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Dear Editor,

It is not that we doubt that God answers all prayers... it is whether or not we are ready for His answers. I think the financial crisis at LBJ is a blessing in disguise. Our prayer for a healthier American Samoa is being answered. Our response has to be one of caring and love for ourselves and each other.

The high cost of medical care and lack of personal responsibility has brought us to where we are now. The outcome will depend on each individual's response. Abuse of our health begins at the dinner table... it continues as we look at LBJ to 'fix' our health problems.

So, the Doctors continue to put us in touch with pills, insulin, and dialysis. The good people at LBJ cannot go home with us and fix our meals... or stop us from over-consumption. They cannot keep the fruits and veggies on our tables. Somewhere along the line our responsibility has to be taken seriously.

Socrates said, "Let medicine be your food, and food your medicine."

If the rate increase helps to implement more responsible health decisions for each of us, I say thank you and God speed.


Susan Lago’o

P.S. Nutrition is serious business, but if your health and well-being depends on it, I think it's worth it!!!

(Editor's Note: With personal responsibility also comes an understanding that doctors are not God or gods when it comes to our health. While having a wealth of knowledge (and sometimes experience) regarding medical care, doctors can only recommend and offer guidance to solving health problems — they do not have a 'magic pill' or 'magic trick' to cure you. When you go in to see a doctor, you (as well as the doctor) must be willing to discuss your ailment or medical condition and be willing to work side-by-side with your doctor to get well, i.e. What is 'well' to you, the patient? ra)