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Dear Editor,


I can totally understand and respect the outcry with regard to a proposal for a combined graduation but to liken the proposal to communism and imply that it has inflicted suffering on the people is a bit much and very EXTRA as recently stated by one of our Senate lawmakers. LOL!


There will always be backlash when a suggestion to break from tradition has arisen— especially with a highly traditional people such as ours. However, there are also pros to be considered on the other side of the coin:


Cost & Time measures (often on the government & taxpayers dime)


Government employee attending 4-5 different graduations on a weekday vs 1 government employee attending 1 graduation


You do the math. Let's be realistic — we ALL have family members graduating annually & we often see a lot of employees go missing or take leave to attend these graduations when they should be at work serving the people. It might not seem like an issue but these hours all add up, and time is MONEY. Taxpayer’s money at that! We cannot preach accountability on one issue and then turn a blind eye to another.


A move for unity & collective coordination


The assertion that a combined graduation will be marred by violence (as is often the case with respect to athletic activities) fails to distinguish the nature of a FOOTBALL game as opposed to a graduation. Violence has often been a problem following and during athletic activities because of the competitive conditions they’re under during a game and frankly, poor sportsmanship.


Graduations are celebratory and I think most attendees will go into it understanding that. If not, then they should be dealt with accordingly as any other person would.


I can empathize with the students and parents desires to keep things the way they’ve been because of the pride we have in our achievements, high schools, and identities. However, I also think before we jump the gun it’s important that we take into consideration both sides of the issue rather than look at it as some dictatorial move to erode traditions that we hold dear to our heart.


As all of the articles have stated, it is merely a PROPOSAL meaning it has not yet been passed or approved by the Governor. If the public overwhelmingly is opposed to it, then I believe our leaders should comply with their wishes.




Patrick T. Reid

A local public high school graduate