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DOC cancels Industrial Park expansion due to title dispute 2 Mystery set in Pago Pago up for major book award… 3 Samson Faifili bringing positive vibe to Kansas B1
Author and former resident John Enright whose first novel has been nominated for a prestigious Barry Award for best paperback original. John moved from Tutuila six years ago to another small island, Conanicut, off the coast of Rhode Island, where he was photographed recently. Read about John’s latest exploits with Thomas & Mercer the mysterypublishing arm of online bookseller Amazon.com inside today’s issue. See story inside. [photo: Amazon.com]
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Friday, September 13, 2013
Lolo Admin cabinet salaries in comparison to past admin is raising questions
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter 
Lt. Gov. sets the record straight regarding allegations over staff
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
With some faipule asking questions about the Lolo Administration’s directors’ pay during ongoing budget hearings, and basically being told cabinet salaries are set by the governor and are not within the domain of lawmakers review, Samoa News has asked the governor’s office for a clarification, in the spirit of transparency and accountability. Years of experience in a leadership position, priorities of the administration, direct experience of the director in the field, and educational credentials with the intellectual capacity to absorb and understand new concepts or quickly master the legal mandate of the agency are among the reasons the new administration hiked the salaries for some of its cabinet members. This was the explanation from the Governor’s Executive Assistant, Iulogologo Joseph Pereira in response to Samoa News’ queries on the increase in salaries, one of which is noted with a $12,000 hike. Iu told Samoa News these directors possess the capacity to “hit the ground running” with minimal need for on-the-job training.  In a list prepared by the Fono, cabinet salaries are compared to those in the previous administration showing some moderate to large increases, others getting less, while others are receiving the same as their predecessors.  Iu, in his response, told Samoa News the current administration has established lofty priori(Continued on page 14)
Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga has moved to “set the record straight” about alleged “unauthorized actions” by his assistant Solialealofiotagaloa Mutini relating to two pallets of cement shipped to Manu’a, a number of missing umbrellas and several 24-hour vehicle passes, which Mutini signed. The allegations were cited in a Samoa News story published Wednesday based on an Aug. 28 letter from the governor’s chief of staff Fiu Johnny Saelua to Mutini regarding the cement pallets and umbrellas. The information on the vehicle passes was received by Samoa News through other sources familiar with this particular matter. In a letter/statement to Samoa News, the lieutenant governor said he applauded Fiu and the governor’s executive assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira for taking action to determine the facts regarding “questionable acts…” by Mutini. However, “I don’t approve nor appreciate the unprofessional handling of this sensitive matter,” Lemanu said and noted such “internal memorandum of personnel action” should have been “kept confidential until such time that the facts are known, and actions are taken to solidify the situation.” “These incompetent smear actions by the chief of staff and executive assistant compel me to set the record straight and hopefully regain the trust of the public, village council of Chiefs
of Faleasao and Manu’a, and families and friends of Solialealofiotagaloa, who is truly a servant of our people,” Lemanu said. The following is the explanation from Lemanu of Solialealofiotagaloa’s alleged questionable acts, as stated in the letter to Samoa News. PALLETS OF CEMENT The Lt. Governor, who oversees ASG developments in Manu’a, explained Mutini was en route to Manu’a on the MV Sili carrying government cargo in the continuing government effort to improve infrastructure in Manu’a. At the same time Mutini was supposed to ship to Tutuila — from his home in Manu’a — two pallets of cement in preparation for a family fa’alavelave. Upon the MV Sili’s arrival in Faleasao Harbor, Mutini’s pallets were not at the pier and he was told by a senior member of his family they didn’t have the resources to move his two pallets of cement to the pier. He then requested and made arrangements with Public Works in Manu’a, to hold two of the government’s cement pallets on the MV Sili for his use to ship back to Tutuila and in return Public Works in Manu’a could retrieve two pallets of cement from his house in Faleasao to replace them. “That transaction took place with the consensus of both parties,” Lemanu pointed out. “This was a fair exchange, a situational leadership decision based on lack of resources, and unreliable government transportation.”
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The Cancer Coalition’s “HPV Vaccination Project” saw its pilot program begin in the Matafao and Coleman Elementary schools on Aug. 29 and Sept. 4, 2013. The goal of this program is to provide opportunities for parents to immunize their children with the HPV vaccine as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Recommendation from the CDC is for boys and girls — ages 11 to 14 — to receive the 3-dose schedule of the HPV vaccine called ‘Gardasil’ to protect them from four viruses that cause genital warts and seven types of cancer, including cervical cancer, which is one of the most prevalent cancers in American Samoa. The Cancer Coalition established the HPV team project with the full cooperation and support of the Departments of Health and Education, as well as Coalition volunteers. The Lt. Governor’s wife, Mrs. Pohakalani Mauga (pictured here, center) is a Coalition board member and cancer survivor. She lends her experience and genuine love of this community and our children to the Project and visited the Matafao clinic to the surprise and appreciation of the school staff. According to Cancer Coalition members, “Her support and her inspiration give all of us much to be grateful for.” For more info on the HPV Vaccination Project, or any other concern related to cancer in our community, please call the Cancer Coalition office at 633-4589.
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to the Boys & Girls Clubs of American Samoa Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization
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samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
DOC canceling Industrial Park expansion due to title dispute
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Because of a legal challenge pending in court over a land title dispute, the Department of Commerce has cancelled the expansion project for the Daniel K. Inouye Industrial Park, which has more than $1 million in outstanding rent and lease payments owed to the government as of June 30 this year. DOC’s fiscal year 2013 third quarter performance report - covering the period of Apr. 1 — Jun. 30, 2013 — states the i Industrial Park expansion project funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) and Community Development Block Grant program is temporarily on hold, pending land issues regarding “Title” to the property. To salvage the project, DOC is now working with the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to obtain approval for the use of CDBG funds to develop one of the roads located “out of the contest area”, the report says and noted that a security fence is needed to secure Industrial Park after-hours. Responding to Samoa News inquires for an update and more details on the contested area — and who is claiming “title” to the property, DOC director Keniseli Lafaele only said the expansion project has been canceled due to a court case in which a Fagaima family challenged ASG’s title to the Tafuna Industrial Park. “Although the local courts ruled in ASG’s favor based on the statute of limitations, the plaintiff is appealing the ruling, which keeps the
matter pending,” he said. “All three roads that were going to be graded and paved by this project are located within this case’s contested area.” “According to EDA, it will only provide funding for properties with marketable titles. Because the ownership of the land has been challenged, the land is not considered marketable,” said Lafaele. While the project is cancelled at this time, he said, ASG will be permitted to resubmit an application to EDA for this project once the title issue has been resolved. “We are hopeful that the court case will come to an end soon, at which time DOC will resubmit a new application which will include necessary drainage, sidewalks, utility lines, and other infrastructural support not included in the original application,” he added. OUTSTANDING PAYMENTS At the end of the third quarter, the report says the Industrial Park arrears stand at just over $1.24 million with 47 tenants — 29 of them in arrears well over 90-days. The Attorney General’s Office is working on leases with arrears outstanding more than 120 days, according to the report, which also states the average receivable per month is about $43,759. The Industrial Park’s FY 2014 budget documents show a forecast of $617,000 to be collected in rents and leases for the new fiscal year. FY 2013 estimates stand at $633,000 and this is based on “actual collections of $474,555 as of June 30,
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by Patty Page Samoa News Webmaster
Mystery set in Pago Pago up for major book award
“The author’s real strength lies in his descriptions of the moods of the islands. Stormy and squally weather, sunny tradewind days, the sounds and smells of the forests, and of the reefs and ocean, are all vividly described. Sometimes you can practically taste the place. “A good read for those who like a little mystery and want to learn a bit around another part of the world.” Steve signed it, “The Guy Who Lives in the Shack in da’ Back,” and you’ll have to read Fireknife Dancing to find out why. But I digress. I started this piece as an intro to a link I plan to use on samoanews. com where John is interviewed by a Rhode Island newspaper reporter about what it’s like to be an Amazon author. One thing it’s like is “an allexpenses-paid trip to Seattle to attend a writers conference for authors who specialize in mysteries and thrillers.” The cast of characters was about 50 Thomas & Mercer authors the company had published this year. According to Enright in the Jamestown Press interview by Ken Shane, the conference took place because Amazon.com prides itself on going in new directions and thinking long term. It also helps that the company is flush with cash and enjoys being flamboyant, he says. According to Enright, the publisher’s staff is young and competitive. “One senior editor told me that at Amazon.com, they throw you in the deep end,” Enright said. “If you don’t drown, you can hang around.” The event included a variety of panel discussions, seminars, and a flurry of cocktail and dinner parties preceded by a ‘make-over’ where each author had a stylist and photographer ensuring their publicity shots captured their best angle. Enright said genre writers over the years have learned not to expect much from publishers, so there was a certain amount of apprehension among the group at the outset. No one was quite sure of Amazon.com’s motives in bringing them all together and showing them such a grand time. “A lot of them were quite suspicious about all of this,” Enright told Shane. “For them it was quite bizarre. They weren’t used to
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013 Page 3
Oasis for Fine Dining…
Author and former resident John Enright recently learned his first novel has been nominated for a prestigious Barry Award for best paperback original. The award was established by the staff of Deadly Pleasures mystery magazine, a fan oriented ‘zine that points its readers to the best in current crime fiction. Since moving six years ago from Tutuila and relocating to another small island, Conanicut, off the coast of Rhode Island, Thomas & Mercer the mystery publishing arm of online bookseller Amazon has published two books in Enright’s three-book mystery series set in American Samoa. His first novel and the one that is up for the award, “Pago Pago Tango,” was published last year as the first in the ‘Jungle Beat’ series and introduces fictional detective Apelu Soifua, The second novel in the series, “Fire Knife Dancing,” was published earlier this year and the third is planned for publication in March 2014. Enright’s lead character in all three books has been described as a Samoan Columbo by some reviewers and appears to be entirely fictional (bearing no resemblance to anyone in the territory either living or dead). Not so his supporting characters, and that makes the books a lot of fun for local readers who play “let’s guess who this really is.” Pago Pago Tango oozes with south seas characters I’ve known and some of the words coming out of their mouths are catch phrases of old friends. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t recognize your friends or yourself on first read, because you might well recognize one of your favorite haunts or even your own house reset as a scene in the action — as did governor’s legal counsel Steve Watson who wrote the following on the Amazon website in a review of the second book, Fireknife Dancing: “The characters are well developed — often composites of real people. The pace of life, and the variance between traditional Samoan village and modern Western culture, are well documented.
being treated like this. I think they were wondering if they would have to do the dishes later.” Link to the full Jamestown Press interview at samoanews. com and stand by for news of the Barry Award winner. It will be presented at a conference of mystery writers in Albany, N.Y., on Sept. 19. FULL DISCLOSURE: John Enright is a friend of Samoa News Webmaster Patty Page and she gets paid off with an autographed copy of his books.
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Aoga Elei mo Tina ma Tamaitai
➧ Industrial Park expansion…
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2013,” with three months remaining in the current fiscal year. The third quarter report revealed that a memorandum granting DOC “full authority to manage all aspects of the industrial park with the exception of collecting lease payments” was signed by the governor during this quarter. DOC, along with Industrial Park staff has initiated a ‘standard of operating procedure (SOP) that serves as the guiding document to provide standards for administering all park affairs, the report says and noted that in the interim, staff continues to monitor park activities until the SOP review is finalized and is also the case with new applications for the Industrial Park. During last week’s DOC budget hearing, the Fono joint budget committee requested a copy of the memorandum as well as the SOP for further review.
Faafesoota’i i numera nei pe a mana’omia se auala mo le faatasi mai i nei sauniga taua:
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Dear Editor, An example of a really good public service announcement that I see from time to time on the government run TV station (KVZK) is the one concerning the prevention of dengue fever by cleaning up the rubbish around one’s property where rain water can collect, creating the perfect breading grounds for mosquitoes. Whoever put that together did a really good job of educating the public on the cause and effect of a public health problem. I believe there is both a Samoan and English version of that public service announcement. Another public service announcement I wish the appropriate agencies would consider producing is one concerning the excessively loud music on some of our Aiga buses. A year or so ago a doctor from the LBJ brought up their concern over this issue. There was some talk about passing a law against buses and taxis playing excessively loud music, but I am not sure if it was ever passed. If it was, it sure doesn’t seem like it is being enforced. If a PSA was produced to educate the public on the real danger of hearing loss loud music can cause over time maybe that could have some impact on the problem. Maybe the bus drivers might become educated to the damage loud music is causing to their passengers. Maybe some passengers would start to complain about the volume of the music being played. Sometimes I see young children and babies with their parents riding on buses where the music is being played exceptionally loud. A couple of years back when the Saints won the Super Bowl there is this picture of Drew Brees holding his baby wearing noise cancellation ear phones. He knew the noise was going to be pretty loud, and he didn’t want his child to suffer any permanent hearing loss. He knew what loud noise can do to a person’s hearing and especially to a young person’s hearing. Here is a short piece that I copied off the Internet that explains exactly what damage is cause by loud noise. [The inner part of the ear contains tiny hair cells (nerve endings). The hair cells change sound into electric signals. Then nerves carry these signals to the brain, which recognizes sound. These tiny hair cells are easily damaged by loud sounds. The human ear is like any other body part — too much use and it may become damaged. Over time, repeated exposure to loud noise and music can cause hearing loss.] There is a real reason why the people who work at StarKist Samoa have to wear ear plugs. If a law would be too hard to enforce maybe education may help the problem some. Sincerely, John Tennison
Letter to the Editor
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013
Your representative at work!
Paid for by the Legislative Office of Rep. Vui Florence Saulo Phone: 633-5820, 699-4751 • Email: tualauta15@yahoo.com
After numerous appeals from Tualauta Representatives for the government to step in and tackle the long standing flooding problems during rainy days in the Tualauta District, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga stated that a request has been sent to the Army Corps of Engineers for assistance in conducting a flood mitigating study. Governor Lolo was responding to one of the many letters sent by Tualauta Faipule Vui Florence Vaili Saulo for a mitigating plan. The governor’s letter which was sent last week to the faipule commended her for her efforts for the improvements of the roads. “I applaud you for your efforts dedicated to improving the roads within your District,” said Governor Lolo to Vui. Vui in response thanked the governor for his support for a flood mitigation study for the Tualauta District. “Such a study forms a critical piece of the technical foundation for finally resolving the flooding problems in Tualauta once and for all. “As a vocal proponent and advocate of flood mitigation in the district, and as someone who has viewed firsthand the damage and heartache caused by chronic flooding in our area, as well as providing direct assistance to affected residents, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in being able to view the limited scope of the study for informational purposes only. I do not intend to make any changes to the scope; rather, I am interested in knowing what specific areas this study will address and if community support from Tualauta residents may be helpful in any way – any such initiatives would be first proposed to you for your prior approval,” said Vui. Also in numerous occasions Vui has reminding the governor of his promised to assist her in improving the roads by providing the needed materials for the secondary roads. The governor told Vui that the purchase of equipment is not eligible cost except for materials. “Your should also be aware that the government has been focusing its attention on improving the main through fare within your district hence, an inordinate amount of funds have been spent on these roads.” The governor also pointed out to Vui that are many other roads around the island which also require assistance and he’s trying to make sure the list of materials along with the description of the work to be done.
dba Samoa News is published Monday through Saturday, except for some local and federal holidays. Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News, Box 909, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799. Contact us by Telephone at (684) 633-5599 Contact us by Fax at (684) 633-4864 Contact us by Email at samoanews@samoatelco.com Normal business hours are Mon. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm. Permission to reproduce editorial and/or advertisements, in whole or in part, is required. Please address such requests to the Publisher at the address provided above.
