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Jury trial begins today for 1 of 2 fake FBI agents 6 Territory is ready for growing cruise ship industry… 3 Chargers: Te’o has foot sprain – out for week B1
One of the highlights of this year’s Samoan Flag Day celebration in Utah was the production “Fagogo: Stories of Samoa” written and directed by Sia Figel and choreographed by Fina Schwenke of Tausala Productions. Pictured is a scene from Sina and the Eel. Samoa News will bring you more info and photos from this effort to perpetuate our cultural history.
[courtesy photo from Crystal Ripley-Ainuu]
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Monday, August 12, 2013
by Teri Hunkin, Samoa News staff
Landslide research and mitigation is a must, say experts
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu  Samoa News Reporter 
Feds query spending of $24.8 million NEG
Tutuila is a geologically dynamic island, and one where landslide research and mitigation is vitally important. This, according to professional engineer Tim Bodell, who spoke to Samoa News following the rockfall which slowed traffic to a crawl last week on Tutuila’s only shoreline road between town and the Tafuna plains. The landslide which occurred near Fatu ma Futi on Tuesday left a brutal scar on the mountainside; with its twisted tree trunks, tangled and exposed underbrush and broken boulders, it was reminiscent of a scene from a bad dream. Thankfully, no one was injured and no buildings were destroyed, but that may not be the case next time, as the mountainside continues to be subject to weather, gravity and other natural forces says Bodell, who is here on contract with the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency. providing technical support to the agency. Natural events can lead to chaos and destruction, as island residents are well aware, having witnessed the aftermath of hurricanes, tsunami and great storms. Even small landslides can wreak havoc, if only in stalled traffic along the territory’s two-lane seaside road.
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Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are looking into the spending of the $24.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor for recovery efforts, under the National Emergency Grant (NEG) program which was administered by the Department of Human Resources. Samoa News understands FBI Agents, who departed the territory last Friday, had questioned HR employees that worked with the NEG program, including their supervisors and the HR Director. NEG is the service capacity of the Workforce Investment Act Dislocated Worker training and employment programs which provides funding assistance in response to large, unexpected economic events which cause significant job losses. NEG’s first project in  the territory was when Chicken of the Sea (COS) was scheduled to close permanently, and the American Samoa Government began exploring ways to help the more than 2,000 workers transition to new jobs.
At the time, the canneries were the second largest private-sector employer in the territory and the third largest employer overall, aside from ASG. DHR staff, under the direction of former DHR Director Evelyn Vaitautolu-Langford, assembled a request to the US Department of Labor for a National Emergency Grant to aid COS workers who needed to transition to new jobs, training, or alternative careers. The request was approved and the DHR provided services. The day before the plant was due to close, on September 29, 2009 — a deadly tsunami struck. Dozens of coastal homes, sea crafts, businesses, parks, and developments were lost, including much of Pago Plaza — home to many federal agencies and professional service firms. Initially, the USDOL released $8,285,870 to create temporary jobs for eligible dislocated workers to assist in the territory’s cleanup and recovery efforts after the devastating tsunami. Former NEG Manager Tuimavave Tauapa’i Laupola told Samoa News yesterday that after the release of the $8.2 million, they requested the remaining funds and USDOL awarded NEG
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Department of Agriculture director Lealao Melila Purcell and his staff after conducting a thorough clean up last Friday of the Fa’asao Marist High School campus, in preparation for the opening of Catholic Education schools on August 19th. Fa’asao Marist principal Victor Langkilde said the DoA “did a splendid job with cleaning the entire campus” and the department is planting bananas and taro and will be building a green house. “A partnership with programs, such as these, is being discussed to educate students about agriculture. Fa’asao Marist High School is very appreciative to Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga for the Adopt a School program,” said Langkilde over the weekend. The high school was one of several of the territory’s schools cited by the Health Department, after inspections last week, for unsanitary conditions — which have to be corrected before officially opening for the new 2013-2014 school year. Also due to the DoH inspections, the DOE has announced it has delayed opening all of its public schools — early childhood, elementary and secondary — for the new school year for students only. [courtesy photo] Slated to open today, DOE has moved its official opening to next Monday, August 19th. (See Saturday, Aug. 10, Toasavili for details).
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Rep Saulo reminds Gov of partnership for Tualauta roads
She has has the manpower; does ASG have the materials?
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
In her endless efforts to get the government to prioritize secondary roads in the Tualauta District, Rep. Florence Saulo is coordinating with community partners to provide labor for the Kokoland and Faleniu road projects, with the government providing the materials. In a letter to Governor Lolo Moliga, the Tualauta faipule reminded Lolo of his promise to assist with the construction of the secondary roads, by providing the materials.   A list of materials and equipment — like a mixer, tamping runner, plate compactor, and backhoe loader with tools, as well as cement, cinder, sand, lumber and re-bars — was attached to Saulo’s letter. In her letter, the House Rep reminded the governor of their previous meetings and noted residents of the district will be most pleased to know that basic infrastructure plans for their villages continue to be implemented thanks to community partnerships with the ASG. “As per our discussion and agreement, I will coordinate community partners in order to provide the labor for each of the Kokoland and Faleniu Road projects,” Saulo wrote. “As our partner in this venture, ASG will provide the materials and supplies in order to carry out these projects to successful completion.” She added, “It has always been, and will remain my fervent belief that by creating and maintaining strategic community partnerships, we can improve the lives of our residents by undertaking and completing important infrastructure projects such as these. I am hopeful that this model can be utilized for a wealth of other infrastructure, mitigation and economic development projects that focus on the Tualauta District in the future.” Saulo said inherent in any successful partnership is the willingness and dedication to work together toward a common goal. “Therefore, I thank you for ASG’s willingness and for your dedication to working with the residents of Tualauta District to accomplish our common goal, which is to provide basic infrastructure to the fastest growing district in the Territory.” The Tualauta faipule has written to Governor Lolo on several occasions to follow up on their meetings and to inquire about when the government will provide the materials to fix the roads.   Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
Young driver, 13, hits transit bus in La., injuring 12 people SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — A 13-year-old boy driving a pickup truck ran a stop sign and then cut off a city bus in Shreveport, La., causing a collision that left him and 11 others injured, some seriously, authorities said Saturday. At least two people remain hospitalized after the Friday night crash. The boy driver of the truck and 41-year-old bus driver Jenet Howell were in fair condition Saturday afternoon at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport. Shreveport Assistant Fire Chief Scott Wolverton says Howell and a passenger near the front of the bus suffered head injuries. Nine others were taken to hospitals with less severe injuries. “There are no life-threatening injuries for the bus driver, any of the passengers, or even the kid,” said Shreveport police spokesman Cpl. Marcus Hines. The boy had to be extracted from the truck using hydraulic rescue tools, while the front window and entryway of the bus were also severely damaged. Hines said the boy will likely face juvenile charges of driving without a license, running a stop sign and reckless driving. The bus, which had 24 passengers, was running one of six night routes operated by SporTran, a Shreveport city agency that provides bus service there and in Bossier City, La. Obama tees off Vineyard vacation at golf course OAK BLUFFS, Mass. (AP) — President Barack Obama teed off his Martha’s Vineyard vacation Sunday with his favorite pastime — golfing. Obama spent more than five hours at the Farm Neck Golf Club on his first outing of a weeklong stay on the exclusive Massachusetts island, where he arrived Saturday afternoon. The course is open to the public and overlooks Nantucket Sound. The president golfed with aide Marvin Nicholson, White House chef Sam Kass and Robert Wolf, a Wall Street consultant who has advised him on financial matters. Later, Obama and his wife, Michelle, joined friends for dinner at the French seafood restaurant Sweet Life Cafe. Obama regularly vacations on the island, but he’s staying for the first time at the Chilmark home of Chicago pal David Schulte. The White House says Obama plans no official public appearances but will receive daily briefings on national security and domestic issues.
Philippines — Increase in U.S. troops not permanent MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine officials say they will make sure that an increased presence of U.S. troops in the country does not become permanent and is meant to help the Philippines modernize its military. The foreign and defense secretaries told reporters Monday that negotiations with Washington will start this week on an accord that will allow an increased rotation of U.S. forces and prepositioning of combat equipment. The plan is in line with the realignment of American troops in the Asia-Pacific, and comes as China, the Philippines and several other nations are locked in territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin says the wider U.S. troop presence will comply with the constitution, which bans foreign military bases, and will not be permanent. World’s first pop-art satellite headed to space LOS ANGELES (AP) — If aliens ever target Earth, Jon Gibson and Amanda White are counting on them having an appreciation for pop art and a sense of humor. The two artists have created an elaborate, Andy Warhol-like design that has been etched into a satellite’s panel, transforming it into a replica of an oversized electrical charging device. Gibson jokes that any would-be space invader who sees it might be charmed by Earth’s sense of humor and not attack. At the very least, the alien would have an opportunity to observe Earthling pop art. Craig Clark, CEO of Scotland-based Clyde Space, asked the two owners of LA’s iam8bit gallery to decorate his satellite. He’s decided it’s time that spacecraft be both functional and aesthetic, and he hopes to start a trend. India activates atomic reactor for nuclear sub NEW DELHI (AP) — India on Saturday activated the atomic reactor onboard its first indigenously designed and built nuclear submarine, paving the way for its deployment by the navy in the next two years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the development represented a giant stride in the progress of India’s indigenous technological capabilities. The vessel is the first ballistic missile submarine to be built outside the five recognized nuclear powers — the United States, France, Russia, Britain and China. Rahul Bedi, an analyst for the independent Jane’s Information Group, said the submarine would now undergo sea trials.
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by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
Territory is ready for growing cruise ship industry, says ASVB
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 3
NUUULI: 699-9866
CBT Ho Ching & Co., Inc.
American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau Executive Director David Vaeafe says the territory is well prepared to meet the increasing number of cruise liners moving to the South Pacific, and the territory can — based on its current infrastructure — actually accommodate up to ten cruise ships a month. “As a matter of fact, American Samoa’s main Port of Pago Pago has proven that it can accommodate two large cruise ships for a day,” said Vaeafe, who was responding to Samoa News inquiries following a challenge by the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) for small Pacific island countries and territories to improve infrastructure to meet the increase in cruise ship visits in the region. SPTO marketing manager Petero Manufolau told Radio New Zealand International the strong Australian dollar has meant more Australian tourists have opted for cruise holidays this year. He said small countries do not have the infrastructure on the ground to accommodate mass numbers and added the governments and the private sectors need to collaborate and raise destination awareness. Vaeafe told Samoa News American Samoa is well aware — and has been for a long time — more cruise ships have moved bases to Australia and New Zealand, thereby providing more cruise ships for the region. “This trend is expected to continue in the future,” he said. Since the Visitor’s Bureau was first established, there has been a gradual increase in the number of ships calling in to the Port of Pago Pago over the last four years, including a number of bigger ships bringing more passengers to the territory. During its first year of operation, the Visitor’s Bureau had only nine ships, followed by 12 ships in the second year. In the third year — which was last year — there were 20 confirmed ships, but one didn’t make it to port due to the cyclone in Samoa last December. This year, there are 18 confirmed ships but while the number has declined a bit, the ships are bigger, carrying more passengers and crew members, Vaeafe said. “We can take more,” he said. The VB director reiterated the territory can take up to 10 ships a month “and this is sustainable for us”. For next year, Vaeafe said 16 ships have been confirmed up to September 2014 and these are bigger ships like the Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria, which can carry more passengers. By next August, he added, the widening of the Panama Canal is expected to be completed, and big ships based in the Caribbean are looking at the Pacific region to bring their vessels, which can accommodate up to 6,000 people. “More cruise liners are looking for more destinations for their ships and passengers. So more of them are basing more ships in Australia,” said Vaeafe. “Placing more ships in our region means more new destinations are being sought and American Samoa is prepared and has been promoted well as a cruise ship destination.” “However, we can always do more with ground transportation issues dealing with buses and taxis and this has been a matter of discussion in the past when there is not enough local buses and taxis to accommodate visitors,” he said. “This is a good way to grow an emerging industry by finding out our shortfalls and filling in the gaps as we learn and grow,” Vaeafe added. “As we know a year in advance of the types of ships coming here, we get prepared to meet those challenges. It’s important for American Samoa to be part of this major tourism sector: the cruise ship industry.” Meanwhile, the Visitor’s Bureau, along with the Department of Commerce, the Development Bank of American Samoa and the Chamber of Commerce will host on Aug. 29th a tour workshop at the Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium. The morning session will be in Samoan and the afternoon session will be in English. Those interested in this developing industry, especially those at the village levels, and residents of Manu’a, are encouraged to attend this tourism workforce. More details on the workshop will be released this week and additional information can be obtained by contacting the Visitor’s Bureau at 699-9805.
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by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
Gov. Lolo selects Guest Ed: Tomorrow is too late organization team in preparation for talks with Samoa
by R. Dale Long, American Samoa 350 coordinator
Page 4
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Acting Election Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean, Human Resources Director Le’i Sonny Thompson and DOC Director, Keniseli Lafaele have been appointed by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga to orchestrate the inter-Samoa Talks scheduled for later this year. In a memorandum issued by the governor last week, Lolo said the last seven months of the administration has given them sufficient time to assess the status of the government and each respective agency, and the government is in a better position to engage in meaningful dialogue with the leaders of the Independent State of Samoa. “However, to ensure that the meeting is focused on issues significantly impacting both Samoa’s, it is prudent for us to invest our energies to methodically identify said issues to achieve our expectation for positive outcomes consequential to this Summit,” Lolo said. To accomplish this aspiration, he added, Tuaolo, Le’i and Lafaele are tasked with the responsibility of preparing agenda items for discussion and state the dialogue with Samoa’s counterparts on said issues of interest to us with the expectation that they will inject matters of interest to them. “This organization team will explore with their Samoa counterparts the suitable date for the Summit, along with the venue and planning, to ensure achievement of our Summit Goals. The organizing team is given 60 days to accomplish its mission, culminating with the presentation of a final report for review and approval,” the Governor said. “However, it is recommended that periodic reports be submitted to gauge the progress of the work of the organizing team,” he concluded. Samoa will host the Samoa Talks this year. Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
NEWPORT, Tenn. (AP) — A judge in Tennessee changed a 7-month-old boy’s name to Martin from Messiah, saying the religious name was earned by one person and “that one person is Jesus Christ.” Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew ordered the name change last week, according to WBIR-TV. The boy’s parents were in court because they could not agree on the child’s last name, but when the judge heard the boy’s first name, she ordered it changed, too. “It could put him at odds with a lot of people and at this point he has had no choice in what his name is,” Ballew said. It was the first time she ordered a first name change, the judge said. Messiah was No. 4 among the fastest-rising baby names in 2012, according to the Social Security Administration’s annual list of popular baby names. The judge in eastern Tennessee said the baby was to be named Martin DeShawn McCullough, which includes both parents’ last name. The boy’s mother, Jaleesa Martin, of Newport, said she will appeal. She says Messiah is unique and she liked how it sounded alongside the boy’s two siblings — Micah and Mason. “Everybody believes what they want so I think I should be able to name my child what I want to name him, not someone else,” Martin said. Ballew said the name Messiah could cause problems if the child grows up in Cocke County, which has a large Christian population. “The word Messiah is a title and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ,” the judge said.
