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Dear Editor,

I've been reading through headlines on the local news of Samoa News and one particular subject that caught my attention was the "Power Outages of local energy disruption report." I guess a question we gotta ask is why are we using the fuel energy system still, instead of going solar energy?

Let's call out Dora's friends; The Back pack and The Map to educate us with a simple fact that we are so far behind on the human race. But like the old saying goes; " Slow and Steady, will win the race." I suggest anyone to checkout this one website called the; ONE BLOCK off THE GRID. In this blog or website, there are listed the top ten Countries Using Solar Power, which I think is a smart sufficient move for them.

If they can do it, we can too. Like our current 44th President, Barack Obama said during his presidential campaign back in 2008; "YES WE CAN."

If you get a chance checking that out, ask yourself this question: Why can't we be like them? Of course money talks in these Politicians minds but, as a concerned citizen, voicing the concerning issues would be an absolute right of choice. I'd rather see our people thriving in great success,  rather than being stuck in the mirror, while the entire world is advancing with new technologies, placing them ahead in the race we're in.

It's not a competition what I'm saying but, Just Imagine how progressive our community  would be, when there's actually less money spent on paying electrical bills and putting that money spending on more valuable and important things for ourselves and our government. The financial crisis wouldn't be a problem and no grey hairs for us.

I mean seriously, if we're talking about adapting into a more modernized civilization, why can't we focus our attention in this subject and evaluate the pro's and con's and determine the right ego for the sake of our future generations and us?

Instead of wrecking and destroying our planet's surfaces and grounds, just to get all these coals and oils to satisfy some rich politician's needs. Not to mention the healthcare risks our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers are sacrificing everyday just to make them so-called Power Plants and Substations that provide us with the electricity and water.

 The consequences that follows all of us behind, is a Rodeo Cowboy riding an angry bull. Hard to maintain sitting on it, and even harder when you are falling off from it.

How long has, if that's the case, Tafuna's station been fueling the whole entire island with a power supply? After that unforgettable natural disaster back in 2009? It's time to step up to the plate and move forward.

Like what my greatest friend Frank Norton here in San Francisco said; "A thousand mile journey starts with a first step."

It's time to move on forward and accomplish new standardized level for the sake of our beautiful island and the people. Slowly but surely, we can do it.

Tala Galo Faasavalu Jr.
San Francisco, CA. 94132

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The The Energy Office has been working with ASPA to supplement the territory’s kilowatts with solar energy generated kilowatts, as in the airport project that went on line about three months ago. TEO has noted the project is to help American Samoa power consumers — keep the price of electricity affordable.

Unfortunately, ASPA has not advised its customers how this is being done, for example — how is it reflected in our power bill? Certainly the flux of the fuel cost is notably reflected in each monthly bill, but if there is a savings due to the solar energy generated kilowatts, that is unknown to the public.

The problem seems to lie in the simple fact that ASPA has an infrastructure that needs a complete overhaul/ upgrade and it simply does not have the money to do it, other than by raising rates. It also has another serious problem: ASPA’s management has been unable to convince the public it is being run competently, that is, by people who know what they are doing and have the public’s interest at heart. And, until ASPA management can get the public to trust them, they are stuck with being called “thieves, incompetent idiots and self-serving le alofas”… and I’m being kind by not repeating the other names that have been used. ra]