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Vui in response stated she’s provided the list of materials Governor’s Executive Assistant, Iulogologo J. Pereira. “As noted in the submitted list, there are no equipment items for purchase. I hope that this list meets with your expectations regarding the American Samoa Government’s (ASG) part of this partnership. I am wholly cognizant that you have several other pressing requests for the scarce resources that are available for projects like this, which is why I am eternally grateful for the assistance that you are providing to Tualauta District.” She noted the assistance extended by the government is tremendous. The Tualauta faipule also pointed out to the governor that she’s working with commercial, business and civil interests from the district to pull together community resources in order to share the burden of these projects with the ASG. “In this way, ASG, and therefore, the Territory’s collective taxpayers, do not have to carry the full fiscal weight of these projects alone. Further, with the involvement of district interests and community partners, this adds to the spirit of these projects, as they are collaboration, instead of a one-sided, fully government-funded venture. As noted in previous correspondence, such strategic community partnerships may prove to be a model for future projects such as these small but impactful basic infrastructure projects. Additionally, the investments from community partners can be used as a catalyst for making these projects more attractive for ASG, essentially lowering the cost of successfully completing basic infrastructure projects.” The Tualauta faipule also commended the governor and the Director of Public Works Faleosina Voigt for the work performed this past week on the Faga’ima Road between the Faga’imaAirport Intersection leading to the Kokoland-Faga’ima Intersection by McConnel Dowell. “I recognize that the public work department has constraints upon its limited resources, and I am thankful that these resources were shared with this district. “While there still remains much work left to do, I wish to convey to you my own commitment to work hand-in-hand with you and the Administration to ensure that these basic infrastructure projects are successful and completed in a timely manner. To this end, please do not hesitate to contact me with information as to how I can best assist you in the future with regard to such projects,” said Vui.
(Source of information and comments are from Tualauta Faipule Vui Florence Vaili Saulo)
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013 Page 5
The Outreach at Matatula was a Preparedness and Awareness Presentation for the entire school (students and staff) on Wednesday the 4th, and a follow up Tsunami Evacuation Exercise on Friday the 6th. During the presentation, presenters talked about making a plan, working together and being ready. Presenters included Mase Akapo for NOAA, which is a partner with the DHS throughout September’s National Preparedness Month events. During the exercise, the school’s tsunami evacuation plan was tested by conducting an actual evacuation from the school to their safe assembly area on a hill where the NOAA station is. The drill was also timed to the tsunami emergency siren test — when the siren sounded, the school evacuated and made their way to higher grounds. It was a little emotional due to some of the staff and students being there during the event of 2009, according to a DHS participant.
Disaster Outreach Futiga Methodist Church
2 Labor Day Outreach/Pago Pago Village Youth Rally 8am-12pm 9 Outreach to Alataua Lua Elementary School
3 3 COOP Training
4 Outreach to Matatula Elementary School/COOP Training
5 TV Outreach with Public Works & EMS Rep/ COOP Training
6 Matatula Elementary School Tsunami Evacuation Drill/First Friday at the Fagatogo Market Place Siren testing at noon 13 NOAA NPM Activity
7 Disaster Outreach 11am Ottoville Stake
8 Grandparents Day Disaster Outreach at Leone Methodist
10 Outreach to St. Theresa Elementary School
Patriots Day TV Outreach with DPS (Police & Fire) / Outreach to West-Side Public High School
12 Outreach to Kanana Fou High School
14 Outreach at Laufou School Center
15 Disaster Outreach Pago Pago Methodist
17 Citizenship Day Manua Island Disaster / Ofu 24 Media Day Outreach
18 TV Outreach with ASPA & ASTCA 25 Pacific Cyclone Coordinators Meeting
19 Manu’a Island Disaster Outreach / Ta’u 26 TV Outreach with NOAA PagoPago Office & Apia MET Office / Operation Mataala 1st day Exercise - All Day.
20 Manu’a Island Disaster Outreach / Ta’u
21 Outreach at Laufou School Center 28 Outreach at Laufou School Center
22 Disaster Outreach at Nua & Seetaga Church 29 Disaster outreach at Aua AOG Church
Step Family Day Manu’a Island Disaster Outreach 23
Pacific Cyclone Coordinators Meeting
27 Native American Day Operation Mataala 2nd Day exercise - All Day
30 NPM Closing
31 Will notify ALL if schedule changes *Please visit our Facebook page for schedule changes and updates
For information please call 699-6481
Visit us on Facebook or our website. For Facebook - search “American Samoa Department of Homeland Security” For website- www.asdhs.gov
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samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013
Shipyard Authority pours all funds into upgrading facilities
Asks for CIP funds to build second slipway and lure longliners back
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Jyoti Amge poses for photos at the Empire State building observation deck, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, in New York. Standing 24.7 inches tall, Amge holds the Guinness title for world’s shortest woman and came to New York to promote the “Guinness World Records” 2014 edition book. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
GHC Reid & Company Ltd.
Tafuna Industrial Park P.O. Box 1269, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tel # 684 699-1854; Fax # 684 699-2869 Email: ecarnecer@ghcreid.com
We have an immediate opening for an experienced corporate Group Controller for a successful and progressive group of companies. Responsibilities include: 1) Developing accounting systems and monitoring, (re)evaluating, updating all financial controls and systems 2) Implementing internal controls to ensure reliable and timely financial information 3) Overseeing accountants of each company to ensure accurate and timely financial statements 4) Perform/oversee audits as needed 5) Provide tax advice and prepare all necessary financial schedules as required 6) Prepare and file tax returns Requirements include: 1) Current/Valid U.S.A. CPA license 2) CPA must keep up with CPE requirements to maintain active licensed CPA status and must maintain CPE requirements throughout employment period 3) Well-versed in U.S. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) 4) Minimum of 7-years management / supervisory experience 5) Advanced business knowledge of financial operations 6) Strong leadership and management abilities 7) Exceptional proficiency of computer skills and analytical abilities 8) Ability to interact well with all levels of the various organizations This position reports directly to the Board of Directors. Attractive salary package commensurate with experience including 401(K), vacation/sick leave and partial medical insurance. Please e-mail resume to perii@samoatelco.com or send it to: Group Controller, G.H.C. Reid & Company, Ltd., P.O. Box 1269, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799. Every application will be treated with strict confidentiality.
GHC Reid & Co. is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Shipyard Service Authority is looking at an aggressive marketing campaign to attract longliner fishing vessels back to American Samoa while seeking more than $4 million to build a second, but smaller, slipway to service those longliners, which were years ago the backbone of the local fishing industry. This information was revealed Tuesday by the authority’s board chairman David Robinson during the Fono joint budget hearing for the shipyard’s fiscal year 2014 budget of close to $2.1 million. Robinson was accompanied to the hearing by shipyard official Galumalemana Bill Satele, who addressed the joint hearing in Samoan saying that most of the shipyard’s business is with purse seiners, which provides more revenues, but the shipyard is targeting longliners as they have gone to other Pacific countries. He said the purse seiner up on the slipway some four weeks ago collected more than $200,000 in revenue for the shipyard. Rep. Larry Sanitoa said that, based on the latest information received by the Fono, the shipyard has received only $1.7 million in revenue as of Aug. 31, 2013 and he wondered if this was sufficient to cover expenses for the rest of the fiscal year which ends Sept. 30, 2013. Robinson replied “yes”, and explained that one of the issues that the shipyard has been facing with revenues — which is why they were down a little bit at the end of last month — is “the fact that we’re having to deal with equipment which is 30 years old and keeps breaking down.” And when equipment breaks down, the shipyard is down for two weeks or more so that repairs are carried out, and spare parts are flown in from off-island, he said, adding that the main platform, or slipway, is 30 years old and “we have to keep fixing that up.” “…we have lost during the course of this fiscal year, probably four or five weeks of production due to equipment failures... that’s why our revenue is down,” he said, noting that during the down time for repair the shipyard can’t avoid other obligations such as wages and utilities. “I think we will catch up,” he added. Robinson went on to explain to lawmakers — for their complete understanding — that over the past 30 years, there has been very little maintenance and up-keep by the previous tenants of the shipyard. Therefore, the shipyard had to engage in quite an upgrade, such as installing a new hauling chain (which cost $200,000), and it’s going to be fitted in next month. Additionally, the shipyard purchased a hauling motor for the slipway which cost $74,000. He also said that a lot of work has been carried out for the slipway by strengthening the steel beams, re-enforcing welding, putting in new flooring and so forth. “We’ve carried out a lot of work so far over the past 12 months and we’ve done all of this with the revenues generated at the shipyard,” he said. “So whatever money we make we like to put it back to capital improvements, and that’s what we’ve done.” He said the shipyard has requested to the governor’s office that they be able to use some Capital Improvement Project funds (about $4.8 million) to build a second, but smaller 500 ton slipway. He said there used to be a smaller one — 800 tons — years ago, but that has deteriorated over the years due to the lack of maintenance by previous operators of the shipyard. “At the present time, once we pull up a purse seiner, it takes up the entire 3000 ton platform [slipway] and we cannot pull up any of the smaller longliners. There are more longliners …than purse seiners,” he noted. “So we need to pay attention to the needs of the longline fleet and try to encourage them to come back here.” “We do need some [financial] assistance” for capital improvement as the shipyard is “not generating enough money to be able to afford to do that ourselves,” he said and went on to address the issue of the longliner fleet, which he says was the was the backbone of the fishing industry in the territory some years ago. He says only a small number of them are here while the rest have gone to Fiji, the Cook Islands, and other ports in the Pacific because of operating costs, the price of fish, and of some of the rules and regulations they have to follow here with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Port Administration. “A lot of them have gone away. So we need to have a pretty strong and aggressive marketing strategy to get these people to come back here,” he said. “And now we’re on the improvement with our facility, with our workmen-ship, I’m sure that these people will start to come back again, and we’ll see the long
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by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Fono approves Resolution regarding threat by NCDs
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013 Page 7
The Fono this week approved a House Concurrent Resolution which brings awareness to the significant public and economic threat that Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) pose to the people of American Samoa. The goal is to promote a healthy environment and lifestyle to mitigate the consequences of NCDs in American Samoa, according to the measure, sponsored by Reps. Pulele’iite Liamatua Tufele, Taotasi Archie Soliai, Lemapu Talo, Faimealelei Anthony Allen, Larry Sanitoa and Maugaoali’i T. Anoa’i. The resolution cites four main types of non-communicable diseases: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes. “NCDs have emerged as the major public health challenge in American Samoa,” it says. “Globalization and urbanization from the western influence has made American Samoa’s communities susceptible to tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diets, and physical inactivity.” The resolution quotes the World Health Organization (WHO) survey in 2007 that nearly all American Samoan adults are overweight or obese (93.5%), close to half have diabetes (47.3%) and more than one-third have hypertension (34.2%). These are among the highest rates in the Western Pacific, and in the world. According to the resolution, NCDs claim the most number of lives in American Samoa, three of every five deaths are caused by NCDs. It also points out that the cost of NCDs to American Samoa “is significant”, adding that direct health care costs are compounded by the need for chronic health care services, including expensive overseas care. “This exemplifies the rising demand for dialysis, which has reported a 37% increase in patients from 2001 to 2007, of which 80% to 90% of these patients require dialysis due to complications arising from diabetes,” it says. The measure noted that the Health Department established a NCD Committee early in 2013, which is tasked to lead the development and finalization of American Samoa’s NCD Prevention and Control Strategic Plan. “The plan is to coordinate with bilateral and international partners, the NCD coalition and other stakeholders in ensuring community engagement and buy-in during the planning process, and to oversee and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan,” it says. The NCD committee, according to the resolution, is united under a vision: ‘Healthy American Samoa: heath and wellness across the lifespan for all American Samoans’. And the mission is to promote healthy environments and lifestyles to mitigate the preventable consequences of NCD risk factors and diseases with a goal to reduce the current and future preventable burden of NCDs in American Samoa. The strategic plan for NCD prevention and control acknowledges and builds upon work that is currently in progress and is established upon these five Key Action areas: Environmental interventions; Promotion of healthy lifestyles; Appropriate clinical services; Advocacy and communication; and Monitoring and surveillance. Additionally, the strategic plan is custom-designed for the local situation while being consistent with existing global and regional NCD action plans. “The objective is to ensure the widespread awareness and acceptance of the NCD strategic plan throughout all of American Samoa,” it says. “American Samoa has already begun the process to halt the progression of NCDs and their adverse health and socioeconomic consequences in order to fuel a journey away from NCDs and towards a healthier future for American Samoa,” it says. “It is in the best interest of the people and Territory of American Samoa to heed the call to action.” Through this approved non-binding resolution, the Fono “heeds the call to bring awareness to Non-communicable diseases and the adverse consequences to the people and Territory of American Samoa.”
A farmer of the “400 Pueblos” organization, wearing a diaper and an image of the capital’s former Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, faces two cars during the group’s annual march, in Mexico City, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. The group protest in their underwear and sometimes naked because they say it is the only way to get attention. The mostly poor farmers of Mexico’s southern states, who fight for land rights, aimed this year’s march at the former mayor and police chief, alleging (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte) they suffered repression and discrimination in last year’s march.
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 09, 2013 LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history&tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position:
➧ Shipyard Authority…
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linger fleet start to increase in numbers again.” He also says that with the establishment of Tri Marine International in the territory, the company now has “nine purse seiners at our disposable to work on” while another five are being built in Europe to be stationed here as well. “Purse seiners are the backbone of our business,” he said and noted that one purse seiner on the slipway for two or up to three weeks of complete repairs to be done, could mean $250,000 to $260,000 in revenue for the shipyard. “So it’s very important that we look after those purse seiners, particularly with Tri Marine” investing a lot of money in the territory, “but it’s also important that we look after the longliners as well,” he said.
Job Title: DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS Department: Information Systems Reports To: Chief Executive Officer Summary: This senior management position heads LBJ’s Information Systems department and oversees the entire functioning of all department services and IS-related activities hospital-wide. This position reports directly to the CEO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Recruitment and supervision of qualified IS, HIM & telecommunications department employees; • IS, HIM & telecommunications Policies & Procedures development and implementation; • Management of hospital-wide IS network, including EHR, HR, financial/accounting, supply chain, plant maintenance and patient care system application support & database administration; • Management of IS hardware installation, repair, maintenance and overall performance; • Coordination of IS-usercomputer training, decision support & reporting activities; • Project Planning & Management of IS programming &software installation or upgrade activities; • Monitors integrity of data management, storage, security protection and reporting systems; and • Monitors regulatory compliance with ASG & US-federal laws, HIPAA and other HHS/CMS HIS certification requirements. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA or related Master’sdegree from an accredited College of University in Computer Science, Information Systems/TechnologyProgramming &Management, with a minimum 5 years of MIS experience, preferably in a health care or large complex multidisciplinary setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in computer science, with a minimum of 10 years progressive accounting experience in a health care or large multidisciplinary setting will be considered; IS Programming and/or IS Project Management Certification preferred; • Knowledge in hospital operations, and have knowledge of US-based hospital EHR/HIS/HIM (including ICD-10 & CPT coding)requirements as it pertains to patient care, plant maintenance, billing & financial reporting strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in HIT & MIS/HIS Management best practices and Policies & Procedures required; • Experience in development and implementation of an Information Systems Strategic Plan and aligning with hospital goals and objectives; • Demonstrated success in the development and monitoring of formal Operating and Capital Information Systems Budgets, including a track-record of success in managing departments to successful budget performances; • Must be proficient in state-of-the-art computer technologies, streamlining transactional processes, database management & storage, and security protection systems, as well as latest versions of all major pc-based software applications with demonstrated ability to apply Information Technology in solving business problems; • Experience with SQL Administration, SQL queries and ad-hoc reporting desirable; • Extensive IS hardware experience including but not limited to servers (local, external, and virtual) required; • Knowledgeable about US-federal HHS/CMS HIM/EHR regulations and hospital system upgrade requirements; • Experience with telemedicine, telecommunication and emergency communication systems required; • Experience with internal & external IS audit reviews preferred; • Must have excellent interpersonal, communications, problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills; and • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is September 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m or email: hr@lbj.as. Previous IS Director applications and/or resumes submitted over the past 12 months will be considered.