Tennessee judge changes baby’s “Messiah” name
In early May 2013,- I wrote in part and in this newspaper the following; “It’s up to us (local environmentalists) to educate and prod those in power to wake up and do something about the changing climate. The limited resources allotted to this Island both by nature and those devised by mankind need to be used wisely.” Since that time I’ve come to learn that there are a few (but growing in number) caring people on Island and in government who do understand the seriousness of the approaching environmental problems and are at least talking about doing something to prepare for the effects of climate change. For example at the end of May the Am. Samoa 350 Environment Youth Group (as well as other interested youth and persons) were invited to the ASG-EPA “Water Month” celebration. Those in attendance were made aware of the various governmental agencies (Local and Fed) that provide services to the public. A few weeks later ASG-EPA invited the Am. Samoa 350 Youth Group to tour their new building. Proudly pointing out the LEED (in Energy & Environmental Design) system, its Solar system, and how the building is near zero in energy purchasing requirements. (In fact on many occasions it sells energy back to ASPA). The many considerations to the design that make the building and the surrounding grounds eco-friendly and energy efficient is a standard that the government (ASG) would be wise to employ in all new public construction. Our local businesses would do well to consider LEED type energy saving systems in their building projects as well. (I’m pretty sure Wall-Mart didn’t go solar because they are environmentalists). Anyway, after the tour of the testing lab and as we were leaving the building I noticed a bottled water system for the staff’s drinking purposes. The irony of that fact is that after several million dollars and many years of promises and while standing in this state of the art building with its modern lab, and with an agency that is dedicated to protecting the Public and the Environment, they are forced (as are we) to drink bottled water. When you are forced to buy bottled water from a grocery store the price ranges from a low of $3.79 to a high of $5.33 per gallon (12 & 16oz. bottles). ASPA water (if and when you can drink it) costs a little over a half a cent per gallon. (the current wholesale price for a gallon of gas is $4.06 per gallon.) Not only are you paying nearly 100 times (or more) for bottled water over ASPA water but you are also contributing to the degradation of the environment. Water bottles are plastic. Plastic is manufactured from petroleum-based materials. (although there is a recycling program underway) Lots of blame to go around for these problems and until now ASG, the ASG-EPA, and ASPA has pretty much failed the public. One can only hope that with this new administration’s theme of “People First” and with Utu “Abe” Malae back at ASPA, and Ameko Pato at AS-EPA things will be steered onto a proper course. The damage to the planet’s eco-system from the use of petroleum (Fossil Fuel) products (to date) has not been factored into what the use of these materials does to our food supply. Until now the true cost of pollution of our air, seas, and land masses has not been factored however, there will be a day of reckoning and nature will and is responding to the careless human excesses of the past. In the Pacific Ocean, an area the size of Texas (Northern portion of the Pacific High) is jam packed with discarded plastic materials. (This phenomenon can clearly be seen from space.) In the Western parts of the United States and Australia fires have and are driving up the price of food as farm and pasturelands have been destroyed. Heat waves are raising havoc with the natural rhythm cycles of animals, plants and both fruit and forest trees (all things that we eat or help us breathe). Many of our cousins living on low laying islands and shores are already feeling the effects from melting polar caps and raising sea levels as they are forced to change their lifestyles. Somebody is going to have to pay for the reckless damages being inflicted on the planet, and its not going to be the insurance industry. Insurance companies bet, and make their money on calculating risks. Their recent position on environmental damage is to stop insuring and “Raise awareness to the risk of climate change, transition to a low carbon economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, because that will ultimately create a more resilient society.” (if these guys are backing off, how long before FEMA does the same?) We’re all in the same boat and it’s beginning to leak faster and faster. We’ll have to bail faster and faster to keep up… OR, we can figure out where the leaks are coming from and begin to make repairs. The local 350 chapter is concerning itself with devising strategies that can be effective in spreading the climate change message. In particular its effects (now and in the future) to the Pacific Islands and our Territory. We invite you to join with us in this effort: R. Dale Long- 733-2014, Sandra Purcell- 258-8095, or on our Facebook page - Am. Samoa 350 Soifua © Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights.
dba Samoa News is published Monday through Saturday, except for some local & federal holidays. Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News, Box 909, Pago Pago, Am. Samoa 96799. Contact us by Telephone at (684) 633-5599 Contact us by Fax at (684) 633-4864 Contact us by Email at samoanews@samoatelco.com Normal business hours are Mon. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm. Permission to reproduce editorial and/or advertisements, in whole or in part, is required. Please address such requests to the Publisher at the address provided above.
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 5
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Jury trial begins today for 1 of 2 ‘fake’ FBI agents
Co-defendant pleads guilty to stealing
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter 
In this photo taken from video, provided by the Norwegian Labour Party, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, takes the role of a taxi driver in Oslo, Norway, as a part of the election campaign for Norwegian Labour Party. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg dressed up as a taxi driver and took passengers around Oslo in an unusual election campaign stunt. A video that his Labor Party posted on social media Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013, shows the candid camera-like moments when the passengers realize the man behind the wheel is Stoltenberg. The prime minister says the point was to find out “what people really think. And if there’s one place where people really (AP Photo,NTB Scanpix, Norwegian Labour Party) say what they think about most things it’s in the taxi.”
The vessel has been undergoing harbor trials in eastern India. Last year, India acquired a Russian Nerpa nuclear submarine for its navy on a 10-year lease from Russia at a total cost of nearly $1 billion. Norway’s prime minister goes undercover as a taxi driver STOCKHOLM (AP) — Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg dressed up as a taxi driver and took passengers around Oslo in an unusual election campaign stunt. A video that his Labor Party posted on social media Sunday shows the candid camera-like moments when the passengers realize the man behind the wheel is Stoltenberg. The prime minister says the point was to find out “what people really think. And if there’s one place where people really say what they think about most things it’s in the taxi.” Labor Party spokeswoman Pia Gulbrandsen said an advertising firm helped set up the stunt. She said most of the passengers hailed Stoltenberg’s cab while others “were told that they would be picked up” but not by whom. Parliamentary election is set for Sept. 9. Prince Harry visits Angola to see land mine clearance LONDON (AP) — Prince Harry is visiting Angola to see mine clearance efforts there with a charity championed by his late mother, Princess Diana. The HALO Trust charity said Saturday that Harry will be touring minefields and meeting beneficiaries of the organization’s work in the southern African nation. HALO said Harry also will visit the densely-mined town of Cuito Cuanavale, a scene of heavy fighting during Angola’s 1975-2002 civil war. Diana highlighted the trust’s work on a visit to a minefield being cleared by the organization in Angola in 1997. Harry visited minefields with HALO in Mozambique in 2010. Ex-gay gospel singer doesn’t play MLK concert WASHINGTON (AP) — A gospel singer who says God delivered him from being gay did not perform at a concert the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The Washington Post reports singer Donnie McClurkin was scheduled to perform Saturday night to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, but several gay rights activists objected ahead of the event. Doxie McCoy, a spokeswoman for Mayor Vincent Gray, says the Grammy-winning singer decided not perform because the purpose of the
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event was to bring people together. But in a video statement linked to McClurkin’s Twitter page, he says he was “asked not to attend” and was uninvited. McClurkin says there should be freedom of speech “as long as it’s done in love.” France arrests serviceman accused of mosque plot PARIS (AP) — The French Interior Ministry says a military serviceman who was planning an attack on a mosque has been arrested. In a statement Sunday, the ministry said a 23-year-old man, who was stationed at an air base near the city of Lyon, was “close to ideas of the extreme, radical right.” The statement said the man was planning to fire on a mosque in the area. It did not say when he was taken into custody. The ministry did not immediately respond to requests for more details. Militant extreme-right groups have become more visible recently in France, and the government has stepped up its efforts to track and disband them. The statement said that “no tolerance will be afforded” to radicals. Thailand arrests a key human trafficking suspect BANGKOK (AP) — Thai authorities have arrested and charged a suspected human trafficker who allegedly sold hundreds of migrants from Myanmar into slavery to work in Thailand’s fishing industry, police said Saturday. Ko Myo, a 42-year-old Myanmar national, was captured in a raid by police and justice officials on Aug. 1 in Thailand’s southern province of Surat Thani and faces human trafficking charges, said Police Maj. Gen. Chavalit Sawangpuech. “This is a very significant case as Ko Myo is the leader of one of most notorious human trafficking rings in Thailand,” Chavalit said. “He is an agent with a large client base, who has abused his own countrymen on Thai soil for 10 years.” Ko Myo is being held in custody at a hospital after sustaining gunshot wounds during the raid. Chavalit said police were also investigating his alleged involvement in the rape and killing of a Myanmar woman in March in Thailand’s Trang province, on the Andaman coast. Three of Ko Myo’s close aides were arrested in separate raids. All three face human trafficking charges, while two were also charged with rape and murder of the same Myanmar woman.
(Continued on page 12)
Aperaamo Levi has pleaded guilty to stealing under a plea agreement with the government. Levi, along with co-defendant Alatise Fonoti were criminally charged after the two posed as officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office and then hired people to do construction work which they allegedly claimed would be paid for by the FBI. The stealing charge is “for appropriating property and services of people to do labor services for the purpose of depriving them by means of deceiving.”  Levi was initially set to face a jury trial later this month but under a plea agreement with the government, he pled guilty to stealing last week. Fonoti’s jury trial is set to begin today in the High Court with the selection of a jury pool. The case came to light after Wayne Mataio told CID investigators that he and his workers were yet to be paid for services rendered for the defendants, who claimed they were working for the FBI office. Mataio told police that Fonoti hired him and his workers to clear out a section of his property for construction, and Mataio, as the supervisor, would earn $10 per hour, in addition to a bonus of $4,000.  Fonoti allegedly told Mataio that they would be paid with funds from the FBI office. In addition, Mataio said the defendants told the workers they would be paid $900 each and that those using their private vehicles would get an additional $100 per day.  Court filings state the workers were also promised items like toasters, microwaves, DVD players, and TVs. The defendants are alleged to have told Mataio that he would get $2,000 to buy food for the workers but that did not happen.  A total of 26 men, including Mataio and seven members of his family worked for the defendants and none of them received any type of payment. The victims claim the defendants warned them they would be thrown in jail and would never see their families again if they were to ever question them. During a time period of about three months, the workers told police they would receive phone calls from the defendants saying their checks were ready but none were ever handed out. The defendants told the workers that the FBI boss, a woman named Kim, called and said their checks would be ready once the order for materials for the entire job was sent in.  When the workers asked to see and speak with Kim, they were told by the defendants that she was too busy. When contacted by police detectives at his residence on March 17, Fonoti told authorities he works for the FBI under the CIS Division.  Investigators also contacted Levi who refused to make a written statement but answered in the affirmative when police asked him whether he is — or ever was — a member of the FBI. Local authorities confirmed with FBI Agent Matthew McDonald that Levi is not associated with the FBI.  Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
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Ofu Airport status: A fire station must be built…
“Segaula” going through process for commercial flight certification One of the requirements for Ofu Airport to be a commercial service port again is to construct a temporary fire station. The issue is being addressed for now by rotating crews from Tutuila, and there is a fire truck now based at the domestic airport, says Port Administration Director Taimalelagi Dr. Claire Tuia Poumele, in response to Samoa News inquiries about the re-certification of the airport. The Ofu Airport, which serves Ofu and Olosega islands, had been on “inactive” status, meaning it was not certified by the feds for commercial service after Inter Island Airways in late 2010 suspended air service due to the shortness of the runway to accommodate its 19-seater plane. Last month, the locally based carrier acquired a lease to own the ASG ‘Segaula’, a nine-seater plane, to operate in and out of the Ofu Airport. FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told Samoa News last week the Ofu airport was re-certified on July 15 as a commercial airport, and this means lifting the “inactive” status. Taimalelagi confirmed to Samoa News last Friday the Ofu Airport status as a commercial airport has been reactivated. “One of the requirements was that we needed to construct a temporary Fire Station at the airport in Ofu,” she explained. “We sent over [to Ofu] a fire truck and we are rotating our firemen over to Ofu every two weeks. We plan to hire two new firemen for Ofu and have them trained in Pago Pago.” Port Administration, through the Procurement Office, has been advertising for several weeks a Request for Proposal for a contractor to construct the Ofu Airport fire station. In a July 15 email, Juan S. Reyes, the FAA’s Honolulu Airport Certification Safety Inspector, congratulated Taimalelagi and her staff for work that led to the reactivation of commercial service of the Ofu airport. “Our office has received the signed Letter of Correction reporting that all the items discovered during our recent inspection of Ofu have been corrected” and the “Ofu airport has been removed from the inactive status and has now been reactivated effective immediately as an FAR Part 139 Class III airport once again,” Reyes wrote. “Please be mindful that as a Class III airport, Ofu is subjected to a Periodic Inspection on an 18-month cycle similar to Fitiuta [Airport].” Two days later, Taimalelagi, through an email, expressed Port Administration’s gratitude to Reyes for his “support and guidance in our effort to meet the requirements of the FAR Part 139 Class III Airport. This action allows for additional air transportation to the islands of Ofu and Olosega.” She concluded, “It is the mission of the new Administration to expand the economic developments on the islands of Manu’a.  Safe and adequate transportation to the outer islands  have always been a challenge for our government. We thank you for the overwhelming support in all matters pertaining to air transportation in American Samoa.” Meanwhile, Taimalelagi told Samoa News that Inter Island Air is still going through the process of having the Segaula certified for commercial flights and the airline anticipates this will be completed by late September. Additionally, the Segaula is still under the jurisdiction of the ASG and the aircraft will be going through the inspection process beginning today (Aug. 12). The inspection is expected to take three weeks to complete. An Inter Island Air official confirmed over the weekend its management personnel are working diligently to complete the “complex paperwork” on the Segaula for submission to the FAA for approval. “We are very, very appreciative for all the help and assistance the Port Administration director, her staff and the Lolo Administration have provided us,” the official said, adding the Port director “is very professional and supportive of the local private sector”.
