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Dear Editor,

Togiola said in the Samoa News, Jan 5, 2013, “I continue to support the law that we have shotguns and small .22 rifles. These guns were allowed for protecting your farm, your possession against Wild Animals.

Togiola, let Saunoa educate you about real life. The only Wild Animals that destroys and “Gaoi” people’s farm and their possessions, are the Two-Legged Animals. 

Togiola, Saunoa hates “Tagata Gaoi”, especially that mention God’s name all the time, go to church, close their eyes, and pretend they are true people of God and sometimes “Pepelo” to God, “Gaoi” from other people, take advantage of their Titles.

 Togiola, the word “Gaoi” does not necessarily mean just farms. “Gaoi” from the church, “Gaoi” from a company, “Gaoi” from the Bank, Credit Union, on and on.  Most of all “Gaoi” from the people’s government.

God’s message to all of you, you may mention My Name everyday, pepelo to yourself and God, you do know who you are. God knows who you are. And every time you mention God’s name, God is laughing at you. There’s a lot of us, good people, that believe in God and we do good work the best we can, most important, we are honest with ourselves and to God. 

Togiola, Let Saunoa educate you again. Mankind is the Wild Animal of the Earth. Not the animals of nature. Togiola, are you for real with God or you just use God’s name?  Are you one of those people that God is laughing at? Amene.