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Dear Editor:


I would like to share my observations with your readers on some of your recent articles concerning our government and the new administration.


Although some positive action has been taken — like road repairs — this administration reminds me of the first Lutali government. A hiring frenzy second to none. Every political hire takes a bite out of services and forces the administration to find revenue which will always end up on the back of the citizens of the Territory.


Directors with a "We won so we can do whatever we want attitude", hiring without authority, contracting without authority, sole sourcing without authority.


The Governor claims this is the A Team. With what is evidently going on what does the “A” stand for?


The Director of Public Works telling the FONO that Public Works needs 5 million dollars for road maintenance. How much does it cost for a truck and driver, some dirt to throw in potholes, a couple of laborers with shovels and two guys in funny costumes doing a rain dance around the holes for job security, hoping for rain so they can return the next day and fill the same holes?


The Chief Justice railing against the government over case after case of thievery both in government and the private sector, asking "what are you doing about this problem?


What would happen if the Judicial gave out a few maximum sentences instead of a slap on the wrist through plea agreements? Right now the crime is worth the punishment.


ASPA bragging over profits, how sad. 15 years of lies and broken promises to the customers about passing savings onto them and still charging 38 to 42 cents a kilowatt. Now wanting to bring in another consultant firm to evaluate charges, how stupid. The last one the junior lawyer brought in doubled and tripled ASPA's profits at whose expense, the very customers who were promised relief.


My Mother in Law who has used the same amount of utilities each month for the past 25 years saw her bill climb from $114 per month to $300 over the last consultants who visited us from Texas. What now, $600.00?


Big article about good news for Christmas, the fuel prices are dropping in December. December is here and the fuel prices dropped today! $4.04 cents to $4.03 cents per gallon!! Can things get any better?? Wow.


Lastly, saw a government vehicle run two stop signs today nearly causing an accident at one. The license: "Driver Education"


I guess there’s still hope for a better tomorrow...


Jim Brittle