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 7
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Fort Hood victims want shooting designated terror
(AP) — Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan admits pulling out a pistol, shouting “Allahu akbar” (God is great) and opening fire on unarmed people, killing 13 of them. All, he says, in an effort to stop them from going to Afghanistan and killing his fellow Muslims. Concluding he was on the “wrong side” in America’s war, he told jurors at his court-martial that he switched sides. So, victims and others are demanding, why is the Nov. 2009 attack at Fort Hood being tried as a case of workplace violence and not as an act of terror? Military law expert Scott L. Silliman says the answer is simple. Because the Uniform Code of Military Justice does not have a punitive article for “terrorism.” “They really didn’t have an option,” says Silliman, director emeritus of Duke University’s Center on Law, Ethics and National Security in Durham, N.C. “He was an active-duty officer. The crime occurred on a military installation. ... It was obvious he was going to face a court-martial.” Victims of the shooting rampage filed a lawsuit last year over the administration’s decision to treat the incident as workplace violence. They say that designation has robbed them of benefits and made them ineligible to receive the Purple Heart, awarded to service members wounded in battle. On Monday, the staff of the magazine National Review launched a petition drive directed at Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, arguing that the Army psychiatrist should be tried as an enemy combatant for what they consider “an Act of Terror.” “By not designating this event as such an act, it disrespects the lives of the 13 who lost their lives that day, and dozens more who were injured,” the petition reads. “This is outrageous and I call on you to change the official designation now” before proceedings against Hasan go further. While Silliman understands the outrage, he says transferring the case to civil courts — where a terror charge could attach — was just not possible. “It would have been totally unprecedented to have that sort of thing occur,” says Silliman, who has served as senior attorney at two large military installations and three major Air Force commands. “Now, if the crime had occurred off the post, then there might have been what we call concurrent jurisdiction between the civilian authorities and the military authorities.” Why can’t the administration call this an act of terror without charging Hasan as a terrorist? According to a widely quoted Pentagon position paper opposing Purple Hearts for the victims that would allow the defense to argue that Hasan “cannot receive a fair trial because a branch of government has indirectly declared that Major Hasan is a terrorist — that he is criminally culpable.” Reed Rubinstein, one of the attorneys representing a number of the shooting victims and their families, calls that argument “disingenuous.” The National Counterterrorism Center and State Department both counted the incident among terror attacks that year, he notes. The White House and Department of Defense have balked, he argues, because too many people didn’t heed warning signs that Hasan was becoming increasingly radical leading up to his deployment to Afghanistan. “The truth of the matter is, it comes down to politics,” the Washington attorney says. “It comes down to covering up the political correctness that was the proximate cause of this attack in the first instance.” Rubinstein is not calling for a terrorism charge but argues the government could administratively rule this was an act of terror so his clients can qualify for more benefits and the Purple Heart, which comes with its own set of recognitions and privileges. Hasan is representing himself during the court-martial. Because he faces the death penalty, military law precluded him from entering a guilty plea. But he conceded in his opening statement Tuesday, as he has previously, that he did the shooting. Military prosecutors could have added a civilian charge of terrorism, says Geoffrey Corn, a retired lieutenant colonel and former military lawyer. But he argues that would have added an unnecessary layer of complexity with little, if any, benefit. “It’s never been done in a military court before,” says Corn, a professor at the South Texas College of Law. “Was he motivated by a terrorist agenda? Certainly. Will they present that evidence? Certainly. But the crimes he committed were premeditated murder and attempted premeditated murder.” Corn says it would be difficult to make the case for Hasan as an enemy combatant. While Hasan may have been inspired by alQaida and even had contact with known terror suspects, it does not appear he received orders from the group, Corn says. Rubinstein terms the government’s refusal to call the shooting incident a terrorist attack for purposes of awarding benefits “a kick in the teeth to the victims. “They have to hear about workplace violence,” he says. “They’re told that what happened to them was no big deal. Pay no attention to the fact that he was a jihadist. Never mind that we knew and the FBI knew. But his career, because of his ethnicity and his religion, was more important to us than your lives. Forget all that.” Government attorneys have asked a federal judge to postpone the civil case, which seeks to reclassify the incident so as to make combat-related pay and other benefits available to the victims, until after the courtmartial and post-trial processing are completed. That could take up to nine months. Victim Shawn Manning estimates he has lost $2,000 a month in pay and benefits because of the decision to classify the injuries as resulting from workplace violence rather than combat or terrorist-related. Had his injuries been classified that way, the military would have paid the difference between his civilian and reserve salary, offered him better medical benefits and granted him greater disability payments. “And Hasan is still collecting his major pay,” growls Manning, who now works as a civilian mental health specialist at Fort Lewis, Wash. “That’s not correct,” agrees former Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, who was shot seven times and still carries one slug in his back. He and Manning spoke to The Associated Press before a military judge’s order this week not to discuss the case. Silliman says that, too, is the way the military system operates. “Remember, he is innocent until determined otherwise,” he says. “He’s going to be drawing full pay as a United States Army major ... until a sentence is awarded in the case and that sentence is approved by the convening authority.”
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Joint status report is filed in Haleck versus ASG dispute
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 9
Attorneys for the Haleck family and Interior Department Secretary Sally Jewell have filed a joint status report with the federal court in Washington D.C., with the latest update — that the High Court of American Samoa last month denied Avamua Dave Haleck’s motion for a new trial over the local court’s decision in May — granting the ASG permanent injunction against Avamua. The local legal battle between ASG and Avamua is a long standing one over Haleck- owned land called Naumati in Ottoville, which is considered lowland forest. It is also the subject of a Haleck family lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Interior pending in the federal court in Washington D.C. Earlier this year in March, the federal court ordered the case be “stayed” pending further order of the federal court, and that all parties involved “shall submit a joint status report summarizing the current status of the underlying dispute” in the High Court of American Samoa. According to the July 29 joint status report, the High Court held a hearing on June 11 on Avamua’s motion for a new trial over the May 1st decision, which granted ASG permanent injunction against Avamua. The High Court denied Haleck’s motion for a new trial through an order issued on July 22. “Plaintiffs and Defendant will next file a status report in this case on September 30, 2013, along with a joint recommendation for further proceedings, including whether the stay should be lifted or remain in place,” says the status report. This was also included in a separate submission of the High Court’s order on July 22. which was signed by Chief Justice Michael Kruse and Associate Judge Mamea Sala Jr. In the order, the Court recalled the case began in 2008 when ASG filed for an injunctive relief to stop defendant Avamua and other persons of interests (defendants) from developing the remainder of the Tafuna plain’s lowland rainforest (Rainforest). Trial on the merits was finally held in January 2013 “after which we found, among other things, that the Rainforest was indeed an undeveloped rainforest with primal forest growth” and Avamua’s claim to an individually owned title of the land was “entirely baseless in fact and in law.” “Accordingly, we grant ASG’s petition for permanent injunction,” the judges said, noting the defendants sought a new trial pertaining to the provisions of local law. According to the judges, Avamua argued the court effected a judicial taking of the Rainforest and thereby deprived the defendants of ownership of their land without due process of law. But as an argument, said the judges, the submission is unsound. “It merely asserts a conclusion that is grounded on a falsehood; via, that the Rainforest has been settled and continuously occupied,” the judges said. “It is an assertion which necessarily demands of this court to look the other way and thereby avoid having to deal with a logical contradiction.” In order to have a cognizable claim for deprivation of due process, one must first have a property interest in the government action complained of, the decision said. It also states Haleck’s argument necessarily presupposes the defendants have an individualized proprietary interest in the Rainforest. “We found that they do not,” said the judges. The decision also states Haleck protests not having notice the court would raise the issue of individually-owned Rainforest. However, it points out the issue was raised first by the defendant’s predecessor-in-interest at the outset — when the astonishing claim to individual ownership of virgin bush was initially asserted. “But as we earlier noted ‘[a] proposition that rainforest land can be individually-owned is plainly nonsense; the two are logical contradictions’,” the judges said. “Along with every other land claimant in this jurisdiction, defendants are on notice that in order to claim ownership to virgin bush land, a Samoan must first clear, cultivate, and continuously occupy the land,” the judges pointed out. In addition, defendants’ predecessor-in-interest would have had actual notice of the law in this territory, having previously been a party in Haleck v. Tuia (Land and Title case), where the subject matter of dispute involved Haleck’s claim to an individually-owned title to a substantial acreage of the lowland forest, cleared and cultivated, and lying next to the Rainforest, the decision states.
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Elyssa Lim (L), Lagi Lotomau (R), and Nicole Lim (not pictured) were summer interns for the Women’s Hospital Auxiliary at the LBJ Medical Center. These three young ladies attend Faasao Marist High School and decided to do community service as their summer project. They have each accumulated over 100 hours of volunteer service throughout this summer. The Women’s Hospital Auxiliary honored them last week with a luncheon at the Sadie Thompson Inn, where they were each presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for all their hard work. [courtesy photo]
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Hannah Gastonguay, holding her baby Rahab, is followed by her husband Sean and the couple’s 3-year-old daughter Ardith, as they disembark in the port city of San Antonio, Chile, Friday, Aug. 9, 2013. The northern Arizona family was lost at sea for weeks in an ill-fated attempt to leave the U.S. over what they consider government interference in religion. But just weeks into their journey the Gastonguays hit a series of storms that damaged their small boat, leaving them adrift for weeks. They were eventually picked up by a Venezuelan fishing vessel, transferred to a Japanese cargo ship (AP Photo/Las Ultimas Noticias) and taken to Chile where they are resting in a hotel in San Antonio.
PHOENIX (AP) — A northern Arizona family has survived being lost at sea for weeks after an ill-fated attempt to leave the U.S. over what they consider government interference in religion. Hannah Gastonguay and her family will fly back home Sunday after taking their two small children and her father-in-law and setting sail from San Diego for the tiny island nation of Kiribati in May. Weeks into their journey, the Gastonguays hit a series of storms that damaged their small boat, leaving them adrift for weeks, unable to make progress. They were eventually picked up by a Venezuelan fishing vessel, transferred to a Japanese cargo ship and taken to Chile. Their flights home were arranged by U.S. Embassy officials, Gastonguay said. The U.S. State Department declined to comment on Sunday. The months-long journey has been “pretty exciting” and “little scary at certain points,” Gastonguay told The Associated Press by telephone. The 26-year-old mother said they wanted to go to Kiribati because “we didn’t want to go anywhere big.” She said they understood the island to be “one of the least developed countries in the world.” Kiribati is a group of islands just off the equator and the international date line about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. The total population is just over 100,000 people of primarily Micronesian descent. Hannah Gastonguay said her family was fed up with government control in the U.S. As Christians they don’t believe in “abortion, homosexuality, in the state-controlled church,” she said. U.S. “churches aren’t their own,” Gastonguay said, suggesting that government regulation interfered with religious independence. Among other differences, she said they had a problem with being “forced to pay these taxes that pay for abortions we don’t agree with.” While federal law bars public funding for abortion, state attempts to block Medicaid funding for organizations that provide the procedure have met with legal hurdles. Opponents say
Religious family from AZ survive being lost at sea
that funding allows those groups to perform abortions. The Gastonguays weren’t members of any church, and Hannah Gastonguay said their faith came from reading the Bible and through prayer. “The Bible is pretty clear,” she said. The family moved in November from Ash Fork, Ariz., to San Diego, where they lived on their boat as they prepared to set sail. She said she gave birth to the couple’s 8-month-old girl on the boat, which was docked in a slip at the time. In May, Hannah, her 30-year-old husband Sean, his father Mike, and the couple’s daughters, 3-year-old Ardith and baby Rahab set off. They wouldn’t touch land again for 91 days, she said. She said at first, “We were cruising.” But within a couple of weeks “when we came out there, storm, storm, storm.” The boat had taken a beating, and they decided to set course for the Marquesas Islands. Instead, they found themselves in a “twilight zone,” taking more and more damage, leaving them unable to make progress. They could have used a sail called a genoa, she said, but they risked snapping off the mast and losing their radio and ability to communicate. They had been on the ocean for about two months and were low on supplies. They were out of food and were down to “some juice and some honey.” She said they were able to catch fish, but they didn’t see any boats. Still, we “didn’t feel like we were going to die or anything. We believed God would see us through,” she said. At one point a fishing ship came into contact with them but left without providing assistance. A Canadian cargo ship came along and offered supplies, but when they pulled up alongside it, the vessels bumped and the smaller ship sustained even more damage. They were getting hit by “squall after, squall, after squall.” “We were in the thick of it, but we prayed,” she said. “Being out on that boat, I just knew I was going to see some miracles.”
(Continued on page 15)
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire software engineer shot his 9-year-old son to death before taking his own life during supervised visitation at a YWCA office, officials said Sunday. An adult supervisor was present when Muni Savyon, 54, of Manchester, took out a handgun and shot 9-year-old Joshua Savyon of Amherst before shooting himself around 10 a.m., the attorney general’s office said. The father sent an email to a friend suggesting he was suicidal before the shootings, said Rabbi Levi Krinsky of Chabad Lubavitch in Manchester. Krinsky said Savyon had been depressed after recently returning from his brother’s funeral in Israel but he had seen him last week and had no concerns he would harm himself or someone else. “What would provoke him to take his life and his son’s life? I don’t think anyone can figure that out,” said Krinsky, who said Savyon attended synagogue occasionally. “My heart goes out to the family.” On Sundays, the YWCA is open for supervised child visitation and custody exchanges. Krinsky said the man and the boy’s mother shared custody of the boy after parting ways years ago. The couple’s marital status wasn’t clear; Krinsky said the couple were divorced, but law enforcement officials said the two were separated. Law enforcement officials said the relationship had been contentious at times and Muni Savyon had previously threatened to kill himself, his son’s mother and their son. But Ellen Savyon Vig, who was once married to Muni Savyon and had remained friends with him after their 1997 divorce, described him as a kind-hearted person. She said he was especially close to his brother and he loved his son, trying to give him varied experiences. “He was nonviolent. He would try to help anyone he could. He was a really nice guy,” she said from her home in North Billerica, Mass. Savyon was active in Libertarian causes, Vig said, and was a twice-defeated candidate for the New Hampshire Legislature, most recently in February. “Please keep the Savyon family in your thoughts and prayers as they cope with the unimaginable,” Rep. Peter King, who easily beat Savyon in a special election for the New Hampshire House, said from his Twitter account. Born in Israel, Savyon was a naturalized citizen who lived in several Western states before coming to New England, where he worked as a software engineer, Vig said. Others were inside the YWCA building when the shots were fired partway through the 1-hour visitation. The counselor who was present at the time managed to escape unarmed. The YWCA USA offered its “thoughts and prayers” for the families and friends of the victims. CEO Dara RichardsonHeron said the tragedy reminds the national organization of how important its domestic violence services are. “We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life that occurred at the YWCA New Hampshire today,” RichardsonHeron said in a statement Sunday night. Autopsies were scheduled for Monday. Krinsky said he had no idea that Savyon was capable of violence, much less harming his own son. “We have to be more and more alert to mental illness and people who’re depressed,” he said.
Father kills son, himself at YWCA offices in NH
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American Samoa Government
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
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In this photo taken Saturday Aug. 10, 2013, a boy shows dead crabs at the coastal township of Rosario, Cavite province, south of Manila, Philippines amidst an oil spill that reached the shores and stretched to about 20 kilometers (12 miles). A large oil spill from an underwater pipe contaminated waters in Manila Bay near the Philip(AP Photo/Bullit Marquez) pine capital and prompted authorities on Friday to ban fishing.
