le tusi faamaonia mai matai o lea nu’u, ma ua i ai nei i teuga pepa a lea ofisa. A i ai se tasi e faafinagaloina, ia faaulufaleina sana talosaga tete’e, po o sana faalavelave tusitusia i le Ofisa o Resitara i totonu o aso e 60 mai le aso na faalauiloa ai lenei fa’aaliga. Afai o lea leai se talosaga tete’e, po’o se faalavelave foi e faaulufaleina mai i aso e 60 e pei ona taua i luga, o lea faamauina loa lea suafa matai i le igoa o VA’AALUTASI F. LELE’A e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tulafono a Amerika Samoa. 07/31 & 08/31/13
Notice for Proposed Registration of Matai Title
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
Whitehorn contests ASG move to terminate Airport Road contract
According to OPM there is a hike of 8 cents per gallon for the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), which is used for 11 generators at the American Samoa Power Authority’s temporary power generation system in Satala, and the ULSD road diesel used by DOE school buses. As to the reason for the increase, Petroleum Office Sione Kava pointed out that crude oil remains high at over $100 a barrel. He explained that it is only when this price falls lower than $80 a barrel that “we can enjoy a significant drop in our prices, and that has not been the case this year.” Other reasons for the price increase: * pressures and worries about the increasing risk to the supply chain caused by the political turmoil in Egypt. Additionally, 40% of all crude passes by the Suez Canal. * down-time for refineries. * increased demand from developed countries such as the US as we approach the summer driving season. Moreover, unusually hot weather is increasing the demand for air-conditioning, etc. And while residents complain about prices, Kava points out they are lower than other Pacific countries. He notes Am. Samoa’s retail for diesel fuel is $4.21/gallon, compared to US$4.93 in Fiji; US$5.19 in Samoa and US$6.50 in Tonga. The average retail price for diesel in Hawai’i is $4.67, while California is at $4.10.
Fa’aaliga o le Fia Fa’amauina o se Suafa Matai
Government officials have confirmed with Samoa News that Whitehorn Construction is contesting the move by the government to terminate their contract after they failed to submit a new bond. Several ASG officials, none of whom wished to be named, confirmed they have been recipients of a letter from the Whitehorn Company through the company’s attorney, Sharron Rancourt. Emails sent to Rancourt were not answered as of press time. However, in response to a Samoa News email to Loran Whitehorn, one of the owners of the construction company, he noted they were corresponding and cooperating with the government. “Crystal and I are currently off-island, returning on Monday, August 5. WCI corresponds and cooperates with the respective ASG departments regarding the Airport Rd project. WCI does not have a comment at this time.” (Crystal is Loran’s wife and co-owner of WCI) One government official said the letter from Whitehorn indicated that although there was a bond issue, clearly the work is underway and Whitehorn should be allowed to continue its work on the Airport Road.
The move to terminate the contract came after the government found out the bond issued was fake or bogus, after being contacted by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies that the agent or broker though which the construction company posted their bond — in the amount of more than $399,000 — does not work for Chubb, according to a government source, who wished to remain anonymous as he was not authorized to speak on the matter. As reported earlier, Governor’s Legal Counsel Steven Watson told Samoa News they are conferring with Federal Highways to ensure their concurrence with the recommendation to terminate the Whitehorn contract.  Watson also noted earlier that in the “event the default is not cured, the contract will be terminated.” He further stated that some amount of work has clearly been performed, and multiple progress payments have already been made. “After termination, should that occur, the parties will then negotiate a final settlement. The outcome of the negotiation will determine what amounts of money may be owed by either party to the other.” Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
Faipule call for detailed report and inquiry into “reorganization” at LBJ
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Page 3
Chairman of the House Hospital Committee, Maugaoali’i Leapai Sipa Anoa’i is addressing concerns raised by House members last week over the abolishment of top hospital positions by requesting from the LBJ Hospital CEO Joseph Davis-Fleming a detailed report on the recent reorganization and restructuring of the LBJ Medical Center, in a letter sent on Monday. The Fagatogo faipule pointed out in his letter that much has been said and documented about the recent release of top positions at the LBJ Medical Center, and it is certainly a concern that was raised in the Fono. “It is the position of the respective law makers and the Fono that an inquiry into this matter should be conducted.” “However, what I surmise to be their [Fono] primary concern [is] the haste by which the changes were made and the lack of input afforded to all levels of operation for the new make up of the Hospital Authority.” The faipule further pointed out that lawmakers appreciate the CEO’s efforts and that of the Hospital Board in addressing some of the problems of employee accountability and the restructuring of staff and manpower. “Please also understand that it is the Fono’s intent to work with you and the Board to try and resolve problems that continue to beseech the LBJ Medical Center. However, the release of these employees I find this extremely disconcerting, as some of these employees have dedicated their entire career serving the LBJ Medical Center. Having them reapply and prove their eligibility is not only offensive, it is inequitable.” As reported in Monday’s edition, the hospital CEO told Samoa News the hospital Board has suspended the initial process to eliminate the hospital’s top positions which are: Chief Operating Officer/Vice President of Professional Services, Director/President of Nursing, Vice President/Human Resources Director, Quality Insurance Director, Vice President of Plant Services/ Chief Engineer, and Director of Care Services. Samoa News understands that last Friday, the board told Fleming to “suspend” his initial move to terminate the positions. (See full story in Monday’s edition) Maugaoalii also pointed out in his letter that in order to properly respond to his colleagues and the many questions and complaints received, he’s requesting the CEO provide the following information: 1) the reason behind the restructuring of positions; 2) the reasons for the change in top positions; 3) the salaries that these positions were paid; 4) and the standards and process, including position descriptions, for the new position/titles. “I am quite sure that you can appreciate the position of the Fono and the public concerns that were raised regarding this matter. Your prompt response to this request is greatly appreciated.” Last week, Representative Pulelei’ite Tufele Li’amatua Jr during the regular House session appealed to the hospital committee that— given the seriousness of the issue at the hospital — the Fono should look into it. The faipule pointed out the position held by Sa Mavaega (Vice President of Plant Services/Chief Engineer) is literally the backbone of the hospital in carrying out the maintenance work and other critical areas of the hospital. Among his responsibilities, Mavaega was also overseeing the Emergency Medical Services. Pulelei’ite noted that a hearing should be held on this matter given its seriousness. Speaker of the House, Savali Talavou Ale, responded by saying that the matter should rest with the hospital board, and lawmakers should allow the hospital board to carry out their duties. He suggested that maybe, at the time of the budget hearings, the hospital officials could be questioned on this matter. In the meantime, allow the board to carry out their duties, said the Speaker. SANDRA KING YOUNG In other hospital news, Chairperson of the hospital board, Sandra King Young informed Samoa News that she is still LBJ Board Chair — until this Thursday. Her comments come after being questioned by many people asking if she has stepped down. Young in an email answered this question by saying, “When I have called a special meeting for me to officially step down, present my exit report and transition to the new interim chair whoever that may be.” “Velega was confirmed as a member of the Board to replace my seat, but not the chairmanship,” she stated. “The chairmanship will be elected by the board at a future date when the remainder of the board are all confirmed.” Velega was confirmed in the Senate as a board member last week Friday. Samoa News reported at the time that King would step down once Velega was confirmed to take over as head of the Medicaid Office, which is under the Governor’s Office. Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
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Letter to the Editor
samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Dear Editor,
The US Department of Education is working to end Northern Marianas College’s Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and prevent American Samoa Community College from establishing a similar program by denying Pell grants to students at the upper two year level.  The feds’ argument?  Being accredited by two different organizations--probably a failsafe against flakey private schools.  But the two schools are BOTH operating under the umbrella of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the Junior Commission for associate degrees, and the Senior Commission for baccalaureate degrees. My late mother, Ann Swett, worked for ASCC for 25 years, and I worked for Northern Marianas College for 16.  Both institutions are important contributors to the development and future of the youth of the two U.S. island communities.  While their academic standards should be held to high standards by accreditors, their ability to function should NOT be subject to arbitrary administrative rules concerning low income tuition assistance by the US DOE Contact Congressman Faleomavaega and show YOUR support for the development of higher education in the territory. Philip Swett
Teens suspected in shootings got ride from state trooper
ASCC Samoan Studies Institute (SSI) instructor Tamari Cheung (front row, third left) is seen here with ten teachers from WorldTeach who last week concluded an introductory course in conversational Samoan offered by the SSI. Also pictured is WorldTeach Head Teacher Isaac [Photo: J. Kneubuhl] Bradshaw, on Mrs. Cheung’s right.
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Two teenagers charged in a pair of fatal shootings were given a ride to the scene of another nonfatal shooting by an Ohio state trooper who did not pat them down or check them for warrants after he found them walking along a highway ramp, authorities said. The young men, ages 17 and 18, were charged Tuesday with the death of a teenager whose body was found last week on a sidewalk in Columbus, not far from the convenience store when they are accused of having killed a clerk a day earlier. They are also being questioned in the non-fatal shooting Saturday at a truck stop west of Columbus where the trooper dropped them off. Sgt. Jeffrey Shane, a 29-year-member of the State Patrol, has been placed on administrative desk duty during an internal investigation to determine whether he violated any policies, patrol Lt. Anne Ralston has said. The suspects — Nathaniel Brunner, 18, of Columbus, and a 17-year-old, also from Columbus — were arrested Saturday in Dayton on warrants charging them with murder in the slaying of store clerk Imran Ashgar on Wednesday night. They were charged Tuesday with murder in the slaying of Lamont Frazier, 17, Columbus police said. Police said Frazier’s body was found early Thursday on a sidewalk in Columbus, a few hours after Ashgar was slain. Court records don’t show an attorney for Brunner, whose bail in the Ashgar case was set Tuesday at $1.5 million. It was not immediately clear whether prosecutors would seek to charge the 17-year-old as an adult. The teens had been walking Saturday along a ramp at Route 42 and Interstate 70, the patrol has said. Patrol log information released Tuesday notes Shane was with an abandoned car on the interstate about 2:06 a.m. and out with the suspects on the ramp about 2:12 a.m., dropping them off at the nearby truck stop a few minutes afterward. Authorities have said that the motorist at the truck stop was shot a little over two hours later. The abandoned car appears to be the vehicle the suspects had been driving, Ralston confirmed Tuesday. Normal procedure calls for troopers to pat down anyone being given a courtesy ride in a patrol car and check their names for any outstanding warrants, but it appears that didn’t happen, Ralston has said.