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by Samoa News staff
Friends, family gather at Fort Hood to honor 1st Lt. Jason Togi
The Samoan Congregational Christian Church of Fort Hood, Texas held a memorial service this past Sunday, Sept. 7 to honor one of their church members, 1st Lt. Jason Togi of Fagasa, who died in combat in Afghanistan last month. The church pastor, Rev. Menise Sasa, led the service that was well attended by members of the Samoan community in the Fort Hood area as well as members of the military community. The highlights of the service were the testimonials given by family members and friends. His mother, Mrs. Anglea Togi, spoke on behalf of her husband Alipapa and their children, talking about her son being a quiet, yet mature person. She said he was always studious and took his education very seriously. He also loved spending time at the minister’s house and participating in church activities. She said her father was very close to her son and the death of her son is heavy on his heart. The next speaker was a close friend from back home and a fellow soldier, SSG Jerry Masaga from Fagasa. He spoke about the pride 1st Lt. Togi had in his beloved village of Fagasa. Masaga joked that Togi always bragged about the Fealofani fautasi boat even though he never rowed the Fealofani. He was small in stature, but he had a big heart. The final speaker was his wife, Mrs. Siosiana Togi. She spoke softly about the things she’s going to miss about her husband. She told the congregation that he was very funny and had big plans for them. He shared with her all the things he wanted them to do and accomplish once he got back from his deployment. Fighting back tears, she thanked his friends and the community for the prayers for her and his family. A poignant moment in the ceremony came when Rev. Sasa led the congregation in singing the Samoan song, “La’u Lupe Ua Lele”, at the end of his meditation. There were many tears shed in the audience as they said farewell to their ‘lupe’ who is now in the hands of the Lord. The service concluded with the choir singing “Tama Samoa”. The Samoan community of Fort Hood and Central Texas extends our deepest condolences to Mrs. Siosiana Togi as well as his parents and family. We will miss our Toa-o-Samoa. Ia manuia lau malaga 1st Lt. Jason Aso Togi.
Fellow soldier and lst Lt. Jason Togi’s friend from back home, Staff Sgt. Jerry Masaga spoke about [courtesy photo] the pride Jason had in his beloved village of Fagasa.
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by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu , Samoa News Reporter 
Travel costs for ASTCA board draw questions from lawmakers
John Shada, of Manitou Springs, Colo., takes a photo of a flood water as it shoots out of a sewer on Canon Avenue on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, in Manitou Springs, Colo. Flash flooding in Colorado has cut off access to towns, closed the University of Colorado in (AP Photo/The Colorado Springs Gazette, Michael Ciaglo) Boulder and left at least three people dead.
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 09, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history&tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position:
DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES Job Title: Department: Human Resources Reports To: Chief Executive Officer Summary: This senior management position heads LBJ’s Human Resources department and oversees the entire functioning of all department services and HR-related activities hospital-wide. This position reports directly to the CEO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Recruitment, employment & retention of employees; • Salaries &benefits administration; • Coordination of employee training/professional development; • HR Policies & Procedures development and compliance monitoring; • Management of employee performance evaluation& corrective action processes • Management of employee status changes & separations; • Coordination of employee health & support programs; • Management of employee-employer relations and special employee appreciation events; • Coordination of volunteers & student interns; • Monitoring & reporting of hospital staffing budget performance and • Monitors compliance with ASG &US-Federal Labor laws. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA or related Master’sdegree from an accredited College of University in human resources management, with a minimum 5 years of HR experience, preferably in a health care or large multidisciplinary workforce setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in Human Resources, with a minimum of 10 years progressive HR experience in a health care or large multidisciplinary workforce setting will be considered; • Knowledge in hospital operations, and have knowledge of US-based staffing requirements for each section of the hospital, such as medical staff, nursing, allied health/clinical support staff, plant maintenance, finance, patient admissions/discharge, billing & collections, and computer information systems, US-federal labor and hospital staff certification requirements strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in HR/Workforce Management best practices and Policies & Procedures required; • HR Management Certification preferred; • Must be computer proficient in working with advanced HR information systems & database management systems, as well as MS Office software applications; • Must have excellent interpersonal, communications and public relations skills; and • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is September 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m or email: hr@lbj.as.
Close to $200,000 is allocated for ASTCA board members to travel to meetings and conferences — while only $88,000 is allocated for training of employees — was an issue raised by several lawmakers during the budget hearing for ASTCA, where CEO Moefa’auo Bill Emmsley testified. According to the proposed budget for ASTCA, for board members to attend the trainings held in Texas, the airfare for all nine members is $40,500 with per diems of $58,500 for seven days. The calculation is that each board member receives $8,357.14 for the trip. For all three meetings/conferences, the total allocation is $184,500. The travel allocated for the CEO’s travel to attend meetings and conferences is $35,500 for meetings in Hawai’i, Nevada, Texas and Ohio. According to the budget book ASTCA’s entire budget is $16 Million, including an increase of one million from last year’s $15.0 million budget.  The question was first raised by Tualauta Representatives Larry Sanitoa and Florence Vaili Saulo and Eastern District Rep Pulelei’ite Tufele Jr as to why the travel for board members is so much higher than the travel allocated for employees to attend trainings. CEO Moefa’auo explained to lawmakers that this proposed budget was already in place before his time, however he will advise board members on this issue. He noted that he’s looking into bringing the trainers on island, which will save the government money — given that if all the employees travel to attend these trainings it will be more costly. Another point touched upon was regarding employee increments, and the CEO explained that he’s proposed to have annual increments for the employees especially since they are entitled to them. According to ASTCA’s proposed budget, maintenance of the telephone services and internet services in Manu’a and Swains Island totals $358,900 for the year. According to the budget, per year, for Manu’a, it costs $14,400 to send digital switch technicians to Manu’a every two months to perform routine maintenance and repairs for three employees for approximately ten days, while it costs $30,000 to send five linemen over every two months to check conditions and report defects in distribution of cables both overhead and underground, which takes about 10 days. The airfares amount to $10,000 with $20,000 for per diem for the year. Sending over digital technicians to Swains Island every fourfive months to conduct routine maintenance and repairs to the remote satellite terminal and power system for two employees, in a period of five days is $6,500, where $2,500 is for airfare and $4,000 is for per diem for the year. ASTCA is also asking for $1million to increase the broadband capacity in support of the BLAST project via acquiring the use of low orbit satellites (O3b). The project will supplement capacity currently being received from ASH Cable and will also serve as a back-up route. This will include installation of a dish in Manu’a as a third redundancy, increasing Manua’s communication capabilities. For improving ASTCA’s outdated territory-wide cellular systems, where there are a high number of dropped and incomplete calls due to insufficient system capacity, ASTCA is proposing $550,000 to fund the much needed upgrades, erect more cell sites and enhance core switching mechanisms. This will assist in improving coverage to increase customer satisfaction with service offering, according to ASTCA. Also in the proposed budget ASTCA is seeking $85,500 for the Manu’a Development Initiative (MDI). “The Administration as part of its corresponding economic development strategy, declared the Islands of Manu’a as the first to be slated for social and economic development. “ASTCA has a public mandate and responsibilities to provide communication to customers and ASTCA has responded in-kind to build and erect communication infrastructure and its associated apparatus, where it’s needed at Manu’a.” The proposed budget points out that these costs are required to be noted, because they were not included in the previous budget. The proposed budget is to expand microwave capacity, erect additional towers, procure back-up digit switches and inverters and other components in support of the communication backbone system.
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Faleomavaega congratulates Kia’aina on DOI appointment
(BASED ON PRESS RELEASE) — Congressman Faleomavaega today congratulated Esther Kia‘āina on her recent appointment by President Barack Obama to serve as U.S. Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs at the Department of the Interior. The President’s nomination will now go to the U.S. Senate for confirmation. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Kia‘āina will oversee federal policy for the U.S. territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and administer policy for the Freely Associated States including the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and the Republic of Palau. Kia‘āina currently serves as the Deputy Director of the State of Hawai‘i’s Department of Land and Natural Resources, having been appointed by Governor Neil Abercrombie. She began her 20-year career on Capitol Hill as an intern for the late Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawai‘i and later went on to serve as Chief of Staff for former Congressman Robert Underwood of Guam as well as former Congressman Ed Case of Hawai’i. Kia‘āina also served in key leadership positions with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Kamehameha Schools. She was also a candidate in the 2012 general election for Hawai‘i’s 2nd Congressional District. If confirmed by the Senate, Kia’āna would become the highest-ranking Native Hawaiian presidential nominee in the White House.  “I congratulate Esther Kia‘āina on being selected by President Obama to fill the role of U.S. Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs at the Department of the Interior,” said Faleomavaega. “In her career on Capitol Hill, Kia‘āina has gained a wealth of experience and I have personally witnessed her leadership capability during her years as Chief of Staff for my dear friend and colleague, former Congressman Underwood of Guam. I am especially proud of the accomplishment she will achieve by becoming the highest-ranking Native Hawaiian presidential nominee.” “As American Samoa’s congressional representative, I am hopeful that Kia‘āina will be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Although I was in support of Nikolao Pula as the candidate for the position, I look forward to working closely with Kia‘āina. I know that she will do well and I wish her the very best,” Faleomavaega concluded.
Jyoti Amge, center, is measured as she is photographed with her parents Kisan, rear left, and Ranjana at the Empire State building observation deck, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, in New York. Standing 24.7 inches tall, Amge holds the Guinness title for worldís shortest woman and came to (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) New York to promote the ìGuinness World Recordsî 2014 edition book.
Guinness’ shortest woman visits NYC NEW YORK (AP) — A woman Guinness World Records says is the shortest in the world made a visit to one of the world’s tallest buildings in New York City for the launch of the latest edition of the records book. Jyoti Amge (JOE-tee AHM-gay) visited the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building on Thursday. The 19-year-old from Nagpur, India, measures at just over 2 feet, ½ inch tall. She’s making her first visit to the United States. Through a translator, Amge said Guinness had given her the opportunity to travel the world and made her “very popular and very famous.” Her trip to New York City also included a visit to Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. Nation’s bloated nuclear spending comes under fire LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP) — At Los Alamos National Laboratory, a seven-year, $213 million upgrade to the security system that protects the lab’s most sensitive nuclear bombmaking facilities doesn’t work. In Tennessee, the price tag for a new uranium processing facility has grown nearly sevenfold in eight years to upward of $6 billion because of problems that include a redesign to raise the roof so equipment can fit inside. Virtually every major project under the National Nuclear Security Administration’s oversight is behind schedule and over budget — the result, watchdogs and government auditors say, of years of lax accountability and nearly automatic budget increases for nuclear contractors. It’s a problem that’s far from new but is drawing renewed scrutiny as a panel appointed by Congress recently has begun reviewing whether the NNSA should be overhauled. Would you board flight 666 to HEL? HELSINKI (AP) — Would you board flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th? For superstitious travelers that might be tempting fate. But Finnair passengers on AY666 to Helsinki — which has the 3 letter designation HEL — don’t seem too bothered. Friday’s flight is almost full. Finnair pilot JuhaPekka Keidasto, who will fly the flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki, says “it has been quite a joke among the pilots.” Friday the 13th is considered bad luck in many countries and the number 666 also has negative biblical associations. Some airlines take these fears seriously and don’t have seat row 13 on board. However, the negative connotations of Friday the 13th are a relatively new phenomenon for northern Europeans and Finnair keeps row 13.
Water spouts spin over Lake Michigan KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Twin water spouts put on a spectacular show over Lake Michigan, near the Wisconsin shore. The water spouts were sighted a couple of miles off shore about 1:30 p.m. Thursday after a funnel cloud was sighted in the Wisconsin town of Kenosha. Sgt. Bill Beth of the Kenosha County sheriff’s office says the two water spouts merged into one large one, then split. Beth says it was a “beautiful day” when the water spouts “just popped out of nowhere.” National Weather Service meteorologist Ed Townsend says water spouts occur between August and October. Warning sirens were activated around 1:15 p.m. No damage or injuries were reported. The U.S. Coast Guard searched the lake after witnesses reported seeing a boat disappear.
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Boeing delivers last C-17 to US Air Force LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Boeing Co. has delivered the final C-17 produced for the U.S. Air Force, more than two decades after the mammoth and versatile transport plane was rolled out as the Cold War wound down. Military officials took delivery of the C-17 Globemaster III — the 223rd sold to the Air Force — during a ceremony Thursday attended by hundreds of workers at Boeing’s Long Beach, Calif., assembly plant. “It was a long run with the U.S. military, and it was a good run,” said engineer Bob Grech, who joined the project 19 years ago. The massive, four-engine C-17 made its first flight in 1991, and military deliveries began about two years later. The plane is used to airlift tanks, supplies and troops as
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A pair of water spouts form on Lake Michigan southeast of Kenosha, Wis. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. The National Weather Service in Sullivan said the water spouts occurred about four miles southeast from Kenosha. A water spout is basically a tornado over water, meteorolo(AP Photo/The Kenosha News, Kevin Poirier) gist Ed Townsend said.
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➧ Cabinet salaries in comparison…
ties it wishes to accomplish to improve the quality of life for our people, and these priorities have been clearly articulated by the governor and lieutenant governor through the governor’s first State of the Territory address back in January, and the actions of the administration to date have been guided by those directives. He noted that all the directorship positions were advertised with the resulting selection emanating from this process.  “The governor and lieutenant governor wanted to attract the most qualified to make up their cabinet. The governor and lieutenant governor were blind to race or nationality of the applicants but focused exclusively on the applicant’s credentials and experiences.” Iu continued, “Directorship positions have finite life spans. It would be so unfair to cripple the ability of the governor and lieutenant governor to attract experienced leaders to help them advance their priorities aimed exclusively to improve the lives of our people.”  The Governor’s Executive Assistant pointed out that all directors are on two-year contracts and they are given deliverables to achieve, they work 24/7 and they are obligated to report when called in. Also, all are political appointees so tenure is limited to a total of four years, hence no future; and they don’t qualify for any overtime or compensatory pay nor allowed payoffs at the end of the contract. Large payoffs to most of directors, as well as the former governor and lt. governor at the end of the last administration, were the subject of public outcry at the beginning of the Lolo Administration, and the subject of a Senate hearing this year, which was reported by Samoa News in March.  At the time, former Chief Election Officer Soliai Tuipine Fuimaono was identified as the person who received the largest payoff, claiming 1,096 hours of compensatory time, or comp-time with a net $50, 552 paid. Payoffs to other directors, contract workers, governor and lt. governor included accrued annual and sick leave time. In total, payoffs of $1.04 million were made, with more than $500,000 not budgeted in FY 2013, contributing to the government’s projected overrun of its current budget. The focus of the Senate hearing included a review of the legality of the payoffs especially to political appointees, and in some cases career employees. THE COMPARISON LIST The highest increases noted are for the Arts Council Director who, in the previous administration earned $48,000, while the current director is making $60,000; and in the Territorial Energy Office, the previous director made $46,000 while the current director is making $58,000 — both are $12,000 increases.  The second highest salary increase is the Public Defender, who is making $65,000 an increase of $9,600 from $55,400.  The third highest goes to the Commissioner of Public Safety who is now earning $73,000, while the previous Commissioner took home $65,000 — an increase of $8,000. Fourth is the Territorial Librarian position which paid $52,226 in the previous administration, and is now increased by $7,774 and listed at $60,000 The Agriculture Director is getting a salary increase of $7,000 up to $62,000 from the $55,000 paid to the former director.   Directorship positions for Public Health, Port Administration, and Public Works were each making $65,000 but a boost of $3,000 ups each of their salaries to $68,000. The previous director for the Office of Public Information (KVZK-TV) was making $55,000 but an increase of $3,000 gives the new director an annual salary of $58,000.  Marine and Wildlife Resources director and the head of the Property Management Office were among those who received an increase of $5,000 and both are now making $55,000.  Director for the AS Visitors Bureau used to get a $77,500 salary but that has since been increased to $80,000 — an increase of $2,500. The Attorney General saw an increase of $500 bringing
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LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 6, 2013
The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title: Department: Reports To:
Laboratory Lab Manager
Summary: The incumbent works directly under the supervision of the Lab Manager. He/She is responsible in clerical duties on a daily basis. This is a Laboratory non-testing personnel. Primary Responsibilities: • Filing laboratory test request slips and reports. • Answer incoming telephone calls, screens and take messages. • Transcribe test request • Access patient samples in the laboratory. • Collect and collate workload data. • Receives medical provider’s lab request and identify the requirements prior to testing. • Evaluate the integrity of patient samples prior to testing and ensuring sample identification is reliably maintained. • Interacting with the hospital computer system to generate blood/drawing list, verify sample collections and document collection failures. Minimum Qualifications: • High School Diploma and/or GED Certificate • Must be computer literate (word process and database). • Must have excellent public relation skills. • Must be bilingual (English/Samoan) • Must be able to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and community. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications September 16, 2013 at 04:00 p.m.