The American Samoa Developmental Disabilities Planning Council is committed to providing a consumer driven service delivery system that improves the independence, productivity and integration of people with development disabilities in all aspects of life. This announcement is to acknowledge the availability of funds for Fiscal Year 2014 (October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014) for programs that will help provide the necessary services to persons with developmental disabilities. Areas of emphasis are included in the 5 Year State Plan (2012-2017). All nonprofit organizations and government agencies that provide services to persons with developmental disabilities are encouraged to submit funding proposals in the following areas: Transportation - Increase advocacy efforts so that people with developmental disabilities have access to transportation. Employment - Increase collaboration on employment issues that increase selfdetermination and choices for people with developmental disabilities. Quality Assurance - Support a territorial wide self-advocacy organization that will increase the number of people with developmental disabilities in leadership roles who advocate for themselves. Child Care - Increase number of children with developmental disabilities in Child Care Centers through trainings and education. Submission of funding proposal is a due by August 23, 2013. Please address proposals to the Executive Director of the American Samoa Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. Department of Human and Social Services. Box 1455, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799. Proposals can also be dropped off at our office in Utulei, located on the 2nd floor of the old Election Office Bldg. Phone: 633-2696 or email: nlsmith@dhss.as
Typhoon batters Philippines; 23 fishermen remain missing MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A powerful typhoon made landfall in the northern Philippines on Monday, toppling power lines and dumping heavy rains across mountains, cities and food-growing plains and leaving at least 23 fishermen missing. Typhoon Utor, described as the strongest typhoon globally so far this year, slammed ashore in mountainous eastern Aurora province with sustained winds of 175 kilometers (109 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 210 kph (130 mph). About 1,000 residents in the central Bicol region spent the night in shelters while Aurora province was without power, the national disaster agency said. Radio stations reported roofs were blown off and a covered basketball court washed away in Dinalungan town. There was no immediate word on casualties, but 23 fishermen who were out at sea failed to return home in four towns in Catanduanes province, according to their families. Authorities were hoping they just took shelter in coves and nearby islands, said Office of Civil Defense regional director Bernardo Alejandro IV. N.Y. City man arrested in accident that killed child NEW YORK (AP) — A 33-year-old New York City man has been arrested after he allegedly mowed down a family with his car, killing a 4-year-old boy. Police say John Sanjurjo of Staten Island was arrested Saturday on charges of leaving the scene of an accident. The child was with a 34-year-old woman and a 7-year-old girl when they were struck by a Mercedes Benz around 8:25 p.m. Friday near a Staten Island deli. Police say the driver sped off after the accident. The woman and girl weren’t badly hurt, but the boy was pronounced dead at Staten Island University Hospital. Police have identified the slain child as Kyrillos Gendy of South Amboy, N.J. Authorities say the boy was visiting relatives at a nearby home when the accident occurred. South Africa: nelson Mandela improving… but still critical JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The office of the South African president says Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition although his health is gradually improving. In a statement Sunday, President Jacob Zuma said Mandela is making a “slow but steady improvement.” Zuma thanked South Africans for praying for the 95-yearold former president, who has been hospitalized since June 8 because of a lung infection. The government has released few details on Mandela’s illness, citing privacy issues. Legal documents filed by the family of the anti-apartheid leader had said he was on life support, though some family members have in recent weeks given upbeat assessments of his health. A number of relatives have talked of Mandela returning soon to his home in Johannesburg but others have not spoken about him leaving the hospital. vice president joe Biden to attend fundraiser in Iowa, key 2016 state WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden will head to Iowa next month to headline Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin’s steak fry fundraiser, a key stop for aspiring presidential candidates. The White House says Biden will speak at the Sept. 15 event. It’s the latest in a string of Biden appearances with ties to critical states for primary candidates. The Iowa caucuses kick off the 2016 primary season. Biden is also planning to raise money in Maine for the governor of New Hampshire, which holds the first primary, and spoke earlier this year in South Carolina, another early state. During inaugural weekend this year, he mingled with Democrats from Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden hasn’t closed the door to a third presidential campaign in 2016. The New York Times first reported Biden’s Iowa trip. U.K. writes off $744,400 in Somalia aid to theft LONDON (AP) — Al-Qaida linked militants in Somalia seized 480,000 pounds ($744,400) of U.K.-funded humanitarian aid supplies, the British government said Sunday. The supplies were seized between November 2011 and February 2012, when al-Shabaab militants raided warehouses and offices of organizations partnered with the U.K.’s Department for International Development, which spent 102.9 million pounds in Somalia that year. While the incidents occurred between 2011 and 2012, the write-off was listed in the agency’s annual report for 2012 and 2013 — once an investigation into the theft was completed. The report said the agency’s partners did not have any prior warning of the attacks and did not have time to move the supplies. The Department for International Development is working with partner organizations to ensure such risks are identified, the report added. The agency stressed on Sunday that working in some of the most dangerous countries in the world carries “inherent risk.” It also said in a statement that it “does all it can to mitigate against
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➧ Local landslide research…
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This photo provided by Heidi Wigdahl of WBIR-TV shows seven-month old Martin DeShawn McCullough being held by his mom Jaleesa Martin. A judge in eastern Tennessee changed the boy’s first name to Martin from “Messiah’. Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew ordered the name change last week, saying Messiah is a title (AP Photo/Heidi Wigdahl) that has been earned by one person “and that one person is Jesus Christ.”
this but, on occasion, losses will occur” and that when theft is suspected it will investigate and act quickly. FBI: Beauty supplies in package at JFK Airport NEW YORK (AP) — The FBI says a package at John F. Kennedy International Airport that was tested after two customs workers reported they felt ill after opening it contained beauty supplies. FBI spokesman J. Peter Donald said Sunday the package was tested and it was determined to contain beauty supplies only. He said agents have cleared the scene. He said the employees and the package were tested and screened out of “an abundance of caution.” The FBI testing followed some initial tests that indicated a possible cause for concern. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees the airport, hasn’t responded to a call seeking comment. Customs and Border Patrol referred questions to the FBI. Benin gets new government after a surprise shake-up COTONOU, Benin (AP) — The president of the tiny West African nation of Benin has named a new Cabinet, three days after he dissolved his entire government in a surprise move. A statement read on state television Sunday night detailed the 26-member team composed of 13 new members and 13 officials who served in the old government of Prime Minister Pascal Irene Koukpaki. The posts of prime minister and minister for presidential affairs have been eliminated, according to the statement. Other notable departures include the ministers of justice and the interior, who were both replaced. President Boni Yayi was first elected in 2006 in a landslide vote and won re-election in 2011. Late last year, authorities said they thwarted an attempt to swap his medicine with a toxic substance. Toxic liquor kills eight in southern Pakistan KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani police say at least eight people in the port city of Karachi have died after consuming homemade liquor. Police officer Mohammad Sarwar said Sunday that 14 people from Christian-dominated slums in the city, Pakistan’s largest, were hospitalized after drinking toxic liquor late Saturday night. He said eight died and six others are being treated. Sarwar said police have arrested two people for allegedly selling the toxic liquor and looking for those who distilled it illegally. He said the two suspects and all the victims were Christians.
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Liquor poisoning is common in Pakistan, where the Muslim majority is forbidden to consume or sell alcohol. Non-Muslims can drink but many poor buy the cheapest homemade liquor, which is often adulterated. Storms and floods kill 22 near Afghan capital KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Heavy rains and overnight hailstorms killed at least 22 people near Afghanistan’s capital, a disaster management official said Sunday. Mohammad Daim Kakar, who coordinates disaster management for Kabul province, said the rains began late Saturday and continued into Sunday morning. They caused floods that killed at least 20 people in Kabul’s Chakardara district just north of the capital, he said, adding that the victims included seven children. Kakar said another two children died in a flood in the Paghman district west of the capital. Most of the victims were in cars that were swept away and submerged by the flooding, he said. He also said at least 10 homes in Chakardara were either swept away or heavily damaged, and that earthmoving equipment had been sent to the area to look for any more victims or survivors buried under the mud. Houses in Afghanistan are often built of mud and straw, or mud bricks. Heavy rains are uncommon in mid-summer. Last week flash floods killed about 75 people in five eastern provinces. Dozens attend vigil for Texas shooting victims DALLAS (AP) — Dozens of mourners attended a vigil this weekend for the four slain and four wounded in two Dallas-area shootings that are being blamed on one man. Erbie Bowser was being held Sunday on $6.5 million bond on three counts of capital murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to Dallas County Jail records. He was booked into the jail Saturday night after receiving treatment for undisclosed injuries at an area hospital since he was arrested Wednesday. Police allege Bowser fatally shot his girlfriend Toya Smith, 43, and her 17-year-old daughter Tasmia Allen in Dallas on Wednesday. Bowser then drove to the Dallas suburb of DeSoto, where police say he killed his estranged wife, Zina Bowser, 47, and her daughter 28-year-old Neima Williams. Two youths at each home were also wounded. Family and friends gathered Saturday outside the DeSoto home where Zina Bowser and her daughter were killed to light candles and remember the victims.
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According to Bodell, whose background studies are in hydrology (the study of water science and resources) the landslide which occurred on Tuesday should be noted as part of a larger phenomena which occurs as humans take over more space on this volcanic rock we call home. “Tuesdays landslide that blocked the road near Fatu ma Futi is the result of natural mechanisms reshaping the Tutuila landscape. Weather and gravity continuously act to pull down our island’s massive building blocks — usually in gentle, manageable pieces and occasionally — throughout geologic history — in enormous portions through a process called ‘mass wasting’.” If not managed appropriately, urban growth accelerates the natural erosional cycle into more unpredictable and often catastrophic movement, especially damaging to steep coastal slopes, the kind of slopes that make up over 70% of Tutuila’s shoreline, says Bodell. He explained Tutuila was larger eons ago. “These dynamic processes are responsible for the whittling down of a much bigger Tutuila that emerged and dissolved over the last 1.3 million years. The most catastrophic mass wasting will occur next to steep submarine ledges that aren’t protected by coral reefs, such as those near Fogagogo and Larson’s Cove — illustrated on the Southern Exposure of Tutuila. Up until recently very little was known regarding how these natural processes work, which are sinking and shifting Tutuila at a rate of inches per year, he noted. “Inches per year we can handle” says Robert Koch, American Samoa’s Dept. of Commerce Geographic Information Manager. “It’s the big ones like those which occurred in the last century on Ta’u that submerged whole flanks of the island in a matter of days, resulting in tsunamis throughout the world that need to be monitored and planned for.” According to Bodell, last week’s landslide was indicative of erosion which can and must be managed. Sediment, rockslides, landslides and mass wasting are the forms of erosion which we are seeing now, and are going to continue to see, says Bodell, who added, “We live on a dynamic rock that is slipping and sliding back into the ocean. Understanding how it is slipping and sliding — and planning for it — will save lives and property.” USGS and the Army Corps of Engineers are agencies which can be called on for aid in this planning and mitigation, he noted. Bodell ended his discussion with Samoa News by quoting AS-EPA Director, Ameko Pato, who said, “These are some of the reasons why environmental science makes great economic sense for places like American Samoa — that offer so many active natural processes to study and has so much sacred land and culture to protect.”
➧ Haleck vs. ASG dispute…
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In that case, the court concluded, “[w]hen an individual goes upon virgin bush land, clears it, develops plantation... the property becomes the individually owned land of the developer, and he is entitled to have the land registered as his individually owned property. Having had notice, the parties before us presented evidence at trial regarding the issue of whether the Rainforest was ever substantially cleared or continuously occupied,” the judges said. “On the evidence, we found that the Rainforest had not. Thus the registration of the Rainforest was not proper and should be disregarded.” As to the remaining arguments raised in the defendants’ motion, the judges said the court finds they are meritless and relies on its prior written orders on the matters regarding individually owned tittles. “There being no manifest error of law or mistake of fact shown as would warrant a retrial of the issues, the motion for new trial must, therefore, be denied,” the judges concluded.
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Chinese state media: three killed in Kabul BEIJING (AP) — Three Chinese citizens have been killed in an attack in an apartment building in the Afghan capital, Kabul, according to Chinese state media reports. Two women and one man were killed in the building on Thursday and two other Chinese men were missing, the official Xinhua News Agency reported late Saturday. Citing the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, Xinhua said one of the missing men had been found alive and taken to a safe place. State broadcaster China Central Television had reported Saturday that the body of the second man had been found, but on its main lunchtime broadcast Sunday said the second man was still missing. Zimbabwe denies Iran uranium deal HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe’s state radio says the country’s ministry of mines controlled by longtime ruler President Robert Mugabe has not struck a deal to sell uranium to Iran for its nuclear program. The radio said Sunday that mining ministry dismissed reports in the British media that the two countries have signed an agreement on uranium exports as “a malicious and blatant lie.” The mining ministry statement said Zimbabwe’s uranium deposits have not been exploited and “we have never issued any license to any Iranian company.” Police said they are searching for two British journalists of The Times of London, one visiting for the July 31 elections, over the uranium report. It is a criminal offense with a penalty of imprisonment or a fine for “publishing falsehoods” under Zimbabwe’s media laws. Sale of shuttered oil refinery on U.S. virgin islands stalls CHARLOTTE AMALIE, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) — The sale of a defunct oil refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands has stalled. Gov. John P. de Jongh Jr. said Saturday that he sent a letter to the Hovensa refinery’s owners informing them that legislators this week rejected a bill that would have governed a possible sale. De Jongh said officials will resume collecting a 6 percent tax on certain shipments of petroleum products being temporarily held at the refinery for storage. The refinery on St. Croix was a joint venture of U.S.based Hess Corp. and Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. It closed in January 2012 following years of weak demand and high operating costs. 16 Moroccan royal guards die in crash MARRAKECH, Morocco (AP) — Morocco’s official news agency says 16 royal guards have died in a bus crash after the vehicle drove off a road and plummeted 650 feet (200 meters). The MAP agency reported that the accident happened early Saturday on a road linking two cities on Morocco’s northern coast. The report said the driver lost control of the bus at a bend in the road, and the bus overturned and fell off the road. In addition to those killed, another 42 guards were injured, including eight seriously. They were hospitalized in Al Hoceima, on the country’s north coast, about 280 miles (450 kilometers) northeast of the capital, Rabat. gov’t recovers some of its lost popularity… SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazil’s Datafolha polling institute says President Dilma Rousseff’s government has recovered some of the popularity it lost in the wake of massive protests that swept the country in June. Datafolha says 36 percent of respondents rated Rousseff’s government as “great/ good” against the 30 percent who gave it that rating in its previous poll conducted in late June. The government’s approval rating had been 57 percent earlier in June. The poll was published Saturday by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. The protests began June 17 targeting transportation fare hikes, corruption, high taxes, poor public services and billions of dollars spent for next year’s World Cup and the
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2016 Olympics in Rio. Datafolha surveyed 2,615 people between Aug 7 and 9. Its poll has a margin of error of 2 percentage points. Man facing DUI charges for accident that hurt 3 LAS VEGAS (AP) — Police say a California man is facing charges of driving under the influence for a car accident that injured himself and three others in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say 24-year-old Nan Li of Baldwin Park, Calif., ran a red light while traveling west on Desert Inn Road around 6 a.m. Saturday. Li’s car collided with a minivan headed south on Buffalo Drive, causing the van to tip over onto its side. The van’s driver, 40-year-old Lee Ann Smith of Las Vegas, was hospitalized with severe injuries. KSNV-TV reports two passengers in Li’s car, 25-yearold Jialin Yu of Baldwin Park, Calif., and 26-year-old Ricky Ziao of Las Vegas, sustained minor injuries. Police say Li was booked into Clark County Detention Center after failing a field sobriety test. Before data French fin. min. declares recession over PARIS (AP) — France’s finance minister says the economy is out of recession, part of a campaign by the French government to convince the public that a turnaround is underway. France’s gross domestic product shrank by 0.2 percent for the past two quarters — the technical definition for a recession — and data for the second quarter of the year won’t be published until Aug. 14. But Pierre Moscovici told Corse Matin newspaper in an interview published Saturday that the recession is over, without revealing the secondquarter figures. Still, he tamped down expectations for growth for the full year, saying that he expected GDP for 2013 to be somewhere between -0.1 percent a 0.1 percent. Previously, the government had predicted the economy would grow 0.1 percent. Gunmen kill five Yemeni soldiers at checkpoint SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Suspected al-Qaida gunmen killed five soldiers early Sunday in a southern province of Yemen, an official said, as U.S. embassies across the Muslim and Arab world reopened after terror threat emanating from the region. The U.S. Embassy in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, remained closed Sunday after American officials flew its diplomatic staff out of the country over fears of attack. Eighteen other diplomatic posts Middle East and Africa were to reopen, the State Department said, though the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr saw many businesses closed.