By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer
ASCC-SSI assists new World Teach instructors
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The Samoan Studies Institute (SSI) at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) recently concluded a two-week introductory course in Samoan language and culture for ten instructors from the organization WorldTeach, who will spend the next two semesters teaching in the Territory’s public schools. The SSI welcomed Math teachers Chelsia Bates, Saul Castaneda, and Christopher Jackson; Science teachers Alexandria Haserodt, Chaundra Graham, Stephanie Pirshaffey, and Alexandra Savinkina; and English teachers Caroline LaFauci, Matthew Hoffman, and Jaclyn Rakers with a two week immersion in conversational Samoan and local customs to help them get oriented to their new home for the next school year. The course, co-taught by Tamari Cheung and Nunuimalo Apisaloma Toleafoa of the SSI, introduced the Samoan language from a functional angle, with sections focusing on greetings, commands and objects as well as a continued emphasis on vocabulary building and proper contextual usage. “This is the third year WorldTeach has requested our introductory course,” said SSI Director Okenaisa Fauolo-Manila, “and I see it as a community service and consistent with our mission to prepare students to be knowledgeable and skillful in the Samoan culture. In this case the students just happen to be adult instructors from off-island, but if our course will help make their time here more comfortable and effective, then we’re happy to help them as they in turn offer their expertise to our public school students.” The ten WorldTeach instructors will fill positions at various public schools on Tutuila and Manu’a. Overseeing their activities will be Head Teacher Isaac Bradshaw, who plans to teach part time at Leone High School in addition to attending to administrative duties for WorldTeach. “We always looked forward to the language and cultural sessions offered from SSI,” he said. “It’s important for us to fully participate in the fa’asamoa as we live out our year working with the students in our schools.” Reflecting on the challenges of familiarizing the teachers with a new language, coinstructor Cheung praised their openness and enthusiasm. “You can’t fast forward learning that takes most people years to grasp,” she said, “so my only expectation was that after the course they would be better Samoan speakers than when they arrived with no knowledge of
the language. They’ve proven their willingness to learn, and just immersing themselves within their local communities will give them many opportunities to use what we taught them and to develop further.” The introductory course concluded this past Friday with the special presentation of an ava ceremony performed by members of the Student Association for Faasamoa (SAFF), an ASCC cultural group who work in tandem with the SSI to promote Samoan culture, knowledge and values. Under the guidance of Nunuimalo, the SAFF students treated the WorldTech instructors as honored guests as they demonstrated the proper protocol for the greetings, speeches, serving of the ava, and presentation of gifts that mark the ceremony. For Nunuimalo, his contribution to the introductory course and its conclusion in the sharing ava ceremony also marked the occasion of his last major activity with ASCC before he moves on to begin his studies for joining the priesthood. “I’ve enjoyed my many years at ASCC, first with Upward Bound and then as part of the SSI,” he said, “and while I will miss serving students, I look forward with real joy to continuing to serve our people through the ministry.” WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by a group of Harvard students in 1986 in response to the need for educational assistance in developing countries. It also addressed a growing interest among people in the U.S. and elsewhere to serve, teach and learn as volunteers overseas. Since its inception, WorldTeach has placed thousands of volunteer educators in communities throughout Asia, Latin American, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. WorldTeach offers the benefits of a wellestablished volunteer organization, while also providing more comprehensive, personalized support and training of a small NGO.  In each of its programs, volunteers are placed in schools and host communities in countries that specifically request WorldTeach volunteers and would otherwise be unable to afford or locate qualified teachers.  Volunteers receive training, language preparation, and field support, empowering them to make an impact that will last long after they leave. WorldTeach is an independent NGO registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The WorldTeach program here in the Territory is funded by the American Samoa Department of Education.
Student left in DEA cell to get $4 million from US government
SAN DIEGO (AP) — A 25-year old college student has reached a $4.1 million settlement with the federal government after he was abandoned in a windowless Drug Enforcement Administration cell for more than four days without food or water, his attorneys said Tuesday. The DEA introduced national detention standards as a result of the ordeal involving Daniel Chong, including daily inspections and a requirement for cameras in cells, said Julia Yoo, one of his lawyers. Chong said he drank his own urine to stay alive, hallucinated that agents were trying to poison him with gases through the vents, and tried to carve a farewell message to his mother in his arm. It remained unclear how the situation occurred, and no one has been disciplined, said Eugene Iredale, another attorney for Chong. The Justice Department’s inspector general is investigating. “It sounded like it was an accident — a really, really bad, horrible accident,” Chong said. Chong was taken into custody during a drug raid and placed in the cell in April 2012 by a San Diego police officer authorized to perform DEA work on a task force. The officer told Chong he would not be charged and said, “Hang tight, we’ll come get you in a minute,” Iredale said. The door to the 5-by-10-foot cell did not reopen for 4 1/2 days. Justice Department spokeswoman Allison Price confirmed the settlement was reached for $4.1 million but declined to answer other questions. The DEA didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Detective Gary Hassen, a San Diego police spokesman, referred questions to the DEA. Since attorney fees are capped at 20 percent of damages and the settlement payment is tax-free, Chong will collect at least $3.2 million, Iredale said. Chong, now an economics student at the University of California, San Diego, said he planned to buy his parents a house. Chong was a 23-year-old engineering student when he was at a friend’s house where the DEA found 18,000 ecstasy pills, other drugs and weapons. Iredale acknowledged Chong was there to consume marijuana. Chong and eight other people were taken into custody, but authorities decided against pursing charges against him after questioning. Chong said he began to hallucinate on the third day in the cell. He urinated on a metal bench so he could have something to drink. He also stacked a blanket, his pants and shoes on a bench and tried to reach an overhead fire sprinkler, futilely swatting at it with his cuffed hands to set it off. Chong said he accepted the possibility of death. He bit into his eyeglasses to break them and used a shard of glass to try to carve “Sorry Mom” onto his arm so he could leave something for her. He only managed to finish an “S.” Chong said he slid a shoelace under the door and screamed to get attention before five or six people found him covered in his feces in the cell at the DEA’s San Diego headquarters. “All I wanted was my sanity,” Chong said. “I wasn’t making any sense.” Chong was hospitalized for five days for dehydration, kidney failure, cramps and a perforated esophagus. He lost 15 pounds. The DEA issued a rare public apology at the time. U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, the Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican, on Tuesday renewed his call for the DEA to explain the incident. “How did this incident happen? Has there been any disciplinary action against the responsible employees? And has the agency taken major steps to prevent an incident like this from happening again?” he said.
samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Page 5
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Project Notification & Review System
PNRS BOARD MEETING August 07, 2013
Notice is hereby given that the Department of Commerce/American Samoa Coastal Management Program has received a Land Use Permit Application from the following individuals. 1. Department of Education c/o Joe Pereira....................................13-2115-L Federal Consistency Certification; and new construction with utilities (electric & water) Leone 2. Department of Public Safety c/o William Haleck.........................13-2107-L Federal Consistency Certification; and amendment to include parking lot - Leone 3. D& H K ruseI nc.c /oD onaldK ruse..........................................13-2007-LVB Proposal for construction of a new commercial structure (80’x 60’) with utilities (electric & water) and sewer line - Tafuna 4. DonaldK ruse......................................................................13-2044-LVB Proposal for a new extension to existing commercial structure (30’x 35’) - Pava’ia’i 5. VaisiganoN aea...................................................................13-1567-L Proposal for construction of a retaining wall and repair existing residential structure PagoP ago 6. Va’aF uimaono....................................................................13-2108-L Proposal for construction of a dry litter piggery - Leone 7. Vineta Sa...........................................................................13-2132-L Proposal for construction of a dry litter piggery - Vatia 8. KerisianoO fagalilo...............................................................13-2131-L Proposal for construction of a dry litter piggery - Leone 9. JoeF aiai...........................................................................13-2130-L Proposal for construction of a dry litter piggery - Se’etaga 10. SiakisoneL iu......................................................................13-2119-L Proposal for construction of a dry litter piggery - Vaitogi 11. MelitaM uasau....................................................................13-2118-L Proposal for construction of a dry litter piggery - ‘Ili’ili Persons interested in or affected by a proposed project, are invited to review the project file and provide comments based on environmental issues, by contacting Aokusotino Mao at 6335155, at the Department of Commerce in Utulei during regular ASG working hours. Public comments must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 06, 2013. Interested individuals are also invited to attend a Public Hearing at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, August 07, 2013 at DOC Conference Room, on the 2nd Floor of the Executive Office Building in Utulei. O lo’o iai i le Ofisa o Fefaatauaiga ni talosaga mo Pemita e Fa’atagaina ai le Fa’aaogaina o Fanua ma Laueleele e tusa ma ala o le Tulafono. A iai se tasi e fa’asea pe fia tusia se molimau i ni afaina o le si’osi’omaga pe a galueaina nei galuega, telefoni mai ia Aokusotino Mao i le 6335155. E mafai fo’i ona e auai i le fono a le Komiti Fa’afoe ia Aokuso 07, 2013, ile itula e 9 i le taeao.
Legal Notice
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Oasis for Fine Dining…
samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013
TELEPHONE @ 699-6231
Firefighters walk through an area of exploded propane cylinders in the aftermath of an explosion and fire at a propane gas company, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, in Tavares, Fla. Eight people were injured, with at least three in critical condition. John Herrell of the Lake County Sheriff ’s Office said early Tuesday there were no fatalities despite massive blasts that (AP Photo/John Raoux) ripped through the Blue Rhino propane plant late Monday night.
