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30 locals prepare to head to Guam for employment

A group of 30 participants in the American Samoa National Emergency Grant (ASNEG) program heads to Guam next Thursday as part of the local ASNEG program to be employed at the military build up on Guam.

Human Resources Department director Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford said this is the only group attending under the ASNEG partnership with the Guam training service provider.

But Langford said, all ASNEG participants were advised they may apply directly to the Guam Department of Labor job bank and can be hired directly by an employer. “Under the federal mandate for the Guam military build-up, any individual who applies directly to the job bank and is hired through this process will be placed in Guam with expenses paid by the employer,” said Langford. “This direct hire opportunity is also available to anyone interested in working in Guam.”

Langford told Samoa News yesterday, “participants have a range of skill sets but will be participants in a 90-day training boot camp with subsequent placement in unsubsidized employment.”

ASNEG participants have completed the program qualification requirements which include an Educational Assessment, Health and Medical examinations, Drug Screening, Criminal Background checks and other related tasks required as a program participant.

ASNEG participants heading to Guam will begin in American Samoa with a component called Social Acculturation and continues after their arrival in Guam.

Asked about setting up an ASG representative in Guam as previously announced by Governor Togiola, Langford said a Program Liaison is being hired by the training service provider in Guam and will coordinate with the ASNEG program while the office space is being provided by the training service provider and the Guam Department of Labor.

Langford acknowledged the assistance of ASG agencies like the Departments of Health, Homeland Security, Legal Affairs, Public Safety (OMV), LBJ Medical Center, the American Samoa Community College Institute of Trades and Technology and the Department of Agriculture for their training space.

“We also extend our appreciation to the Office of the Attorney General, Office of Procurement and Department of Treasury for the facilitation and processing of the training service provider contract,” she added.