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$1.4m stolen from Samoa Customs found

Only $4,000 of $1.4million stolen from the Ministry of Revenue has not been recovered according to the Police. Assistant Police Commissioner, Le’aupepe Fatu Pula said the money was found at Fagali’i-Uta on Tuesday night.Le’aupepe said $36,000 of the stolen money was in cash and the rest were cheques.Police recovered only $32,000 of the stolen cash.The money was receipts for Monday due o be banked Tuesday morning when the theft was discovered.Le’aupepe said two Junior Officers of the Finance Department of the Ministry are now in custody to await their court appearances.He said the money was found at the home of one of the officers at Fagali’i-uta after a whole day of investigation by police.“These two officers broke into the vault where the money was and stole it when they finished work at around 5pm on Monday evening,” Leaupepe said.They are charged with theft; a charge that carries a maximum of seven years jail time.Police did not identify the two officers but said they will appear in court next week.