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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 6.0105 of the Revised Code of American Samoa that a claim of succession which has been filed with the Territorial Registrar’s office for the registration of the Matai Title LEASAU of the village of TA’U by SAMUELU TUITOELAU of the village of TA’U, county of TA’U, MANU’A District. THE TERRITORIAL REGISTRAR is satisfied that the claim, petition by the family and certificate of the village chiefs are in proper form. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone so desiring must file his counterclaim, or objection to the registration of this matai title with the Territorial Registrar Office before the expiration of 60 days from the date of posting. If no counterclaim, nor any objection is filed by the expiration of said 60 days, the matai title LEASAU shall be registered in the name of SAMUELU TUITOELAU in accordance with the laws of American Samoa. POSTED: JULY 26, 2013 thru SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 SIGNED: Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar O le fa’aaliga lenei ua faasalalauina e tusa ma le Maga 6.0105 o le tusi tulafono a Amerika Samoa, e pei ona suia, ona o le talosaga ua faaulufaleina mai i le Ofisa o le Resitara o Amerika Samoa, mo le fia faamauina o le suafa matai o LEASAU o le nu’u o TA’U e SAMUELU TUITOELAU o TA’U faalupega o TA’U, falelima i MANU’A. Ua taliaina e le Resitara lea talosaga, faatasi ma le talosaga a le aiga faapea ma le tusi faamaonia mai matai o lea nu’u, ma ua i ai nei i teuga pepa a lea ofisa. A i ai se tasi e faafinagaloina, ia faaulufaleina sana talosaga tete’e, po o sana faalavelave tusitusia i le Ofisa o Resitara i totonu o aso e 60 mai le aso na faalauiloa ai lenei fa’aaliga. Afai o lea leai se talosaga tete’e, po’o se faalavelave foi e faaulufaleina mai i aso e 60 e pei ona taua i luga, o lea faamauina loa lea suafa matai i le igoa o SAMUELU TUITOELAU e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tulafono a Amerika Samoa. 07/31 & 08/31/13
Notice for Proposed Registration of Matai Title
Fa’aaliga o le Fia Fa’amauina o se Suafa Matai
• Shiatsu
Facial SPA
$45 for 60 minutes
Phone no: 699-4936
• Reflexology
• Oil Massage
Location: Beside Brenda’s Photoshop in Nuuuli Business Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
2013- 2014 SY Registration Fee- $85.00 Private & secure campus located at the FSFGPCI Headquarters In Ottoville. Ph. 699 8350 peteliacademy@gmail.com
School start August 12, 2013
Bradley Manning faces up to 136 years in prison FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning could spend the rest of his life in prison after a military judge found him guilty of espionage, theft and other charges for sending reams of classified material to WikiLeaks. Army Col. Denise Lind acquitted Manning on Tuesday of the most serious charge he faced, aiding the enemy, which carried a possible penalty of up to life in prison. However, he still could face up to 136 years in prison after being convicted of the other charges. Manning was convicted of 19 charges in all. Lind deliberated for about 16 hours over three days before reaching her decision in a case that drew worldwide attention. Supporters hailed Manning as a whistleblower, while prosecutors called him an anarchist and a traitor. Woman trapped for 18 hours after Pa. car crash LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) — A south-central Pennsylvania man is being lauded as a hero for helping rescue a teenager trapped for 18 hours in her overturned sport utility vehicle. Authorities in Lancaster County say 49-yearold Brad Shearer helped save the life of 18-yearold Brooke Spence, whose SUV flipped over late Saturday in West Hempfield Township. Police say the injured Spence was trapped in the SUV in underbrush by a creek until Shearer noticed the vehicle while getting ready to grill on his deck Sunday evening. The Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era reports that he saw something glinting in the underbrush and went to check it out. He found Spence calm and conscious, and had his wife call 911. Spence had lost her cellphone in the accident and was unable to call for help. She was in serious condition at a hospital Monday. Police say her parents had been away on vacation. Lamppost kills NJ infant in freak bus accident WEST NEW YORK, N.J. (AP) — An outof-control bus struck a lamppost Tuesday, sending the pole crashing onto a baby stroller and killing the 8-month-old girl inside, authorities said. The infant’s mother was not injured, the Jersey Journal reported. Officer Michael Stetson told the newspaper the mother was crying hysterically when he arrived, and that he administered CPR to the bloodied infant. Police said they did not know what caused the bus to go out of control.
The vehicle was operated by Sphinx Transportation, which provides shuttle service between New Jersey and New York City, just across the Hudson River from West New York. A woman who answered the telephone at the Sphinx offices in Ridgefield told The Associated Press the company had no idea what caused the accident, and that the driver had been hospitalized. The woman declined to be identified. A witness told the newspaper the bus dropped off passengers then went out of control, striking the lamppost, hitting a tree and another lamppost and then ramming into a parked car. Tropical Storm Gil swirls in Pacific MIAMI (AP) — Forecasters say Tropical Storm Gil is getting better organized in the Pacific, far off the southern tip of California. The National Hurricane Center in Miami says maximum sustained winds late Tuesday are at 45 mph (72 kph). The center is about 845 miles (1360 kilometers) south-southwest of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, south of California. It could become a hurricane by Thursday. There are no coastal warnings or watches. It’s moving at 15 mph (24 kph) and is expected to head farther out to sea on its current west-northwest track. Meanwhile, what was once Tropical Storm Flossie’s Hawaiian adventure was short, scattered and left little damage behind. It was expected to exit Hawaii on Tuesday as a weakened version of the storm that prompted school and court closures and an emergency declaration by the governor. NJ detective faces 1st-degree murder in case of road rage ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A New Jersey police detective has been indicted on a firstdegree murder charge in the shooting of another driver in a case of road rage in Maryland. An Anne Arundel County grand jury returned the indictment Friday against 40-yearold Joseph Walker of Mount Holly. Walker works for the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. He had been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter immediately after the June 8 fatal shooting of Joseph Harvey Jr. of Millersville. Authorities say Walker’s minivan cut off a car driven by Harvey. Harvey’s passenger told police that Walker pointed a gun at them. The drivers got out on a ramp, and the passenger says he heard shots. Harvey died at a hospital. Walker’s lawyer said a few days afterward that Harvey initiated the fight and threatened Walker’s family.
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2013 - 2014
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Manumalo Baptist Academy
P.O. Box 2070, Malaeimi, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Phone (684) 699-9512 ~ Fax: (684) 699-7113 Email: manumaloschool@yahoo.com Over 30 Years of Academic Excellence
Students Learning Outcome By graduation, Manumalo students will be…
Academic Achievers who meet or exceed U.S. national standards in all core
Thinkers who understand and articulate different perspectives Critical through analysis of information. learners who master learning skills in listening, reading, Independent writing and managing time and resources efficiently. subject area including all standardized tests.
citizens who practice responsible citizenship by contributing Productive time, energy, and talents to their school and community.
 Highly qualified & well motivated teaching faculty  Quality Christian Education  Spacious, Clean & Safe Campus  Limited Classroom Size  Daycare, Kindergarten through 8th grade
School Starts August 5, 2013
Texan gets another wrong water bill topping $66,000 DALLAS (AP) — A Dallas man says he’s shocked to have been swamped with a nearly $67,000 erroneous water bill a few months after a similar computer error. Tom Hoffman says he is looking forward to getting a new bill after the latest mistake that Dallas officials blame on a bad water meter. WFAA-TV reported Monday that Hoffman canceled his auto-payment system earlier this year after getting a water bill for more than $66,000. Hoffman’s financial accounts were frozen before the error was fixed. Now it’s happened again. City of Dallas spokesman Frank Librio says the stuck meter has been replaced and accurate billing will follow. Librio also apologized for the error and the inconvenience to Hoffman. Court: Grant’s dad can sue officer who killed his son SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court says Oscar Grant’s father can sue the Northern California transit officer who shot and killed his son on a train platform. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected former officer Johannes Mehserle’s claim that he was acting in his official capacity when he killed the younger Grant during a 2009 New Year’s Day melee captured on video by several bystanders. Violent demonstrations ensued after the videos showing the white officer shooting the unarmed black man were viewed by millions online. The appeals court said it’s up to a jury to determine whether Mehserle was justified in shooting Grant in the back as he lay face down on the train platform. Mehserle served 11 months in prison after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The appeals court’s decision affirmed a lower court ruling.
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Weiner in new New York campaign ad: I won’t quit NEW YORK (AP) — New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner has released a new campaign video saying he won’t quit the race. The 1 minute video was posted on his campaign’s website Tuesday evening. Speaking directly into the camera, the former congressman addresses politicians and newspaper editors who have said he should quit. He says they don’t know New York or him and that quitting isn’t what New Yorkers do, they “fight through tough things.” Last week, Weiner acknowledged exchanging sexually explicit messages online after similar behavior spurred his resignation from Congress in 2011. He says in the video that when “embarrassing” things in a person’s private life become public, the person should talk about it. A new poll released Monday found Weiner’s support fell from 26 percent last week to 16 percent. Honduras declares emergency after dengue fever kills 16 TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Honduras’ government has declared a state of emergency due to a dengue fever outbreak that has killed 16 people and sickened 12,000. Health Minister Salvador Pineda says Tuesday’s decree means the government is making it a priority to prevent and control the disease and fight the mosquitoes that spread it. Pineda says more than half of Honduras’ municipalities have registered dengue fever cases. Authorities say two Hondurans died last year from the disease and there were no deaths registered in 2011. But the country’s worst dengue fever outbreak in recent years was in 2010, when 83 people died and more than 66,000 had the illness. Dengue causes high fever, joint pains and nausea. In severe cases, it can lead to internal bleeding, liver enlargement, circulatory shutdown and death.
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McConnell Dowell continues to push for the completion of the 3-R (restoration, resurfacing, rehabilitation) project aimed at addressing road problems in 12 different sites across the territory. The $7.1 million contract for the project has resulted in the Kiwi-based company hiring numerous local residents as road workers or subcontractors. Pictured here are three who are currently working on the eastern district road projects which include the stretch from [photo by B. Chen] Laulii Fou to Vatia, and Faga’itua to Alofau.
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Sauni se tina e molimau fa’asaga i lona to’alua
tusia Ausage Fausia
O se va’aiga i fanau talavou o le Siteki a Pago Malaeimi, o le ekalesia a Iesu Keriso o le Au Paia o Aso e Gata ai, a’o fai le latou Zumba, o se tasi o vaega o le latou polokalama (Youth Conference) lea ua amataina a’o sauni atu ai mo le toe amataina o aoga i le masina fou. O nei polokalama o [ata foa’i] le a mafai ona u’unaia ai tulaga o aoaoga faalemafaufau, faaletino ma le faaleagaga.