the annual pay to $73,000.  Lowering of salaries was also noted in the Fono list. With the head of the ASEPA earning $8,000 less than his predecessor — $63,000 to $55,000, while the director of Criminal Justice now gets $7,000 less — $65,000 to $58,000. Noted also are the salaries of the directors of the Office of Procurement, the Department of Human and Social Services, and Human Resources, who all are receiving $5,000 less. The CPO makes $58,000 while DHSS and DHR directors are taking home $65,000.  Other directors whose salaries are now less by  $3,000, include the Budget Office at $62,000; Vocational Rehabilitation at $65,000 and Parks and Recreation now at $60,000.  There were some directors who continue to earn the same amount as their predecessor: Director of Youth & Women’s Affairs ($60,000), Historic Preservation Officer ($50,000), Treasurer ($70,000), DOE ($70,000), Secretary of Samoan Affairs ($60,000), Director of Commerce ($65,0000) Territorial Auditor ($100,000), Internal Audit Officer ($50,000), Territorial Administration on Aging- TAOA ($60,000), Election Officer ($65,000) and the Administrative Law Justice ($73,000). BACKGROUND Samoa News should point out since the TEO directorappointee was rejected by the Fono last week, a new position of Administrator was “established within the TEO providing administrative and management oversight over the day to day operation of the agency until a director is appointed,” according to a letter Governor Lolo M. Moliga wrote to the director of Human Resources.  The governor said Jones would report directly to the governor on all administrative and management issues of the agency. According to the letter, HR is directed to prepare the documents facilitating the establishment of this position. A copy of Jones’ contract was also sent to the HR director.  For now and until a new director is appointed, Lolo wrote, funds earmarked to defray the salary of the director would be utilized to defray costs for this new position. Of interest, is the recent call by some senators and faipule to increase the salary of the Secretary of Samoan Affairs, also known as the Office of the Local Government. His was one of the salaries that remained the same — at $60,000. Samoa News notes this position is not under a 2-year contract, was a direct appointment by the governor (applications were not accepted for the position) and by statute is not subject to Fono confirmation. Further, in Fono discussion, the amount of the Secretary’s salary seemed to be viewed as a matter of ‘rank’ and not qualification and experience.
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“Preservation Builds Generations”
WHEREAS, American Samoa has a varied coastline of rocky shores, sandy beaches and harbors; and WHEREAS, the natural resources of the coastal zone are among our most valuable economic reosurces; and WHEREAS, we strongly commit to the wise use and management of our coastline to insure, for all residents, that the environment and values of the coastal zone will be sustained; and WHEREAS, the adopted Coastweeks theme: “Preservation Builds Generations” is our responsibility. NOW, THEREFORE, I, LOLO M. MOLIGA, Governor of American Samoa, do hereby proclaim the period of September 16-28, 2013 as Coastweeks in American Samoa and urge all citizens to take notice of these weeks and participate fittingly. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed by Signature and the Seal of my Office on this 6th day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteen.
OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Pago Pago American Samoa 96799
LOLO M. MOLIGA Governor o American Samoa
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Toatele tagata atunuu agavaa polokalama o lo o faatupe Feterale
tusia Ausage Fausia
E to’alua ni ali’i ua molia e le malo i le umia faasolitulafono o mariuana ina ua la faatauina atu se sikaleti mariuana i se tagata mo le $10. O Mafo’e Semu o lo o tuuaia i lona umia faasolitulafono o mariuana, ae o Tenari Laulu o lo o tuuaia i lona umia faasolitulafono o mariuana ma le faamoemoe e faatau atu i isi tagata. I le aso 8 o Setema, na valaau ai Laulu i se alii ma fesili i ai pe fia faatau sana sikaleti mariuana, ae liliu le alii lenei ua avea ma molimau, i le valaau le ofisa a leoleo ma faailoa iai le gaioiga a Laulu. Na galulue faatasi leoleo ma le molimau e ala i le faailogaina e leoleo o se tupe pepa e $10, ona latou tuu lea i le molimau e faatau mai ai mariuana mai ia Laulu. Na toe fesootai le molimau ma Laulu i luga o le telefoni ma faia ai loa le tonu o le a la fetaui i le malae baseball a le Tony Solaita i Tafuna, o iina lea o le a faataunuuina ai le fefaatauaiga e pei ona fuafuaina. Na taunuu le taavale a le molimau i le malae pesipolo a Tony Solaita ma faatali mai ai, e lei umi ae sosolo atu ma le taavale a Laulu ma sa i ai faatasi i totonu o le taavale a Laulu le alii o Semu. Ina ua talanoa Laulu ma le molimau, o le taimi lea na faatoa ia faailoa i ai e Laulu lona igoa, ona tuu lea e le molimau o le $10 ia Laulu, ma faatonu ai e Laulu ia Semu o lo o nofo i le nofoa o le pasese e ave se sikaleti mariuana se tasi i le molimau, ona alu ese loa lea o le la taavale, ae o le taimi foi lea na vili ai e le molimau taavale a leoleo o lo o paka latalata ane i le nofoaga sa faia ai le fefaatauaiga. Na taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga e faapea, na taumafai le taavale a leoleo e faaee lana faailoilo ma faaemo moli ina ia mafai ai ona taofi le taavale a Laulu, peitai sa atili ai ona alu i le atoa le taavale a Laulu ma Semu, ma vaaia ai e leoleo ua togi e se tagata i fafo se afifi. Na maua e leoleo le afifi na tofi mai i fafo ma le taavale, ma iloa ai o lea afifi o se taga pepa iila o lo o i ai ni sikaleti mariuana se lima ua uma ona taai. Sa fia se suega faapitoa i sikaleti mariuana nei ma faamaonia ai, o vaega ia o le mariuana o lo o i totonu o sikaleti sa maua. Sa faaauau pea le tuliga a leoleo ma le taavale a Laulu, ma vaaia ai le alu sa’o o le taavale e le tu i faailoilo o le auala, mulimuli ane sa mafai ona taofi e leoleo le taavale i luma o le Stadium i Tafuna ma fesiligia ai loa i laua sa i totonu o le taavale e faatatau i sikaleti mariuana na toa’i i fafo o le ta’avale. Na taua e Semu i leoleo e faapea, o ia sa tafao i luga o le auala ae alu atu loa le taavale a Laulu ma piki o ia ma la ti’eti’e ai loa i luga o le auala. E le’i umi ona alu le la taavale ae tatagi le telefoni a Laulu, ma ia faalogoina ai ua fai le tonu a Laulu ma le tagata o lo o la talanoa i le telefoni, la te fetaui i le malae baseball a Tony Solaita. Na taua e Semu i leoleo, na te le iloaina le mataupu sa talanoa ai Laulu ma le tagata i luga o le telefoni, ae na faatoa te’i ina ua faatonu e Laulu o ia e tago e ave se sikaleti mariuana se tasi i le tagata ina ua latou talanoa i le malae baseball a Tony Solaita i Tafuna. Ina ua su’e e leoleo le taavale a Laulu sa maua i ai le $10 lea na faailoa e fai ai le faatau, ma ua taofi nei e leoleo mea molimau uma na o latou maua mai i le taimi na suesueina ai lenei mataupu. E $20,000 le tupe lea ua faatulaga e totogi ona faatoa mafai lea ona tatala Semu i tua ma le toese, ae $40,000 ua faatulaga e tatala ai Laulu i tua.
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013 Page 17
Le va’a o le MV Lady Naomi mai le malo o Samoa, lea o lo o faia i ai galuega toe lipea i luga o [ata: AF] le vaega tosovaa a le malo i Satala i le vaiaso nei.
O le fesili pe faapefea ona foia ni isi o faafitauli e ono aafia ai le tautua a le Matagaluega o Tautua ma Auaunaga mo le atunuu lautele e ono tula’i mai i se taimi o i luma, pe afai e faaitiitia e le feterale vaega tupe o lo o faatupe ai ni isi o ana polokalame ae o lo o faaopoopo pea le aofa’i o tagata o lo o agava’a i ia polokalame, o se tasi lea o mataupu na tele i ai finagalo o sui o le Komiti Soofaatasi a le Fono, ina ua latou iloiloina le Paketi a le Matagaluega o Tautua ma Auaunaga lautele i le vaiaso nei. Ina ua fesiligia e le alii senatoa ia Mauga Tasi Asuega le alii faatonu po o a auala e agavaa ai le tagata i le polokalame o le ‘Food Stamp’ o lo o faatupe mai e le fererale, na tali Taeaoafua Dr. Meki Solomona e faapea, e le gata e tatau ona i lalo o le $1,800 le tupe maua a le tagata matua i le masina, ae afai fo’i e faamaonia e se foma’i ua aafia le tagata i gasegase tumau e pei o le ma’i suka ma le gugu, o le isi lea auala e agavaa ai se tagata i lalo o le polokalame. E ui na faailoa e le alii faatonu i luma o le komiti soofaatasi a le Fono, o le iloiloga o lana paketi i le tausaga faatoa tuuina atu ai ni isi ona mafaufauga e
faatatau i polokalame nei o lo o agavaa ai le mamalu o le atunuu, ae i lona talitonuga faata’ita’i e tatau ona i ai se auala e faia ina ia foia ai ni faafitauli e ono tula’i mai i le lumana’i ma aafia ai polokalame nei. “E le o se mea talafeagai le faaopoopo pea o le aofa’i o tagata o le atunuu o lo o agavaa i lalo o le polokalame a’o lea ua faaitiitia mai e le feterale vaega tupe e faatupe ai le polokalame,” o le saunoaga lea a Taeaoafua na lagolagoina e le alii senatoa ia Mauga. Na taua e Mauga e faapea, o polokalame nei e tatau ona agavaa ai na o tagata Amerika Samoa. “Lea o le a alu tupe na tuuina mai e le feterale e faatupe ai polokalame nei i tagata na auala mai i lalo o tulafono a le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga, ae mala paga ai tagata Tutuila ma Manu’a, o ni isi na o tulaga o lea ou te popole i ai,” o le saunoaga lea a Mauga. E $23.633,000 le paketi a le Ofisa na faatupe ai ana auaunaga ma totogi ai tagata faigaluega e toa 178 i le tausaga tupe 2013, peitai o lea ua faaitiitia le paketi i le $22,959,000 ae faaopoopo le aofa’i o tagata faigaluega i le toa 207. Ina ua fesiligia e le alii faipule ia Atualevao Gafatasi Afalava le alii faatonu pe i ai se afaina o le auaunaga a lona ofisa ina ua faaitiitia le paketi ae
faaopoopo tagata faigaluega, na saunoa Taeaoafua, e leai se afaina o suiga e pei ona i ai, pau le itu taua o lo o maua pea avanoa faigaluega mo tagata o le atunuu. Na teena e Taeaoafua ni isi o faasea na faaleo e le alii senatoa ia Faumuina Tagisiaalii e faapea, o lo o faapito lava le tuuina atu o polokalame a le mataglauega mo na o faleoloa Asia e pei o le talaina o WIC ma Food Stamp, ae le o faasafua atu lea faamanuiaga i pisinisi a tagata Samoa. Saunoa Taeaoafua e faapea, e le o tupu se mea faapena i le tautua a le matagaluega, ae o le pisinisi lava e pasia e sui o le matagaluega i le taimi o a latou asiasiga o lo o lelei ma talafeagai le teu fataina o ana oloa toe lava ma totoe e tautua ai manaoga o le polokalame, o le pisinisi lena e agavaa i lalo o le polokalame. O tautua uma fo’i a le matagaluega o lo o faatinoina i Tutuila nei, ua mafai fo’i ona agavaa ai tagata i Manu’a, pau le polokalame e le o faia i Manu’a o le ‘child care’, ona e talitonu le matagaluega e pei ona saunoa Taeaoafua, o lo o saogalemu pea le tausiaina o fanau i Manu’a, o le mafuaaga lena e le manaomia ai lea auaunaga, e le gata fo’i i lea, e le pisi tele matua i galuega ae ave atoa lo latou taimi e tausi ma vaai lelei ai fanau.
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samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013
Talosaga Motusa i le Fono mo se tupe faaopoopo i lana Paketi
tusia Ausage Fausia
Le faatonusili o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina a le malo, le tofa Motusa T. Nua i le taimi na molimau ai i luma o le komiti soofaatasi o le paketi a le Fono Faitulafono i le taeao [ata: AF] ananafi.
Na talosagaina e le Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina a le malo ia Motusa Tuileama Nua, le Komiti Soofaatasi o le Paketi a le Fono Faitulafono ananafi, mo ni nai vaega tupe faaopoopo e mafai ai ona faa faigaluega ni isi tagata faigaluega fou, e fesoasoani i le tautua a le matagaluega mo le atunuu. O lana ulua’i talosaga mo ni nai vaega tupe faaopoopo i lana paketi ina ua fesiligia o ia e le alii senatoa ia Soliai T. Fuimaono, ona o le manaoga e le o lava tama o lo o galulue i le asia lea o fale’aiga ma faleoloa i le atunuu, ina ia mautinoa o lo o tulaga lelei taumafa o lo o faatauina atu i le atunuu atoa. Ae ina ua toe fesiligia e le peresetene o le senate ia Gaoteote Palaie Tofau le alii faatonu po o fea tonu le vaega lea e manaomia ai se isi faaopoopoga mo lana paketi, na saunoa ai le alii faatonu e faapea, o lo o i ai le faamoemoe e ave le faamuamua i le faa faigaluegaina lea o ni isi foma’i e faaopoopo i le aufaigaluega o lo o i ai, ina ia mautinoa e lelei le tausiaina o le soifua maloloina o tagata uma i le atunuu. O isi manaoga o lo o manaomia ai le itu tau tupe e pei ona saunoa Motusa, o le fausiaina lea o ni isi falema’i i Manu’a faapea ai ma le motu i Aunu’u, ona o le faafitauli o lo o tula’i mai i Aunu’u, a o o i le taimi e leaga ai le tau ma taofia alava’a, e le mafai ona auina mai i uta tagata e mama’i i tai i le motu. O le toatele o senatoa ma faipule na maua avanoa e fesiligia ai le paketi a le matagaluega, sa momoli faatasi atu ai ma o latou finagalo faafetai i le alii faatonu, ona o suiga lelei ma le mananaia ua molimauina i totonu o le matagaluega. O ni isi o ia suiga e pei ona taua e le toatele o sui o le komiti, o asiasiga i aoga ma fale’aiga lea ua vaaia ai le siitia o le soifua maloloina o tagata i totonu o le atunuu. Na taua e sui o le komiti e faapea,
o gaioiga sa faia e le matagaluega e pei o le tapunia lea o aoga a le malo ae faalelei muamua vaega sa faaletonu, ua atagia mai ai le faatu e le alii faatonu ma lona ofisa o se matati’a ese i totonu o le atunuu, ona o se taimi muamua lea ua taofia ai le amataina o aoga a le fanau se’i faaleleia muamua fale’aiga ma potu aoga e fafaga ma aoaoina ai fanau. Na taua e Motusa i lana saunoaga e faapea, i tausaga ua mavae sa mafuli lava le matagaluega i le faa faigaluegaina lea o tagata latou te faatinoina galuega (administrator), peitai o le taimi nei ua manatu ai e ave le faamuamua i le faa faigaluegaina o fomai latou te tausia le soifua maloloina o tagata. E sefulu foma’i o lo o galulue i totonu o le matagaluega i le taimi nei, ae o lo o manaomia se isi to’afa e faaopoopo i le aofa’i o lo o i ai, ina ia mautinoa e mafai ona aapa atu i latou uma nei i aiga taitasi o le atunuu, aemaise lava i fanau ma matua nonofo fale e le o mafai ona malaga atu i le falema’i mo togafitiga. Na fautuaina e Soliai le alii faatonu ina ia silasila toto’a i meaai o lo o faatauina i tafatafa o le auala e pei o kapisi ma isi fualaauaina, e le gata o lo o aafia i le pefu ae tatau foi ona siaki vailaau o lo o faga ai fualaau aina nei ina ia mautinoa e le mama’i ai le atunuu. Na faamanino atili e le alii faatonu e faapea, e ui i le toalaiti o le aufaigaluega o lo o asia faleaiga ma le saogalemu o faleaoga, ae o lo o taumafai lava e ausia tulaga uma o le tautua, e pei o le asia o fale’aiga i totonu o le maketi, o le isi vaega o lo o asia uafu ma malae vaalele ina ia mautinoa e leai se vaega e ono tula’i mai ai se faaletonu i le soifua maloloina o le atunuu. E ui i le faaitiitia o ni isi o vaega tupe a le matagaluega mo lana paketi o le tausaga tupe fou, ae lata i le 30 avanoa faigaluega fou o lo o fuafua e faa faigaluegaina, ma o le toatele lava o i latou nei e pei ona saunoa Motusa, o foma’i e faaopoopo i le auaunaga a le matagaluega o lo o faia mo le atunuu.