➧ Feds query NEG spending…
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 15
an additional $16 million which funded other projects including the project between the Native Hawaiian Holding Company (NHHC) and the government. NHHC signed the contract to provide training and employment for the contact center industry for 900 NEG participants and authorized it to operate job placement and supportive services in a setting that would serve as part of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Workforce System. To date, HR Director Le’i Sonny Thompson is holding off on making the last payment of $1.5million to NHHC citing “questionable costs and failure to comply with conditions of the contract” for the $3 million that was already paid out. According to one of the HR employees who was questioned by FBI Agents, all the documents were handed over to the Department of Homeland Security which was investigating the case, before the NEG office was closed. The same copies were sent via air mail to the FBI Office in Hawai’i, Honolulu two weeks before the FBI agents arrived in the territory. The HR employee told Samoa News the agents were seeking information on the spending of the NEG funds. Samoa News understands the FBI agents also questioned the attorneys and investigators who are working on the case. As reported earlier, agents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) OTICIDE are conducting an investigation into the spending of these federal dollars.   The investigation was launched following a recommendation by DHR Director Le’i, who  said NHHC is in breach of their contract with the government and made a formal request to the Attorney General’s office, and the Office of the Inspector General in coordination with the US Department of Labor, “to take action” against NHHC for the breach of contract and to recover the $3 million already paid out.  
Shipyard Services Authority (SSA) Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
Apprenticeship Program on technical skills, theoretical and practical in Welding and/or Painting
6 months program beginning September 3rd, 2013 8 hours per week theoretical 32 hours per week practical
A partnership program between Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs (DYWA) and Shipyard Services Authority (SSA) Interested youths between the ages of 18 to 25 are encouraged to apply Mechanical and Machining apprenticeship program will be introduced at a later stage For more information contact Pa’u Roy Ausage at 633-2835 or David Robinson at 644-4122 Application form available at DYWA and SSA offices. Deadline for application is August 23, 2013 Program begins September 3, 2013
➧ Religious family lost at sea…
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They watched the surrounding storms disperse, and “next thing you know the sun is out. It’s amazing.” Eventually, their boat was spotted by a helicopter that had taken off from a nearby Venezuelan fishing vessel, which ended up saving them. “The captain said, ‘Do you know where you’re at? You’re in the middle of nowhere,’” she said. They were on the Venezuelan ship for about five days before transferring to the Japanese cargo ship, where they were for nearly three weeks before landing in Chile on Friday. The Chilean newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias reported the story of their arrival. “They were looking for a kind of adventure. They wanted to live on a Polynesian island but they didn’t have sufficient expertise to navigate adequately,” police prefect Jose Luis Lopez told the newspaper. Lopez took the family’s statement in San Antonio, Chile, where the Japanese ship had dropped off the family. Mauricio Araneda, the governor in Chile’s San Antonio province, told the AP that the family “had zero knowledge and experience in navigation.” Sean Gastonguay’s brother Jimmy, who lives in Arizona, said he had provided a description of the family’s vessel to the U.S. Coast Guard and exchanged emails with them once they were picked up by the first boat. “There was some concern, but we were hoping for the best, and they eventually popped up,” he said. He was able to keep track of the family with the help of the Coast Guard as they were transferred from ship to ship. “We’re all happy. We have good peace of mind now,” he said. Hannah Gastonguay said the family will now “go back to Arizona” and “come up with a new plan.”
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Fa’aofuina le Epikopo Fou o le Pule’aga Fa’aepikopo Katoliko o Amerika Samoa i le aso 22 o Aukuso
Afioga Peter Hugh Brown
O le agaga mitamita ma le fiafia e fa’alauiloa atu ai e le Pule’aga Fa’aepikopo Katoliko Roma o Samoa – Pago Pago le fa’anofoa’iga i le tofi epikopo o lona epikopo lona lua, le Afioga Peter Hugh Brown, CSsR, e sui tulaga i le afioga a le epikopo malolo manumalo, o Ioane Kuini Weitzel, MM, lea sa avea ma ulua’i epikopo o le Pule’aga ina ua fa’anofoina o ia ma epikopo i le tausaga 1985, ina ua fa’ato’a fa’atuina le Pule’aga i le tausaga 1983. O epikopo uma e to’alua – le epikopo o le a nofoa’i mai ma le epikopo o le a fa’amalolo – na galulue muamua fa’amisionare i Samoa i le motu o Savai’i. O Epikopo Kuini sa galue fa’amisionare i Falealupo a o Epikopo-Filifilia Brown sa galue fa’amisionare i Safotu. O Epikopo Kuini o se tasi lea o epikopo e to’atolu e fa’ae’eina le tofi o le epikopo fou. O le aso 10 o Me, 2013, na tofia ai Patele Peter Hugh Brown e lana Afioga a le Tupu Sa o Falanisisi e avea ma epikopo filifilia na te tautuaina tagata o Tutuila ma Manu’a. O Epikopo-Filifilia Brown ua sili atu nei ma le 30 tausaga talu ona fa’aofuina ma faife’au, ma o le tele o ia tausaga na ia tautuaina ai tagata Katoliko Samoa, e amata atu i le Matagaluega o Maria le Fetu o le Moana i Safotu, Savai’i, fa’agasolo atu ai i le tausiga o fa’atasiga Katoliko e 27 o Samoa i Aukilani, Niu Sila. O le tofia o ia e fai ma epikopo o le Pule’aga Samoa Pago Pago, ua fa’amautuina ai e le Tupu Sa o Falanisisi le fa’aopoopoina o ni isi tausaga se tele e fa’atasi ai pea Patele Peter Brown ma tagata Samoa. O Epikopo-Filifilia Brown na soifua mai ma a’oa’oina i Greymouth, Niu Sila. O lona aua’i atu i le Itu’aiga o le Fa’aola i Galong, Ausetalia, fa’apea ma le misiona a le Itu’aiga o le Fa’aola i Samoa na o’o ai ina la galulue ma le Afioga Epikopo Patrick Hurley o Samoa, lea ua maliu, ma ia ta’ita’ia ai fo’i ni aso mafaufau tatalo i Amerika Samoa. Ua fa’amatu’u atu nei e le Epikopo-Filifilia i le 66 tausaga o lona soifua lona tofi o le pule fa’aitumalo o le Itu’aiga o le Fa’aola i Aotearoa, o se tofi filifilia na ia umia a o tausia e ia le aulotu o Sagato Petelo Sanele i Clover Park, Aukilani i Saute. O Epikopo-Filifilia Brown na tofia e fai ma Fa’atonu Fa’aitumalo o le Itu’aiga o le Fa’aola i Asia Oceania mai le 2005 i le 2009, ma fesoasoani atu ai i tagata o le Itu’aiga o le Fa’aola i itu ese’ese o le lalolagi ina ia fa’amasani i latou i se fa’atulagaga fou i koneferenisi ese’ese e lima. O le taimi fo’i lea na ia fesoasoani atu ai i le Itu’aiga i mea tau fausaga, fa’atalaleleiga, ma le faimeatonu tau i le fa’atasiga. Ua galulue fa’atasi Epikopo Kuini ma le Aufono a le Pule’aga e fa’amautu fuafuaga mo le fa’ae’eina o le tofi epikopo, lea o le a aua’i mai i ai ni isi o le Itu’aiga Sa mai fafo ma ni isi o ta’ita’i o le Ekalesia mai le Vatikano, Ausetalia, Niu Sila, Samoa ma motu o le Pasefika. O se komiti fuafua, e aua’i atu i ai le Aufono a le Pule’aga ma ta’ita’i o Matagaluega o lo’o galulue punoua’i nei e fa’atulaga le fa’agasologa o le fa’anofoa’iga i le Aso Tofi, aso 22 o Aukuso, 2013, i le malumalu fa’aepikopo o le Aiga Pa’ia i Fatuoaiga, Tafuna i le 9:30 i le taeao. O ni isi o vaega taua o le Sauniga o le faitauina o le Tusi Fa’a’aposetolo mai le Tupu Sa o Falanisisi ua tofia ai Epikopo-Filifilia Peter Brown e fai ma epikopo lona lua o le Pule’aga Samoa Pago Pago. Ua fa’atulagaina fuafuaga o le a lauga le Afioga i le Akiepikopo Alapati Mata’eliga, le epikopo o le Pule’aga o Samoa Apia, i le aso fa’apitoa mo le Pule’aga a Tutuila ma Manu’a. O le a fa’asalalauina sa’o le Misasa o le fa’ae’ega o le tofi epikopo ma le fa’anofoa’iga i le KVZK-TV ma le V103 WVUV-FM fa’atasi ai ma se fa’amalamalamaga a Afioga Moseniolo Etuale Lealofi fa’apea ma le Fa’atonu Sili o le Ofisa Tau Feso’ota’iga Fa’alaua’itele o le KVZK-TV, le Tofa Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde. E amataina fa’asalalauga i le 9:00 i le taeao i le Aso Tofi, aso 22 o Aukuso. E osia le ulua’i Misasa a Epikopo Peter Brown fa’atasi ma lana Pule’aga i le Aso Sa, aso 25 o Aukuso, i le 4:00 i le afiafi, i Fatuoaiga lava.
been a priest for over 30 years, spending most of his service among Samoan Catholics, commencing at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Safotu, Savai’i, as well as among 27 Samoan Catholic communities in Auckland, New Zealand. By appointing him bishop of the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago, Pope Francis has seen to it that Father Brown will spend many more years among the Samoan people. Bishop-Elect Brown was born and educated in Greymouth, New Zealand. His affiliation with the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer in Galong, Australia and the Redemptorist mission in Samoa brought him to work with the late Bishop Patrick Hurley of Samoa and conduct retreat work in American Samoa. The 66 year-old Bishop-Elect vacates his post as the Regional Superior of Aotearoa, an elected position that he held while serving as parish priest of St. Peter Chanel in Clover Park, South Auckland. Bishop-Elect Brown was appointed Coordinator of the Redemptorists Region of Asia Oceania in 2005 to 2009 assisting Redemptorists throughout the world to introduce a new structure of five different conferences. During this period he also served his congregation in the area of formation, evangelism and social justice. Bishop Quinn Weitzel and the Diocese Board have finalized plans for the Episcopal Ordination, which will be attended by off island clergy and church officials from the Vatican, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and the Pacific Islands. A planning committee, comprised of Board members and parish leaders, is hard at work to coordinate the schedule of events for the ordination on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at Holy Family Cathedral in Fatuoaiga, Tafuna at 9:30am. Highlights of the Ceremony will include the reading of the Apostolic Letter from The Roman Catholic Diocese of Samoa - Pago Pago is proud and happy to announce Pope Francis naming Bishop-Elect Peter Brown as the second Bishop of Samoa the Episcopal ordination of its second bishop, the most Reverend Peter Hugh Brown, Pago Pago. Archbishop Alapati Mata’eliga, Bishop of the Archdiocese of Samoa CSsR, to replace retiring Bishop John Quinn Weitzel, MM, who was the first bishop Apia, will preach the Homily. of the diocese, ordained in 1985, after the diocese was founded in 1983. Live coverage of the Mass of the Episcopal Ordination and Installation will be Both the new bishop and the retiring bishop were once missionaries in Samoa, on aired live on KVZK-TV Channel 2 and V103 WVUV FM with commentary by the island of Savai’i. Bishop Quinn Weitzel was a missionary at Falealupo when Monsignor Etuale Lealofi and KVZK-TV Office of Public Information Director Bishop-Elect Brown was a missionary at Safotu. Bishop Quinn Weitzel will be a coFagafaga Daniel Langkilde. The broadcast will begin at 9:00am. consecrator at the ordination ceremony at Holy Family Cathedral. Bishop Peter Brown will celebrate his first Mass as second Bishop of the On May 10, 2013, His Holiness Pope Francis appointed Father Peter Hugh Brown as Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago on Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 4:00pm at Bishop-Elect to serve the people of Tutuila and Manu’a. Bishop-Elect Brown has Fatuoaiga.
American Samoa Catholic Diocese to Ordain New Bishop on August 22nd
tusia Ausage Fausia
Fa’auau Kovana talanoaga ma Samoa na amata mai e Togiola…
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 17
A’o sauni ai le nofoaiga a Lolo ma Lemanu e fa’aauau talanoaga ma le malo o Samoa sa amata mai e faigamalo ua mavae atu, o le vaiaso na te’a nei na tofia ai e le ali’i kovana se Komiti fa’apitoa latou te fa’atulaga ma auiliili mataupu e talanoaina i le isi fonotaga o le a sosoo ai nei. O sui e to’atolu o le Komiti e aofia ai le afioga i le Komesina o le Ofisa o Palota, le tofa Tuaolo M. Fruean; Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Tagata Faigaluega a le malo, tofa Le’i Sonny Thompson, ma le Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga ma Alamuia ia Keniseli Lafaele. Na taua e Lolo Matalasi Moliga i lana tusi i le aso 7 Aokuso, 2013 i Fa’atonusili ma Fa’auluuluga o Matagaluega ma Ofisa uma a le malo e faapea, i le tuana’i ai o masina e fitu talu ona tula’i mai le faigamalo e ta’ita’i le atunuu, e i ai lona talitonuga ua lava lea taimi e malamalama ai i latou uma i le tulaga o lo o i ai le malo i le taimi nei, aemaise ai o le tulaga e tatau ona latou tali atu ai pe a o o i le taimi e faataunuuina ai talanoaga ma ta’ita’i o le malo Tuto’atasi o Samoa. “Ina ia mautinoa e i ai mataupu talafeagai e tatau ona taula’i i ai lenei talanoaga ma ta’ita’i mai Samoa, o se tulaga talafeagai mo i tatou le tuuina mai e tatou matagaluega ma ofisa o ni mataupu ina ia mafai ai ona iloa tino ni taunuuga lelei mo le manuia o Samoa e lua i le taimi o lea fonotaga,” o le saunoaga lea a Lolo i lana tusi. Mo le fa’ataunuuina o fuafuaga e pei ona vaai mamao i ai le kovana ma le faigamalo, ua ia tofia ai loa afioga i fa’atonusili e to’atasi e gafa ma le fa’atulagaina o ni mataupu e iloilo i le isi fonotaga o le a sosoo nei, e tatala ai fonotaga ma ta’ita’i o Samoa i lalo o le nofoaiga fou. O le isi tiute o le komiti e pei ona tofia e le alii kovana, e le gata latou te fa’atulagaina le aso ma le taimi e faia ai lea feiloaiga, ae latou te sailia fo’i le nofoaga e faia ai. “O le komiti ua ou tofia o le a tuu atu i ai aso e 60 latou te fuafua ma faataunuu ai la latou matafaioi e pei ona ou tofia i ai, ma tu’uina mai ai sa latou ripoti e iloilo ma pasia,” o le saunoaga lea a le alii kovana. Ua fautuaina foi le komiti ina ia faapea foi ona tuuina atu a latou ripoti i mataupu taitasi latou te iloiloina, ina ia faigofie ai ona mulimulita’i le tulaga o le latou galuega. O le masina o Novema 2012 na faia ai le fonotaga mulimuli i le va o Samoa ma Amerika Samoa, i lalo o le ta’ita’iga a kovana Togiola ma sui o lana kapeneta, faapea ai fo’i le afioga i le alii palemia mai Samoa, susuga Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sa’ilele Malielegaoi ma lana fo’i kapeneta. O se tasi o mataupu taua na faia i ai se faaiuga o lea fonotaga ina ia faafesuia’iina o fanua i le va o Samoa e lua, ina ia maua ai fanua totino a le isi malo i totonu o le isi malo, ma faigofie ai ona fa’atino atina’e e pei o le fausia o Ofisa e gafa ma le taulimaina o mataupu e fitoitonu i le malo ma ona tagatanuu. O le fanua mo Amerika Samoa o loo i Vailima i Samoa ae o le fanua mo Samoa o lo’o faatulaga i Tafuna. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
Ua auai potopoto atu o le Pulega o le Star Kist Samoa i le Mauga Pa’ia o le Atua o le Ekalesia Fa’apotopotoga Kerisiano i Pago Pago i le taeao ananafi, ina ia fa’atautaia ai le sauniga pa’ia e fa’amanuia ai le atoaga o le 50 tausaga o le latou Kamupani. O le vaiaso lenei ua atoa lelei i ai le 50 tausaga ma o le a fa’atautaia fa’afiafiaga uma i lona aso 17 Aukuso, 2013 peita’i, ua muamua i le fa’afetai i le Atua mo nei tausaga e tele ua manuia ai le galuega ma ua fa’amanuia mai ai fo’i [ata: Leua Aiono Frost] i le tele o aiga Samoa ma o tatou faigamalo na lua!