Sauni se alo o le atunuu e ulufale atu i le Wentworth Military Academy
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost Mai le aumalaga a Kolisi ma Iunivesite mai Amerika e fia sailia ni a latou tamaiti a’oga mai Amerika Samoa, i lenei tu’uaga o a’oga, ua maua ai le avanoa o Puakalani Tiara Sione e amata a’oga ai i Wentworth Military Academy ia Aokuso 8, 2013. O le ali’i o Bob Harmon, o le sui peresetene o le Admissions Dept. i Wentworth Military Academy sa ia mua’i fa’ailoa ane ia Puakalani lea avanoa i le toe po o le latou fa’atasiga ma le fanau i le Sadies by the Sea a’o le’i tu’ua e lea aumalaga o tatou laufanua. “Sa ou fiafia tele, peita’i, sa ou fa’atali lava se’i mautinoa lava mea uma, ona fa’ato’a maua lea o se avanoa fa’apenei e fa’ao’o atu ai se fa’afetai, ma fa’alauiloa ai lea fo’i avanoa lelei ua maua e lo’u sui fa’atauva’a, ona o nei galuega lelei e tima’ia e nisi o sui iloga o le tatou malo, ina ia maua e i matou le fanau se avanoa e a’otau ai i Kolisi ma Iunivesite i fafo.” O se tala lea a le tama’ita’i ua fa’amanuiaina i le avanoa i lea a’oga fa’amiliteri ta’uta’ua i Missouri. O lona avanoa lelei lenei ua maua, ua ia fa’afetaia ai lona lea avanoa sa galue ai mo le Measina Club, “Aua o i’ina sa maua ai la’u feso’ota’iga ma Bob Harmon.” O Puakalani o se tama’ita’i na fa’au’u mai le a’oga maualuga a Fagaitua i le tausaga 2010, ma ulufale ai i le tatou Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi e fa’aauau ana a’oa’oga. O lea fo’i la ua maua lenei avanoa mo Wentworth ae toeitiiti lava mae’a lana kosi sa tau’avea. O i ai fo’i ma se vaega e totogia i le Financial Aid, ae ua mama atoa le avega i matua. “O se fiafiaga atoa lea mo a’u, ona ua ou maua se avanoa fa’apenei e mafai ai ona ou tu to’atasi ma taumafai e totogia la’u a’oga e a’u lava ia, pau le mea e sili ona ou mo’omia o fa’amanuiaga mai o’u matua, Samu Sione ma Fa’atulia Levi - Sione o Masefau, si o’u tama matua ma lo’u aiga atoa.” O se toe fa’amoemoega lea na fa’aleo e Puakalani Tiara. Sa i ai se avanoa e mafai ona talosaga ai e ona matua se isi vaega tupe fa’aopoopo ona o le fesoasoani lava a lea sikolasipi ua malaga ai nei Puakalani, peita’i, ua fa’ailoa mai e ia, sa ia te’ena lea talosaga mo se nogatupe a ona matua. “Ua lava ma totoe le totogia o la’u a’oga, ae o nisi mea, afai e le lava, atonu e i ai lava se isi auala e aumaia e le Atua mo a’u a’o a’oga ai, e fa’alava ai lea tinotiupe ua maua mo le a’oga.” O lo’o mafai ona agava’a i le Missouri Access grant pe afai e mafai ona a’oga mo le 12itula i le afa tausaga ma le Financial Aid e tatau ona fa’aulu a’o le’i o’o ia Aperila 1, 2013 ia ausia fo’i ona maka e 2.5GPA. Ua mae’a fa’afo’ia lana fa’amaoniga e ulufale ma ua tatalia le aso e tu’uva’a ese atu ai mo a’oa’oga i le aso 8 Aokuso, ae o le aso 6 Aokuso, e ao ai ina to’ai taunu’u mo le asiasiga o le a’oga atoa. O Puakalani Tiara o se tama fanau a Masefau ma e to’alima ona uso, to’alima fo’i ona tuagane, ma o ia o le lona 9 o le fanau a ona matua e to’a 11. O ia o se totino o le EFKAS i Masefau, o le totino o le Autalavou, Aufaipese ma le A’oga Aso Sa a lea lava ekalesia.
Ms Puakalani Tiara Sione
O le taeao nei ua fuafua le malo e valaau ai le to’alua o se tama o lo o molia i le sauaina o sona afafine e aafia i gasegase o le mafaufau, e avea ma se tasi o molimau. Na taua e le loia a le malo ia Camille Philippe i luma o le vaega iloilo iuga i le taeao ananafi e faapea, o le a faamatala e le fafine le taimi na titina ai e le ua molia le la tama e 23 masina le matua seia oo ina le toe gaioi ae ua amata foi ona vaaia le lanumoana o lona tino. O ananafi na amata ai le faamasinoga autu o lenei tama ma e to’alima tama’ita’i ma ali’i e to’alua o lo o aofia ai i le vaega iloilo iuga o lona faamasinoga. Na fa’aalia e Phillipe i luma o le faamasinoga, le maea ona ia faila o se talosaga, e sui le moliaga o le ua molia mai le faaoolima i le tulaga lua i le moliaga pito sili ona mamafa o le faaoolima i le tulaga muamua. O lea talosaga na teena e le alii fa’amasino sili ia Michael Kruse ona sa ia taua e faapea, e le toe i ai se isi taimi e tapena ai le itu tete’e mo le finauina o le moliaga fou. ULUA’I FOLASAGA A LE MALO I le ulua’i folasaga a le malo e tusa ai o le mea sa tupu na taua ai e le tamaitai loia o Philippe e faapea, i le aso 23 o Aperila 2012, na tuua ai e le ua molia ma lona toalua le la tama pepe e 23 masina le matua na o ia i le latou fale i Satala, ae o e fai le latou faatau. O lenei ‘alu’alutoto, ua atoa le 23 masina ae e le’i mafai lava ona totolo, savali pe tautala ona e aafia i gasegase o le mafaufau ma le tino. Na maitauina e se tina e tuaoi ma le ua molia, lo latou tuua o le latou fale ma se la tama e 4 tausaga ae tuua na’o le pepe 23 masina, i le va o le fa itula. A’o tautau le tagamea a le tina lea sa ia faalogoina le tagi mai o le pep mai totonu o le fale. Na avea le popole o le tina lenei i le saogalemu o lenei alualutoto na ia faafesoota’ia ai loa le Ofisa e Puipuia Fanau Laiti (Child Protective Services - CPS) ma faafesootai ai e le CPS le Ofisa o Leoleo. Na taua e Philippe e faapea, pe tusa o le 12:30 i le aoauli na taunuu ai leoleo e to’alua ma la vaaia ai le alualutoto lenei o lo o nofo mai na o ia i totonu o le fale e aunoa ma se ofu o fai, ae o lo o nofo i luga o le simå malulu na o lona ‘diaper’, sa vaaia foi se taga pepa iila o lo o nonoa i lona ua ma le isi i lona lima. O ni isi o molimau na taua e le malo sa fesiligia e leoleo i lenei mataupu na aofia ai ni tina se to’alua e tuaoi ma le aiga lenei, faapea ma le to’alua a le ua molia. O le suesueina e leoleo o le to’alua o le na molia, sa ia faamatala ai seisi foi faalavelave na tula’i mai ina ua manava atu le ua molia i le leva o le po ae o lo o ala mai lava lenei ‘alu’alutoto, ua fiu le tina e tau faamoe ae atili ai ona tagi, lea na tago atu ai lenei alii ma u’u lima lua mai le ua o lenei ‘alu’alutoto ae ua lulu ma titina seia o’o ina le toe lagona sona leo ae ua amata foi ona lanumoana lona tino. Na ta’ua e lenei tina lona tamo’e ausulusulu ai o ia i le fale o le latou tuaoi mo se fesoasoani ma tamo’e mai ai le fafine sa latou tuaoi ma faia ni gaioiga na mafai ona toe fa’ate’i ai lenei alualutoto. O le tina tuaoi lea o lo o avea foi ma molimau a le malo. O le a le vaaia le tino o le alualutoto e 23 masina na aafia i taualumaga o lenei mataupu e pei ona taua e le loia a le malo ona e le mafai ona tautala o ia e molimau, ae o lo o ola maloloina lelei o ia i le taimi nei i lalo o le vaavaaiga a le CPS. Na faai’u le ulua’i folasaga a le loia a le malo i le talosagaina o le vaega iloilo iuga, ina ia latou faamaonia moliaga uma e tolu faasaga i le ua molia. ULUA’I FOLASAGA A LE ITU TETE’E Na ta’ua e Michael White, le loia a le ua molia, e faapea, soo se tala lava, e lua ona itu ae o le itu pito sili ona taua o lea tala, o le latou faafofoga lelei lea ae faamatala e molimau i a latou lava upu mea moni sa tutupu ae le o le faalogo i ai mai le loia a le malo. Na taua e White e faapea, e le o tete’e le ua molia i lana faamatalaga tusitusia sa tuuina atu i leoleo, ina ua fesiligia o ia i le latou o ese mai le fale ae tia’i ai na o lona afafine e 23 masina le matua, pau le tulaga o lo o tete’e i ai o ia, o tuuaiga faapea sa ia titina ma lulu lona afafine seia oo ina matapogia. O lo o taofi foi le ua molia, e le’i fesiligia o ia e leoleo e faatatau i lea tuuaiga na’o le taimi na tia’i ai na o lona afafine i le fale. E tusa ai ma le faamatalaga a lenei alii, pe tusa o le 2:00 i le vaveao na manava atu ai mai lana galuega i le StarKist ma ia vaaia ai lona toalua ma lona afafine matua o lo o feala, ae o lo o tagi lava lona afafine laititi.
(Faaauau itulau 11)
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost
fa’aliliu: Leua Aiono Frost
Fusu’aga Saili Paga
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O se ta’amilosaga fusu na fa’atautaia i tama fusu lava a Amerika Samoa ua mafai ona tu’ufa’atasia i totonu o latou kalapu fusu, sa fa’atautaia lea i le Aso To’ona’i na te’a nei i le VA tuai lea ua avea ma nofoaga autu a le Asosi Fusu a Amerika Samoa. O se isi mata’aga, ona o lo ua mafai nei ona tu’ufa’atasia ni paga a tama’ita’i fusu e kolenia fa’apitoa ina ia maua nisi e auina atu i fusuaga fa’avaomalo a tama’ita’i, lea ua a’e mai fo’i i lenei vaitau o lea fa’agatama i le lalolagi, ma o lo’o fa’atautaia lea e le AIBA mo sone ta’itasi ua mae’a vaevaea ai le lalolagi, ma ua aofia fa’atasi ai i tatou ma Samoa ma le atumotu o le Pasefika i le sone a le “Oceania.” Ona o le taumfaiga ina ia sailia ni tama fusu ma teine fusu lelei mo se ‘au fusu a Amerika Samoa i le Oceania, lea ua fa’atautaia ai fa’apea lea ta’amilosaga, ina ia patino le fa’aleleia atili o tomai ma ia lava kolenia fa’apitoa i latou e manumalo mo se ‘ai o le atunu’u i le Oceania ua tulata mai. Ona o lo’o i ai Jamias i si tofiga o le va’aia toto’a lea e tama ma teine fusu fa’avaomalo a le AIBA, fa’atasi ai ma ala o kolenia fa’apitoa ai, o lea ua ia fa’ata’ita’ia ai ala e fili mai ai tama ma teine fusu a atunu’u i fafo, ina ia koleni fa’apitoa le sui ta’alo, ae ua mae’a fili mai le auro mama lava mo le avea ma sui o lona malo. O le aso 5 Novema, 2013 lea ua fa’atulaga mo le Oceania i Niu Sila, peita’i, e ao muamua lava ona piki le tagata ta’alo ua mae’a ausia mea nei: - atoa le 19 tausaga le matua, - o se tasi e fealua’i i le Tusi Folau Amerika - o lana Kalapu fusu e aofia i totino o le AIBA. O mea amata ia e tatau ona mautinoa muamua a’o le’i taumafai le talavou e tauva i le fusu’aga mo Amerika Samoa. “Peita’i, o lea ua matua faia le mea sili e le vasega o faia’oga ma fa’atonu ua o’o mai ma latou fa’atautaia koleniga a le fanau, tu’ufa’atasia i latou ma talanoa fa’amalosi’au fo’i i nei sui uma, ia le fa’avaivai, ae ia faia ma le loto le galuega. Ua ou mautinoa lava, e mafaia e tatou alo ua ou va’aia o kolenia fa’apitoa, ona fa’ao’o i tatou i le siamupini i so’o se fusu’aga fa’avaomalo o tatou taumafai ma avatu i ai i latou.” O se isi lea fa’aopoopo a Mapu Jamias. Ua fa’ailoa mai fo’i e Jamias, “E tusa ai ma la’u va’ai atu i le alu lea ua oso ai nei le tatou va’a o fusuaga, i loto o le fanau ma le fiafia e koleni i le tatou nofoaga fa’apitoa ua i ai, fa’afetai, e le vale se tatou taumafaiga i le Olimipeka i lenei fa’agatama.” Ua fa’afetaia fo’i e ia le vasega o faia’oga fou na tula’i mai, ma ua latou sapaia le galuega fa’atonutonu o le fanau tauva i ala e fusu ai, le ituaiga koleni e faia e mautinoa ai ua lava le manava, atoa ai ma latou fo’i aumaia lava o mea e mo’omia e le fanau i so’o se taimi e koleni ma sipa ai i latou. O nei sui e aofia ai Nathan Quitugua, Joe Paulin ma Rven Garcia. O uso nei e faigaluega i nisi vaega o le Malo tele i le tatou malo, ae agaga i latou i fusu’aga ma faipelega. O nai a tatou tama fanau lava o lo’o va’aia lea Kalapu i Tafuna Old VA, Sanele Etuale fa’atasi ai ma isi sui tuai lava o le tatou Asosi Fusu i lana Komiti Fa’afoe, o lo’o avea pea ma lamepa susulu i le va’aiga a le fanau i a latou taumafaiga. Ina ua talanoa fo’i le sui o le tatou nusipepa i se tasi o talavou tama sa fusu i le ta’amilosaga o le aso To’ona’i na te’a ma sa ia fa’ailoa mai, “Ou te fia tauva i lenei fa’agatama, aua ou te fia avea ma se tasi e malaga fa’apitoa i fafo e fusu mo lo’u malo, e tatau lava ona ou maua mai se pine e fa’amau ai la’u taumafaiga ma ta’ua ai lo’u malo ma ou tagatanu’u.”
