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Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the New Administration that has come into office!

I humbly ask that you randomly have your customer service checked throughout the government agencies, with a simple phone call.

I called our judicial branch with a simple request, but instead of the person helping me out, he in turn asked me the same question: I don’t know, do you? You tell me!?

Perhaps he had a bad day or is preparing for a bad year, I don’t know. But his attitude was not one of good customer service. Perhaps he has been too long in his position and has become too comfortable with the power he feels is vested in him. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed.

We don’t just call to give you all a hard time. We call because we need your help. If you have the information we need, but don’t want to give it to us, where else can we go to get it?

A fai e fesili atu ia te outou, ae mumusu outou e ta’u mai, o ai o le a matou fesili atu i ai?

Fai faalelei lo outou galuega, aua o lo’o tapua’i atu le atunu’u.

O ma Iesu.

Janice Pan