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Dear Editor,


Perhaps if chimpanzees were trained well enough to use a calculator, they would be a good permanent replacement for all these so-called Accountants, Financial advisors and Bookkeepers in our government.


The reason I say this, is because of inept excuses that are put forth by our leaders, to inform our people with where and how the money of our territory is being used. Seriously, a trained monkey can place a triangle shaped object in its rightful outlined space, in mere seconds, but how long does it takes for our "leaders" to fulfill there promises of fixing up potholes on our winding roads?


To my understanding, three districts received one million each from the $20 million loan of ASG employees retirement plan back in 2009 — Eastern, Western and Manu'a — to carry out capital improvement projects.


How many times do they have to put gravel in those potholes? It ain't gonna help or make any difference at all. When the rain hits again, it'll be an issue all over again with our government employees retirement plan. By the time they’ve retired from their government jobs, there will be no cookies in the cookie jar. And so, the wheel in the sky keeps on turning.


The Roman empire was successful because they had great roads. They fell because of the greed and selfishness of their leaders. So whether this is true or not, I still have hope in our leaders for them to make right and wise decisions.


Let the sun rise, with abundance flowing. So when our sun sets, the new generations will rise and prosper for a better future.


Tala Galo Fa'asavalu Jr.

San Francisco, CA. 94132