The following account holders are encouraged to visit or contact our Collection Representative, Mrs. Nive Ioramo-Savali at 633-3848, Fagatogo Square, Suite 208B, regarding your delinquent account.
Alaelua, Kapeteni Alosio, Akeli Alosio, Lafaele Alosio, Tuloto Asoau, Ofisa Auvae, Aeto Faaatuatu, Upuese Faaosa, Tony Faavi, Faleupolu Fagota, Soolefai Failauga, Mavaeao Faumuina, Yvonne Fetu, Aumoana Houston, Tofaagaoalii Mulipola, Tina Siofaga, Fetalaiga Hudson, Henry Musa, Sinatulaga Sue, Victoria Iaulualo, Therisa Nafanua, Lealofi Suiaunoa, Brian Isaia, Monte Naiuli, Cecilia Taufetee, Sialafaga Iulio, Petelo Paepule, Lemusu Taylor, Joe Lealasola, Naomi Paese, Sakaria Toala, Suilefaiga Leatigaga, Rosita Palepoi, Faleata Tuamasaga, Inailau Loa, Tuanai Passi, Simamao Katherine Tuilefano, Wesley Luavasa, Leua Pedro, Jade Tuiloma, Isaia Maeataanoa, Sarai Pule, Faleu Tuimalealiifano, Misivila, Sophia Ripley, Faamalele Tagoai U’u, Tineimala Moors, Misimoa Sialofi, Taupale Blanchefluer Muliau, Samasoni Sinapati, Travis Young, Silika
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American Samoa Power Authority
July 23, 2013 FY13.1151.ESD-WW.PACKAGE 3 EAST SIDE VILLAGESWASTEWATER COLLECTION SYSTEM: MALALOA LIFT STATION IMPROVEMENTS (PACKAGE 3) CLOSING DATE/TIME: September 5, 2013 @ 2:00 p.m., American Samoa Time The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) invites bids for the construction of the East Side Villages Wastewater Collection System, Packages 3. Package 3 focuses on the improvements of the Malaloa Lift Station on the island of Tutuila in American Samoa. Bidders are required to provide a document that specifically and completely addresses work tasks as specified in the Scope of Work (“SOW”) and conforms to the requirements set forth in the IFB documents. Documents: Due to the size of the bid package, interested Bidders must pay a non-refundable fee of One Hundred U.S. Dollars ($100) to ASPA’s Customer Service Office in Tafuna prior to receiving the bid package. This bid may also be viewed online on ASPA website www.aspower.com. Bidders must present the receipt to any Procurement Representative to receive the complete bid package at: ASPA Materials Management Office Tafuna Power Plant Compound P.O. Box PPB Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 For more information about this IFB, you may contact ASPA: Nancy Tinitali-Mauga Galovale Galovale, P.E. Procurement Manager WW Engineer Materials Management Office Engineering Services Division tel. (684) 699-0105 tel. 684-699-1462 maugan@aspower.com Galo@aspower.com Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting – A one-time mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on August 12, 2013 at the Materials Management Office located in ASPA Power Plant Tafuna Compound. Bid Security: Each bid must be accompanied by a cashier’s check or bid bond made payable to the American Samoa Power Authority. The cashier’s check or bid bond shall be ten percent (10%) of the total bid amount in U.S. dollars. Company or personal checks are not acceptable. If a bidder fails to submit the required bid security with the bid, the bid shall be considered non-responsive and subject to rejection. The American Samoa Power Authority reserves the right to: 1. Reject all bids and reissue a new or amended IFB. 2. Request additional information from any Bidder submitting a big. 3. Select a firm for award based on other than “least cost” (e.g. capability to complete work in a timely fashion or based on proven technical capabilities with demonstrated past work modifying and improving existing wastewater treatment plants). 4. Negotiate a Contract with the firm selected for award, and 5. Waive any non-material violation of rules set up in this IFB at its sole discretion. Approved for Issuance: Utu Abe Malae, Executive Director, ASPA
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Mai itulau 10
Sa fesili le ua molia i lona toalua i le umi talu ona tagi le teine ae sa le’i tali lona toalua, o lea na tago atu ai loa ua sii mai, tuu atu i ai le fagu susu e faasusu ai seia o’o ina moe o ia. Na taua e White i le vaega iloilo iuga e faapea, ina ua moe le afafine a le ua molia, na alu loa e taele i le paipa o lo o tu i fafo o le fale, peitai na te’i ina ua uma ona taele ae ona vaaia le faitoto’a o le latou fale o lo o matala, ma ia vaaia ai e le o i ai lona toalua ma lona afafine 23 masina, sei vagana ai lona afafine matua o lo o moe. Na ta’ua foi le iloa atu e le ua molia le matala mai o le faitotoa a lo latou tuaoi, ma o lo o talanoa mai ai lona toalua ma le fafine latou te tuaoi, ae o lo o sii e le fafine lea lona afafine, o lea na ia valaau atu ai i lona toalua e o atu ma le teine i le fale e momoe, e aunoa ma se mea na tupu e pei ona tuuaia ai e le malo le ua molia. Na fa’ai’u le ulua’i folasaga a White i lona talosagaina o le vaega iloilo iuga, ina ia aua ne’i o latou faamaonia le moliaga o le faaoolima i le tulaga lua ma le isi moliaga o le faia o gaioiga e lamatia ai le saogalemu o fanau laiti faasaga i le ua molia. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
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samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Alofa, se ia tiga…
Vaega: 105 Taeao manuia i le mamalu o le atunu’u, malo le soifua, malo fo’i le onosa’i i feau ma galuega o lo’o feagai ai i lenei aso. E vi’ia ai le alofa ma le agalelei o le Atua Soifua, ona o lana pule fa’asoa i lo outou soifua laulelei ma si o’u nei ola, o lea ua tatou aulia fa’atasi mai ai lenei aso e fa’aopoopo i le soifua manuia o le atunu’u. Ae alo maia, o le a toe fa’aauau atu la tatou tala fa’asolo e pei ona masani ai. Ua fa’ataga mai nei matou e le ali’i foma’i o lo’o va’aia lo’u tama ina ia matou o atu i totonu o le potu e feiloa’i i lo’u tama, ona o lea ua ala mai i lona ta’otoga. E le i uma mai le tala a le tama’ita’i foma’i, ae ou la’a loa ou te le i toe fa’atali. Na ou ulu nei i totonu o le potu, ma o va’aiga fa’amomoi loto na ou iloa atu nei, i le taoto mai a si o’u tama i luga o le moega. Na fai lava si o’u fefe i lea taimi, ona ua ma o fa’atasi nei ma lo’u to’alua o Tino i lea taimi. Na ou fa’atau tutu nei, ae ua amata fo’i ona alu ifo a’u mea taugata i lea taimi. Na a’apa mai nei Tino ma fusi atu a’u ma ma savavali atu i le itu o lo’o i ai le moega o lo’u tama. “Papa, Papa, nofo maia i luga, nofo mai i luga o lea ua ou sau, Papa, Papa, fai mai sau tala ia te a’u fa’amolemole.” O la’u tagi lea ma ou a’apa atu i le lima o si o’u tama i lea taimi. Na ou va’ai atu nei au le mafai ona toe minoi, ona o lo’o tui fa’aga’au I lona gutu fa’apea ma lona isu, ona alu ane ai lea i lona fatu. Ua na o lo’u pupula atu nei i le taoto mai o si o’u tama e pele ia te a’u, ma ua le mafai ona matu o’u loimata i lea taimi. Na ou fa’alogoina le fusi mau o a’u e si o’u to’alua o Tino, ae ua matala mai nei ma le faitoto’a, ae ulufale mai Ana ma si ona tama i totonu o le potu. O le fa’alogona lava e tasi ua matou i ai nei. O le tama fo’i o Ana ua le mau tonu le mafaufau o le toeaina i lea taimi ona ua ia va’aia fo’i le tulaga ua i ai nei lo’u tama. Ua pei o mataua mai le lagi o’u loimata, ua le mapu le tafe ifo i o’u alafau, ua pei lava ua leai so’u fa’amoemoe i lea taimi, ua gatete lo’u tino atoa, fa’atasi ma o’u fa’alogona ua naumati ma ua matua’i papa’u lava. E ‘ese le tiga o le alofa, le alofa ua fai mai le tala a le to’atele o le au saianetisi e fa’apea, o le alofa e tutupu mai ai mea lelei uma, a’o lenei ua ou va’ai atu i le tulaga ua o’o i ai si o’u tama e pele i lo’u loto, ona ou tagi ai lea ma ua le matu o’u loimata.. “Papa, nofo mai i luga, o lea ua ou sau, Papa, Papa, nofo maia i luga, o Averia lea e tautala atu, Papa, ta le lava nofo to’atasi, fa’amolemole fa’amagalo mai a’u, Papa, ta fia a’apa atu e fusi mai oe lo’u tama e pele i lo’u loto, nofo mai i luga ta o i le fale, e ta le lava tiga…” Na ou va’aia i lea taimi le minoi mai o tama tama’i lima o lo’u tama ma na ou mautinoa ai loa, o lo’o ia lagona mai a’u. Na ou a’apa atu nei ma u’u mai lona lima, “Papa, Papa, o a’u o Averia, o lo’o matou i inei ma Tino, o Ana ma si ona tama, nofo mai i luga, fai maia sau tala mo a’u, se i o’u mapu ai.” E le i umi, ae matala mai loa ma le faitoto’a ma ulufale mai i totonu le ali’i foma’i lea na feagai ma le ta’otoga o lo’u tama. Ua le tautala le foma’i ae na o le mata’i mai nei o matou. Na fa’ate’ia lava ina ua fa’apea mai le fesili a le foma’i, “Fa’amolemole lava, o Mikaele Atamu lea.?” Na tali lo’u to’alua, ioe, ma sa toe fa’apea atu i ai Tino, o lona afafine lea, o Averia, o ia na sainia pepa e fai ai le ta’otoga o lona tama. Na toe fesili nei le ali’i foma’i, a’o fea o i ai le to’alua o Mikaele, na tali e lo’u tina tausi le fesili lea, “Lau susuga a le ali’i foma’i, o le fafine lena ua sili ifo ia te ia tupe ma oa o le lalolagi, na i lo lona alofa ia Mikaele, o lea ua matou o mai, o matou o le aiga atoa o Mikaele, a’o lona to’alua, matou te le iloa po’o fea o taulaumea ane ai, matou te le iloa lena tagata.” Ua fa’ataupupula mai nei le ali’i foma’i ia matou, ma na liliu loa ma fa’apea mai ia te a’u, “Averia, ua ma’ea le ta’otoga o lou tama, ae tu’u i ai se taimi mo ia se i malolo ai, ae ‘aua e te popole, ua manuia mea uma.” Na ou fa’afetai nei i le ali’i foma’i, ma ua matou savavali loa i fafo mai le potu o si o’u tama. Na fetaui lava le matou savavali mai i fafo, ae o matou va’aia loa le solo ua alu atu a lo’u tina ma lo’u tuagane le alolofa, o Makerita ma Peteru. E faia pea…
