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Dear Editor:

While the jousting continues as who gets the hero’s credit for delaying Armageddon at LBJ, I was deeply disappointed at how misinformed some members of the public are about what created the financial crisis at the hospital in the first place.

The financial crisis – which in steadier hands would have been  considered no more than your usual “pain in the ‘ash’” run of the mill money hassle –   was self-generated due in large part to the negligence and incompetence of those whose job it is to insure that this important need of the people never be put in jeopardy.

Those people would be the Governor, the Hospital Board and the LBJ CEO.  Mr. Gerstenberger may have helped the process along with his “all in” call (gambling with our people’s lives);   in all fairness, all these three entities should receive reprimands and not praises. 

If the public is looking for heroes out of this sorry affair, the hospital Staff who congregated at Utulei Beach should be considered.  But the real heroes are the four doctors who spent eight hours in the Governor’s Office with their unsuccessful  attempt to meet the Governor.  It was a very effective form of non-communicative protest – the public heard you loud and clear.

In jest,  perhaps the only improvement would have been, instead of going home after eight hours, the Doctors should have brought their mats and pillows – that surely would have made the news somewhere.

G.M. Malala