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Dear Editor,


I wish to clarify and set the record straight regarding travel bearing my name as printed in the paper of April 29, 2013.


First, the one and only ticket that was issued to me was from Mabuhay. This was for travel to Hawaii and back on November 5th- November 15th, 2012. That ticket was apparently paid for on November 21, as you reported; almost a week after travel was completed. That is usually the case for government travel. The per diem that was mentioned, even though issued a few days earlier, was for the same trip to cover hotel accommodations, land transportation, etc.


As for World Wide Tours & Travel, I recall making a reservation there, but that was automatically canceled because the piece of paper that authorized issuing the ticket was made and delivered by LFO staff to Mabuhay. The Fono LFO, who handles all Fono Travel, or even World Wide Tours & Travel, will verify that there was never a ticket issued to me from there. However, if there was indeed a check issued for a ticket to ‘that’ World Wide, as you reported, then they will need to reimburse that check.


I hope this will help clear the air and clear my name of any misconceptions regarding the above travel.


Faafetai tele,


Leleiga Savali


(Editor’s Note: Mrs. Savali works in the Legislature Reference Bureau (LRB) and when needed by the Fono is used as a translator of Samoan to English or English to Samoan during Fono business, i.e. hearings. ra)