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
50 Tausaga o le Fa’afetai — Star Kist Samoa Inc.
Le ulua’i taimi na lulu aao ai le afioga i le kovana sili ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga ina ua faatoa maea le fa’au’uina o ia e avea ma kovana o le atunuu mo le isi fa tausaga ia Ianuari 2013, ma le Palemia o Samoa, susuga Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sa’ilele [ata: AF] Malielegaoi.
“Aua lava ne’i ia te’i matou, aua lava ne’i ia te’i matou le Alii e, a ia fo’i atu le vi’iga ma le fa’amanu ia te Oe le Tama!” O upu amata ia o le folasaga a le ali’i Pule Sili o le Star Kist Samoa i le taimi o le sauniga, sa fa’aavanoa fo’i, na te fa’afetaia ai le Atua, le pa’ia o le Aufaigaluega a le Atua ma le Ekalesia i Fa’apotopotoga Kerisiano i Pago Pago, le pa’ia o le Palega o le Malo o Amerika Samoa ma lona Fa’auluuluga o lana Faigamalo, nofo a Matagaluega, ae tainane le tafatolu o le Faigamalo fa’ateritori a Amerika Samoa i ona tofiga mamalu sa auai fa’atasi i lea sauniga pa’ia. O le agaga lava e tasi sa fa’ailo fo’i e le afioga le Kovana Sili, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, lea sa pa’au atu ma le faletua ia Cynthia Malala Moliga, ina ia lagolago le agaga fa’afetai, ia o’o i le Atua lea lagona, aua ua atoa le 50 tausaga o tautua pea le Star Kist i lenei malo ma ona tagata, ae maise o Pisinisi Tumaoti o lo’o latou galulue fa’apa’aga ina ia au ma atoatoa le latou auaunaga. “O se tasi lenei o poutu o lo’o fa’alagolago i ai le malo i le tulaga o le tausiga lelei o ona tagatanu’u e ala i sosia o le tamaoaiga, aua e le tofu avanoa tagata uma o le atunu’u i le Malo, ae o lenei Kamupani ua silia ma le 3000 tagata e mafai ona maua ai avanoa faigaluega, ma ua o’o le fa’asoa a le Star Kist i so’o se aiga o le atunu’u.” “Muamua, aia tutusa tagata uma i avanoa faigaluega, e le fa’ailoga na’o nisi, ae leai i nisi, ua tutusa pau tagata uma i le filifiliga o agava’a e tatau ai ona faigaluega, ia mautinoa ua fa’atino le galuega i le maualuga e mo’omia ia sili ai ona lelei ma vave le auaunaga i aso ta’itasi.” “Lona lua, ia mautinoa ua si’itia le tulaga e fa’atino ai le tautua ma e fa’aauau lava ona saili
ala e mafai ai ona fa’aleleia atili le auaunaga, ia mautinoa e mafai ona fa’atino le galuega, tusa pe o le a ni lu’iga e tula’i mai i ona vaega ta’itasi i aso ta’itasi, ma itula uma!” “Lona tolu, o le taumafai lea ina ia sili ona fa’aitiitia i taimi uma le lapisi o so’o se ituaiga! Ia taumafai ona fa’aaoga mea uma lava e maua mai ona o galuega fa’atino, ia le maumau se mea e aoga.” “Lona fa, e taua tutusa vaega uma o le auaunaga, ia le so’ona fai le auaunaga a le isi itu, ae toso le isi itu o le galuega, ia faia i le taimi le galuega e mo’omia, maua le aotelega sili ona maualuga i aso ta’itasi, ma itula taitasi.” Fa’afetaia fo’i e le failauga, ona o ta’ita’i o le Kamupani o i latou o nisi e matata’u i le Atua soifua! “O ala ia o fa’amanuiaga, o lou to’aga e toe fa’afetaia le Atua i mea uma sa ia foa’i mai!” Ua fa’aalia fo’i i lea lauga, le aofaiga o i latou na fa’afaigaluega e le Kamupani a Star Kist e 32,000 tagata i le 50 lenei o tausaga. Ua iloga mai ua toeitiiti ona ausia lea o le aofa’iga atoa o le faitau aofai o tagata o Amerika Samoa i le taimi nei. O vi’iga o le sauniga, sa matua iloga le matagofie na tapena i ai le aufaipese a le susuga le Faifeau Rev. Fa’atauva’a i Pago Pago EFKAS. Sa tomuli vi’iga o le sauniga, i le vi’i o le Star Kist na saunia fa’apitoa e le aufaipese, ina ia vi’ia atili ai le Atua le Tama i ana fa’amanuiaga i nei tausaga e tele! O le vi’iga lea, Matou te Vivi’i ia te Oe! Na a’apa fo’i le Star Kist i lana pulega ma le aufaigaluega i fa’aaloaloga mo le Ekalesia ma le latou feagaiga taulagi fa’atasi ai ma le afio’aga, ma le malu taeao sa latou tufaina mo i latou uma na aofia ina ua mae’a le taulaga si’itia i le Atua.
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
(flower arrangement training)
mo Tina ma Tamaitai
Amataina Aukuso 20, 2013 9:00 i le taeao i le 12:00 i le aoauli
Faalua i le vaiaso Aso Lua/Aso Tofi mo le 3 vaiaso Matua o Faiva; Malia A. Lemalu Nofoaga: Fale Palota Tuai (Utulei) 30 Avanoa Lesitala ia Alice Malele poo Pa’u Roy Ausage i le 633-2835 poo le i-meli i le mailto:roy.ausage@dywa.as.gov
Matagaluega o Mataupu Tau Tupulaga, Tina, ma Tamaita’i Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
Faamanino Sandra mafuaaga faamalolo ai tagata faigaluega to’aono LBJ…
“Na gau mai lava LBJ ina ua faatoa tatala lana tautua 1999”
tusia Ausage Fausia
In The High Court of American Samoa TRIAL DIVISION
PR No. 3-2013 In the Matter of the Estate of
P.O. Box 520, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tom Drabble, Chairman Board of Directors Ph: (684) 733-5714 • Email: tom@sadieshotels.com
TO: ALL INTERESTED PARTIES NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ROBERT SOLIAI has petitioned to be appointed as the Administrator of the Estate of the late MATALI’I F. SOLIAI and for letters of administration. The hearing on this petition has been set to be heard on August 27, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at the High Court of American Samoa located in Fagatogo, American Samoa at which time and place all persons interested int he estate of MATALI’I F. SOLIAI, deceased, may appear and contest the same, if they so choose. Dated: July 31st, 2013
Clerk of Courts
Published 8/2, 8/7, 8/12
2013-2014 Employment Opportunities
South Pacific Academy is accepting applications for the following 2013-2014 full-time positions:
• IT/Technology Instructor • Middle School Language Arts • Middle School Social Studies
Minimum Requirements: • BA degree (Teacher certification a plus) • Excellent spoken and written English skills • Energy, enthusiasm, and teamwork approach Qualified applicants can come by the office and pick up an application or call the school at the numbers listed above for further information. 2013-14 school year is set to open Monday, August 19, 2013.
South Pacific Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
The American Samoa Development Corporation (ASDC) which owns the old Rainmaker Hotel buildings, hereby notifies the public that any individual, business or entity that removes any type of material (sink, bathtub, window, mirror, lumber etc.) from the old Rainmaker Hotel buildings without the written authorization of ASDC, will be reported to the Department of Public Safety and Attorney General’s Office for criminal prosecution for the crimes of Stealing and Trespassing. The public is encouraged to report to the Administration Office (telephone number 633-4031) of the Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) located at the Second Floor of the Lumanai Building at Fagatogo, any suspicious activity at the old Rainmaker Hotel premises.
I se tusi sa tuuina atu e le susuga a Tofoitaufa Sandra King Young sa avea muamua ma Taitaifono o le Komiti Faafoe a le LBJ, i le afioga i le ali’i faipule ia Maugaoali’i Leapai Tusipa Anoa’i o le taitaifono o le Komiti o le LBJ/Soifua Maloloina a le maota o sui, o lo o ia taua ai mafuaaga eseese na ala ai ona manatu le Komiti Fa’afoe e toe fa’atulaga tulaga ma totogi o tagata faigaluega i totonu o le falema’i. O le tusi a Tofoitaufa sa tuuina atu ia Maugaoalii i le aso 31 Iulai 2013, o lona aso mulimuli fo’i lea i le tofiga o le Ta’ita’ifono o le Komiti Faafoe, o sana tali atu lea i se tusi sa tuuina atu i ai e Maugaoali’i ia te ia i le aso 29 Iulai 2013, lea sa taua ai e le afioga a Maugaoalii e faapea, o le faaiuga a le Komiti Faafoe ua faia e le gata ua faanatinati ae sa faia fo’i e aunoa ma le fesiligia o ni finagalo o tagata faigaluega na aafia i le faaiuga. Mai tagata faigaluega e to’aono, o i latou ia sa fai ma ta’ita’i i ni isi o vaega o le falemai na tuuina atu i ai tusi e faamalolo mai ai i o latou tofiga, ua uma ona toe tuuina atu i ai le tusi e faaleaoga ai le faaiuga ina ia faamalolo i latou mai a latou galuega. Na taua e Tofoitaufa i lana tusi e faapea, o le faaiuga sa faia e le komiti faafoe, e le gata e le’i faanatinatiina ona faia, ae sa fesiligia fo’i e sui o le komiti e toalua tagata faigaluega na fuafua e faamalolo e tusa ai o le faaiuga o le a faia, latou te le’i lagolagoina fo’i le faaiuga a le komiti faafoe mo le toe faatulagaina o tulaga ma totogi i totonu o le falema’i. E ono masina na galulue ai le komiti faafoe i le faia o a latou suesuega e tusa ai o lenei mataupu, aemaise ai o le suesueina o le tulaga o lo o i ai tupe a le falemai, ona o le manatu maualuga sa i ai i le komiti, o le latou tiute o le mautinoa lea e ausia e le falema’i lana manulauti i le tautuaina o le soifua maloloina o le atunuu, ma ia mautinoa foi e saogalemu gasegase uma e agai atu i le falema’i i soo se taimi. Na taua e Tofoitaufa i lana tusi le ofo o le komiti ina ua maua i a latou suesuega le tele o faafitauli eseese o lo o tula’i mai i le falema’i, ona o le tulaga le lava i vaega tupe o lo o faatinoina ai lana tautua e pei o le tele o aitalafu e le mafai ona aoina mai i totonu, maualalo tulaga o tupe o lo o sau i totonu, le tausisi i tulafono mo le faa faigaluegaina o tagata, tulaga o totogi faapea ai ma itula faigaluega. “Ina ua uma ona matou iloiloina faamaumauga uma a le falema’i, na matou maua ai, talu mai lava le tausaga e 1999 ina ua faatoa avea le Falema’i ma Vaega Tumaoti o le malo, sa faaauau mai pea lava i le taimi lea ona nofo aitalafu le falema’i i tulaga o tupe e faafoe ai ana galuega,” o le saunoaga lea a Tofoitaufa. O ni isi o taimi e faasala ai e le feterale le falemai ma poloaina i latou ina ia toe totogi atu tupe sa tuuina mai e faatino ai lana auaunaga, ma o tupe e totogi ai sala a le falema’i o lo o sau i tupe lotoifale a le malo, po o tupe a tagata totogi lafoga. O ni isi o mafuaaga o le faaiuga e toe faatulaga tulaga ma totogi o tagata faigaluega, na faia ina ua maua e le komiti faafoe, e tusa ma le $3.3 miliona pili a le falema’i ua fia tausaga e le’i aoina atu lava i totonu, ma o le 38% o nei pili ua ta’i 90 aso le umi e le’i aoina atu lava i totonu. O lo o taua foi i isi faamaumauga e faapea, e tusa ma le $31.4 miliona tupe sa tatau ona maua e le falema’i, peita’i e le’i totogiina atu lava i totonu. O le $1.5 miliona lea sa tatau ona maua e le falema’i mai le lafoga o totogi e 2% na pasia e le Fono ma sainia e le kovana ua mavae atu, e na o le $200,000 ua maea ona totogi atu. O isi aitalafu o lo o faaauau pea ona totogi e le falema’i i le taimi nei, o le $64,000 lea e totogi i masina taitasi seia oo atu i le masina o Ianuari 2014, mo tupe o le polokalame a le Medicare lea ua faatonu e le feterale le falema’i e toe totogi atu. E o o foi i aitalafu a le LBJ i pisinisi tua mo le aumaia o vailaau ma fualaau, e tatau ona totogi e le falema’i le $300,000 i le masina mo lea tautua, ma o le tele o pisinisi ma kamupani tua ua mumusu e toe tuuina mai lea tautua sei vagana ua totogi muamua atu e le falema’i le tupe. I tulaga o totogi a i latou e toaono sa fuafua e faamalolo e amata mai i le $36,275 e o o atu i le $93,000 i le tausaga. Na faafetaia e Tofoitaufa le afioga i le alii faipule ia Maugaoalii e tusa ai o lona fesiligia o le faaiuga a le falema’i, ma ia taua ai le tele o tupe sa faaalu e le latou komiti faafoe mo le faatinoina o lenei suesuega, ona o le latou naunau ia saili se auala e foia ai le faafitauli tau tupe ua tele tausaga o feagai ma le falema’i. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 19
tusia Ausage Fausia
AMATA LE FA’AMASINOGA AUTU O LE FBI PEPELO O le ali’i lea na alu ma fai i tagata o ia o le sui o le FBI i Amerika Samoa, o le taeao nei lea ua faatulaga e amata aloaia ai taualumaga o lana faamasinoga autu, lea o le a iloiloina e tagatanuu o Amerika Samoa. O Alatise Fonoti o lo o tuuaia faatasi laua e le malo ma Aperaamo Levi i moliaga mamafa e lua o le gaioi, ma o le vaiaso na te’a nei na tali ioe ai Levi i le isi moliaga o le gaoi ae solofua e le faamasinoga le isi moliaga e tasi o lo o totoe ai i le pepa o tagi na faaulu e le malo, ma ua faatulaga le lauina o lona faasalaga i le aso 24 Oketopa, 2013. O le taeao nei lea ua faatulaga e sailia ai le vaega e toafitu e fai ma faamasino latou te iloiloina se faaiuga o le mataupu a Fonoti, lea o lo o taofia pea i le toese i Tafuna talu mai le taimi na taofia ai i laua e leoleo i le amataga o le tausaga nei. O lo o tuuaia e le malo Fonoti i lona faa faigaluegaina o ni tagata se toa 25 e faamama lona fanua, ona ia folafola lea i ai o penefiti latou te maua mai a latou galuega e pei o totogi ta’i $10 i le itula; ponesi e o o atu i le ta’i $4,000 le maualuluga; $100 i le aso mo se tasi na te ofoina atu lana ta’avale e piki ma toe momoli ai tagata faigaluega, faapea ai ma isi faamanuiaga e pei o le latou mauaina lea o masini faapa’u falaoa; microwaves; DVD players ma TV. E tusa ai ma faamaumauga a le fa’amasinoga, e leai ma se faamanuiaga o nei faamanuiaga uma na maua e i latou e to’a 25 na faa faigaluega e Fonoti, ae ina ua latou taumafai e fesiligia le ua molia e tusa ai o latou totogi, na faafefe e Fonoti i latou ma folafola i ai le ta loka o i latou i le falepuipui a le FBI mo le umi e ta’i lua tausaga. O le masina o Aperila na te’a nei na sainia ai e Fonoti sa latou maliliega ma le malo ma fofogaina ai loa i luma o le ali’i faamasino sili ia Michael Kruse, peita’i ina ua latalata ina maea tolaulauga a le faamasinoga e tusa ai o le maliliega a le ua molia ma le malo, na toe faailoa ai e Fonoti i le fa’amasinoga lona mana’o e faaleaoga le latou maliliega ma le malo, ae tu’u sa’o atu loa lana mataupu e fa’ataunuu sona fa’amasinoga autu. O lana uo o lo o tuuaia faatasi i laua e le malo i lenei mataupu ia Levi, sa ia tali ioe i le moliaga o le gaoi i le vaiaso na te’a nei, ma ua sauni e talia lana faasalaga e tu’u ina atu e le fa’amasinoga i le masina o Oketopa, ma o se tasi o tuutuuga a Levi ma le malo ua uma ona faamauina i
luma o le fa’amasinoga, o lona molimau lea ma le fa’amaoni i le fa’amasinoga autu a lana tama o Fonoti. IOE PONALI I TU’UAIGA A LE MALO O le ali’i lea o lo o tu’uaia i lona faia o uiga mataga i se tama’ita’i e 16 tausaga le matua, ua ia sauni e tali ioe i moliaga e lua o lo o tu’uaia ai o ia e le malo, i lalo o se latou maliliega ma le malo sa ia sainia i le vaiaso na te’a nei, lea fo’i ua maea ona faila i luma o le fa’amasinoga. E fa moliaga mamafa o lo o tuuaia ai e le malo le alii o Eti Ponali, ona o le fa’alavelave lea na la faiaiga ai ma se tama’ita’i e talavou i lalo o le tulafono i le aso 21 Mati, 2013, ae i le maliliega lea ua latou sainia ma le malo, ua ia tali ioe ai i
moliaga mamafa o le tagofia o itutinosa o se tama’ita’i ma le faia o gaioiga mataga faafeusuaiga, ae solofua ai e le malo moliaga pito sili ona mamafa atu, le moliaga o le faiaiga ma se tama’ita’i e talavou i lalo o le tulafono, faapea ai ma lona faia i ai o ni uiga faasotoma. I le tali ioe ai o Ponali i moliaga mamafa e lua e pei ona ia taua, ua ia tautino ai e faapea, i le masina o Mati e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga, sa ia faiaiga ai ma se tama’ita’i e talavou i lalo o le tulafono, e ui sa ia iloa o lenei tama’ita’i e le’i atoa le 16 tausaga o lona matua. Ua ta’utino fo’i le ua molia, o le gaioiga sa ia faia ua le tusa ai ma ala o le tulafono a Amerika Samoa.
