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32 honored during “Student-Athlete Ceremony of Recognition”

This past Saturday’s “Student-Athlete Ceremony of Recognition” honored some of the most explosive graduating senior athletes who will be leaving soon for college on mostly football scholarships — two are on baseball scholarships. Hosting the event was Field House 100 American Samoa and its director, Brandon Smart; Pastor Brian Smart, and Happy Valley Baptist Church Pastor Elise Tafeo.

Numerous parents, friends, and family members showed up for the gathering to witness student athletes from all over the island officially sign onto the schools of their choice.

Lt. Governor Faoa I. Sunia, accompanied by Mrs.ElisapetaSunia, provided the address to the young athletes (some of whom were unable to attend). “These young men represent not only the brightest our island has to offer, but also the toughest and most hard-working. I look forward to following them as they leave the island and represent our culture,” he said.

Opening remarks by Pastor Smart was a testimony to how hard work paid off making this day possible. “So many people on the island have worked hard to get these students to where they are today. It has taken teachers, principals, parents, coaches, and relatives to work together to make this day happen. I want to also mention the guidance counselors who work so hard behind the scenes to make sure these student-athletes are ready for college.”

According to Executive Director of Field House 100 Brandon Smart, this program is dedicated to helping student athletes on island. “Field House 100 has been helping student athletes earn college scholarships in football, baseball, women’s soccer, and softball over the last three years in American Samoa. Working closely with the schools, we have helped over 65 students earn over two million dollars in scholarships,” he said,

He also recognized and acknowledged those who have helped the student athletes prepare and go on to college. “We are very grateful to the amazing principals, teachers, coaches and guidance counselors who work tirelessly to support students behind the scenes at all schools in American Samoa. Without the deep convictions of these individuals, we could not be hosting today’s ceremony. We would also like to thank Sandra King Young of PiCED, and Mel Purcell and Peter Gurr of the Samoa Bowl for what they do for the athletes on the island.”

The one hour program closed with recognition of each scholar athlete.

Closing thoughts were from Pastor Elise Tafao who urged people to continue to pray for these young men of American Samoa as they begin the next chapter in their lives. “I ask God to watch over them and stress the importance of these athletes staying connected with Christ through reading the bible daily,” he said.


2012 Student Athletes

Student            High School            College


1. Destiny Vaeao-            Tafuna            Washington State University


2. Robert Barber-            Fagaitua            Washington State University


3. Noke Tago-            Leone            Oregon State University


4. Rommel Mageo-            Samoana            Oregon State University


5. Alex Steffany-            Leone            New Mexico Military Institute


6. Jeremiah Fuiava-            Tafuna            New Mexico Military Institute


7. Samoa Carlson Samoa-            Fa’asao Marist            New Mexico Military Institute


8. O.J. Mau-             Fagaitua            Gardner-Webb University


9. John Ioane-            Tafuna            Eastern New Mexico University


10. Elliot Peters-            Fa’asao Marist            Eastern New Mexico University


11. Ioane Ioane-            Kanana Fou            Savannah St. University


12. Epafara Moananu-            Tafuna            Savannah St. University


13. Filoisamoa Langkilde-             Tafuna             University of Hawaii


14. Scotland Elisara-             Leone            Grossmont College


15. Kevin Feliuai-             Samoana            Grossmont College


16. Vincent Ta’ala                        University of St. Mary


17. Jason Casem-             Samoana            University of St. Mary


18. Le-Anthony Grey-             Fa’asao Marist            Chabot College


19. Gabe Collins-             Fa’asao Marist            Chabot College


20. Daniel Etuale-             Nuuuli Voc. Tech.            Chabot College


21. Iosefa Su'a-             Nuuuli Voc.Tech            Chabot College


22. Aloese Su'a-             Nuuuli Voc. Tech            Chabot College


23. Lolani Fa'aloua-             Nuuuli Voc. Tech            Chabot College


24. Nathaniel Tuamoheloa-             Nuuuli Voc. Tech            Chabot College


25. Thomas Ma'o-             Fagaitua            Chabot College


26. Shalom Luani-             Fagaitua            Chabot College


27. John Aetui-             Leone            Chabot College


28. Michael Schuster-             Fa’asao Marist            Chabot College


29. Alexander Elenio-             Tafuna            San Bernardino College


30. Philip Fata-             Samoana            Golden West College


31. Leuma Fualefau                         Bacone College (Baseball)


32. Sailiolelagi (Jason) Laolagi                        Bacone College (Baseball)