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faaliliu Ausage Fausia
70 masina loka ai se alii Samoa i falepuipui feterale
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013 Page 19
E 70 masina lea ua faasala ai e le Faamasinoga Faaitumalo Feterale i Honolulu le alii o Peter Seali’itu Sagapolutele, ina ua fa’amaonia e le faamasinoga i lalo o se maliliega sa ia sainia ma le malo feterale le moliaga o lona fesoasoani lea i se isi tagata i le umiaina lea o se vaega tele o le pauta faasaina o le aisa. E lua moliaga mamafa na ulua’i tuuaia ai e le malo feterale le alii o Sapolutele ina ua faatoa molia o ia i le tulafono, ae i lalo o se maliliega sa latou sainia, ua ia tali ioe ai i le isi moliaga e tasi ae solofua e le faamasinoga le isi moliaga e tasi. O le vaiaso na te’a nei na poloaina ai e le alii faamasino ia Derrick K. Watson ia Sagapolutele ina ia taofia o ia i le falepuipui feterale i Honolulu mo le 70 masina, ma o le aso 15 Oketopa, 2013 i le itula e 12:00 i le aoauli ua poloaina e tatau ona o o atu ai i le falepuipui mo le amata tuliina lea o lona faasalaga. O ni isi o tuutuuga o le faasalaga a lenei alii e aofia ai le faasa lea ona maua o ia o toe mafuta faatasi ma i latou o lo o masalomia le umia o fualaau faasaina, ua poloaina foi o ia e auai i ni polokalame e fesoasoani ai i le faafitauli o lona tagofia o fualaau faasaina. O le mataupu faasaga ia Sagapolutele na amata alia’e mai i le masina o Aperila o le tausaga na tea nei, ina ua taunuu i le lala o le Falemeli a le feterale i Honolulu se afiafi na masalomia o lo o i ai vaega o fualaau faasaina. O le afifi na lafo mai e se tagata mai Sacramento i Kalefonia, ae faatuatusi i le igoa o Sagapolutele i Honolulu, e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga feterale. I totonu o le afifi ina ua tatala e sui o le feterale, sa maua i ai se vaega tele o le pauta faasaina o le aisa, lea e 110 kalama lona mamafa. Na taua i faamaumauga a le malo feterale ina ua fofogaina lenei mataupu e faapea, o le vaega tele o le pauta faasaina sa maua i totonu o le afifi lea, na manino ai e le faapitoa mo se tagata se toatasi ae sa faamoemoe e tulai ma faatau atu i tagata lautele. Mai vaega o le pauta faasaina sa maua i totonu o le afifi lenei, o le 81.7 kalama sa taua o se vaega e matua malosi sa gaosi mai i le aisa lelei (pure). Na taua i se vaega o le maliliega na sainia e Sagapolutele ma le malo feterale e faapea, sa ia iloaina lelei lava o le afifi sa lafo atu i lana tuatusi i Honolulu o lo o i ai vaega o le pauta faasaina o le aisa, ma sa ia iloaina lelei foi le tagata na lafo mai ai lea afifi.
Na taua e le ua molia i sui o le feterale e faapea, i le va o le masina o Ianuari ma Aperila, 2012, sa ia maua ai ni afifi se fa mai le tagata lava lea na lafoina atu le afifi sa maua i Sacramento i Kalefonia, ma o ia afifi sa i ai vaega o le pauta faasaina o le aisa. Na faailoa fo’i e Sagapolutele i sui o le feterale e pei ona taua i se vaega o le latou maliliega, mai le $1,000 e maua i lona tuleiina atu o fualaau faasaina nei, e $500 e tuu mo lona totogi ae lafo e ia le isi afa o le tupe i le tagata sa lafo atu ai fualaau faasaina. E lei mafai ona faailoa i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga pe ua maua e le feterale le tagata na lafo mai ai le afifi mai Sacramento.
Le taimi na faia ai le tula’i fa’aaloalo a le Senate i le taeao ananafi, e aloaia ai soifua o i latou uma sa maliliu i le faalavelave na tulai mai i Niu Ioka ia Setema 9, 2001, e pei ona faamanatuina ai i totonu o le malo tele o Amerika ma ona teritori ananafi, lea fo’i na sisi faavaeloto ai tagavai [ata: AF] uma i totonu o setete ma teritori o le malo tele e aofia ai ma Amerika Samoa.
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by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
Child Passenger Safety Week kicks off Monday
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013
The DPS Office of Highway Safety will join the national campaign to recognize Child Passenger Safety Week which kicks off next Monday, Sept. 15 and culminates on Saturday, Sept. 21 with a fitting station set to be held at the OMV compound in Tafuna from 9 a.m. — 12 noon. OHS Occupant Safety Program manager David Bird encourages all parents to remember the safest place in a moving vehicle for a child is in a properly fitted and secured car seat. Next Saturday’s fitting station is free for all parents who want to receive a crash course on how to properly install a car seat, the safest place in the car for a car seat, and the proper way to secure a car seat. The OHS Occupant Safety Program and its subgrantee, the Child Car Services Division of the Department of Human and Social Services, usually provide the general public with free car seats, upon request, and based on availability. Free car seats will not be offered next Saturday. The last time this happened was earlier this year on June 29 when about 30 car seats were handed out free of charge. Since the program was implemented three years ago, over 3,000 free car seats have been distributed to local residents. Sadly, the local compliance/usage percentage is less than half the national average. In the United States, the national compliance level is 80% while locally, the numbers are devastating. In 2010, the compliance level stood at 30% The following year in 2011, that number dropped to 23% and then increased to 33% in 2012. Figures and data for 2013 are not yet available. Bird said the numbers are “very sad.” He added, “we’re doing everything we can to promote the use of car seats but apparently, nobody is listening. These are things that are there to save the lives of children but people just aren’t taking the message and words of advice seriously.” He said their office plans to conduct a local survey with regards to car seats and he is hopeful that the numbers will show an increase in the compliance percentage. Samoa News understands that some locals are only picking up free car seats but not using them. Instead, they are being sent off island, including neighboring Samoa. For information on the Occupant Safety Program or details on next Saturday’s fitting station, contact program manager David Bird or OHS program coordinator Fred Scanlan at 633-1780. “Know For Sure If Your Child Is In The Right Car Seat!”
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban militants attacked the U.S. consulate in western Afghanistan on Friday morning, using a car bomb and guns to battle security forces just outside the compound in the city of Herat. It was not entirely clear whether any attackers managed to breach the facility, but at least two Afghans died, while the U.S. said its personnel were all safe. The attack, which also injured several people and wound up leaving five alleged militants dead, underscored the perilous security situation in Afghanistan, where U.S.-led troops are reducing their presence ahead of a full withdrawal next year. The insurgent strikes are no longer concentrated in the country’s south and east, but occur with troubling frequency in the north and west, which have been the more peaceful areas in years past. Friday’s assault — which was claimed by the Taliban — also followed a day and a half of exceptional joy in Afghanistan, as people of all backgrounds celebrated their nation’s first international soccer championship. Afghan and U.S. officials offered slightly different accounts of what happened. According to Herat province officials, the attack began around 6 a.m. with a powerful explosion caused by a suicide car bomber some 60 meters (66 yards) from the front gate of the consulate compound. Fellow militants then engaged in a firefight with security forces in the area. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said the assault began around 5:30 a.m., when “a truck carrying attackers drove to the front gate, and attackers — possibly firing rocket propelled grenades and assault rifles — commenced attacking Afghan Protective forces on the exterior of the gates and contracted security guards. Shortly after, the entire truck exploded,
Afghan Taliban attack US consulate, leave two dead
extensively damaging the front gate.” Gen. Rahmatullah Safi, the province’s chief of police, said U.S. special forces entered the area to secure the compound, and that no attackers managed to breach it. Harf’s statement said “American security personnel” were among the response team, and added that “it appears American and contract security personnel addressed any attackers who managed to enter the compound.” Footage broadcast on Afghanistan’s Tolo television network showed Afghan police dragging away a badly bloodied person from the scene, but it was unclear if he was dead or who he was. Rubble and twisted pieces of metal lay strewn in a seemingly wide area near the consulate, the footage showed. Safi, chief of police in Herat province, initially said an Afghan translator who apparently worked for the consulate died in the attack, but later said that victim was more likely a private security guard working at the compound. An Afghan police officer also was killed, while an unclear number of police, guards and civilians were wounded. Safi said four militants were killed during the assault, as was the suicide car bomber, but the situation was under control around an hour after the start of the attack. Robert Hilton, a U.S. Embassy spokesman, said that he had no information about a translator being among the victims and that “all consulate personnel are safe and accounted for.” Herat lies near Afghanistan’s border with Iran and is considered one of the better developed cities in the country, with a strong Iranian influence. The U.S. consulate is located in a relatively sparsely populated part of the city, and the attack took place on Friday, a day of rest in the country.
Office of Highway Safety
Local contact: DPS Office of Highway Safety (Fred Scanlan 633-1780)
well as perform medical evacuations. It quickly became a war and disaster workhorse, prized for its ability to operate from basic airstrips and cover intercontinental distances with a full load without refueling. With a payload of 160,000 pounds, it is designed to airdrop 102 paratroopers and their equipment. Syria says it joined chemical treaty on Thursday UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Syria says it became a full member of the convention banning the use of chemical weapons as of Thursday but the United Nations says it will take at least another 30 days. Bashar Ja’afari told reporters he presented the secretarygeneral with “the instrument of accession” to the Chemical Weapons Convention after President Bashar Assad signed a legislative decree earlier Thursday declaring Syria’s approval to join the treaty. “With this, the chapter of the so-called chemical weapons will be ended and ... Syria has become, starting today, a full member of the convention,” Ja’afari told reporters. San Diego man pleads guilty to pimping 17-year-old SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego man who was wearing a T-shirt that read “I make pimpin’ look easy” when he arrived at a hotel to pick up a teenage prostitute has pleaded guilty to federal charges. The U.S. attorney’s office says Martell Davis entered the plea Thursday to transporting a minor to engage in prostitution. He faces a mandatory 10-year sentence and could receive a life term. Authorities say Davis drove a 17-year-old girl from San Diego to Yuma, Arizona to engage in prostitution. Court records say the girl was arrested in San Diego in July after an undercover detective arranged to hire her through an online ad. Authorities say the investigator arrested the teen, then used her phone to text Davis and convince him to come to the hotel. Long Beach police arrest 4 for 2 separate killings LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Long Beach police have arrested four people in connection with two high-profile killings. Police Thursday announced the arrests of a man and a 16-year-old girl for the July shooting of 23-year-old Jazzmine Wash. Wash had dropped off her 3-year-old child with a relative and walked out to grab the child’s diaper bag when she was shot. Police say she was killed because a Long Beach man thought she was going to report him for a probation violation. Two arrests also were made for the 2009 stabbing of a 76-year-old woman in her home during a burglary. Leam Sovanasy was a Cambodian refugee who’d survived the Khmer Rouge genocide.
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Attempted murder conviction in Calif K-9 shooting SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A jury has returned an attempted murder conviction for a woman whose boyfriend shot and seriously wounded a Sacramento police dog before firing on the K-9’s human partner. The Sacramento Bee says the jury determined Wednesday that the woman, Leslie Marie McCully, was equally responsible for her boyfriend’s actions in May of last year when they took off on a high-speed chase after an officer tried to pull them over. Lucus Jerome Webb was fatally shot when he opened fire on Officer Randy Van Dusen and his K-9, Bodie. The German shepherd suffered gunshot wounds but has recovered. Officer Van Dusen was not hit. McCully’s sentencing is set for Oct. 11. Bodie’s story drew Facebook fans worldwide who await updates on his condition.
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Firefighters battle a blaze in a building on the Seaside Park boardwalk on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, in Seaside Park, N.J. The fire began in a frozen custard stand on the Seaside Park section of the boardwalk and quickly spread north into neighboring Seaside Heights. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
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samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013
Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
Aoga Kuka mo Tina ma Tamaitai
Amataina Setema 23, 2013, 9:00 i le taeao i le 2:00 i le afiafi Faalua i le Vaiaso Aso Gafua/Aso Lulu mo le 8 vaiaso Matua o Faiva; Malia A. Lemalu Faauu i le Aoga Kuka; American Samoa Culinary Academy, Polokalama NEG Nofoaga: Fale Palota Tuai (Utulei) 30 Avanoa Lesitala ia Ramona Toeaina i le 633-2835 poo le i-meli o Pa’u Roy Ausage i le roy.ausage@dywa.as.gov Matagaluega o Mataupu Tau Tupulaga, Tina, ma Tamaita’i Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
Ta’amilosaga Fusu — Fa’avaomalo…
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 09, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history&tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position:
CONTROLLER Job Title: Department: Finance Reports To: Chief Financial Officer Summary: This senior management position manages LBJ’s all day-to-day accounting-related activities hospitalwide. This position reports directly to the CFO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Supervision& training of assigned accounting/finance department employees; • Day-to-day accounting operations to include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, fixed assets, grants and all other accounting related processes • Management of monthly financial closings and statement preparation; • Budget control, cost analysis and related cash flow planning & monitoring activities; • Medicare/Medicaid financial certification & cost reporting; • Management of special projects and coordination of all third-party single audits as well as independent audits; • Monitors compliance with ASG & US-federal laws, HHS/CMS/IRS accounting & reporting requirements. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA, CPA or related Master’s degree from an accredited College of University in Accounting and/ or Finance, with a minimum 5 years of progressive accounting management & supervisory experience, preferably in a health care or large complex multidisciplinary setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in accounting, with a minimum of 10 years progressive accountingexperience in a health care or large multidisciplinary setting will be considered; • Extensive experience with Medicare/Medicaid hospital reimbursement rules required; • Knowledgein Medicare/Medicaid hospital financial certification &cost-reporting, and have knowledge of US-based hospital accounting & reporting requirements in patient accounting, supply chain management, assets management, capital improvement & grants requirements strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in GAAP, accounting & financial management best practices required; • Advanced Accountingand/or Financial Management Certification preferred; • Knowledgeable about Federal HHS/CMS/IRS regulations and hospital financial reporting requirements; • Must be computer proficient in major hospital accounting & financial management information systems, Excel, as well as other MS Office software applications; • Experience with internal & external audit reviews preferred; • Must have excellent interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills; • Fluency in Samoan language & culture and/or previous work experience in Polynesian culture strongly preferred; • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is September 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m or email: hr@lbj.as. Previous IS Director applications and/or resumes submitted over the past 12 months will be considered.
