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Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, I attended the ASCC Science Symposium. Students presented the scientific findings of their research projects into turtle migration, coral erosion by parrotfish, coral bleaching, the phenomena of "red/orange" coral symbiotic morphing, and sustainable aquaculture.

The ASCC auditorium was full of science students from ASCC and local high schools, and attention levels were high. The research projects were conducted both locally, and in Hawaii during summer internships. Students worked in conjunction with DMWR, NOAA and other agencies.

This was real science, and the students were presenting their results just as they will do someday as full-fledged scientists in the real world. These efforts by ASCC make all the difference in creating lasting impressions in our future scientists, and it was such a pleasure to see an auditorium full of students fascinated in the technical details of science.

I would like to applaud the efforts of ASCC's leadership in making this kind of opportunity possible, and in particular for making the Marine Sciences program, which is so critical to understanding our local ocean environment, a priority.

Well done to the program coordinator Kelley Anderson, to all of the amazing students that presented, and to all of the other staff and faculty who made this event possible!

Leland Slater