(Faaauau itulau 23)
General Manager of Star Kist Samoa Brett Butler and his wife Sherry before the church service to commemorate the 50th anniversary of StarKist Samoa which was held at the Pago Pago [photo: Leua Aiono Frost] CCCAS Church, yesterday morning.
American Samoa Administrative Code (ASAC) Proposed Amendments to Title IV
The American Samoa Government (ASG) invites public comments on Proposed Amendments to Title IV of the American Samoa Administrative Code (ASAC) in an effort to eliminate policies or practices that violate the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended (FLSA). The intent is to bring Title IV into compliance with the FLSA, so that all ASG employees are compensated as required by the FLSA. Where applicable, amendments were made in accordance with the FLSA and Title 29, parts 500-899, of the Code of Federal REgulations (CFR). Public comments are invited for a 20-day period commencing on Monday, August 12, 2013 to Saturday, August 31, 2013. The Proposed Amendments to Title IV is available at the Department Human Resources, 2nd Floor of the A.P. Lutali Executive Office Building or online at www.americansamoa.gov. A public meeting to accept verbal and written comments on the “Proposed Amendments to Title IV” will be held at the Department of Human Resources Conference Room on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. Translation into and out of Native Language (Samoan) that is widely spoken will be provided at the meeting. The Department of Human REsources complies with Title II of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Individuals with disabilities who many need auxiliary aids, services or special modifications to participate in the public meeting or to comment on the “Proposed Amendments to Title IV” should contact Executive ASsistant, Eseta I’amanu, at 633-4485 ext. 221 or the Chief of Personnel, Max Tuitele at 633-4485 ext. 293. Written comments on the Proposed Amendments to Title IV may be sent to: ASG-Department of Human Resources Office of the Director A.P. Lutali Executive Office Building, 2nd Floor Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Fax: (684) 633-1139 Email: hr@hr.as.gov Comments must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. Saturday, August 31, 2013. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Eseta I’amanu at 633-4485 ext. 221 or Max Tuitele at 633-4485 ext. 293.
“Here to Serve”
Sauni malo faasala tagata faigaluega e le o usitaia le tulafono taavale malo
tusia Ausage Fausia
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Se vaaiga i le taavale a le Ofisa o le KVZK-TV (TV-3) na aafia i se faalavelave i le lua vaiaso [ata: AF] talu ai, lea o lo o paka i luma o le Ofisa o Leoleo i Fagatogo i le taimi nei.
Talu ai o lo o faatupulaia pea le faafitauli i tagata faigaluega a le malo o lo o aafia i le soona faaaoga le tatau o taavale a le malo i taimi le tatau, ua manatau ai le kovana sili o le a faamalosia loa le vaega o le tulafono lea e faasala ai le tagata faigaluega e faamaonia lona soli o lea vaega o le tulafono. I se tusi na tuuina atu e le afioga i le kovana sili ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga, i le Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Tagata Faigaluega a le malo ia Le’i Sonny Thompson i le aso 6 Aokuso 2013, o lo o faamanino ai e le alii kovana le faaiuga ua tatau ona faia i tagata faigaluega latou te le o usitaia le tulafono i faasa ai le soona faaaoga le tatau o taavale a le malo. Na taua e Lolo i lana tusi ia Le’i e faapea, ua maitauina le i ai pea lea o ni isi o tagata faigaluega a le malo e le o manatu mamafa, i le tulafono e faasa ai ona toe sona faaaoga le tatau taavale a le malo. “Sa tatou tutu faatasi ina ia faamalosia auala uma e taofia ai
Office of Highway Safety
Local contact: DPS Office of Highway Safety (Fred Scanlan 633-1780)
le toe soona faaaoga le tatau o taavale a le malo, ae talu ai le amo e Faatonusili o le mamafa o le avega i taimi e ripotia mai ai ni taavale a le malo o lo o aafia i faalavelave ma soona faaaoga le tatau e tagata faigaluega, e foliga mai e le o lagona mai e i latou o lo o faia lea amio lo tatou naunau e faamalosi lenei tulafono,” o le saunoaga lea a Lolo ia Le’i. Na pau le itu taua e pei ona taua e le alii kovana, e le o i ai se soifua o aafia ai i faalavealave tau taavale ia o lo o aafia ai taavale a le malo e pei ona ripotia atu i lona ofisa. “Ua oo i le taimi nei ua tatau ai loa ona pagatia i latou o lo o faia le amio o le le usitai i le tulafono, e ala i lo tatou faamalosia loa o le Tulafono e faasala ai se tasi e faia lea amio, e pei ona faatulaga mai i totonu o Tulafono ma Ta’iala a le malo,” o le saunoaga lea a Lolo ia Le’i. “Afai e faalua ona maua se tagata faigaluega a le malo o ia faia lea amio o le solitulafono, o le a faamalolo loa lea tagata mai le toe avea ma tagata faigaluega a le malo,” o le saunoaga lea a Lolo i lana tusi ia Le’i. O ni isi mataupu e faatatau i taavale a le malo e maua o faaaoga i auala le tatau, o le a tuuina atu le faia o se faaiuga i le tagata faigaluega o lo o aafia ai i le tofa Le’i, e pei ona taua e le alii kovana i lana tusi. O le kopi o le tusi a le alii kovana sa tuuina atu i le afioga i le Lutena Kovana ia Lemanu Peleti Mauga, o Faatonusili ma Faauluuluga o Matagaluega ma Ofisa uma a le malo, faapea ai ma le tofa Fiu Saelua o lo o faauluulu i ai tagata faigaluega uma a le malo i le Ofisa o le Kovana Sili. Na taua e le Masela o le Auala ia Alu Faamasino i le Samoa News i le aso ananafi, o lo o faaauau pea lona taofia o taavale a le malo na te maua e le o usitaia ala o le tulafono e pei ona faatonuina e le alii kovana, e pei o le leai o se pemita e faataga ai ona fealuai le taavale pe a tuanai taimi faigaluega a le malo, faapea ai ma se faatanaga mo le tagata faigaluega a le malo na te faafoeina ai le taavale. E tolu isi taavale na taua e le Masela o le Auala na ia taofia i le vaiaso ua te’a ina ua maua e le o usitaia tulafono o le tulafono e pei ona moomia. “O le tele lava o taavale a le malo o lo o o’u taofia i luga o le auala, o le leai lea o se pemita o le tagata ave ta’avale o lo o faafoeina le ta’avale, ae i lalo o le tulafono, e tatau i le Faatonusili ona mautinoa o lo o i ai se pemita e faataga ai le tagata faigaluega ona ia faafoeina le taavale a le latou ofisa,” o le saunoaga lea a Fa’amasino. I le fonotaga a le kapeneta na faatoa maea atu nei, na toe faamamafa ai e le alii kovana le mataupu lenei, ina ua maitauina pea le toatele o tagata faigaluega a le malo e le o usitai i le tulafono. O se tasi o faalavelave na taua e Lolo i lana saunoaga o le faalavelave lea na aafia ai se taavale a le Ofisa o le KVZKTV i Fagaalu, ina ua mafuli i luga o le auala i se taimi o le po.
Alofa, se ia tiga…
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 21
Vaega: 111 Fa’afetaia le alofa ma le agalelei o le Atua Soifua, ina ua alafa’i mai i le manuia le atunu’u i lenei taeao fo’u, e tatau ai ona o tatou si’i le vi’iga ma le fa’afetai ia te Ia ona o lona alofa ma Lona agalelei mo i tatou i taimi uma ma aso uma o lo tatou ola. O aso uma lava na tu’ua ai e lo’u tama le Ofisa Tutotonu ma tagata faigaluega o lo’o galulu ai, e le misi le vala’au mai a le toeaina o Afa, ona o ia lea ua tu’u i ai Ie va’aiga o le Ofisa lea. Ae o le tele fo’i o taimi, e le talanoa Afa i lo’u tama, ua fa’asau uma ia te a’u telefoni uma ina ia ou iloa ai mea o lo’o tutupu i totonu o le ofisa. O le telefoni na taunu’u mai i le isi aso, ua fa’apea mai Afa, ua le motusia le o’o ane o Peteru, lo’u tuagane i le Ofisa Tutotonu i aso uma. Na ou fesili nei ia Afa, po’o a ana mea o fai ai, ae sau le tali a Afa, o lo’o su’esu’e uma e Peteru mea uma, ae e leai lava ma se mea e tasi o ona ia fa’ailoa i ai. O le isi tala a Afa ia te a’u, fai mai ua alu atu lo’u tuagane, ua ‘ava’avau i totonu o le ofisa ma fai ana tala e fa’apea, ua leai sona tama, a’o ia lea e tatau ona matala ai mea uma, ma e tatau ona fa’aaloalo uma tagata faigaluega ia te ia. O le isi tala a Afa na fai i lo’u tuagane, e le mafai ona ia va’ai i mea ia, se’i iloga e malosi lo ma tama ma ia auai uma matou, ona fa’atoa fa’ailoa lea. Ua ou nofo nei ma o’u fa’alogona alofa i lea taimi, “Talofa e, i si o’u tuagane, ua le mautonu lava lona mafaufau, ona fautuaga leaga a lo ma tina ua fafaga ai. O a lava mea uma o lenei olaga, oa o le tamaoaiga ma mea e tele, ae a aunoa le tagata ma le alofa, e leai se aoga o mea uma, e galue fua fo’i. Na ou toe mafaufau nei e fa’apea, “O le faitoto’a o faigata ma mafatiaga o le soifuaga nei, o tua atu, o lo’o taoto ai i se ta’otoga malu le filemu ma le manuia mai le Atua.” Ua fa’asolosolo nei o’u mafaufauga i si o’u tina o Makerita ma ina ua tau o’u mafaufauga i lea tulaga, ua le mafai loa ona taofiofi le tafe ifo o o’u loimata. O a lava ona uiga vaivai, ae e le mafai ona ave’esea ai lo’u alofa, o a fo’i ona uiga fa’amaualuga, e le mafai ona galo ia te a’u, ona ua ou ta’uina o lo’u tina. Na ou fa’apea ifo nei, “O lo’u tama ea ua toe fia tamaititi, a iloa e Makerita, oka, ua pa le lalolagi.” Na ou fa’apea nei, ma’imau e, pe ana fa’apea lo matou aiga, ola fiafia, ola fetufa’ai, ola filemu, se manu e leai lava ni mea e tutupu mai e vaeluaina ai le alofa.
O aso uma lava e usu ai si o’u to’alua o Tino i lo ma ofisa, ona o lo’o i ai fo’i fa’amasinoga e tatau ona ma galulue ai ma o lo’o fa’atalitali fo’i nai tagata. Ae sa fai la ma tonu ma Tino, e sili pe a fa’afaigaluega se isi Loia, la te to’alua, ona ua ou le mafai ona toe alu ‘ese, se i vagana ua malosi lelei si o’u tama, ma ua fa’apea lava ona fai, ua faigofie ai fo’i mea uma. Na fa’apea ifo o’u mafaufauga, “Amuia Tino, o lo’o i ai se tina e alofa fa’amaoni, e fautua lelei ma na te avatu upu lelei e fafaga ai le la tama. Amuia Tino o lo’o maua pea le mafutaga mafana ma ona matua, o lona tama ma lona tina, a’o a’u, ua ou misia lava le alofa o lo’u tina. E faia pea…
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Where it’s at in
American Samoa
This photo provided by Jameson Hsieh shows a clown wearing a mask intended to look like President Obama at the Missouri State Fair. The announcer asked the crowd if anyone wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull,” according to a spectator. “So then everybody screamed. ...They just went wild,” said Perry Beam, who attended the rodeo at the State Fair in Sedalia on Saturday Aug. 10, 2013. State Fair officials (AP Photo/Jameson Hsieh) apologized calling the display inappropriate and disrespectful.