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Le pulesili o le Faalapotopotoga o le Eletise ma le Suavai ia Utu Abe Malae i le taimi na molimau ai i luma o le komiti o le ASPA/TEO a le maota o sui i le aso Faraile na te’a nei. [ata: AF]
Foia fa’afitauli ua tele tausaga o fetaia’i ma le afioaga o Aua
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le faaiuga o le tausaga e 2014 seia o’o atu i le 2015 lea ua faamoemoe e maea ai ona fausia le Taligalu mo le afioaga o Aua ma Leloaloa, ma foia ai le faafitauli ua tele tausaga o fetaia’i ma tagata o lo o alala i lea itu o le atunuu, i lo latou manavaina lea o le ea leaga aemaise ai o le faaletonu o le sami ona o le sua ma le manogi e mafua mai i ‘septic tank’ o lo o faaaoga i fale mamao (tulou). Na taua e le afioga Utu Abe Malae i luma o le komiti o le ASPA/TEO a le maota o sui i le faaiuga o le vaiaso na te’a nei e faapea, o le galuega lenei ua silia ma le 10 tausaga talu ona faatulaga mai, ma o se itu e faateia ai o ia ona o lea ua toe fo’i mai e ta’ita’i le ASPA a’o lea lava e le’i faatino se vaega o lenei galuega. O le faafitauli o lo o feagai ai ma tagata i Aua, ua faamaonia i se suesuega a le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina le aafia o le gataifale o le afioaga i le tele o siama, e mafua mai i sua o otaota o lo o i totonu o tane o fale le taua o lo o liki aga’i i le eleele ma tafe atu atu i le sami, ma afai e le vave foia lea faafitauli, e i ai le taimi o le a toatele ai tagata e maliliu ma a’afia i fa’ama’i eseese ona o lenei fa’afitauli. Na faamalamalama e Utu i luma o le komiti e faapea, afai e liki le suavai leaga lenei i le eleele, e umi se taimi e nofo ai le leaga lenei i le eleele e tuai ona alu ese, ma o le isi lena faaeteetega o lo o i ai, ona o lalo o le manava o le eleele lea o lo o pamu mai ai le suavai o loo feinu ai le atunuu atoa. “O le faaiuga la o suesuega sa faia i le nuu i Aua, e le toe manaomia le faaaoga o ni septic tank i ituaiga nuu nei e laititi le eleele ae ua to’atele naua tagata ua nonofo ai, ae sili loa ona fesoota’i i le sewer line e mautinoa ai le saogalemu,” o le saunoaga lea a Utu. O le vaiaso na te’a nei na tatala ai i tua tauofoga a le Faalapotopotoga o le Eletise ma le Suavai (ASPA), mo se kamupani latou te fausia le vaega 2 & 4 o le galuega mo le faapipiiina o le ‘sewer line’ mo Aua ma Leloaloa, lea o lo o faatupeina e le malo tele i le tau aofa’i e $24 miliona. O le iloiloga na faatulaga ina ua tula’i le faipule mai Aua ia Faimealelei Anthony Fu’e Allen ma fesiligia le tulaga ua i ai galuega mo le taligalu ma le sewer line a lona nuu. Na taua e Faimealelei e faapea, ua tele tausaga o pagatia lona nuu i Aua i le faaletonu o le manogi mai tane o fale le taua, atoa ai ma le faaletonu o le auvai ma le sami i siama ma to’a ai i le gataifale, ae o lo o vaaia pea le toatele o fanau o lo fiafia e taeele i le sami atoa ai ma tagata o lo o latou fagotaina ogasami o le nuu. E lua auala na taua e Utu sa vaavaai i ai le ASPA e fausia ai le galuega mo Aua ma Leloaloa, ina ia faigofie ma vave le galuega, o le toso sa’o mai lea o se paipa mai Aua ma aga’i mai ai i lalo o le sami ma alu atu sa’o loa i nofoaga o lo o i ai
tane tetele i Gataifale, po o le toe toso o isi paipa e amata atu i Utulei ma faasolo atu ai i Fagatogo, Malaloa ma Pago Pago, ina ia fesoasoani i paipa tuai o lo o i ai ma faafesoota’i ai loa ma paipa fou o le a ta’i mai i Aua ma Leloaloa. Na taua e Utu e faapea, e faigofie le toso sa’o mai o se oga paipa tele mai Aua ma aga’i sa’o atu i Gataifale, peita’i e le gata e toe manaomia ai e le ASPA se isi $600,000 e faaopoopo i le $24 miliona ua maea ona tuuina mai, ae faaeteete gata foi mo va’a feoa’i, ina ne’i lavea ai se taula o se va’a ma faaletonu atoa ai le gataifale, ae sili ai le auala umi lea ua amata nei ae tuai, o le toe toso lea o ni isi paipa e faaopoopo i paipa tuai amata atu i Utulei ma faasolo atu ai lava i Fagatogo ma Pago Pago seia oo atu i Leloaloa ma Aua. O vaega muamua e fa o le galuega e $11 miliona le tau aofa’i, o le vaega lea e aofia ai le toe tosoina o paipa mai Utulei e oo atu i Pago Pago, ae o le vaega lona lima e $13 miliona lona tau, lea e aofia ai ma le fausiaina o le sewer line i Leloaloa ma Aua. E 20 inisi le mafiafia o le paipa o le a toso mai i Utulei e aga’i atu i Malaloa, ma o lea galuega o le a mafai ai ona fesoota’i ma aiga e 45 i totonu o Fagatogo e le o mafai ona feso’ota’i i le sewer line e o o mai i le taimi nei, ma le alu atu i Malaloa i Pago Pago, e 11 inisi le mafiafia o le paipa o le a toso ai ina ia fesoasoani i paipa tuai o lo o i ai. E fa konekarate lotoifale na tuuina atu a latou tusi talosaga mo lenei tauofoga e pei ona saunoa Utu, ma o lo o iloilo e le komiti tusi talosaga nei. O le itu lelei o nei tauofoga e pei ona saunoa Utu, e $7 miliona le maualuga o le tauofoga sa vaavaai i ai le komiti ae o tauofoga sa tuuina atu e i le va o le $6.9 miliona ma le $9 miliona, lona uiga o lo o tulaga lelei lava le maualuluga o tupe o nei tauofoga. Na faafetaia e faipule mai le itumalo o le Maoputasi le afioga Utu e tusa ai o lona toe fo’i mai e tautua le atunuu e ala i le auaunaga a le ASPA. Na faafetaia e Utu le kovana, le Fono Faitulafono ma le malo ina ua mafai ona toe fo’i mai ma toe tofia o ia e avea ma ta’ita’i o le ASPA, ua mafai ona faatino ni isi o galuega au tele tausaga o manaomia le faaleleia. O se tasi o ia galuega e pei ona saunoa Utu o le vai vili i Pago Pago, lea ua silia i le 10 tausaga talu ona vili ma fausia faatanoa, peitai na te’i ina ua toe fo’i mai i le amataga o le tausaga lenei ma ia iloa ai, e le o i ai lava se suavai i totonu o ia faatanoa, ae o le taimi nei ua maea ona toe faaleleia masini vili vai ma ua oo atu i le 250 kalone e mafai ona vili i totonu o le minute e tasi, ma o se fesoasoani tele lea mo le itumalo o le Maoputasi atoa ai ma le itu i Sasa’e o le motu i le suavai taumafa. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
A woman hugs a terracotta warrior replicas as she post for a souvenir photo at the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi’an, in central China’s Shaanxi province Tuesday, July 30, 2013. Thousands of terracotta soldiers that were buried in the tomb of the Emperor Qin Shihuang, who ruled China between 221-210 B.C., are displayed in Xi’an. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)
LAPD officer pleads no contest to molesting girls CASTAIC, Calif. (AP) — A Los Angeles police officer has pleaded no contest for allegedly sexually molesting one young girl and attempting to molest another after luring them to his home. Prosecutors say 28-year-old Miguel Schiappapietra entered his plea Tuesday to two felony charges of lewd acts on a child under 14 years of age. He is expected to be sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender when he returns Sept. 6 for sentencing. Authorities say the two girls — ages 5 and 8 — told detectives they were lured into his home in Castaic in May, while he was off-duty. Schiappapietra has been with the department for six years, and was working with the Foothill Division. LAPD had no immediate comment on his job. US would be willing to invest in Nicaragua canal MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — A U.S. Department of Commerce official says the United States and U.S. investors would be willing to invest in the building of a canal across the middle of Nicaragua as long as the process is transparent. Deputy Assistant Secretary Walter Bastian says that he finds the project “fascinating” and that the U.S. government will follow up to see if there is interest from U.S. investors. Bastian said Tuesday while visiting Nicaragua that for the U.S. it is important that the process of awarding contracts is transparent and that those contracts have legal certainty. The Chinese company HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. Ltd. was awarded the canal project. Experts say it could take 11 years to finish, cost $40 billion and require digging 130 miles (200 kilometers) of waterway. Arizona boy digging for worms finds a handgun PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — A 9-year-old boy digging for worms in northern Arizona found a gun buried near his home. Police in Prescott (PREHS’-kiht) say the stainless-steel .38-caliber revolver was in plastic bag along with one bullet just under the ground’s surface. Police say it appears the gun was only covered up to hide it until someone came back to get it. They say they don’t know who owns the gun or how it ended up buried near the home of the boy who found it Monday. Police didn’t identify the boy. Authorities say the gun’s serial number has been checked and it’s not reported missing.