Ua tulata nei i le po e fa’afiafiaina ai le to’atele o lo ua umia pepa e ulufale ai i le Ta’amilosaga Fusu i le va o le Kalapu Fusu a le Amerika Samoa Amateur Boxing ma le Kalapu Fusu mai Samoa lea ua i ai nei i o tatou laufanua. O le kalapu fusu a le “Tumua ma Pule,” o lo’o talimalo ai nei le susuga Henry Tavake ma lana fo’i Kalapu Fusu, lea ua auai mai e fa’atino lenei ta’amilosaga fusu ua oso fa’aogatotonu o Setema, ae o lo’o tatalia le Vaiaso o le Moso’oi, lea e amata i le aso 19 - 26 Oketopa, 2013, e faia ai le Ta’amilosaga Fusu Fa’avaomalo fo’i, e fa’atautaia lea e le Amerika Samoa Boxing Federation. “O le taumafaiga e aoga ma e lelei fo’i, peita’i, ina ua fesiligia se auai atu o nisi o tama fusu o lo’o kolenia fa’apitoa e le Amerika Samoa Boxing Federation, ua le mafai ona fusu ai nisi o fanau ia, leaga o lo’o i ai aiaiga fa’aletulafono e ono a’afia ai le avea o le ASBF ma totino o le AIBA, po’o le Asosi Fusu lea a le Lalolagi.” O se tala lea a le susuga Mapu Jamias o le ASBF. E pei ona lau silafia, e le o se le fia fa’amaopoopo i lea fo’i taumafaiga, ae ona o le tofiga fo’i o tutula’i ai le ali’i peresetene o le ASBF i totonu o le AIBA, e le faigofie ai ona ia solituina nei tulafono tamau mo tama fusu o so’o se matua lava. O le vaega o totoe mo le tapenaga o tama fusu, o le suesuega lea tau le soifua maloloina atoatoa e tauva ai. “I le fa’atulagaga a le AIBA e le mafai ona fusu se tasi e le’i umia e ia le kilia ma’i ma le tusi ua fa’atulaga e fa’amaumau ai ana fusu’aga uma lava, pe fa’apolofesa pe leai! O nei tapenaga uma e le’i mautu uma mo le fanau o lo’o koleni ma fusu mo le ASBF. Afai ae le usita’ia lea tulaga, e le toe avea fo’i la ASBF ma totino o le AIBA, ae sili ona leaga, ona o le ali’i peresetene, o le Taitaifono o le Komisi mo Tama ma Teine Fusu i le AIBA. Ua fa’afetaia le alolofa fa’ale-uso atu a le tofa Toleafoa Tavake ua taua’aoina atu ai le 20 pepa ulufale mo le fanau o lo’o fusu i le ASBF ma ua fiafia le fanau o le a maimoaina le taumafaiga a nai alo fo’i o Amerika Samoa lea o le a fetaui ma tama fusu a le “Kalapu Fusu a Tumua ma Pule.” O le tala ‘ave o lo’o salalau nei, o le malosi tele o le tama fusu fa’amoemoeina a le ASNABC le ali’i o Heat Man A’asa, ma ua iloga le fusu a lea talavou ina ua ia fa’atotoloa fo’i se tasi o tama fusu mai Samoa, Gogosina Ulutoa, i le TKO po’o le tu’ioti i le ta’amilosaga lua o le la fusu’aga na fa’atulaga e ono ta’amilosaga e faia ai. O le la fetauiga lea sa faia i le masina o Iuni, 2013 O ana fusu’aga e lua na te’a nei, sa auai atu ai ma fusu fa’apolofesa i Samoa lea na manumalo ai A’asa ia Sigapoa Asiata o Samoa i le ta’amilosaga fusu mo le fa’ailogaina o le 50 tasuaga o le Malo o Samoa. Peita’i, o lea ua foliga mai ua toe taliu mai o ia e fia iloa pe na te toe mafaia le Heat Man a Amerika Samoa i ona laufanua. Peita’i e i ai fo’i le isi fusu’aga fa’apitoa o lo’o ua fa’aa’asa atili ai le maimoa a le mamalu ua tofu pepa ulufale nei. O le paga fa’apolofesa fo’i a le ali’i o Henry Tupa’i e fetaui ma se tasi o sui mai Samoa, ae ese ai le paga fo’i o lo’o fetaui mai ai i’inei ni ali’i fusu fa’apolofesa e to’alua mai Samoa. Ua fa’atulaga e 9 paga o le a fa’atautaia mo le maimoaga a le mamalu lautele, ae ese mai ai le tolu o paga fa’apolofesa nei ua mae’a feutaga’i mo lea po. O lo ua fuaina pauna ma ua iloa ai, o le paga o le a fusu ai nei Heat Man o le Heavy weight ma e fa’apena fo’i le ali’i o Henry Tupa’i. O le a amata vave ta’amilosaga i le afiafi, ina ia lava ma totoe le taimi mo nei paga uma ua mae’a fa’atulaga mo le aumaimoa, peita’i, ua i ai se manatu, e leai se tasi e fa’atamala i lana tapua’iga o a latou tama fusu, aua e fai fo’i o i tatou i’inei, ae o le to’atele fo’i o e o sapaia taumafaiga a tama fusu mai le “Kalapu Fusu a le Tumua ma Pule.”
More Americans exercise while they work
WASHINGTON (AP) — Glued to your desk at work? Cross that off the list of reasons not to exercise. A growing number of Americans are standing, walking and even cycling their way through the workday at treadmill desks, standup desks or other moving workstations. Others are forgoing chairs in favor of giant exercise balls to stay fit. Walking on a treadmill while making phone calls and sorting through emails means “being productive on two fronts,” said Andrew Lockerbie, senior vice president of benefits at Brown & Brown, a global insurance consulting firm. Lockerbie can burn 350 calories a day walking 3 to 4 miles on one of two treadmill desks that his company’s Indianapolis office purchased earlier this year. “I’m in meetings and at my desk and on the phone all day,” he said. “It’s great to be able to have an option at my work to get some physical activity while I’m actually doing office stuff. You feel better, you get your blood moving, you think clearly.” Treadmill desks designed for the workplace are normally set to move at 1 to 2 mph, enough to get the heart rate up but not too fast to distract from reading or talking on the phone comfortably. It’s been a decade since scientific studies began to show that too much sitting can lead to obesity and increase the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Even going to the gym three times a week doesn’t offset the harm of being sedentary for hours at a time, said Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic. “There’s a glob of information that sitting is killing us,” Levine said. “You’re basically sitting yourself into a coffin.” More companies are intrigued by the idea of helping employees stay healthy, lose weight and reduce stress — especially if it means lower insurance costs and higher productivity, said Levine, an enthusiastic supporter of the moving workstations. “Even walking at 1 mile an hour has very substantial benefits,” Levine said, such as doubling metabolic rate and improving blood sugar levels. “Although you don’t sweat, your body moving is sort of purring along.” Sales at Indianapolis-based TreadDesk are expected to increase 25 percent this year as large corporations, including Microsoft, Coca Cola, United Healthcare and Procter & Gamble have started buying the workstations in bulk, said Jerry Carr, the company’s president. At LifeSpan Fitness, based in Salt Lake City, sales of treadmill desks more than tripled over 2012, said Peter Schenk, company president. “We don’t see the growth slowing down for several years as right now we are just moving from early adopters, which are educated and highly healthconscious, to more mainstream users,” Schenk said. With bicycle desks or desk cycles, workers can pedal their way through the day on a small stationary bike mounted under their desks. Treadmill desks can range from about $800 to $5,000 or more, depending on the manufacturer and model. Desks cycles start as low as $149 for models that can fit under an existing desk but can run $1,400 or more for those with a desk built in. Standup desks can run as low as $250 for platforms that can rest on an existing desk. Some workers have opted for lower-profile — and lowercost — ways to stay fit at work, such as sitting on giant exercise balls instead of chairs. Using the inflatable balls can help improve posture and strengthen abs, legs and back muscles. “I’ve got nurses in my operating room who will use one of those balls instead of a chair,” said Michael Maloney, a professor of orthopedics and sports medicine specialist at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Maloney said anyone trying an exercise ball, treadmill desk or other moving workstation should approach it just as they would any new exercise regime. Those who have not been working out regularly should start using the equipment in small time increments to avoid injury, he said. “They have to just do it with some common sense and not overdo it,” Maloney said. “Just pay attention to how their body is responding to the new activities.” Georges Harik, founder of the Web-based instant messaging service imo.im in Palo Alto, Calif., bought two treadmill desks for his 20-person office to share three years ago. Employees tend to sort through email or do other work while using the treadmills. “I do it when I can,” he said. “Sometimes it’s not possible if you’re really thinking hard or programming a lot. But this sort of low-grade activity that keeps people from being sedentary probably helps extend their lives by a few years, and we’re big fans of that.” The office has also purchased standing desks for most of its employees. The desks can be raised up or down with the touch of a button, and Harik says at least three or four workers can be seen standing at desks to stretch their legs at any one time. But not everyone wants one, Harik said. Some workers find it too distracting to incorporate standing or walking into their work, and some feel they are just not coordinated enough to multitask as they exercise. Levine said he was at first skeptical that a standup desk would offer improvements in health comparable to treadmill desks or other moving workstations. “It appears I was completely wrong,” he said. “Once you’re off your bottom, it’s inevitable that you start meandering around. Within two minutes of standing, one activates a series of metabolic processes that are beneficial. Once you sit, all of those things get switched off.” Denise Bober, director of human resources at The Breakers, the resort hotel in Palm Beach, Fla., said having a treadmill desk in her office has made a big difference in how she feels after work. “The more movement and interaction I have, the more energy I have at the end of the day,” she said. Bober spends one to three hours walking when she’s in the office, usually at 2 mph. “If I go faster, then I make too many typing errors, but if I’m just reading a report I can go faster,” she said.
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“Know For Sure If Your Child Is In The Right Car Seat”
Local Contact: David Bird 633-1780
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Where it’s at in
American Samoa
Quality at Bottom Prices
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This artist rendering released by NASA shows NASAís Voyager 1 spacecraft barreling through space. The space agency announced Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013 that Voyager 1 has become the first spacecraft to enter interstellar space, or the space between stars, more than three decades after (AP Photo/NASA) launching from Earth.
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NASA – Voyager 1 probe has left the solar system
LOS ANGELES (AP) — NASA’s Voyager 1 probe has left the solar system, boldly going where no machine has gone before. Thirty-six years after it rocketed away from Earth, the plutonium-powered spacecraft has escaped the sun’s influence and is now cruising 11 1/2 billion miles away in interstellar space, or the vast, cold emptiness between the stars, NASA said Thursday. And just in case it encounters intelligent life out there, it is carrying a gold-plated, 1970s-era phonograph record with multicultural greetings from Earth, photos and songs, including Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode,” along with Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Louis Armstrong. Never before has a man-made object left the solar system as it is commonly understood. “We made it,” said an ecstatic Ed Stone, the mission’s chief scientist, who waited decades for this moment. NASA celebrated by playing the “Star Trek” theme at a news conference in Washington. Voyager 1 actually made its exit more than a year ago, scientists said. But since there’s no “Welcome to Interstellar Space” sign out there, NASA waited for more evidence before concluding that the probe had in fact broken out of the hot plasma bubble surrounding the planets. Voyager 1, which is about the size of a small car, is drifting in a part of the universe littered with the remnants of ancient star explosions. It will study exotic particles and other phenomena and will radio the data back to Earth, where the Voyager team awaits the starship’s discoveries. It takes about 17 hours for its signal to reach Earth. While Voyager 1 may have left the solar system as most people understand it, it still has hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years to go before bidding adieu to the last icy bodies that make up our neighborhood. At the rate it is going, it would take 40,000 years to reach the nearest star, Alpha Centauri. Voyager 1’s odyssey began in 1977 when the spacecraft and its twin, Voyager 2, were launched on a tour of the gas giant planets of the solar system. After beaming back dazzling postcard views of Jupiter’s giant red spot and Saturn’s shimmering rings, Voyager 2 hopscotched to Uranus and Neptune. Meanwhile, Voyager 1 used Saturn as a gravitational slingshot to power itself past Pluto. Last year, scientists monitoring Voyager 1 noticed strange happenings that suggested the spacecraft had broken through: Charged particles streaming from the sun suddenly vanished. Also, there was a spike in galactic cosmic rays bursting in from the outside. Since there was no detectable change in the direction of the magnetic field lines, the team assumed the far-flung craft was still in the heliosphere, or the vast bubble of charged particles around the sun. The Voyager team patiently waited for a change in magnetic field direction — thought to be the telltale sign of a cosmic border crossing. But in the meantime, a chance solar eruption that shook Voyager I last spring provided the scientists with the data they needed, convincing them the boundary had been crossed in August of last year. With the new data, “it took us 10 seconds to realize we were in interstellar space,” said Don Gurnett, a Voyager scientist at the University of Iowa who led the new research, published online in the journal Science. Not everyone is on board. The new observations are fascinating, but “it’s premature to judge,” said Lennard Fisk, a space science professor at the University of Michigan and former NASA associate administrator who was not part of the team. “Can we wait a little while longer? Maybe this picture will clear up the farther we go.” Fisk was bothered by the absence of a change in magnetic field direction. Voyager 2 trails behind at 9 1/2 billion miles from the sun. It may take another three years before Voyager 2 joins its twin on the other side. Eventually, the Voyagers will run out of nuclear fuel and will have to power down their instruments, perhaps by 2025. Until then, Voyager 1 is “the little spacecraft that could,” said mission project manager Suzanne Dodd of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “We keep on going.”
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Contestants perform during the final round of preliminary competition at the Miss America pageant, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. N.J. (AP Photo/The Press of Atlantic City, Ben Fogletto)
The dog retired from the force in May. Bill would give California among highest min. wages SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s Legislature has passed a bill that would increase the state’s minimum wage to $10 an hour within three years, making it one of the highest rates in the nation. Washington state currently has the top minimum wage at $9.19 an hour, an amount that is pegged to rise with inflation. Some cities, including San Francisco, have slightly higher minimum wages. The state Senate approved AB10 on a 26-11 vote and the Assembly followed hours later on a 51-25 vote, both largely along party lines. Gov. Jerry Brown indicated earlier this week that he would sign the bill, calling it an overdue piece of legislation that would help working-class families. The bill would gradually raise California’s minimum wage from the current $8 an hour to $10 by 2016. It would be the first increase in the state’s minimum wage in six years. It comes amid a national debate over whether it is fair to pay fast-food workers, retail clerks and others wages so low that they often have to work second or third jobs.
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4 men to be sentenced in India fatal gang rape NEW DELHI (AP) — An Indian judge is expected to hand down sentences Friday in the fatal gang rape of a young woman on a New Delhi bus, with the prosecutor and others calling for the four convicted rapists to be executed. The men were convicted Tuesday in the December attack of the 23-year-old woman, a brutal crime that unleashed a wave of public anger over the treatment of women in India. The woman died two weeks after the attack of internal injuries. The four men were facing either life imprisonment or death by hanging. Calls for them to be executed have grown increasingly loud, with everyone from the victim’s parents to top political leaders demanding the death sentence. In calling for the four to be hanged, prosecutor Dayan Krishnan said Wednesday that the attack shocked India’s “collective conscience,” noting that the police report showed the men pulled out some of the victim’s body parts after savagely penetrating her with an iron rod. “There can be nothing more diabolic than a helpless girl put through torture,” he said.
