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Dear Editor:


It must have been a coincidence that in a Cabinet meeting that lasted two hours and forty minutes, your reporter was only there for the five minutes or so the Governor talked about the vehicle use policy. I don't have any other explanation for how the only story and its headline imply this subject to have been the "focus" of the meeting.


So in the interest of fairly presenting the facts, may I correct the record to point out that the focus of the meeting was the education of our
children, and how to make improvements from ECE through level 12 necessary for our high school students to graduate "college, career and life ready".


The Governor touched on education issues on four separate occasions during his remarks (five if you count the Adopt a School program).  DOE gave a very thorough and interesting presentation that lasted over an hour, explaining the transformation that is now underway.


My meeting minutes were four and half pages long, single spaced, Calibri 11 point font. I have six lines on the vehicle use policy.


The Governor has opened his Cabinet meetings to the media in an effort to deliver on his promise of transparency in his administration. It's disappointing that the effort to be transparent is clouded by media having tunnel vision.


Steve Watson


(Editor’s Note: Point well taken. We published two cabinet stories on Friday (Government Vehicles and Vendors on notice), another on Saturday (Education Summit) and today (budget story and Manu'a), and did not make note that they were all part and parcel of the same cabinet meeting, with ASG vehicles one of the various topics of discussion. We will do that from now on. Thanks for the tip. ra)