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PTSD claimed in S. California vet’s killing of girlfriend TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) — A lawyer is arguing that an Iraq veteran was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when he stabbed to death his girlfriend at their Los Angeles-area apartment. The Torrance Daily Breeze says the claim was made Monday in the murder trial of Tymarc Warren Jr. The former Army sergeant killed 22-yearold Eileen Garneiter in their Lawndale apartment in January 2011, weeks after she gave birth to their daughter. A relative found the baby covered in blood. Prosecutors contend that Warren strangled and stabbed the woman because she planned to leave him. But defense attorney Louisa Pensanti told jurors her client was damaged by serving 4 years in Iraq. She’s arguing that he should be convicted of manslaughter, not first-degree murder. Calif. noodle firm pays $195,000 in labor case WEST COVINA, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California noodle company has agreed to pay more than $195,000 to dozens of current and former employees, settling a federal claim that it cheated them out of overtime pay. The U.S. Department of Labor announced a consent judgment Tuesday with Rama Food Manufacture Corp. of Ontario and two company officers. They agreed to pay back wages and damages to 36 current and former employees. The firm also will pay more than $13,000 in penalties. Regulators say the company paid employees straight time for working more than 40 hours per week instead of required premium pay, and also failed to keep proper time and payroll records. A message left for company officials wasn’t immediate returned Tuesday. An employee says the managers are on vacation. Police in OC shoot, kill man outside juice store SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Police responding to reports of trouble at an Orange County McDonald’s shot and killed a suspect in front of a nearby juice store after a short foot chase. Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna says officers arrived at about 3 p.m. after reports of a man being combative at the McDonald’s. Police say the man ran and the officers chased him to the front of the strip mall juice shop called Jugos (HOO-goes) La Tropicana. Bertagna says some kind of fight or argument occurred and the suspect was shot. The man was declared dead at the scene. Bertagna could not immediately say if the suspect was armed or provide any other details.
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HOUSTON (AP) — Authorities only need a court order and not a more stringent search warrant to obtain cellphone records that can be used to track a person’s movements, a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned an order by a Houston federal judge who had said cellphone data is constitutionally protected from intrusion and can only be acquired with a search warrant. In 2011, U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes had upheld a magistrate judge’s 2010 ruling that had denied a request by federal authorities in three separate criminal investigations to compel cellphone companies to provide — without a search warrant — 60 days of records for several phones. In overturning Hughes’ order, the appeals court in New Orleans said such data is a business record that belongs to the cellphone provider. It also said its collection by authorities does not have to meet a probable cause standard as outlined under the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unlawful search and seizure and requires a search warrant. “We understand the cell phone users may reasonably want their location information to remain private ... But the recourse for these desires is in the market or the political process: in demanding that service providers do away with such records ... or in lobbying elected representatives to enact statutory protections. The Fourth Amendment, safeguarded by the courts, protects only reasonable expectations of privacy,” the three-judge panel wrote in its 2-1 decision. The cellphone data authorities had requested was being sought under the Stored Communications Act, part of the Electronics Communications Privacy Act. The appeals court said under the Stored Communications Act, authorities have the option of obtaining a court order — which has a lower legal standard than a search warrant. With a court order, authorities only have to demonstrate there are “reasonable grounds” to believe the information would be relevant to an investigation. Unlike the National Security Agency’s recently publicized program that seized phone records in bulk through court orders approved by a secret court, the cellphone records sought in this case related to specific investigations and their seizure had to be approved through regular and established legal procedures. Angela Dodge, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Houston, which had fought Hughes’ order, said her office was pleased by Tuesday’s ruling. “We are gratified that the court found we acted in a manner consistent with the law at the time. We felt we interpreted the law correctly and welcome the agreement of the 5th Circuit,” Dodge said in an emailed statement. In court documents, prosecutors had argued that since such cellphone data are actually business records owned by the providers, customers have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Officials with the American Civil Liberties Union, which had filed legal briefs in the case asking that the rulings by Hughes and the magistrate judge be upheld, said they were disappointed. “This ruling fails to recognize that Americans do in fact have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cell phone location information. Where you go can reveal a great deal about your life, and people don’t think that carrying a cell phone around means that someone can get a record of their movement for days or even months on end,” said Catherine Crump, an attorney with the ACLU. “The government should not be able to access this personal, sensitive information without getting a warrant based on probable cause. Unfortunately, the 5th Circuit’s decision allows exactly that.”
Court ruling — no warrant is needed for cellphone info
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➧ Human Trafficking bill…
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samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013
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Man appeals for release after 14 years in prison PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — An attorney says a Los Angeles man who was in prison for nearly 14 years is innocent and should stay free, despite prosecutors’ argument that missed deadlines for paperwork by defense lawyers mean he should remain behind bars. City News Service reports Daniel Larsen was ordered freed from state prison in March after a federal judge ruled that his third-strike conviction for carrying a concealed weapon was unjust. During arguments Tuesday before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Assistant Attorney General Stephanie Brenan says there’s always been enough evidence to convict Larsen. The 46-year-old was convicted in 1999 of carrying a knife until attorneys for the California Innocence Project found a former police chief and other witnesses who testified seeing a different man throw away the dagger. Cat found on freighter from Philippines to LA LOS ANGELES (AP) — A 4-year-old cat that stowed away in a container ship headed from Manila, Philippines, to Los Angeles is gaining weight and getting stronger after the trip without food or water left it near death. Los Angeles County animal control director Marcia Mayeda says the orange and white female cat was weak and frail after the 7,300-mile trip. But after two weeks of treatments, the feline is in fair condition. Hospital staff named the cat Pinay, a common name for a female Filipino. The cat has cleared quarantine but needs to be adopted into a calm home because she is still skittish. Obama taps 2 political backers for ambassadorships WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is tapping a major campaign fundraiser and a former Marine who backed his campaign as U.S. ambassadors. The White House says John Estrada is Obama’s pick for Trinidad and Tobago. Estrada held the top enlisted post in the Marine Corps. He endorsed Obama and spoke at the 2008 Democratic convention. Obama has selected Noah Mamet for Argentina. As a Democratic operative he raised more than $500,000 for Obama’s reelection. Estrada and Mamet join a string of Obama political supporters to be offered ambassadorships recently. The White House says five veteran diplomats have been picked for other embassies. Obama is nominating Robert Blake for Indonesia, Thomas Daughton for Namibia, Phillip Goldberg for the Philippines, Michael Hoza for Cameroon and Eunice Reddick for Niger. California murder suspect put on ‘15 Most-Wanted’ list REDDING, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California man suspected of killing his wife and two daughters has been added to the U.S. Marshals Service’s list of most-wanted fugitives. The service announced Tuesday that it had put 45-year-old Shane Franklin Miller on its “15 Most Wanted” list. Shasta County authorities have been looking for Miller since his family was found shot to death at their Shingletown home in May. His truck was found about 200 miles away in Humboldt County, but an extensive search turned up no other traces of him. The slayings of Miller’s 34-year-old wife, Sandra, and daughters Shelby and Shasta, ages 8 and 5, came two weeks after sheriff’s deputies escorted the wife from the home following a domestic dispute. Calif. judge won’t dismiss cruise ship murder case SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A California judge has refused to dismiss a murder charge against a man accused of strangling his ex-wife and tossing her overboard during a Mediterranean cruise. The Orange County judge ruled Monday that California has the right to proceed against 55-year-old Lonnie Kocontes. His attorneys say they’ll appeal. Kocontes and Micki Kanesaki were divorced but lived together on and off in Mission Viejo, Calif. They were on a cruise in 2006 when she went overboard. Her body washed ashore in Italy the next day. An investigation began in 2008 when Kocontes began transferring more than $1 million from Kaneski’s bank accounts. Kocontes, a Florida resident, was arrested in February. He has pleaded not guilty to killing his ex-wife for financial gain.
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these provisions now make the law similar to federal law.  Although Lolo did not specify in his letter which criminal cases are possible Human Trafficking ones, Samoa News should point out there are at least three cases pending in the High Court with such elements. Among the three cases, is one that arose in Manu’a where a man is accused of repeatedly raping a teenager and two other women he brought from the neighboring country of Samoa to work in his home and help care for his nine children, threatening to send them out of the U.S. territory if they refused his sexual advances. The government’s case says that police uncovered the abuse after one of the women ran away from the home and was picked up by police and taken to a hospital, where she informed police the accused had been sexually abusing her and two other women who lived in the home as domestic workers. Other main supporters of the human trafficking law are members of the Multi Disciplinary Task Force (MDT) chaired by Mitzie Jessop with Vice Chair Ipu Avegalio Lefiti. The MDT group advocates for survivors of family violence and trafficking victims and is currently work with zero funding. Recently, given the lack of local trafficking laws in the territory, MDT reached out to Timothy A. Riera, Director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Honolulu Hawai’i, for information pertaining to federal regulations and their application to domestic service workers. The Hawaii EEOC covers these matters in American Samoa. MDT is looking at hosting a second conference on Human Trafficking in a few months. The first conference against family violence featured a seminar on ending Child Abuse and Human Trafficking in the territory. “The MDT partners have been advocating for victims and survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and the prevention and awareness of human trafficking,” said Vice Chair Lefiti.  Lefiti stated that on the domestic scene, for years, they have either watched or heard of the abuses forced upon our domestic helpers and field hands. We have witnessed their suffering from forced labor under cruel conditions; beaten, starved into submission or, if it’s a female, they have had their hair shorn off.” Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
➧ FBI agents arrive…
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Simon further stated he can’t disclose the essentials of the visit. “I can’t discuss the specifics of our ongoing investigation, but I do want to emphasize that we are simply looking for honest answers about what happened to the low income housing grant money.” Simon is urging anyone who has information for the FBI to contact them. “If anyone from American Samoa has information to provide the FBI, they can call 808-271-1143. We will protect the identity of anyone who comes forward with information.” Samoa News understands the FBI agents will be on island for several weeks.
