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Dear Editor,

Everyone is playing the game of cat and mouse now. The candidates who are running and campaigning to become the next Governor and Lieutenant Governor are simply playing a game of deception. A game of chess.

The people will stand and wait for the changes they've promised to pursue and accomplish. Yet, I wonder if their words will be as truthful as being said to the thousands of our citizens on our island.

I wonder if there be any more free barbecue given out to the voters and non-voters who've fallen for their deception plans and traps, when they succeed in their mission? Yet we see the bribes and misconceptions, but people are filled with confidence in their confused minds that whatever promised or favors promised to them that they'll get it, once their candidates win the titles and positions.

Is this the right path of getting a successful government system, for everyone to follow? I'm afraid not. There are sheep rising to becoming wolfs. And where do the rest stand? I guess it’s the same story as always.

I've been hearing the same stories and agendas from leaders before and then. Though one thing I know for sure in a dark evil story, the villains or bad guys always gets killed or caught. Like a big tree they may grow, but we are the sharp axe, already sharpened to cut them down.

The people will follow the ones who lead by example — not deception and broken promises.


Tala Galo Faasavalu Jr.
San Francisco, CA. 94132