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Dear Editor:

No Mom and Pop business, small business, corporation or government can operate without going under when their personnel costs exceed their revenue. This is business 101 and yet our Government has been in this predicament for years and hanging on by a thread, surviving only through federal grants and overtaxing and overcharging its citizens for every dime they can legally muster.

With the election just over the horizon the candidates for office have platforms in place, the usual promises and slogans, media advertisement, roadside signs galore, etc. but until the problem of personnel cost exceeding revenue is addressed, it is all for nothing.

Until a streamlining of our government takes place, letting go of all excess personnel and once again creating operational revenues, no one can properly repair what used to be a road in Futiga, raise our educational standard, improve our healthcare or properly provide even the basic services all governments provide their citizens

The Governor himself said he could eliminate 2000 jobs but to be able for ASG to meet its obligations, debts, subsidies and provide services, probably twice that is needed. I believe that until the years of providing a runaway welfare state by the American Samoa Government is ended and a government by and for the people is put in place, nothing can or will ever change in this territory.

I understand a "reduction in force" can't be popular but reality has to set in at some point.

Jim Brittle