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Dear Editor:

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. Soon, American Samoans will  be watching it when ASTCA connects the "BLAST" telephone line to YOUR house. The digital data connected to a set top box in your house will allow you to still use your telephone and to connect to the INTERNET over BROADBAND that has been used in Europe for years, but now will be in the rural island of American Samoa.

People have asked “Will there be cable-tv?"

If you Google the US Territory of Palau Broadband you will see they are watching Dish from Honolulu right now — that's right, satellite TV with no dish on your roof, and YOU choose the channel you want to watch over the internet.

Currently there are about 5,000 channels available, so you can’t say "there is nothing good on tonite". There will be a Dish representative available locally to handle the paperwork.  So, stand-by and wait on the future!


Tommy J. Grier