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Dear Editor,


First of all, I want to thank editor Rhonda for an excellent rebuttal Grand Slam editorial in Friday’s Samoa News.


After reading another outstanding editorial letter by Carlos Sanchez today, I realized I am one of those people who may be guilty of not doing enough to help our community thrive in these hard economic times.


But, as I see the worst of blaming our culture for our passiveness, I must say I could not agree with Carlos more. Give me some substance, to feel and cherish about us, and our smart stewardship of our mother land. Don’t be scared to exercise your freedom of speech. This is a right afforded to us under the Constitution!


In fact, all of us must have a massive reality check in stepping up to 21st century. Collectively, we must all be on the same page to survive today and for the next years as a community. In the words of the late Governor Aifili P. Lutali, “Samoan culture is a changing culture.”


And today that wisdom is challenged ten times over with new technology. We must own our community.


So much is at stake while we were all out to lunch for too long. Our small fish bowl needs our help before it blows up or disappears to climate change. We must talk about our future and our survival. Let go of all past issues and focus on what is real and important for the next 20 years beginning now. New generations are also here to help us.


Here is my own story.


I was surprised when my neighbor opened a commercial business in a residential area of my village. Fraudulent from the beginning to the end, its development included cutting off our village main water system without warning, the excavation of land to bury a World War II historical site in our village, an illegal land fill and the disregard for the land laws of American Samoa — clearly he is operating with a 19th century mindset.


It’s got to stop somewhere.


After extensive research, I learned that EPA and DOC- Zoning agencies are a part of the problems we face today in highway flooding and non permit excavation to building and all kinds of hot mess. No impact study on the rest of neighbors like the public roads/ lakes in the Tafuna Plains. Did you know Zoning of residential lands for Commercial buildings was a free for all in the previous administrations?


The next time you get annoyed by loud congregation next door and traffic through the night in your neighborhood, from a business next door, see this as an example of your rights being violated when Zoning laws and procedures to insure your right to enjoy peace and quiet of your home, has been violated by you neighbor with the help of ASG.


Yes, you have the right to ask about new development next door, by calling DOC.


With the technology today, no one is above the law. CNN will find you!


Tisa Fa’amuli


(Editor’s Note: The business Ms Fa’amuli is referring to is “Minoi Minoi”, which includes an internet cafe and a workout gym, something that was not readily available on the Eastside of  Tutuila island, until now. Her own business is on the sami-side of the same village, Alega, called Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, and is home to her highly successful annual Tattoo Fest. ra)