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Dear Editor:

 In little over a week the "People First" administration will take over our government and I wish them all the luck in the world. If they are serious about a "People First" government they should consider and take action on the following people's concerns:

1) Repeal the tax freeze we've been under for the past thirteen years. Although a cash cow for the government the freeze has cost the "people" thousands of dollars in tax credits the Federal Government has put into the tax code since the year 2000. The "people" have been overtaxed enough.

2) Bring ASPA into line. The "people" have been financially decimated by this so called semi-autonomous organization. The "people" are responsible to pay for their utilities but not for ASPA's mismanagement of their responsibilities, nor their accounts receivables, nor their loans, nor their overcharging methods, etc.

If these add-ons are eliminated the "peoples" bills will be reduced by at least 60 percent. The "people" pay taxes to the government for services they are guaranteed but have been denied at a high cost because of the welfare state government we've had for years.

ASG does not need three or four people to do the job of one. Put the dollars back into services where they belong. Put a stop to the government employees using the hundreds upon hundreds of ASG vehicles for their personal use 24/7. The "people" see this everyday and it's just ASG flouting their power over the "people" knowing on top of everything else that it's the" people" paying for every gallon of gas they are unlawfully burning up.

Again, good luck to Lolo and Lemanu and their new government. Hopefully we will finally get some relief from what we've been put through all these years.

Jim Brittle