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Dear Editor;

I have banked all over this world, the Caribbean, North Africa, Central Pacific, Far East, East Asia, and here in the South Pacific for a long time and never have I experienced a more screwed up operation than the ANZ Tafuna Branch Bank!!!

A full house of customers and only one or two tellers who have to check with three or four supervisors just to change a dime into two nickels.

Today, I spent over one hour waiting to deposit a single check. Ever since seats were installed the bank obviously could care less how long it takes to serve their customers. We are not cattle corralled in an area waiting for some cowboy to open a gate once in awhile — but we are human beings being treated like cattle by this bank!

Now Bank of Hawaii is pulling out. Can you imagine if ANZ bank is our only source? Each time you go there you will need to bring a pup tent, sleeping bag and rations for at least a day. This bank has only two speeds, slow and stop and until the customers stand up to this outfit it can only get worse.

We're being told that officials are attempting to get another institution to serve us and if ASB continues to operate as they are now these officials should be looking for two banks and get this "To hell with the customer" bank out of our Territory — but whatever happens not a local credit union!!!

Signed  “Sore butt from sitting"

Jim Brittle