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‘I am not a Black Widow' says Samoa woman

A woman cleared in a court decision from being a “black widow” says family members who are criticising her should read the ruling again.Siusega Rachel Mailo Autalavou said that she understands all of the things that were raised by her late husband’s family in the Samoa Observer edition, 29 November 2013 and wants to correct them all.In that report, one of the respondents, Faimai Pisu Tuimauga, said that the man, her younger brother, had died unexpectedly and that the court case from his widow came as a shock.Mrs. Mailo filed a claim to the Supreme Court claiming ownership of three family vehicles.However her claim was rejected in a decision handed down by Justice Ida Malosi last week on November 22.Mrs. Mailo said she cannot understand why.“They didn’t have any solid evidence to prove that they are the ones who owned the vehicles,” said Mrs Autalavou.She said she showed the court all the receipts used to buy the vehicles, bank statements and ownership papers for the vehicles.“I had it all and up until now I am confused with why they were successful in our case.”Earlier, the man’s sister, Mrs Tuimauga told Samoa Observer that the case was unwelcome stress on top of losing their brother.“We didn’t even think to do any of this but she took us to court claiming everything we have in our house, including our vehicles and our cattle farm.”Mrs. Tuimauga said that Mrs. Mailo had previous marriages before, and those husbands had also passed away.Mrs. Mailo said those comments were unfair.“I moved in and stayed with Autalavou when their mother was still alive in 2006.“Autalavou’s mother didn’t say or show any behaviour towards me to tell me that the family didn’t want me to live with Autalavou since that time, until she died.”A family member that came to the interview with Mrs. Mailo did not want to be named but did want to be quoted on how disappointed their family was when Mrs. Tuimauga disgraced their daughter and named her as a black widow.“Do they understand God’s plan for everyone’s life, it was none of anyone’s business to know when so and so is going to die,” said the woman. “There are many women out there that they end up in life having four husbands in a row.”Mrs. Mailo said that her marriages were not planned – that sometimes in life tragedy happens more than once, to the same person.