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“Auau Le Maila la Sefe Ai Le Ola”

There will be total of six young swimmers from the American Samoa Aquatics Agency (ASAA) and the Ocean Science/Ocean Swimming (OS/OS) Class of Samoana High who will be making the ASAA’s annual ‘Swim A Mile To Save A Life’ (Auau Le Maila Ia Sefe Ai Le Ola) tomorrow morning.

The annual swim is 1.2 miles across Pago Pago harbor.

“One of the reasons for this swim is to raise awareness on keeping the ocean clean and the importance of learning how to swim— that by doing so, you can not only save someone’s life, but yours as well,” said head of ASAA, Zero Iaulualo. The swim will begin tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. from the village of Aua, on a straight line to Utulei Beach. The swim is also being done to celebrate the upcoming New Year.

“There are plenty of people here in the territory that do not know how to swim, despite having the ocean in our own backyard. That is why we are constantly giving out these free swimming lessons to these young people and are willing to teach older people as well” said Iaulualo.

“This is a lifesaving skill that we are teaching that can benefit everyone in a positive way. That is why I am inviting the public out to witness these young swimmers swim across the bay. I want to thank everyone that helped make this day possible for these young people to showcase to everyone what they have learned,” he said.

Two swimmers joining the swim tomorrow are from the OS/OS class. The ASAA has been teaching the OS/OS students how to swim this past school semester, with the Department of Commerce teaching the Ocean Science part of the class.

One of the OS/OS students who has done exceptionally well that will be swimming tomorrow is Tofai Su’a, who is a 17 year old male student and a Senior at Samoana. Speaking to Samoa News about the swim, Su’a said, “I just want to thank the ASAA for teaching me how to swim and the Department of Commerce for teaching me about Ocean Science.”

“I am excited about this swim. Since I joined the OS/OS class I have gotten in better shape and I feel great. My advice to anybody that wants to get in shape and learn about what is in the water, to take swimming lessons. It is not only fun, but great for your body. Hopefully I will be making more and longer swims in the future,” he said.

Two of the youngest swimmers tomorrow will be Tilali Scanlan and Princess Diana Pulu. These two young girls are only 13 years of age, and both are excited about the swim.

They wish for any young girl who wants to learn how to swim— to come out tomorrow and speak with the ASAA about joining the group.

The six young swimmers who will be making the swim are, Tofai Su’a-ASAA, OS/OS (17 Sr. Samoana), Nick Pulu-ASAA (16, Jr. Samoana), Ropate Delana-ASAA (17 Jr. Samoana), Aisa Ieremia-ASAA, OS/OS (17 Sr. Samoana), Tilali Scanlan-ASAA (13 Level 8) and Princess Diana Pulu-ASAA (13, Level 8 Coleman Elementary).