Former teacher accused of abusing autistic kids PITTSBURG, Calif. (AP) — A former special education teacher has been charged with physically abusing young autistic students at a Northern California elementary school. The Contra Costa Times reports 55-year-old Theresa Allen-Caulboy turned herself in at the Pittsburg courthouse Tuesday after a warrant for her arrest was issued last week. Allen-Caulboy is accused of abusing six victims -- boys and girls ages 5, 6 and 7 -- while teaching at the school in Antioch. Prosecutor Melissa Smith said other school workers saw her knee a child in the chest, pinch a child’s nipples, pin a child to the ground and force students to “eat boogers.” Defense attorney Elizabeth Grossman said her client received no prior complaints in her 11 years of teaching. 3rd UK serviceman dies after exercise LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Ministry of Defense says a third soldier has died from injuries sustained in a training exercise in Wales earlier this month. The soldier had been hospitalized following the exercise on the Brecon Beacons mountain range in South Wales, which killed two other reservists. The defense ministry on Tuesday announced the third reservist’s death but did not provide further details. The ministry said only that the serviceman’s family has asked for a grace period before he is named. The ministry has said it is investigating what happened during the exercise. The Brecon Beacons is one of several locations the British military uses for training. The army’s website says the area’s rugged landscape is demanding and can prepare soldiers for circumstances in the field. Jamaica court says commission has power of arrest KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — A court ruled Tuesday that a Jamaican commission that investigates allegations of abuse by the island’s security forces has the power to arrest and charge accused police officers. The Independent Commission of Investigations described the judgment by the Constitutional Court as a “major victory” after some three years of wrangling over the issue. The police federation and three other associations had filed a court application questioning the commission’s powers. It was filed after commission investigators arrested and charged a police corporal with the killing businessman Mickey Hill in 2010. Three judges ruled for the commission, saying statute and common law does give it the power to arrest, charge and initiate prosecution. Their judgment says the Independent Commission of Investigations’ powers “in no way dilute” the authority of the public prosecutor.
samoa news, Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Page 15
U.S. Department of Labor and American Samoa Government Settlement
In accordance with the Department of Labor (DOL) Settlement between the American Samoa Government and DOL, the following individuals are required to appear in person to pick up their settlement disbursements at the Executive Office Building Atrium on the designated dates. Disbursement dates will be Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 for those with their last names beginning with the letter A to M. Thursday, August 1st, 2013 will be the individuals with the last names beginning with the letter N to Z beginning 8:00 AM on both days. These disbursements are a settlement directive from the U.S. Department of Labor Investigator Mr. Michael Eastwood during his site visit several years ago. Should an individual have any questions regarding these disbursements, please refer directly to DOL and your respective department payroll and personnel division. ASG Treasury is only processing settlement agreement and disbursements approved by US DOL. For those individuals who are no longer with the American Samoa Government employment system for various reason including a passing away, please direct your queries to our point of contacts, Ms. Heidi Leasiolagi and Ms. Levi Reese via 633-4155 for instructions on processing the disbursement owed to you and the legal beneficiary. Should you have any other questions or need clarification, please contact our points of contact as listed above.
Fuimaono, Tauoloasi’i Fuimaono, Tavita S Fulu, Lagia Gaisoa Jr, Iakopo Gaisoa, Omeka Theresa Godinet, Alisha Iamanu Jr, Poutoa Iamanu, Gafatasi P Ili, Shelley S Ili, Susana Salanoa Ioane, Galu Ioane, Viti Isaako, Siaosi Isopo, Puaula Lauafia Iuliano, Falaniko Iulio, Petelo Jennings, Palesitina W Johnson, Michael M Kava, Epalahame K. Koon Wai You, Toloa Kuka, Junior Lafaele, Aukuso Lagai, Jackline P Lam Yuen, Samantha Ramon Laolagi, Tulele T Lauofo, Joseph Christopher
Aasa, Samuel Afalava, Alefa Ah Mu, Fuamoli Ah See, Latarah Marie Aifoi, Laavale Aiono, Siaosi S Alaimaleata, Siatiu Alefosio, Utumoe Alofaituli, Margie Ameperosa, Liuafi T Ameperosa, Tapeni Amituanai, Filemoni Ane, Elden Aigatas Apineru, Iakopo F Asaeli, Soai Jr. Atoe Jr, Apisai Aulava, Freddie M Availepule, Falefaamaoi Barcelon, Jane Wonita Bell, Siutulei U.T. Berquist, Andrew Douglas Brown, Liusila Cendrowski, John A Clemens, Pierre R G Coffin, Annielyse G Custodio, Apoga Enari, Fatu Junior Neueli, Leasi Nix, Michael S Noa, Raymond L Nomura, Richard P Numera, Aluese T Nuusila, Sianava F Paaga, Franklin Paepule, Fomai Parker, Daryl Paselio, Ioane A Patu, Fa’aitu Peko, Michelle Pelesasa, Homer Iosefo Pene, Ann Pene, Carmencita Penitusi, Abel Penitusi, Maria M Penitusi, Taiafi V Pesaleli, Saito Pese, Ioasa Pese, Polo Peters, Rosemarie Poloai, Timali Prendergast, Carl Anthony Puaauli, Leuma
Eneli, Kirisimasi Faagata, McClusky Faapouli, Vili Faatoafe, Fetolofai Faauaa, Parauni Faiai, Leone Fale, Fialuma W Fale, Mareko Faleafine, Alesana J Falefia, Malaetasi Tony Falelua, Salafuauli Fanene, Wallen Fano, Alapati S Fano, Kesimale S Fasi, Fasi J Fata, Toti Faalata Fatuesi, Amani T Faumuina, Malake Fetu, Faleolosega Fiatoa, Faasoo Vaatofu Filiaga, Alisi Foifua Jr, Foifua Fuiava, Michael I Fuifatu, Liu Fuimaono, Lauolo Fuimaono, Maniti S
Lavatai, Carolene Tapusal Lavatai, Navy Leaea, Siaosi Pona Leapai, Poe F F Leaupepe, Too Lei’ato, Malia Tan Lemana, Molitogi Lemisio, Ketauita Mamea Leo, Misi H Leo, Victorrino Leofili, Easter Sunday L Letuli, Alofagia Lilia Letuli, Ruta Letuli, Terry S Leuma, Paulo P Liliu, Samuel M Lito, Emanuele Liu-Chan, John I Liuchan, Laau Loia, Time Stanley Lokan, Tua Lolesio, Lilian Theresa Lomu, Mosese F Lumanai, Joseph Luuga, Miriama Mageo, Solova’a V
Maiava, Fautua J Maiava, Sapu Semeatu Maifea, Lumana’i T Malaefono, Faimasasa Maloata, Simeamativa S Mamea, Claudya Alana Mann, Pepe Manutulila, Genevieve Mao, Aokusotino Mareko, Tolu Tavita Mata, Sauao Matatule, Salefasa Mata’u, Deevon Daisy Peti Mata’u, Meafua K Maualuga, Misioka Mauga, Fagafua F Mauga, Pito Y.L. Maui, Jason Maui, Malieo Jr. Mauia, Saitia T V Milo, Salatielu P Moafanua, Fiailoa Moananu, Misionare Mark Moeoge, Fetaui Moliga, Tautalaso’o Mose, William J
Pulemagafa, Petina Salome Purcell, Matina Roe, Agalelei Roebeck, Frances Saega, Laufaumalu Saelua, Fetaui Sagale, Faipea Sagapolutele Jr, Vaughn Li Sagapolutele, Lawrence A. Sagapolutele, Richard Pili Sagapolutele, Ta’ase Sago, Semi Sai, Siufaalele Saifoloi, Byron Suka Salanoa, Arieta Salatielu, Lealofi Salave’a, Maria M Sami, Tamau S Samoa, Aitasi Samoa, Solomona Satele, Henry George Sea, Siliaivao F Seanoa, Gaui Lavata’i Sefo, Ololesaofia Segi, Faamoemoe Muao Seilala, Aolelagi R. Sele Jr, Pio Seloti, Talialetatalo A Seumanutafa, John Ronald Seuva’ai, Taulagia Sevaaetasi, Mafina Lelefua Simanu, Kilisitina Sioka, Faafua Siuloa, Siaosi Solaita Jr, Milovale Solaita, Tolia T Sopoaga, Hesedh Masalosa Stowers, Caroline Su’e, Fa’alaga Sunu’i Jr, Kelemete Supapo, Pouuamea M Taafua, Paniani Maturo Taafua, Pene P Taai, Isabella N Taase, Orita F Tafaovale Jr, Levi T. Tagaloa, Agaetai Tagaloa, Faleese S Tagaloa, Geoffrey Riley Tagaloa, Tupulua K Tagalu, Vaiavii S Tagoa’i, Alexander-Jared S Taifane, Ene Taliloa, Jake Lafitaga Talosaga, Faith Taouma, Lee Taulafoga, Barbara Lynda Taulai, Pakaloli Taulelei, Tupuivao V Taumua, Talamakusi T Tautala, Paoivaoese Tavai, Moleli M Te’i, Aluese I Te’o, Alfred M Teo, Dionysius Tiapula, Aliitia Tiapula, Siona Tau Tiumalu, Iapani U Toala, Taotao Togia, Lima Pue Toia, Christmas Toloafa, Nancy F Tua, Rocky M Tuaolo, Mina T Tuato’o, Steven Tufele, Faatoia Tuiolemotu, Iati S Tupua, Fuatino Tusi, Setu Tuufuli, Pulefano P Tuvale, Patrick L. N. Uia, Pele Ulberg, Nofoaiga South Uti, Joseph Utu, Debra Leaso Utuga Jr, Samaauga Vai, Benjamin Eteru Vala, Hatesa S Valoaga, Susana Vaofanua Jr, Savelio Vaofanua, Vaina Vasega, Junior Velghe, Filip Robert Vitolio, Iosefo Vitolio, Viopapa Vivao, Valu Wells, Vaivasa White, Sonny Yandall, Johnston R
REMINDER: Please come on the designated dates in accordance with your last name. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Treasurer
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