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Dear Jr Fa’aola,

I guess this is what happens when you drink too much Kool-Aid. HERE’S YOUR LESSON FOR TODAY. Our Samoan Community frowns upon your type. Just because you have been educated at Harvard and have a mansion in Beverly Hills gives you NO RIGHT to disrespect our Elders and Community Leaders. If these are your family values then I will lay it to your softly: IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR CULTURE, GET THE HELL OUR OF DODGE. YOU DON’T BELONG HERE AND YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE. IT’S COMMON SENSE AND COMMON COURTESY TO RESPECT OUR ELDERS AND THE SAME IS TRUE FOR MOST SOCIETIES ON PLANET EARTH.

Here’s the answer to this questions of yours about learning a lesson from our experience at federal court in Washington D.C. They came like thieves in the night with their agenda and full weight and treasure of the United States Justice Department to prosecute us. We only had the truth on our side  and our faith in Christ.

Eleven jurors for Not-Guilty verdicts + 1 juror for Guilty = Hung Jury. The government assessed and weighed its options of spending millions more for a conviction and their chances of actually getting one equals to the END OF CASE, UMA, NADA, E LEAI SE MEA E KOE FAIA, COMPRENDO?

The lesson was for you and our beloved people. Fight for what you believe and know is right. We don’t let foreigners come in and tell us how to live because God blessed us with the same gift of thought as it did the white man. Forty years in business of serving our community and you feel we should have learned a lesson? I sat in that court room day in and day out as prosecutors tried to make lemonade out of apples after passing out Kool-Aid to our people. Go Figure. Is ignorance really bliss for you? My advice; Take a deep breath and Thank God for the daily blessings surrounding us.

I hope that these lessons will be of value as I will keep you in my prayers tonight.

Yours Truly,

Timusa Tini Lam Yuen

Call Me: 731-1701