Shan-J Fast Food ‘N PIZZA PARK! Located at Malaeimi - Formerly A&A Pizza
We’re Open: Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 8:00pm Sunday 12 noon to 8:00pm
Call For Reservations Ph: 699-6175 or 699-6297
Tel: 633-7038 or 633-7685
5 Gal. delivered to your home, business or office! Fagaalu across from Matafao Ele. School
How much will my Classified Ad cost?
PERSONAL BUSINESS $ 6 $ 8 ONE DAY $12 $16 Two Days $18 $24 Three Days $20 ($5 each day) $28 ($7 each day) FOUR DAYS $25 $35 Five Days $24 ($4 each day) $36 ($6 each day) SIX DAYS All additional days after 6 runs: $ 4 each day $ 6 each day
We’re here for you! • 633-5599
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A clown wearing a President Barack Obama mask appeared at a Missouri State Fair rodeo this weekend and the announcer asked the enthusiastic spectators if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.” The antics led the state’s second highest-ranking official, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, to denounce the performance in a tweet Sunday. He said it was “disrespectful” to the president. “We are better than this,” the Republican tweeted. State Fair officials said the show was “inappropriate” and “does not reflect the opinions or standards” of the fair. “We strive to be a family friendly event and regret that Saturday’s rodeo badly missed that mark,” they said in a statement Sunday. It wasn’t clear if any action will be taken against the performers. Perry Beam was among the spectators Saturday in Sedalia. He said “everybody screamed” and “just went wild” as the announcer talked about having the bull run down the clown with the Obama mask. “It was at that point I began to feel a sense of fear. It was that level of enthusiasm,” Beam, a 48-year-old musician from Higginsville, said Sunday, referring to the reaction from the crowd that filled the fair’s grandstand. He said another clown ran up to the one wearing the Obama mask, pretended to tickle him and played with the lips on the mask. After about 15 minutes into the performance, the masked clown had to leave after a bull got too close, Beam said. Beam was at the rodeo with his wife and a student they were hosting from Taiwan. He said they were having a good time until the end of the rodeo. “It was the usual until the very end at bull riding,” he said. “As they were bringing the bulls into the chute and prepping them ... they bring out what looks like a dummy. The announcer says ‘Here’s our Obama dummy, or our dummy of Obama. “They mentioned the president’s name, I don’t know, 100 times. It was sickening,” Beam said. “It was feeling like some kind of Klan rally you’d see on TV.” Officials with the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the organization that coordinated the rodeo, did not return phone calls seeking comment Sunday. After Beam and his family returned home, he posted a photo of the clown in the Obama mask on his Facebook page. The photo and the posting were then promoted online by a blog, Showmeprogress.com, which elicited a huge response Sunday on Twitter. Scott Holste, spokesman for Missouri’s Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, said Sunday in an email that Nixon “agrees that the performance was disrespectful and offensive, and does not reflect the values of Missourians or the State Fair.” Beam, who grew up attending the State Fair and attends the fair just about every year, said he has never seen anything like the Obama mask display, which he felt was inappropriate for a state-sanctioned event that receives state funding. “This isn’t the Republican Missouri State Fair,” Beam said. “It was cruel. It was disturbing. I’m still sick to my stomach over it. ... I’m standing here with a mixed-race family. My wife’s from Taiwan, and so was the student (his family was hosting). I’ve never seen anything so blatantly racist in my life. “If an old country boy picks up on something like that, imagine what a person of color would think.”
Missouri Fair clown draws criticism for Obama mask
Obama: Progress made on disability claims backlog
samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013 Page 23
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama assured disabled veterans Saturday that his administration is making progress on reducing a backlog of disability claims and said the number of requests for assistance has fallen by nearly one-fifth since peaking at more than 600,000 just a few months ago. In an address at the Disabled American Veterans’ convention in Orlando, Obama also announced a national plan to guide mental health research, as well as commitments from 250 community colleges and universities to help veterans earn college degrees or get the credentials they need to find jobs. A chief concern for veterans is the backlog of disability claims for compensation for illness and injury caused by military service. “After years of military service, you shouldn’t have to wait years for the benefits you’ve earned,” Obama said. The number of claims ballooned after Obama made it easier for Vietnam veterans who were exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange to get benefits. Access to benefits also was eased for sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder and Gulf War veterans afflicted with malaria, West Nile virus or other infectious diseases. The backlog is shrinking due to some aggressive steps taken by the Department of Veterans Affairs, including requiring claims processors in its 56 regional benefits offices to work overtime and moving from a manual to a computerized system to help speed the judgment of claims, administration officials said. About 780,000 claims are pending. About 496,000 are considered backlogged after the 20 percent reduction Obama highlighted, down from 611,000 at the end of March, said White House press secretary Jay Carney. A claim is considered backlogged if it has been in the system for 125 days, or roughly four months. Even with that progress, Obama acknowledged the amount of work still needed to eliminate the backup by 2015 as VA Secretary Eric Shinseki has promised. “Today I can report that we are not where we need to be, but we are making progress,” Obama said. “So after years when the backlog kept growing, finally the backlog is shrinking.” The president also announced the release of a comprehensive national plan to improve the ability to prevent, diagnose and treat PTSD and traumatic brain injuries and mental health issues earlier and better, and to reduce suicides, according to a briefing paper the White House released Saturday before the president spoke. Beyond the claims issue, Republican lawmakers have started to hammer the VA on the issue of patient safety. A congressional hearing in Atlanta this past week focused on poor patient care linked to four deaths. Another hearing is scheduled for next month in Pittsburgh, where five veterans died as a result of a Legionnaire’s disease outbreak in 2011-12. Obama met privately with DAV members before the speech, the White House said. Afterward, he headed to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for a family vacation.
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RFP No. ASCC #006-2013 Issuance Date: August 6, 2011 Due Date and Time: August 19, 2013 No later than 2:00p.m. Local Time The American Samoa Community College (ASCC) issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) Re-Bid from qualified firms to provide:
➧ Tala o Fa’amasinoga…
“Food Service Operation for the ASCC Cafeteria to serve college students, Faculty and Staff”
Mai itulau 19
Ua malilie loia o le a latou fautua i le fa’amasinoga mo se faasalaga mama mo Ponali, peita’i ua malamalama le ua molia, tusa lea pe finau loia i le fa’amasinoga mo se faasalaga mama mo ia, e pule le fa’amasinoga pe talia pe teena ia faafinauga, aua o lo o i ai i le fa’amasinoga le malosi e fa’asala ai o ia i so o fa’asalaga e manatu le fa’amasinoga e talafeagai ma le solitulafono sa ia faia. Ua malamalama fo’i Ponali, e le mafai ona toe suia lana tali ioe ua tuuina atu i le fa’amasinoga, pe afai e aumai se fa’asalaga a ali’i fa’amasino e le tusa ai ma lona mana’o. FA’ASA ONA TOE INU PIA SE ALI’I MO LE 24 MASINA O se tasi o tuutuuga o le nofo vaavaaia a le ali’i o Simeona Talaleu o Aua na tu’uina atu e le fa’amasinoga i le vaiaso na te’a nei, o le fa’asa lea ona ia toe tagofia le ava malosi, ua fa’asa fo’i ona ia toe soliina se tulafono a le malo. O Talaleu na ta’usala e le fa’amasinoga i le vaiaso na te’a nei i moliaga e lua o le faaoolima i le tulaga tolu, ona o se fa’alavelave na tula’i mai i Aua i le masina o Me 2013, lea na ia fa’ao’olima ai i se ali’i ave taxi ma lona atali’i latou te tuaoi, e mafua mai ina ua fa’aleaga e le fanau a le ali’i na a’afia ana laau toto o lo o si’omia ai lona fanua. E tupu le fa’alavelave ae o lo o inupia Talaleu ma ana uo i luma o le latou fale, ma alu atu ai loa le ua molia ma fasi le tamaititi na faaleagaina ana laau toto, toe tu’i ma lona tama ina ua oso atu le tamaloa e sefe lona atali’i. Na faatoese le ua molia i luma o le faamasinoga e tusa ai o lana solitulafono sa faia, ma ia taua ai le maea lea ona teuteu o le vevesi na tula’i mai i le va o ia ma le aiga na aafia. Talia e le fa’amasinoga fautuaga a loia e nofovaavaaia le ua molia i lalo o poloaiga e ao ona usita’i i ai. O ni isi o ia poloaiga e aofia ai le faasa ona ia toe faatupu vevesi i lona nuu ma aiga tuaoi, faasa ona toe inupia ma aua fo’i ne’i ona toe solia se tulafono i totonu o le isi 24 masina. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
Submissions: Original and (5) five copies of the Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “RFP No.ASCC-006-2013 Food Service.” Submissions are to be sent or hand delivered to the following address and shall be received NLT 2:00p.m. American Samoa (Local Time) August 19, 2013. ASCC Procurement Office Mapusaga Campus Attention: Jessie Su’esu’e, Procurement Officer Telephone: 684-699-9155 extension: 391 Note: Any proposal received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any circumstances. Document: The RFP Scope of Work outlining the proposal requirements can be obtain from the ASCC Procurement Office, Mapusaga Campus during normal working hours (7:30a.m4:00p.m.) Review: Request for Proposals (RFP) submittals will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation Board (SEB) under the auspices of the Chief Procurement Officer. Right of Rejection: The American Samoa Community College (ASCC) reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and/or to waive any irregularities and/or any informalities contained in submitted proposals that are not in the best interest of ASCC or the public. Approved by: Dr. Seth P. Galea’i President, American Samoa Community College (ASCC)
Endangered species thrive on US military ranges
SAN CLEMENTE ISLAND, Calif. (AP) — The sign leaves no doubt about the risk in entering the steep seaside hills that North America’s rarest bird calls home: “Danger. Boom. Explosives. Unexploded Ordnance and Laser Range in Use. Keep Out.” Despite the weekly explosions that rock this Navy-owned island off the Southern California coast, the San Clemente Island loggerhead shrike has been rebounding from the brink of extinction, even on the military’s only ship-to-shore bombardment range. The black, gray and white songbird — which has gone from a low of 13 in the 1990s to 140 today — is among scores of endangered species thriving on military lands during the past decade. For many, it’s a surprising contrast, with troops preparing for war, yet taking precautions to not disturb animals such as the red-cockaded woodpecker and thumb-size Pacific pocket mouse. But military officials downplay the relationship, saying they’re concerned primarily with national security. Defense spending on threatened and endangered species jumped nearly 45 percent over the past decade from about $50 million a year in 2003 to about $73 million in 2012. The military protects roughly 420 federally listed species on more than 28 million acres, according to the Pentagon. The Defense Department is increasingly partnering with environmental groups to buy critical habitats that can act as buffer zones around bases, including a deal announced in June near the Army’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state that will restore prairie habitat. “I’ve seen entire convoys with dozens of soldiers come to a screeching halt because a desert tortoise was crossing the road,” Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright said. Environmentalists say there has been an attitude shift by the Pentagon, which has a history of seeking exemptions from environmental laws in the name of national security. “They’ve come a long way and do deserve credit,” said Mark Delaplaine, of the California Coastal Commission, which has battled the Navy over sonar testing that it believes harms marine mammals. “They pummel areas but also protect areas.” Generals shudder at being considered tree-huggers. But the military’s top brass also realizes protecting wildlife can, in turn, protect training ranges. The more wildlife thrives, the fewer the restrictions. If endangered species populations decline further, the military could face being told to move trainings out of areas. “Our conservation efforts are first and foremost focused on protecting readiness and eliminating the need for restrictions on training,” said John Conger, acting deputy undersecretary of defense for installations and environment. Defense Department properties have the highest density of threatened and endangered species of any federal land management agency, according to NatureServe, which tracks wildlife. On average, military lands boast 15 threatened and endangered species per acre — nearly seven times more per acre than the U.S. Forest Service, according to the Pentagon. Security keeps huge swaths of terrain off-limits to humans, turning training grounds into de facto wildlife refuges. Bases have inadvertently preserved wetlands, old-growth forests and tallgrass prairies by halting urban sprawl. The Marine Corps’ 125,000-acre Camp Pendleton is the largest undeveloped coastal stretch between Los Angeles and San Diego with more than 15 federally listed wildlife species. In some areas, native plants that thrive from a natural cycle of wildfires have benefited from the artillery exercises, according to environmentalists. Troops also often use only a limited area for training, including on San Clemente. Defense Department biologists have helped military branches boost wildlife numbers, according to environmentalists. The endangered perch-like fish called the Okaloosa Darter was downgraded in 2011 to threatened after Eglin Air Force base restored its watershed with erosion control projects, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The threatened San Clemente Island lizard, which now numbers more than 20 million, is being considered for removal from federal listing. “They’re doing some good things for endangered species, which is great, but there are activities that are really damaging to the environment at the same time,” said Noah Greenwald of the Center for Biological Diversity. He pointed to the Navy’s sonar testing. Greenwald’s organization and other groups last year filed a lawsuit against the National Marine Fisheries Service for failing to protect marine mammals from noise brought by Navy warfare training exercises along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. San Clemente Island gained its unique status after protests shut down the Navy’s only other such bombardment range on Vieques Island off the coast of Puerto Rico, where the Navy trained from 1941 until 2003.The property is now a national wildlife refuge. Losing Vieques has raised awareness among troops today on San Clemente. Naval Cmdr. Christopher Kirby, the officer in charge, said his units rally behind protecting the wind-swept island about 65 miles northwest of San Diego. “If we were to abuse the island, we would lose it,” he said. Sniper fire must be routed to avoid nests of endangered birds. Yellow road signs warn motorists to watch out for the island’s native fox, whose population has grown from hundreds in the 1990s to more than 1,000. Plywood models of tanks and missiles poke through native shrubs with flittering San Clemente Island sage sparrows, found only on the island. Troops zero in on the makeshift targets but cannot fire in sensitive areas. Ramps prevent beach erosion for the threatened western snowy plovers, whose nests are moved to avoid tanks. Biologists say the biggest impact has been the military’s eradication of goats in the 1990s, which were introduced half a century before the Navy purchased San Clemente in 1934. For biologists, what’s been surprising is the resiliency shown by certain species to the thundering drills. The shrike nests even in the center of the bombing range called the “boom box.” “The shrike seems to be unaffected by the loud noises,” said Navy biologist Melissa Booker. “We have a role to support the military’s mission, and we have a role to protect species. The two things don’t have to contradict each other.”
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samoa news, Monday, August 12, 2013
Happy Birthday to our beautiful wife & Mommy
Nafanua ‘Connie’ Custodio Auvaa Tilei
THANK YOU FOR BEING AN AWESOME WIFE & MOTHER. Words can’t seem to express how we feel so we figured we would sing you a song instead.
Beautiful In My Eyes
(Kadison Joshua) You’re my peace of mind in this crazy world. You’re everything I’ve tried to find, your love is a pearl. You’re my Mona Lisa, you’re my rainbow skies, and my only prayer is that you realize you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes. The world will turn, and the seasons will change, and all the lesson we will learn will be beautiful and strange. We’ll have our fill of tears, our share of sighs. My only prayer is that you realize you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes. You will always be beautiful in my eyes. And the passing years will show that you will always grow ever more beautiful in my eyes. When there are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles, when the time comes to embrace for one long last while, we can laugh about how time really flies. We won’t say goodbye ‘cause true love never dies. You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes. MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU WITH MANY, MANY MORE YEARS TO SPEND WITH US. WE LOVE YOU. Shimasaki, James & Michael Your family in Malaeloa and all over the world.
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