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Dear Editor,

Perhaps it's time to move forward and enough with this gibberish and controversy hatred our own people are turning against each other with the election results. The fact and the matter is, our system will still be the same as it is right now. All we can ever do is to hope for our Leaders to do what's right for the sake of our people.

It’s nothing new with who or what they'll put on the table for us, I mean seriously; look at the world and the major issues that every nation in this twisted planet is facing. We're all on this roller coaster ride my friends.

With the monetary issues that our government is now facing, there's no reason to point fingers at all and blaming who, what, when, where and why — the subject is an issue for everyone. A success of a person is not measured upon what he or she has to contribute, so that they may want their names be remembered in the pages of history books. It’s the good deeds that make their work well-known and counts even more than any other trophies of their success.

It’s either we stand together as one, or the problems will keep on rising to the point of where there be no solution to fix it. A yes is a yes, A no is a no. Either way, we'll still be friends.

Tala Galo Faasavalu Jr.
San Francisco, CA. 94132