Ga., Fla. Win 3rd night Miss America prelims ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Miss America contestants from Georgia and Florida have won the third and final night of preliminary competitions in the pageant. Miss Georgia Carly Mathis won the swimsuit category on Thursday and Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones won the talent competition. The Press of Atlantic City reports that 22-year-old Mathis is promoting heart health and heart safety. The 20-year-old Jones is promoting comfort for kids. Jones wowed the audience at Boardwalk Hall with her baton twirling performance while wearing a brace on her right knee. She receives a $2,000 scholarship for winning the night’s talent event. Mathis receives $1,000 for winning the swimsuit competition. The new Miss America will be crowned Sunday night. North America’s tallest peak may be shorter JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — North America’s tallest peak, Alaska’s Mount McKinley, may have been taken down a notch. An effort to update decadesold maps using airplane-mounted radar technology showed the mountain, called Denali by locals, stands at 20,237 feet. That’s 83 feet shorter than an estimate of 20,320 feet from the early 1950s.
McKinley would still be more than 680 feet taller than the continent’s second-highest peak, Canada’s Mount Logan. The discovery was made in 2011, after data from a 2010 flight was processed, but details weren’t widely released until this week by Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell. The U.S. Geological Survey says there are no plans to make the estimate McKinley’s new official elevation. It says additional study and surveying would have to be done. There are no plans for such a survey. Say what? Kerry loses something in translation GENEVA (AP) — Say what? Something got lost in translation between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday — and it served to illustrate the level of distrust in U.S.-Russian relations. It happened when the two diplomats delivered opening statements before their high-stakes talks about how to inventory and dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons. As their joint appearance ended, Kerry asked a Russian translator to repeat the end of Lavrov’s remarks, saying his headset had cut out briefly. When it was clear that Kerry wasn’t going to get an immediate retranslation, Lavrov tried to assure him that he
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In The District Court of American Samoa
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hadn’t missed anything controversial. “It was OK, John, don’t worry,” Lavrov said. “You want me to take your word for it?” Kerry said. “It’s a little early for that.” At least they were still smiling. US measles tally among worst in 15 years ATLANTA (AP) — Health officials say 2013 already is one of the worst years for measles in more than 15 years. Before a vaccine became available about 50 years ago, nearly all children got measles by their 15th birthday. In those days, nearly 500 Americans died from measles each year. Now, the nation has about 60 cases each year. But so far this year, officials have seen 159 cases. The highest count since the mid-1990s was 222 in 2011. Most young children are vaccinated against measles. But outbreaks still occur, usually when travelers pick up the measles virus abroad and then spread it among unvaccinated people here. Nearly all of this year’s cases have been traced to travelers. Mass. Senate president issues warning BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts senators are being urged to end their practice of keeping candy in their desks after mice searching for the treats also chewed the senators’ microphone wires. Senate President Therese Murray made the plea Thursday during a formal session. The discovery was made during an upgrade of the camera system in the Senate to allow for better webcasting. Workers found that some of the senators’ microphone wires had been chewed by mice. Senators and Massachusetts representatives have traditionally kept treats in their desks for long sessions. Murray said if senators want to continue to do so, the treats should be properly sealed. The Statehouse, built more than 200 years ago, has long been home to mice, and the animals can occasionally be seen scampering about, including in the press gallery. Van carrying clowns crashes in Pa. YORK, Pa. (AP) — Good thing they weren’t crammed in a clown car. Pennsylvania police said a minivan with two clowns inside crashed outside the York Fair around 6 p.m. Wednesday when the driver missed the entrance and collided with an SUV while making a U-turn. The minivan was also pulling a trailer with a clown car. Police said the driver, 83-year-old James Billingsley of York, also known as “Dimples the Clown,” suffered a minor bump on the head. His passenger clown, 77-year-old Norman Clouser of York, was unhurt. Police said “Dimples” was wearing clown shoes but the oversized footwear apparently didn’t play a role in the crash. West York Borough police Sgt. Brad Thomas said both vehicles had to be towed. He didn’t know if the clowns ever made it to the fair. Extra ships for Syria – $27 million a week WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon is spending about $27 million a week to maintain the increased U.S. Navy presence in the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East region to keep watch over Syria and be prepared to strike if needed. President Barack Obama told the nation he ordered the military to maintain its current posture to keep pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad and be in a position to respond if diplomacy fails. The Navy has two aircraft carrier strike groups in the region and four destroyers and an amphibious warship in the eastern Mediterranean. One carrier group and one destroyer had been scheduled to leave but were told to stay. Navy officials say it costs about $25 million a week for the carrier group and $2 million a week for each destroyer. man charged with threatening Obama HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania grand jury has charged a Clarks Summit man with threatening to kill President Barack Obama. Prosecutors say in a Thursday news release that 42-year-old Nicholas Savino allegedly sent a threatening email to the White House on Aug. 16. The email allegedly said that Obama is the Antichrist and that he must stand down or be shot dead. The charges stem from an investigation by the U.S. Secret Service and the Clarks Summit police. Clarks Summit is about 10 miles outside Scranton. Obama visited Scranton and the region Aug. 23, a week after the alleged threatening email. That same day, local police seized ammunition and weapons at a Clarks Summit home on behalf of the Secret Service. Savino couldn’t be reached for comment. school closed due to slick floors AMHERST, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts school district has canceled classes for the day because floors are too slippery. The Amherst Regional School District announced on its website that all six of its schools are closed Thursday because of “weather-related building issues.” Amherst Regional High School Principal Mark Jackson said there had been 22 reported falls throughout the district on Wednesday because of slick floors. He had not heard of any serious injuries. He says the schools’ floors were waxed during the summer and Wednesday’s high temperatures melted the wax and made the floors slick. The superintendent made the decision to close the schools. The district serves children from Amherst, Pelham, Leverett and Shutesbury. Middle and high school students in the Mount Greylock Regional district in Williamstown were dismissed early Wednesday for similar reasons.
Employment Opening
The law firm of ROSE JONESON VARGAS is seeking to expand and diversify our practice. We are looking for a motivated Associate Attorney with a strong work ethic to join our firm. Prospective candidate must be licensed to practice in American Samoa, possess excellent writing skills and be interested in practicing in the Lands and Titles Division of the High Court. Courtroom experience and fluency in Samoan is preferred, but not required. Compensation for this full-time position will be $55,000 to $75,000 per annum with a range of employee benefits. Please email or mail a letter of interest, resume and the names and contact details of three references to: Barry Rose, Managing Partner ROSE JONESON VARGAS barry@rjvlaw.com P.O. Box 3501 Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 All applications will be received and held in strict confidence. Application deadline is September 20th, 2013.
ROSE JONESON VARGAS is an equal opportunity employer
TO: Penitito Fa’alologo Aua Village Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the abovenamed respondent that a petition has been filed before the High Court of American Samoa to terminate your parental rights in a female child born on January 15, 2013, at LBJ Tropical Medical Center, Fagaalu, American Samoa. A hearing will be held after two months and ten days from the date of the first publication of this notice, in which the Court may enter an order that you have not acquired any parental rights to the minor child and place the child for adoption. If you have any objection, or wish to claim or assert your parental rights, you must appear within two months and ten days from the date of the first publication of this notice and file an objection or a claim with the Court. O LE FA’AALIGA E TUUINA ATU ia te oe, le ua ta’ua i luga, ua iai le talosaga ua failaina i le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga o Amerika Samoa e iloilo ai ou aia fa’a-matua i se teineititi na fanau o ia i le aso 15 o Ianuari, 2012 i le Falemai i Fagaalu, Amerika Samoa. O lea iloiloga e faia pea a tuana’i le lua masina ma aso e sefulu mai le aso o le ulua’i faasalalauga o lenei faaaliga, ma e ono tuuina atu ai se poloa’iga a le Fa’amasinoga e faailoa ai ua leai ni ou aia fa’a-matua, ia e failaina se talosaga tete’e i le Fa’amasinoga i totonu o le lua masina ma aso e sefulu mai le ulua’i fa’asalalauga o lenei fa’aaliga. Dated/Aso: May 13, 2013
Clerk ofC ourts
Published 9/6, 9/13
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 6, 2013
The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title: Department: Reports To:
Laboratory Lab Manager
Summary: The incumbent works directly under the supervision of the Lab Manager. He/She is expected to provide the highest standard of professional practice and ethics to ensure excellent quality of patient care. Primary Responsibilities: • Collect blood specimen from hospitalized patients as well as from outpatients in the central lab blood/drawing room, remote blood/drawing room, or even the patient’s home. • Evaluate the integrity of patient samples prior to testing, prepare aliquots of the samples as required by individual lab protocols and ensuring sample identification is reliably maintained. • Interact with the hospital computer system to generate blood/drawing lists, verify sample collections and document collection failures. • Filing laboratory test request slips and reports. • Answer incoming telephone calls • Transcribe test request orders from requisitions into the computer • Access patient samples in the laboratory. • Collect and collate workload data. • Prepare data for routine and special reports. • Maintain inventories of clerical and laboratory supplies as necessary. • Receives medical provider’s lab request and identify the requirements prior to testing. • Interact with patients, nurses and physicians, as well as laboratory coworkers. Minimum Qualifications: • High School Diploma, GED Certificate and/or 2 years of college or AA/AS degree preferred. • Certified in Phlebotomy or equivalent to 6 months training in phlebotomy. • If uncertified, must complete and pass phlebotomy certification during probationary period of 6 months. • Must be computer literate (word process and database). • Must have excellent public relation skills. • Must be bilingual (English/Samoan) • Must be able to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and community. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications September 16, 2013 at 04:00 p.m.
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DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tel: (684) 633-5155 FAX: (684) 633-4195
Setema 11, 2013
E fa’asilasila atu i le mamalu o le ‘au fai pisinisi, e fa’amutaina uma le aoga o laisene pisinisi o le tausaga 2013 ia Tesema 31, 2013. O le masina o Oketopa 1, 2013 ole a amataina ai le fa’afouina uma o laisene pisinisi i le Teritori. O pisinisi uma foi e le’i fa’afouina laisene pisinisi talu mai Ianuari 30, 2014, o le a taofia lona fa’afoeina pe molia fo’i i le tulafono Maga 27.021(b) o le Malo o Amerika Samoa. E fa’amanatu atu i le mamalu o le ‘au fai pisinisi, e tusa ai ma ala o le tulafono o le Malo o Amerika Samoa, maga ASCA §27.0212 ma le maga ASCA §27.0213, o le toe fa’atuina pe fa’afoeina o lau pisinisi i se isi nofoaga po’o se isi tulaga e ese mai i le tulaga na fa’atagaina ai muamua, o le solitulafono lea. Fai mai maga ASCA §27.0212 ma le ASCA §27.0213, o laisene pisinisi uma ua fa’atagaina e patino lava i le na talosagaina lea laisene pisinisi, ma e le mafai ona ave i se isi lava tagata na te fa’aaogaina…O ia laisene pisinisi uma fo’i, e le mafai ona fa’aogaina pe ave i se isi lava nofoaga e ese mai i le mea na fa’atagaina mai ai, I le ma lea, o se e toatasi o loo faia sana po’o ana pisinisi i ni tulaga eseese e 2 po’o le sili atu fo’i i totonu o Amerika Samoa, o ia lena e tatau ona tofu tulaga ta’itasi uma ma laisene pisinisi. E fa’alauiloa atu i le mamalu lautele, o le a fa’atautaia asiasiga a le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga i pisinisi uma i le teritori. Talosagaina pisinisi uma ia fa’apipi’i laisene pisinisi 2014 i se tulaga e fa’afaigofie ai lea fa’amoemoe. Afai e le’i tau’a’aoina atu lau laisene ua uma ona fa’afouina, fa’amolemole ia saunia le risiti e fa’ailoa ai ua uma ona totogi. O sui o le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga ua iai le fa’atagana e asiasia ai so’o se pisinisi, maota ma laoa, mo le fa’afoeina o galuega su’esu’e. O se e fa’alavelave i le fa’afoeina o nei asiasiga e mafai ona molia e tusa ai ma ala o le tulafono. Ua fiafia tele le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga e fa’alauiloa atu I le mamalu o le ‘au fai pisinisi ma le mamalu tele I Manu’a, ua iai nei le aufaigaluega e galulue mo le tautua ina ma fa’atinoina auaunaga a lenei Matagaluega I le Manu’atele. Fa’amolemole, faafesootai Fa’aaloalogaalii Leama-Leami I le ofisa a le Malo I Ofu, 655-1246 ma Salataima Filoialii-Young I le ofisa a le Malo I Ta’u I le 677-3570. Fa’amolemole fa’afeso’ota’i mai le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga le vaega o Tamaoaiga ma Atinae ile numera telefoni 633-5155, mo se malamalama’aga i fuafuaga ua ta’ua i luga. Ma le fa’aaloalo,
Keniseli Faalupe Lafaele Fa’atonu
To improve the quality of life for individuals and the community through economic development and sustainable resource management
samoa news, Friday, September 13, 2013 Page 29
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tel: (684) 633-5155 FAX: (684) 633-4195
September 11, 2013
The business community is hereby reminded that all 2013 business licenses will expire on December 31, 2013. The renewal period starts on October 1, 2013 for all existing businesses in the Territory. Any business that fails to renew its license by January 30, 2014 is required to cease all business operations or will be subject to prosecution pursuant to Section 27.0211(b) of the American Samoa Code Annotated. Furthermore, the business community is hereby reminded that it is illegal to relocate or transfer your business to a new location without obtaining a new business license for the new location. Pursuant to ASCA §27.0212 and ASCA §27.0213 that every (business) license issued…is personal and shall be issued to the person or persons making the application therefore, and may not under any circumstances be transferred to any other person….Any license conditioned upon the fulfillment of any qualification or prerequisites pertaining to the premises wherein the licensee conducts his/her business, trade, or profession may not be transferred to another location. In addition, when one person operates or conducts businesses in 2 or more locations in American Samoa, the person is required to obtain a license for each location. The public is hereby informed that the Department of Commerce will be conducting regular on-site inspections of all businesses for CY 2014 business licenses. Business owners are advised to post their 2014 business license certificate(s) in a conspicuous place on the premises. In the event that the Revenue Office has not yet issued a business license certificate, business owners are asked to present their receipt as proof of payment. Department of Commerce (DOC) officials are authorized to enter any building or premises for the purpose of conducting an inspection with respect to business activities. Interference with DOC officials in the performance of these duties can result in arrest or prosecution. The Department of Commerce is happy to inform the business community and the general public in the Manu’a Islands; we have two Economic Development Compliance Officers now working to assist with Business Licensing, Land Use Permitting, Promoting Commerce & Industry and Economic Development efforts. To assist with the business license renewal process in the Manu’a Islands, please contact Ms. Fa’aaloalogaalii Leama-Leami at the ASG-Executive Office Building in Ofu at 655-1246 and Mrs. Salataima Filoialii-Young at the ASG-Executive Office Building in Ta’u at 677-3570. For further information regarding this notice, contact the Economic Development Division of the Department of Commerce at 633-5155. Thank you for your cooperation,
Keniseli Faalupe Lafaele Director
To improve the quality of life for individuals and the community through economic development and sustainable resource management
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American Samoa
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This handout photo released on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, by Guinness World Records, shows Miracle Milly, a brown female Chihuahua who is the smallest dog living, in terms of height, measuring 3.8 inches (9.65 centimeters) tall when measured from backbone to paw, on Feb. 21, 2013. Milly is owned by Vanesa Semler who lives in Dorado, Puerto Rico.
