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65 years later, Palestinians look toward a UN vote

JERUSALEM (AP) -- The black-and-white photos show masses of people yearning for independence, celebrating a vote recognizing a state in Palestine. It was a day that generations of pupils would be taught to remember with reverence: Nov. 29.The jubilant revelers were Jews, the year was 1947, and the vote was held in the United Nations General Assembly. The Palestinians rejected the partition plan, which called for Jewish and Arab states to be established after the imminent expiration of the British rule over Palestine. The outraged Arabs soon started a war they eventually lost.Sixty-five years later to the day, the tables are somewhat reversed: Palestinians are turning to the General Assembly for a second chance - and it is the Israelis who are dismissing the vote they seemed destined to lose as a symbolic trifle.The irony of the date was not lost on the Israelis.\We are the best teachers of the Palestinian people in their struggle for independence