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Dear Editor:

I can just see a BlueSky Board meeting going like this:

CEO: "Good morning everyone. Today I want to talk about our cable movies. We own about 30 features we purchased from the previous provider which he purchased from the other previous provider and between us our customers have been forced to watch them for the past 14 years. It's wrong but with our monopoly I think we can get at least another 10 years out of these films.

"I've made up this dart board with 50 channels and a dart for each movie. The key to snowing our customers is to move these 30 films daily from channel to channel. Your job is to throw the darts and wherever a film lands show it at least twice that day on that channel before changing the next day.

"By confusing the customers we'll get away with another ten years before having to put out money from our profits for new features. You noticed that I left off a couple of our channels from the board. That’s so we can run commercials about ourselves 24/7, paid for by our unkNowing customers, brilliant huh?

"We'll adjourn now and keep up the good work. Remember 'Always There', to make more profit the easy way!!"

Jim Brittle