Desktops and Laptops Mac and PC Custom Built Computers Computer Repairs Refurbished Desktops Computer Parts Next to Coconut Point Gas Station and Laptops Computer Recycling Phone No: 699-9706 Layaway Available computerworld.as@gmail.com Preventative Maintenance Contracts www.computerworld-as.com Network Installation and Maintenance
Guinness: World’s smallest dog found in Puerto Rico…
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico can now boast it is home to the world’s smallest dog — at least when it comes to height. The brown Chihuahua named Miracle Milly is shorter than a soup can, standing at 3.8 inches (9.65 centimeters) tall when measured from backbone to paw, Guinness World Records announced Thursday. She is nearly 2 years old, weighs roughly 1 pound (half a kilogram) and is known for often sticking out her tiny tongue when someone takes her picture. “She knows how to pose,” owner Vanesa Semler told The Associated Press. Miracle Milly dethroned Boo Boo, a longhaired Chihuahua from Kentucky that stands 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) tall. Guinness also has a second category for world’s smallest dog when measured by length. That title is held by Heaven Sent Brandy, a Chihuahua in Largo, Florida, that measures 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) long. When she was born, Miracle Milly weighed less than an ounce and fit in a teaspoon, Semler said. Her mouth was too tiny to nurse from her mother, so Semler gave her milk every two hours through an eyedropper.
(AP Photo/Guinness World Records 2014 Edition)
Aitulagi Building 2nd Floor Fagatogo Square Fagaima Road Suite 208B Ph: 699-3848 Ph: 633-3848 Fax: 699-3849 Fax: 633-3849 http://www.limafesoasoani.com Business Hours are Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm
She slept in a doll’s crib next to Semler’s bed, growing stronger as the months passed. The Chihuahua now sleeps in a baby’s crib and will eat nothing but food cooked by humans. “She really likes salmon and chicken,” Semler said, noting that she eats four times a day. Miracle Milly is close to her two sisters, both which are of normal size, but she prefers the company of people. “She does not understand that she is a dog,” Semler said. “She thinks she’s a kid.” She doesn’t bark and likes playing with the plants in Semler’s backyard. If there are birds to chase, even better. If she’s playing inside, she gravitates toward Paco, a yellow Chihuahua plush toy twice her size. The stuffed animal is among dozens lining her crib. “We give her a new toy almost every week,” Semler said. “She likes to cuddle with them.” Miracle Milly is one of 10 Chihuahuas that Semler owns, and is easily the most popular. “People are amazed when they see her because she is so small,” Semler said. “And she has a big personality. People love her.”
Boy, 8, describes robbery in 911 call
PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — An 8-year-old boy who fled to a neighbor’s home during an attempted robbery at his family’s Detroit-area apartment told a 911 dispatcher that a gunman forced his mother to the floor. The 911 call was made shortly after 2 a.m. Tuesday and was released Thursday by the Oakland County sheriff’s department. In it, the boy describes the scene at his home in Pontiac, about 20 miles north of Detroit. “The dude came to my house with a gun and told my mama to lay down,” said the boy, whose name was not released. “I’m at a neighbor’s house and the dude is at my house by the pool. It’s the first house where cars is at.” “Do you want me to stay here?” the boy asked. “Yes, yes I do,” the dispatcher said. When asked his age, the boy replied: “Eight, and I’m still short.” It was not clear who dialed 911. A woman at the home where the call was made told the dispatcher she didn’t know what was going on. “The little boy just beat on my door and asked for help and I let him in,” she said. The boy’s mother told investigators that two men entered her apartment and forced her to the floor at gunpoint, according to the sheriff’s department. The men demanded money and went through her purse and kitchen cabinets, but found nothing of value and fled, the boy’s mother said. No one was injured, but three other children were in the apartment at the time of the robbery. Police said no arrests have been made.
Island Funeral Services in Nu’uuli
“Lean on Us in Your Time of Need”
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“Therefore, Solialealofiotagaloa Mutini never stole any cement pallets from the government,” Lemanu declared. “...for the record, in Manu’a, our government borrowed from Solialealofiotagaloa the following: two additional pallets of cement to finish the gas station in Ta’u; one pallet of 18-inch bricks to build the office of Homeland Security in Ta’u; three AC units — one for the gas station office, one for the gas station store, and one for the Agriculture Department store in Ta’u; lumber for the ASG Office in Ta’u; and FREE of charge his family’s cement mixer to the government for putting up the structure and other government jobs,” Lemanu pointed out. “To date, he has not been reimbursed for any of these items. Solialealofiotagaloa’s mother and family have hosted and continue to host numerous breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for government employees, mainly from Tutuila free of charge, as well as accommodate many government employees from Tutuila with rooms to stay while in Manu’a to include some World Teachers from DOE,” he said. “I am sure ASTCA field employees, DPW employees and some World Teachers from DOE will attest to that. Solialealofiotagaloa and his family also hosted Troy Polamalu and his family when they visited Manu’a,” Lemanu noted. UMBRELLAS As for the umbrellas in question, Lemanu said, they were used when the Indonesian contingency visited American Samoa. Four umbrellas were given out to the Indonesians and their local escorts while two are with the Lt. Governor — one in the Lt. Governors’ vehicle, and one in the Lt. Governor’s office, according to the letter. “When the missing umbrellas were questioned, Solialealofiotagaloa felt responsible for the four unaccounted umbrellas given to the Indonesians and their escorts and bought replacements,” said Lemanu. “Again, no umbrellas were stolen nor used for personal gain.” Lemanu says that when he received the copy of the Aug. 28 letter — which the lieutenant governor says was written by Iulogologo and signed by Fiu — “I asked Solialealofiotagaloa not to reply to the letter and that I would take care of it.” VEHICLE PASSES Lemanu said all passes signed by Mutini were “approved” by him [the Lt. Governor]. Samoa News reported Wednesday that earlier this year, Mutini was reported to officials at the governor’s office for allegedly creating several 24-hour passes for DOE employees and the passes were allegedly signed by Mutini. CONCLUSION “These are the facts of what transpired with the concerns raised” by Fiu and Iulogologo, he said. “Therefore, I would like to apologize to Solia’s wife and children, parents — especially to his mother Musu, brothers, sisters and all his families and friends for such unwarranted public humiliation and embarrassment with such unprofessional action on the part of our staff,” said the Lt. Governor. “Solialealofiotagaloa’s professionalism in conducting his duties as a public servant is unquestionable,” he said, adding that Mutini has a solid background of twenty plus years as a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant which “solidify his experience as a can-do leader and a team player.” “His loyalty, commitment to duty in serving our people is of utmost importance to him. He is a dependable leader that can take orders, execute orders, and command when needed to,” said Lemanu and offered traditional Samoan apologies to Mutini, his family, village and district: “Ou te fa’atoese atu i lau Susuga Solialealofiotagaloa Mutini, le aiga atoa, nu’u ma le itumalo ona o ni fa’aletonu ma vaivaiga o fuafuaga a lo tatou ofisa. A tonu e avea lenei tusi e fa’amatala ai le sa’o o lau tautua fa’amaoni, ma le fesoasoani malosi a si ou aiga i le malo ma le atu nuu.”
American Samoa Government OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT
RFQ No: RFQ-060-2013
RFQ No: RFQ-060-2013 Issuance Date: September 11, 2013 Date & Time Due: September 18, 2013 No later than 2:00 p.m. local time The American Samoa Government (ASG) issues a Request For Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified firms for the:
“Janitorial and Landscaping Services for the Pago Pago International Airport”
Submission: Original and five copies of the Statement of Qualifications must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: “RFQ: Janitorial & Landscaping Services for Pago Pago International Airport.” Submissions are to be sent to the following address and will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Wednesday, September 18, 2013: Office of Procurement American Samoa Government Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 attn: Tiaotalaga J.E. Kruse, CPO Any Statement of Qualification received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as being non-responsive. Document: The RFQ document outlining the qualification requirements is available at The Office of Procurement, Tafuna, American Samoa, during normal working hours. Review: Request for Qualification data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation Board under the auspices of the Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, ASG. Right of Rejection: The American Samoa Government reserves the right to reject any and/or all Statements of Qualification and to waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted qualifications that are not in the best interests of the American Samoa Government or the public.
“Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action”
TIAOTALAGA J.E. KRUSE Chief Procurement Officer
American Samoa Power Authority
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August 19, 2013 FY13.1139.WHSE-TD Purchase and Delivery of Transmission and Distribution Inventory Supplies CLOSING DATE: September 25, 2013: 2:00 p.m. American Samoa Time The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) hereby issues an Invitation for Bids (“IFB”) for the purchase and delivery of Transmission and Distribution Inventory Supplies. The complete description of required deliverables is listed in the attached Scope of Work (“SOW”). A complete bid package may be picked up from ASPA Materials Management Office in Tafuna. You may also view this IFB online at ASPA’s website, www.aspower.com. For more information about this IFB, please contact: Sose Palemene, Purchasing Agent sose@aspower.com 684-699-0105 Qualified bidders must submit bids in a sealed enclosure clearly marked with the date and time of the bid opening to the Materials Management. An original, one electronic PDF copy, and five (5) hard copies of the bid must be received at the Materials Management Office at ASPA Tafuna Compound no later than September 25, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. Late submittals will not be opened or considered and will be designated as non-responsive. The American Samoa Power Authority reserves the right to: 1. Reject all Bids and reissue a new or amended IFB; 2. Request additional information from any Bidder; 3. Select a bidder(s) for award based on meeting terms, conditions and required Specifications as specified in the SOW; 4. Issue a Purchase order(s) to the bidder(s) selected for award; and/or 5. Waive any non-material violations of rules set up in this IFB at its sole discretion. Approved for Issuance: Utu Abe Malae, Executive Director, ASPA
Some Pittsburghers cited for parking in driveways
PITTSBURGH (AP) — Some Pittsburghers are being ticketed or warned not to park in their own driveways under an obscure ordinance that requires them to pay $225 for a permit if they wish to park within 30 feet of a street. Some residents have complained about the tickets and warnings, which are issued by the city’s Bureau of Building Inspection. The agency is caught in the middle, contend John Jennings, its acting chief. The bureau doesn’t issue tickets unless residents complain and, often, those complaints aren’t prompted by people who park in driveways but by those who create cement or gravel parking pads in front of their homes. Those pads are often closer than 30 feet to the street, dug out of people’s front yards, and used to park larger commercial vehicles, which some residents consider eyesores. But City Councilman Corey O’Connor and Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith are hoping to change the seldom-enforced, little-known ordinance to prevent people from being ticketed for parking in their own driveways.
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In this photo taken Sept. 10, 2013, Thanawat Martnok poses for photographer with his dog at his house in Bangkok, Thailand. After having quarreled with his younger brother Yuthapoom Martnok, Thanawat told police that Yuthapoom had defamed King Bhumibol, an accusation that should be punished up to 15 years behind bars. Yuthapoom was indicted on charges of ìlese majesteî - insulting the royal family. Denied bail on national security grounds, he has been jailed for a year in a Bangkok prison where he is anx(AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong) iously awaiting the courtís verdict Friday, Sept. 13, 2013.
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 6, 2013
The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title: Department: Reports To:
Laboratory Lab Manager
Summary: The incumbent works directly under the supervision of the Lab Manager. The Medical Technologist II is a high ranking testing personnel, often handles supervisory or administrative work in a specialty section. Primary Responsibilities: • Performs only the test that is authorized by the Laboratory Manager. • Perform or supervise moderate to high complexity testing. • Must have knowledge and experience in phlebotomy procedure. • Follow the Laboratory’s procedures for specimen receiving, handling and processing, test analyses, reporting and maintaining records of patient test results. • Maintain records that demonstrate proficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient samples. • Adhere to the Laboratory’s Quality Control Policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed. • Follow the Laboratory’s established corrective action policies and procedures whenever test systems are not within the laboratory’s established acceptable levels of performance. • Capable of identifying problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and either must correct the problems or immediately notify the technical consultant, clinical consultant or director. • Document all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the Laboratory’s established performance specifications. Minimum Qualifications: • Prefer MS/MA Degree from an accredited College or University in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent and certified as Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Specialist, or Medical Technologist by a recognized certifying agency, and at least 1 year of experience in all areas of the Laboratory. • OR Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited College or University in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent. • Or an Associate Degree from an accredited College or University. • Must be US Licensed or US Certified. • Must be computer literate (word process and database). • Must have excellent public relation skills. • Must be able to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and community. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications September 16, 2013 at 04:00 p.m.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal authorities said Thursday they believe a former Los Angeles airport security screener acted alone and there wasn’t a larger plot when he made threats that closed some airport terminals on the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Investigators haven’t found any explosives or weapons belonging to screener Nna Alpha Onuoha, 29, who was charged Wednesday, the day after quitting his job with the Transportation Security Administration at Los Angeles International Airport. Authorities said there is no evidence at this point to show Onuoha was aided in his efforts or there was a bigger terror plot brewing. “We have no indication there was anyone else involved in this,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge David Bowdich. A manhunt was launched on Tuesday after authorities say Onuoha resigned from his job and returned several hours later to leave a package at TSA’s airport headquarters that was addressed to a manager. He is originally from Nigeria and formerly served in the National Guard. A bomb squad found no explosives or harmful contents in the package but discovered an eight-page letter in which Onuoha expressed disdain for the U.S. and referenced the event that led to his suspension, investigators said. Onuoha also has sent a package to a staffer at a veterans’ apartment complex in Inglewood where he lived and a letter to a church in Riverside where he was eventually found. Bowdich said another letter was discovered Wednesday that was sent to the home of a TSA employee. None of the items contained dangerous material. Onuoha’s threats were taken seriously enough by federal investigators who planned to hold a news conference early Wednesday on the matter, but Onuoha was arrested hours earlier. “We were very concerned, given the facts, the dates, the time and his knowledge and access to the airport,” Bowdich said. “Everything was hitting an informal matrix in my mind that we said ‘We need to get him off the streets right now.’ Onuoha, who had worked for TSA since 2006, was suspended for a week in July following an incident at LAX where he allegedly told a 15-year-old girl to cover up. The incident drew attention when the girl’s father, Mark Frauenfelder, wrote about it on his blog. He said his daughter was humiliated and shamed. He posted a photo of her in the outfit, modest by modern standards, and said he had complained to TSA. Onuoha referenced the suspension in a lengthy letter apparently written to Frauenfelder that was found on a website that has other postings with Onuoha’s name and birth date that matches public records for him. Authorities are examining the website that also has passages declaring America would be “reduced to nothing.” “Do not expect another 9/11,” the posting attributed to Onuoha said. “What will unfold on this day and on the days ahead will be greater than 9/11.” In a search of Onuoha’s apartment, police found a handwritten note entitled “9/11/2013 THERE WILL BE FIRE! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!” and containing unspecified threats that cited the anniversary of the terror attacks, authorities said. An FBI affidavit says Onuoha told investigators he didn’t mean the calls to the airport to be threats and he had no violent intentions. He said he wanted to start preaching in the streets beginning Wednesday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. A phone message left for defense attorney Samuel Josephs was not immediately returned Thursday. Some national security experts said investigators quick response was appropriate but said this appears to be more about a workplace dispute than an act of domestic terrorism. “It probably got more attention because it happened around 9/11 and some of the language he used,” said Jack Riley, vice president of RAND Corporation’s national security research division. “It really doesn’t have the feel of any connection to terrorism at this point.” Onuoha had served as an infantryman in the National Guard from 2004 to 2010, including a deployment to Kosovo for a peacekeeping mission between 2005 and 2006, said California National Guard spokesman Capt. Will Martin. Onuoha reached the rank of specialist. Onuoha made his initial court appearance Wednesday but didn’t enter a plea to one count each of making a false threat and making threats affecting interstate commerce. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.
Feds: Ex-TSA screener acted alone in threats
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